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Sep 13th, 2011
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  1. # The pricelist is what you pay the player for breaking or placing certain blocks
  2. # default is what the player is paid if you don't specify how much a certain block is
  3. # For example if you only have Stone and default setup in your price list then your players
  4. # will get your set break price everytime they break stone and if they break any other block they will get your default price
  5. # default is mandatory and must be in the config, if you do not want to use it then set it to zero but
  6. # if you remove it you will crash the plugin.
  7. # The format is:
  8. # <item_name>:
  9. #      break: 0.0
  10. #      place: 0.0
  11. # the item names can be found in the items WurkItItems.txt in the plugin folder but generally
  12. # it is just the grammatically correct item name so stone is "Stone"
  13. # all spaces are replaced with _'s and word after also starts with a capital so cobbelstone stairs is Cobblestone_Stairs
  14. # if you are unsure check the WurkItItems.txt but to use an item it must be written in the config exactly as it is
  15. # in the WurkItItems.txt and it is case-sensitive so if in your config you do this
  16. # sToNe:
  17. #    break: 3.0
  18. #    place: 1.0
  19. # it's not going to work and your stone will just get the default value. It must be "Stone"
  21. PriceList:
  22.    default:
  23.       break: 1.0
  24.       place: 1.0
  26. # Set your message in the message field. Use the text $$ where you want to put your amount
  27. # your currency units are automatically picked up. Coloured messages are currently not supported
  28. # set enabled to false if you do not want to get the payday messages sent to your players.
  30. PaydayMessage:
  31.    message: "It's payday! You earned $$"
  32.    enabled: true
  34. # The PaydayInterval is how often your players get paid and it is in second. Only put integers (whole numbers) in here
  35. # the buffer size dictates how many blocks are recorded as being placed or broken and thus have no value if broken or palced at any one time
  36. # now this buffer lives in memory on your server so if you don't want to pwn your server I suggest you keep this modest
  37. # at a guess I'd say 1000 is reasonable for most servers without causing too much trouble but if you find you are getting
  38. # performance issues after installing this plugin then I'd say reduce the buffer size
  39. # by default the buffer runs a moving window so when it hits the max size the first entry is deleted to make room for the last one
  40. # the buffer is cleared by default whenever there is a payday but if you want to keep your rolling window constant then change
  41. # your clearBufferOnPayday value to false. Its true by default to give your poor server memory a break from time to time
  42. # rather than being at max capacity all the time but if you think your server can hack it then you can set it there
  43. # debugType takes three different values and is just used to make sure that your payday is firing correctly
  44. # you can use none, simple or verbose. Simple will tell only when the payday task fires and verbose
  45. # will show you when it fires and also how much each player is paid
  47. PaydayInterval:
  48.    interval: 10
  49.    clearBufferOnPayday: true
  50.    debugType: none
  51.    bufferSize: 1000
  52. # This section sets out the wurkplace variables. The first variable wurkPlaceTool is the id of the tool that is to be
  53. # used to mark out the wurkplaces when creating a wurkplace. The next for default variables set out what a wurkplace
  54. # information will be set to when a new wurk place is first created on your server. It is important
  55. # that the break and place type variables are set to either flat or percent in lower case and not mispelled.
  56. # WurkPlaceGreeting and Farewell are what is displayed to the player when they walk into or out of a wurkplace
  57. # wurkPlaceSaveInterval is how often (in seconds) wurk it should save the changes made to the wurkplaces that are in
  58. # memory at the moment down to your server for safe keeping.
  59. # entryExitRefreshRate is how often in server ticks wurk it should be checking if a player has entered or exited if you
  60. # are experiencing any lag after installing wurkit you might try increasing this so you check players postions less often
  61. # Finally debugType takes two options either none or simple. If this is set to simple then a message will be logged in your
  62. # server log every time a save event is fired.
  63. WurkPlaceSettings:
  64.    wurkPlaceTool: 268
  65.    defaultBreakType: percent
  66.    defaultBreakAmount: 10
  67.    defaultPlaceType: percent
  68.    defaultPlaceAmount: 10
  69.    wurkPlaceGreeting: "You just entered a Wurk Place."
  70.    wurkPlaceFarewell: "You just left a Wurk Place."
  71.    wurkPlaceSaveInterval: 360
  72.    entryExitRefreshRate: 10
  73.    debugType: none
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