સંદેશે આતે હૈ - ૪

Aug 16th, 2013
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  1. Dear sir/ madam,
  2. I am the foreign trustee of Miss Zainab Wilson Diop' and I want to make an inquiry on behalf of her in relation to her late father's funds in the custody of your bank,please advise me on what to do to claim this funds on her behalf.
  3. 1) Your Full Name:- Darvin D'MacAngelo
  4. 2) Your Age:- 33
  5. 3) Marital Status:- Single
  6. 4) Your Cell Phone Number:-00447809269025
  7. 5) Your Fax:- N/A
  8. 6) Your Country:-UK, London.
  9. 7) Your Occupation:-Construction Worker
  10. 8) Sex:-Male
  11. 9) Your Private E-mail Adress:
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