What Goes Bump In The Night 4

Oct 16th, 2019
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  1. >“Hurk… ugr… hu!”
  2. >Gilda’s legs kicked at the open air. The pack leader’s eyes were huge, her face bright red. She was trying desperately to pry off the hand wrapped around her throat, pawing at it with desperate strength with her one whole hand. Luna paid her no mind, holding her aloft with seemingly no effort as she looked at Sunset, who was staring at the ground in shame.
  3. >“You needn’t be so hard on yourself, Sunset,” Luna said as Gilda let out a choked gurgle. “There was nothing you could have done.”
  4. “I should have gotten Anon out of there as soon as I picked up their scent,” Sunset said. “At the very least I could have tried to get into contact with our pack.”
  5. >A few feet away was Applejack. The lycan had Gilda’s second, blooded and thoroughly beaten, on her belly. To add insult to injury, the farmer had a boot on the smaller girl’s back, crushing her against the ground.
  6. >“I wouldn’t worry about the big fella none,” she said, as the girl below her let out a pitiful whimper. “If Luna can’t hurt ‘im none o’ these varmints could, an’ you can take that ta the bank.”
  7. >“Yes,” Luna said, finally turning your attention toward Gilda, who was turning a deep shade of purple. “You’re very lucky that Anon doesn’t seem to have a violent bone in his body. The boy could have no doubt snapped you like a twig.”
  8. >The packmaster let go of Gilda, allowing the woman to fall into a heap. Gilda began heaving, trying to get in as much air as she could. Luna allowed her to take a few breaths before kicking the packleader in the stomach. To Sunset, it looked like she had just nudged her with a foot, but the force of it sent the big woman through the air. The rest of Gilda’s pack, all of which were surrounded by theirs, all of them bloodied and bruised, let out shouts. These were all silenced when Luna looked over at them, eyebrow raised.
  9. >“Attacking one of my pack was foolish, welp. Attacking my guest, thinking I would roll onto my belly like some mongrel bitch, is a death wish. Were I not so busy with far more important things than yourself, I would personally rip the guts out of your belly and the bellies of everyone of your pack, Gilda Whitetooth.”
  10. >Luna did not raise her voice. She did not snarl or growl or bare her teeth. Nearly everyone within hearing could hear the ice in the woman’s voice, and even those of her pack took a few steps back.
  11. >Anon was standing next to Sunset, a hand supportively on her shoulder. He looked a little pale, outright refusing to look at the bloody second at Applejack’s feet.
  12. >“Don’t do that please,” he said. “I get a little funny around blood. I bet I’d get a lot funnier around someone’s open stomach.”
  13. >Luna looked over at him and smiled. “No need to worry,” she said. “These pups will be allowed to return to the hovel they came from, as it seems they cannot be trusted to be anywhere near anything important.”
  14. >Applejack lifted her foot, allowing the second to crawl away on her belly. Once she was out of range of the farmer, the girl slowly got to her feet, swaying dangerously. As she did, Sunset’s pack allowed Gilda’s to rush toward the girl, keeping her from falling over. Others rushed to their pack leader, pulling the big woman to her feet.
  15. >“Leave,” Luna said. “Do cross into my territory until I allow it. If I catch a whiff of any of your scents I will purge your pack myself. There not even be bones left, do you understand me?”
  16. >Gilda and her second were in no position to speak, so their packmates were quick to pip up.
  17. >“Yeah!”
  18. >“Okay!”
  19. >“Sure!”
  20. >“Please don’t kill us. Please.”
  21. >The packmaster looked at them all before, with a nod, turned away. “Good. Thank Anonymous here. It’s largely due to him that you’re all still breathing after your disrespect.”
  22. >“Thank you!”
  23. >“Um, yeah!”
  24. >“Thanks weird smelling guy!”
  25. >With that, the disheveled pack quickly made their way out into the hallway. Sunset cocked her head to the side, listening as they started running as soon as they were out of sight. If not for Granny Smith holding the door open--holding a rod of iron thicker than her forearm as she glared at the pups--they might have broken it down in their panic. A smile came to the red-head’s face as she looked up at Anon.
  26. “You okay, big guy?” she asked.
  27. >Anon cleared his throat. “Yeah, uh-huh,” he said, swallowing. “I’m just not a fan of blood. I get…” He made a vague gesture with a hand. “I get funny around it, like I said.”
  28. >Sunset couldn’t help but chuckle. Here was a giant that could take a bite from the Queen of the Werewolves and a punch from a pack leader like it was nothing and he grew faint at the sight of blood.
  29. “Come on, let's sit you down.”
  30. >Most of the pack followed Sunset and Anon as she took him by the hand and lead him out of the room into the living room. The space was large enough to fit the whole pack comfortably if needed, with a huge fire pit at one end. As usual, a fire had been lit and was crackling away. Sunset ignored this however, leading Anon to the biggest, softest chair in the room. Anon, still pale, sat down. Someone handed Sunset a smaller chair. She was about to sit in it when she was pulled into the giant’s lap, his arms wrapping around her as Anon placed his head on top of hers.
  31. >“Are you okay, Sunny?” Anon asked. “That Gilda lady didn’t hurt you, right?”
  32. >Sunset, blushing, squirmed in his lap. The blushing only grew worse when her pack started to tease her. When she realized that she wasn’t getting out of Anon’s lap, she made herself as comfortable as she could, pressing her back against his chest.
  33. “I’m fine, Anon. She just pushed me.”
  34. >“Are you sure?”
  35. “Yes. She was hurting a lot more than me when it was all said and done.”
  36. >“We should see if Rarity’s okay.”
  37. “Rarity’s fine too. You saw her before she left, not a scratch on her.”
  38. >“What were those plants wrapping around everything?”
  39. >At that Sunset paused. She knew there was a coven of witches somewhere around the town. It was supposedly enchanted, floating high above the clouds, with wards and magicks that made it completely and utterly invisible. Those that did know it’s location, people like her packmaster and a few select others, couldn’t share that information either, since as soon as they stepped into the coven stronghold powerful spells were placed on them preventing them from doing so.
  40. >Luna had always warned her about witches. Magic was not something to be taken lightly. It was powerful, world-turning, and corrupting if one was not careful. Luna insisted that practicing magic for too long made a person funny in the head. She never explained any further, but the look in her eyes was all Sunset needed to know to stay as far away from the stuff as possible.
  41. “I… don’t know,” she admitted. “At least that Pinkie girl was on our side.”
  42. >Anon nuzzled the top of her head. “It was weird that she almost fell off that broom, huh?”
  43. “Yeah,”Sunset said with a giggle.
  44. >The giant was silent for several seconds, finally noticing her packmates staring at the two of them with grins on their faces.
  45. >“I… um… sorry, Sunset,” he said, letting her go.
  46. >“I didn’t mean to grab you like this. It was--”
  47. “Don’t worry about it,” Sunset interrupted, tilting her head up to look at him. “When someone gets stressed in our pack it’s not unusual for them to pull a pack-sister or brother onto a couch until they calm down.”
  48. >“She’s not wrong,” Bonbon said, looking over at Caramel with a grin. “A lot of the boys here turn into real cuddle bugs when they get stressed. Right Caramel?”
  49. Caramel said nothing, puffing his cheeks out as he turned away, crossing his arms. He tried to hide his pink cheeks, but his packmates were having none of that, poking his sides, back, and belly, teasing him until he was flailing his arms around to keep them at bay.
  50. >The roughhousing grew in volume. Others in the pack began to be targeted and teased. Soon the whole room was in an uproar. Then, suddenly, there was silence. Luna stepped into the room, hands behind her back.
  51. >Without saying a word, she made her way toward Sunset and Anon. Her packmates were quick to make a path for her. She paid them no mind, her pace slow and methodical, until she stood in front of the two. Sunset tried to tilt her head downward as a sign of submission, wishing to be respectful, only for Luna to place a hand under her chin, forcing her head back up.
  52. >“I should have realized that one of the packs I summoned would try to overstep. I had hoped that none would have been stupid enough to attack one from my pack, but it seems like I was very much mistaken,” she said. “I put you in danger, Sunset. If I had put more thought into it, I would have sent more to chaperone Anonymous. I did not take into consideration what would be the safest course of action to keep you safe.”
  53. >Sunset was pulled out of Anon’s lap and into a bone crushing hug, her face forced between the packmaster’s breasts. She went stock-still as Luna placed her chin on top of her head. Her hands hovered over the ancient woman’s back, until she slowly, carefully, cautiously returned the hug.
  54. >Holding her pup close, Luna looked over at Anon. “Anonymous, I have failed you as well. Not only were you threatened and attacked in my territory by pups that should have known better you stepped up to defend one of my pack when you had no real need to do so. Thank you. From the bottom of my heart I thank you, young man.”
  55. >“I really wasn’t defending anyone,” Anon said. “I just sort of stood there and stopped that Gilda from moving forward. It was that Pinkie girl that did all of the work.”
  56. >“Even so, one should not take on a pack leader thoughtlessly, and you did so without hesitation. Even with your durability, doing such a thing shows your character,” Luna replied, a small smile coming to her face. “Were you a regular human, you would have made a very fine addition to our pack.”
  57. >“I’m a regular human. You guys are the weird ones.”
  58. >“I think we both know that’s not true, young man. You are very much, “out of this world” as the kids say."
  59. >Anon grimaced, leaning back into the chair. Luna broke her hug with Sunset, holding the smaller woman at arm’s length, looking her over, before she stepped away, turning toward the rest of the pack.
  60. >“Some of you have questions as to why I have taken so much interest in this large individual behind me. Why I would do something so extreme as to call some of the other packs to me. There are some things that you needn’t know, young ones, some things that I must keep quiet for now. What I can tell you is that in a few days time there will be a gathering not seen since long before my banishment.”
  61. >No one said anything, though looks were exchanged as Luna turned around, looking back at the giant.
  62. >“My sister has called the the leader of every vampire house on this continent. My niece has done the same for the witches covens, calling upon creatures that even I have no knowledge of. There might be others working in the shadows, watching, though I pray that isn’t the case.”
  63. >Anon frowned. “All that, for me?” he asked.
  64. >“Yes. All that for you,” Luna replied, still smiling, placing a hand on his shoulder, giving it a squeeze. “You have the capacity to do things that would make life rather difficult for a great many parties. We simply wish to meet to see what to do with you.”
  65. >“I… don’t like the sound of that, ma’am.”
  66. >The packmaster chuckled. “Oh, I wouldn’t be too worried,” she said with a wave of the hand. “You seem like a good man, Anonymous. Good enough to be considered an honorary member of my pack, human or no.”
  67. >All of the lycan in the room froze, Sunset included. None but Granny Smith knew of the last time a non-werewolf had been induced into a pack; least of all a pack as ancient and powerful as there's. Anon, of course, had no idea of how significant or momentous a thing this was, and just sat there with a look of confusion on his face.
  68. >“I’m what?”
  69. >“For your actions today I’ve deemed it appropriate to make you an honorary pack member,” Luna said, spreading her arms out wide. “For as long as you live, this place will be your home if you wish it, and everyone here will consider you their brother, and will aide you, support you, and nurture you like any family member would. Now stand up so that I might give you a hug.”
  70. >Someone let out a whistle. Bonbon let out a howl, cupping her face so the sound echoed off the walls. After that, the whole pack joined in, enthusiastically welcoming their newest member. When Anon did rise to his feet, it was to cheers and yells and barks as people hopped around excitedly. Luna was quick to hug the big man. He returned it, lifting her up into the air as he did so, which garnered an even louder response.
  71. >As she was the one that had brought their newest “brother” in, Sunset was given her own congratulations. It seemed like she had done what she had set out to do yesterday. She had brought in a suitable male for their pack, one that seemed like a sweetheart to boot. This would no doubt skyrocket her position in the pack, something which she was thrilled about.
  72. >Something nagged her about the whole thing how, preventing her from fully enjoying her triumph. Turning a human and bringing them into the pack was one thing--she had been one such person--but they didn’t know Anon whatsoever. She had plucked him from the park less than twenty-four hours ago, other than what he had told her about himself he was largely a mystery, and what they didn’t know could be dangerous.
  73. >This boy had been bitten by Luna herself, hit by a pack leader full-force, and didn’t have a scratch on him. He seemed supernaturally strong and heavy, while still having the scent of a mortal. His quirks and mannerisms were also just a hair off; the way he moved, the way he spoke. Normal humans didn’t sleep on the floor in cuddle piles, in fact doing so would make most uncomfortable, but he was not only comfortable with it it as almost as if he had done it many times before.
  74. >Why would Luna offer him such a thing? To be granted an honorary position in the pack should be something that was earned after years and years of effort. Sunset appreciated Anon’s help stepping in with Gilda--not that she needed it; she could have kicked that pup’s butt up and down the street--and she couldn’t help like the guy, but something didn’t feel right. Her packmaster was no idiot; it was clear as day she was trying to make a move. Why or against who Sunset had no idea, but something was going on.
  75. >Sunset was brought out of her thoughts as she was lifted into the air in a hug. The lycan let out a yelp, looking up to see the smiling face of Anon. As she looked up at the big, dumb, happy smile of his she couldn’t smile but smile back. That smile turned into laughter as she was hoisted into the air and placed on his shoulders like she was some little pup.
  76. >“I believe it wouldn’t be remiss if a few barrels of spirits were brought out from the basement,” Luna said. “We shall have a fine dinner as well. Granny, take some of the boys and whip something--”
  77. >Applejack strode into the room, her brow furrowed. “Luna? We might have a lil’ problem outside.”
  78. >Luna turned toward her. “A problem?”
  79. >“Aye. There’s something outside. A box. I got girls patrolling the whole estate an’ not one of them’s seen anyone puttin’ a box right outside.”
  80. >The excitement in the room lessened somewhat at the disconcerning news. Anon lifted Sunset from his back, placing her back down onto the ground. His expression was difficult to read as he walked up to Applejack.
  81. >“What kind of box?” he asked.
  82. >“It ain’t too big. ‘Bout the size of a show box I reckon,” Applejack told him. “Looks like someone wrapped it in pink wrappin’ paper. It even has a bow on it.”
  83. >Anon turned toward the door. “Nuh-uh,” he said, voice low. “No, I bet it is…”
  84. >He stepped around Applejack, making his way toward the front door. The farmer, Luna, and Sunset were right behind him. Sure enough, there was a small pink box sitting on the top step outside. As Applejack had said, it was wrapped in an eye-searing pink, with a frilly pink bow on top.
  85. >“See? Told ya,” Applejack said. “A box in the middle-- whatcha doin’ there, partner?”
  86. >Anon squatted down, picking up the box. He examined it before bringing it to his ear and giving it a shake. Curiously enough, he also sniffed the box. His smile turned into a grin as he suddenly stood up.
  87. “I think you should put that down, Anon,” Sunset said. “We don’t know who or what put that there. It could be dangerous.”
  88. >“It smells like cotton candy,” the giant replied.
  89. >A good minute of silence followed as everyone attempted to process just what Anon had said. This gave him ample opportunity to carefully unwrap the box and open it up. When he did, confetti exploded out of it. Sunset jumped back on reflex, Applejack leapt in front of her packmaster. Anon just spit out a mouthful of confetti, peering into the box and chuckling. Reaching into the box, he pulled out a cupcake, pristine and perfect. Letting out a sigh, he lifted it up into the air before taking a bite out of it.
  90. >“Yeah… that was Pinkie Pie alright…”
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