Half-Moon in Equestria 6

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  1. You quickly realise that Twilight is leading you out of town, when you see a farm in the distance, and assume that thats where your going.
  2. Suddenly from above you, you hear "Twilight, Watch out, there's a monster after you!". hearing those words, you quickly kneel and draw a Trans circle in the dirt of the road and activate it as you see a cyan projectile coming at you incredibly fast.
  3. As you activate the circle a barrier of dirt rises up, and covers you and Twilight, just before the projectile hits the barrier with an audible crash, making the barrier crack.
  4. dropping the barrier you prepare your next circle, before seeing Twilight rushing to the cyan pegasus, who happened to be the projectile. Seeing Twilight helping it, you readjust the circle to fix the road, and do so.
  5. Looking up, you see Twilight talking with the pegasus, probably explaining how you arn't a monster.
  6. After fixing the road, you stand up and walk over to Twilight and the pegasus.
  7. "Im guessing your a friend of Twilights? My name is Anonymous the Half-Moon Alchemist" You say, bowing your head towards the pegasus.
  8. "Im Rainbow Dash, the fastest flyer in all of Equesria" She says, visibly puffing up a bit.
  9. Holding out your hand, you say "Its nice to meet you Rainbow Dash, I hope we can get along in the future".
  10. Turning to look at Twilight, Rainbow Dash asks "What kinda spell was that Twi? I've never seen you use anything like that before"
  11. "Actually" Twilight says, looking slightly abashed "That was Anonymous's ability, not mine"
  12. Suddenly Rainbow turns her eyes on you, mouth open, before "How did you do that? That was soo cool, I mean one moment you are chouching in the dirt, and the next you have this huge dirt shield around you. If I had really been trying that shield wouldnt have stood a chance, but still that musta been strong to stop me"
  13. "Well" You say " the ability is called alchemy, and I am pretty surprised, mainly because the barrier held. You hit it pretty damn hard, of course if i had better material to work with, or more time you wouldnt have been able to break it. None the less im quite impressed, an alchemist shield does not break easy and you almost did break it."
  14. This bit of bragging, and complimenting seems to bring quite a smile to Rainbows face, before your stomach decides to speak up, demanding food.
  15. Giving a sheepish grin, you turn to Twilight and say "We should probably get going huh?"
  16. Her own stomach growling in consent, she grins back, and says "Yeah, we probably should".
  17. Rainbow asks "Where are you guys headed?"
  18. "We are going to Applejacks for breakfast, since Pinky Pie did a Newpony vanishing act, and the cakes are out of town. Because of that, I figured Applejacks would be the next best option." Twilight says, giving a rough explanation of the situation.
  19. "So, her name is Pinkie Pie, huh" You say "Is she always like that?"
  20. Both Twilight and Rainbow nod, giving big grins, before Rainbow asks Twilight "Did ya tell him about what she is doing yet?"
  21. Giving a sly smile back, Twilight says "Nope, Figured it would be more fun if he does'nt know".
  22. The two of them start giggling like they share a secret, which they kinda do, before Rainbow says "I better get going, there's a lot of cleanup after setting up last nights storm"
  23. As she takes of to fly away, you say "Thanks for that storm, Rainbow".
  24. Looking back at you confused, she see's Twilight blushing a bit, and gives you a smile before taking off, leaving a rainbow trail behind her.
  25. A grumble from both of your stomachs alert you to keep moving. After a few minutes, you and Twilight find yourself outside an apple orchird farm called Sweet Apple Acres. Looking out in the field, you can see an orange mare with a cawboy hat on, Knocking apples out of trees by kicking the trunk.
  26. "Applejack!" you hear Twilight call out from beside you.
  27. Seeing you and Twilight standing together, she puts two and two together, and comes to the conclusion your not a threat.
  28. "Names Applejack, Nice ta meet ya" she says, holding out a hoof.
  29. Taking her hoof and shaking it, your reply "My name is Anonymous, Its nice to meet you".
  30. The fact you can talk gives her a bit of a start, but she quickly regains her composure before asking "So Twilight, and Anonymous, What brings you round these here parts?"
  31. "We were wondering" Twilight starts, before both your stomachs give a mighty growl, loud enough to knock an apple of a tree yet to be bucked.
  32. Applejack just chuckles before saying "I'll see if Granny Smith will whip y'all up somethin" Heading into the house, Applejack leaves you alone with Twilight. Making a circle you transmute yourself a chair, and sit down to start writing.
  33. *Day 2 in Equestria part 1, because there is probably gonna be a part 2. Met a couple of Twilights friends.
  34. Pinkie Pie is a pink pony, who is incredibly fast, but not much else is known at this time
  35. Rainbow Dash is a bit self important, but seems to care a lot for her friends. She is also a Pegasus and a fast flyer.
  36. Applejack is pretty coolheaded, the kinda friend you want in a situation like this. Her accent is a little strange though...*
  37. As you finish writing, you see Applejack coming out of the house with a pie held in her mouth. Drawing a circle on the ground, you transmute up a table and another pair of chairs. Setting the pie on the table, Applejack says, "Well if that ain't somethin", though after seeing the large crater behind you where you drew the materials from, she adds "You best be fixin that hole after your done or imma be buckin you upside the head".
  38. Nodding you turn your head to the delicious aroma's coming off the pie. Picking up a slice, you bite into it, and your jaw drops.
  39. "This is amazing" You exclaim, taking another bite "This is the best pie I have had, in well ever"
  40. "Well thanks hun, but you should be thankin Granny Smith, she's the one who dun made it" Applejack says "What Kinda magic didja use to make this here table and chairs?"
  41. Between bites, you manage to explain that you used Alchemy to change the dirt into the wood, and shape it as needed. As you and Twilight finish the pie, you draw a circle on the table, and change it, and the chairs back into the dirt, which fills the hole you made.
  42. Just before you and Twilight leave, you call out to Applejack "If you ever need a hand er.. hoof, gimme a call and I will be more than willing to help you out".
  43. Smiling she calls back "I'll be sure to do that".
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