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neogaf saltybet tier list

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  1. Originally Posted by PepsimanVsJoe
  6. Rare Akuma, Omega Tom Hanks/Tiger Woods, Donald, NECO-ARC, Zeeky H. Bomb, Berserk, Shishio
  8. Absolute BullSSSSShit:
  9. Ultron
  10. Daimon 71113
  11. Radish SSJ4
  12. Kazama Kazuki
  13. Bro Ken
  14. Sasuke Kun
  15. Sagat MB-02
  16. Koryu
  17. Super Androide 17 HD
  18. SSJ5 Goku
  19. Gotenks SSJ
  20. Overlord (stupid AI but gobs of HP + Super Armor and kills in a few hits. Also he might break the round and potentially score a timer scam win)
  21. Zappa (Yeah somehow this GG character is not only the best but also a beast in MUGEN)
  22. Sad Claps
  23. Master Hand
  24. REAL Onslaught (gets a 2nd form every round!?)
  25. Super Metroid
  26. Kamek
  27. Killer Whale
  28. The Blob
  29. Chomper
  30. Synn
  31. Thanos
  32. 10% of Kens(including Evil Ken & ESPECIALLY HOLY KEN)
  33. Alter Amiba
  34. Touhou
  35. Mega Weapon
  36. Lavos Spawn
  37. A few Rugals
  38. Nega Joe
  39. The Sandman
  40. Evil Soul
  41. Hel'lauren
  42. Death Ogre
  43. Cardcaptor (especially Sakura)
  44. Ivan Ooze
  45. Terry Bogard (yep..just plain ol' Terry Bogard...no fancy meters or anything)
  46. Dhalsim (w/ wife)
  47. Well
  48. Super Goku (looks like Son Goku but with dat yellow hair)
  49. Dooby Dummy
  50. Lion Magnus
  51. Ossan (if he lands one good hit he's liable to go into character-killing juggle combos)
  52. Sentinel
  54. SSS:
  55. Symbiote Spiderman
  56. (real) Kyo (Has a white jacket)
  57. (real) Jay Garrick (has a bright yellow shirt)
  58. Supergirl
  59. Gouken
  60. (real) Shuma Gorath (says some lines before match starts "I've tasted your soul" or some such)
  61. Soujiro
  62. Captain Commando
  63. G. Akiha
  64. Captain Marvel( Captain Marvell is a fraud though)
  65. Hellboy
  66. Judith
  67. NRVNQSR CHAOS (There is IIRC an even more powerful version of him that everyone calls the DEER LORD. You'll know why if you ever see him fight)
  68. ZINC (He looks like an MSpaint joke but believe me...he's not)
  69. CC Iron Clara
  70. Vertigo (does combos before the round even starts WTF)
  71. Batman Beyond
  72. M. Bison (Look for crazy intro and red eyes)
  73. Rock Volnutt
  74. Maraiah
  75. Vegeta SSJ5
  76. (REAL) Roll
  77. Bullseye
  78. Riot
  79. Dio (he has his own unique meter)
  80. Mariah (look for the "level1" next to her sprite)
  81. Mole Man
  82. Billy Lee
  83. Shaq
  84. K9999
  85. Lex Luthor
  86. 90% of Kens
  87. 10% of Ryus
  88. At least one Sakura (Master Sakura?)
  89. The Thing (real)
  90. Uppercuts
  91. Lynn Baker
  92. Ghetto Warmachine
  93. Tales of Characters (Cless)
  94. Most of the "71113" characters
  95. Kurama
  96. Andore Jr. (Free to good zoning)
  97. The Simpsons (Krusty, Homero)
  98. Thor
  99. A couple other Rugals
  100. Most Meltybloods
  101. The rest of the Kenshin characters
  102. Hikaru
  103. Orochi Iori
  104. Yamcha By Tomur (Yeah he has stupid DBZ AI but he doesn't need meter to kill. His normals do 1/4 to 1/3 life per hit..god forbid he gets a super off)
  105. Warmachine (there is a real & a fake one. The fake one is apparently white while the real one is usually black & blue?)
  106. Keel
  107. Milan Flare (Golden Axe: The Duel characters must all be really good)
  108. Kenshiro
  109. The Dazzler
  110. Multiple Man
  111. Rikuo
  113. SS:
  115. (real) Evil Ryu (Kills M. Bison in the intro)
  116. Spawn
  117. God Yuri (has instakill move. Weak AI though)
  118. Mars People
  119. Violent Dan
  120. Squall
  121. Hotaru
  122. Jin Kazama
  123. Red Ranger (AI isn't the greatest but he can do crazy damage and HEAL)
  124. Zangief
  125. Shadowman
  126. Rai
  127. Helion
  128. Arcade DBZ (Son Goku, Piccolo, Vegeta, etc)
  129. Charlotte (wakeup supers bring the salt)
  130. Majority of CvS2 characters
  131. Arachne (Saint Seiya)
  132. Popeye, Fat Albert, Captain Caveman
  133. Pixel Frog
  134. Hugo
  135. Quite a few Marvel/DC, Capcom, & SNK characters (Watch out for fake Punisher though. Real Punisher has a clearly visible skull. Also Superman is hit or miss.)
  136. Ikki (Saint Seiya)
  137. Strong Guy
  138. Gold Faust (as long as he doesn't kill himself with bombs)
  139. Cyclops
  140. Bleach
  141. Kanae
  142. (fake) Roll (YUP! Even fake Roll is good)
  143. (real) Ash
  144. Isaiah Bradley
  145. Jin
  146. Blue Destiny 2 (shoots a laser that doesn't require meter, does 1/2 life on hit, and insane chip. Otherwise an idiot who might be free to good idea and can deal with hitboxes
  147. Robocop
  148. Layla
  149. Reptos
  150. Sman
  151. Kyle Dunamis
  152. Thanoseid
  153. Ella
  154. Marvin the Martian (apparently there is a fake one? In any case look for a Gold Marvin..he's damn good)
  155. Leona
  156. Orchid
  158. BULLSHIT DBZ (bet on or against at your own risk):
  159. Kurihan
  160. Goku GT
  161. Kamiccolo (YUP. Yet another busted DBZ character)
  162. Future Trunks
  163. BEBI (Giant DBGT 3D piece of shit. HP for years + armor and high attack...no AI...Will timer scam so many characters)
  164. Rizai Trunks
  165. Android 17(does stupid damage with his spammable fireballs...but he's also a moron)
  166. Gou No Ken Kenshirou (yeah he's HnK..whatever. Stupid damage and regen health. Dumb AI though)
  167. (real) Bra (looks to be wearing a miniskirt and heels?)
  168. Goten GT NEX
  170. S:
  171. Trevor Spacer
  172. Docinho (a legit powerpuff girl? Huh)
  173. Millia (She has an additional meter. Not the smartest but tough)
  174. P. Chun Li
  175. Tsugumi
  176. Cammy
  177. Jason Todd
  178. Bin Laden
  179. Android 16
  180. Hulk 2099(apparently he has problems with hitboxes?)
  181. Kohaku
  182. Vampire Savior cast (there are some higher-tier exceptions)
  183. Venom Scorpion (Recovery frames? Never heard of them)
  184. SNK Bosses
  185. Gotenks GT
  186. Black Widow
  187. Lee (Yeah I'm talking about Naruto Lee but this one looks different than the Stiffs)
  188. Most of the Megaman: "The Power Battles" cast
  189. The Other Simpsons (Hugo, Devil Homer)
  190. Esmeralda's Boyfriend (Saint Seiya)
  191. ROA
  192. Cyberbots
  193. Snake Eyes
  194. Ninja Megazord
  195. (fake) Onslaught (Really high damage-output but a complete moron)
  196. Scream
  197. Sailor Venus
  198. (real) Blanka (I wish I could remember distinguishing features about him)
  199. Lupin the 3rd
  200. Tekken characters (warning. They go all in and know no concept of defense. Could get opened up by supers)
  201. Samurai Showdown characters
  202. Franko
  203. Sophitia
  204. Floren
  206. A:
  208. Youtube Poop Robotnik
  209. Tung Fu Rue
  210. Mr. Satan (legit dbz and he doesn't even need OP beam supers)
  211. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  212. Jeuce (Usually red. has stupid normals with busted hitboxes that do crazy damage)
  213. Duck Dodgers
  214. Dhalsim
  215. Drawn Mortal Kombat characters
  216. Robo Rock
  217. Nanaya
  218. Esmeralda
  219. Spiderman
  220. Tizoc
  221. Predator
  222. Fox McCloud
  223. Sailor Mars
  224. Ranma Saotome
  225. Kagami Kyosuke (gets some health back when he parries and has decent AI)
  226. Benimaru
  227. Most Bleach characters (ripped from the Nintendo DS games)
  228. (fake) The Thing
  229. Judgement
  231. B:
  232. Shin Ryu (he has some cheap stuff but bad AI)
  233. Tails (blue sneakers, tiny hitbox, great damage, HIGH RISK)
  234. Juda (has like four super meters)
  235. Kujo Jotaro
  236. Lord Shaolin Lee
  237. Regular Street Fighter characters
  238. Elastigirl
  239. Harley Quinn
  240. Tien
  241. The rest of the Sailor Scouts
  242. Nightmare Yamazaki
  243. Orochi Vega
  244. HIGYO-PAM (A legit 2ch character?)
  245. Mr. Burns
  246. Ivy (has the AI fault where she'll charge even when she's clearly open for attack..otherwise solid)
  247. Guile
  248. Neco
  249. Neco-Arc Chaos
  250. Zero
  252. C:
  253. Link
  254. Lou
  255. Eiji Kisagari
  256. Evil Ryu, Dark Ryu
  257. Knuckles (S&K Sprite, tiny hitbox, absurd raging storm super damage, HIGH RISK)
  258. SD Cammy (She can turn into Adult Cammy and become SSS tier but it only lasts until she takes a hit)
  259. Gotenks GT (free to great AI but does absurd damage. Either way a dangerous bet)
  260. Dragon Guy
  261. V. Akiha
  262. Ichigo (looks different from the other Bleach characters)
  264. D: 90% of Stiff Narutos, CvS2 Mai, Death13, Wario, Aquaman, X, Wakko, Lion-O, Characters from the Capcom Vs SNK Cardbattles Clash (They look like SD versions of popular Capcom characters...There are a few Tekken characters with similar looks), Kingpin, Pitt, DO COCK (docock), (fake) Phoenix (has Psylocke sprite), Dark Psylocke
  265. F: Digitized/FAKE Mortal Kombat characters, Dee Jay, Crashman, most of HnK, Drawn Frog, Fred Flintstone, Simba(??), Guile, Family Guy, Timmy Turner, Almost all of the Power Ranger Heroes, CvS2 Kyo, Zemial, Sonic (there are a few variations, only one good one, and I don't remember what he looks like), Catwoman(apparently there's a real & a fake...aye), Blaster, Grappler Hiyama, Psylocke
  266. Z: 90% of Guilty Gear, 90% of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, 80% of DBZ, 100% of Sonic Battle cast (tiny sprites), (fake) Ash, other pixel Chrono Trigger characters, Sora, Norimaro, Unknown(there might be a fake?), Grover
  268. my fight moneyZZZZZZZZZ:
  269. Morfo
  270. Bison (Literally a Bison with a hat. Does great damage but has pitiful defense. Extremely high upset potential)
  271. Blob
  272. 95% 2ch cast (basically anyone that has a clone on-screen)
  273. Exocist (DNF)
  274. Tiny GILL (He's tiny but has a huge hitbox, his damage/AI are crap but he has OHKO supers, dangerous to be on or against)
  275. Any other Vega
  276. The MSpaint crowd(stream monsters go apeshit if a legit mspaint shows up though)
  277. Nemesis (has a billion HP and super armor but the worst AI)
  278. Vegeta RAGE (has a rage meter, uber OHKO super, and regens health. However he is super weak to good AI and will cost you money)
  279. Gorunks SSJ4 (Yeah he has OP damage but he also has the same shitty AI as every other DBZ character)
  280. Brimstone
  281. Pikachu (has a ridiculous insta-kill if his dumbass ever bothers to pull it off)
  282. Master Chief (Could be your ticket out of or in to the salt mines. Stay far away)
  283. Nobunaga (dies in one hit. Nuff said)
  284. Uryuu (his only attack is a throw. Easily the worst Bleach character)
  286. Feel free to add to/change this list as you see fit. I'm just going by what I've seen of the Saltybet matches.
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