twin lamia girls

Oct 24th, 2015
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  1. SD: serpentineDuplet
  2. Name: Summer and Autumn
  3. Race: lamia (snake girls)
  4. Apparent Age: 8, mentally 19
  5. Gender: female
  6. Hight: 4'7"
  7. Appearance: both look like but with a thick long black snake body from the waist down
  8. Powers: can change to look like normal girls but have no powers, both super strong, very high agility and vitality in lamia mode and can use both cloth based and metal magic and both can become fully snake monsters when they loss control of themselves do to some sort of extreme emotional state.
  9. Twin Summer: uses toy looking brass knuckles and has a set of tentacles that are hidden under her clothes that she can use for both combat and other things, also has her hair roughly and poorly cut to be above shoulder length.
  10. Twin Autumn: uses a toy hammer and can see the flow and effects of magic allowing her sight to pierce through illusions.
  11. Items: disguise artifact can fully physically transform the user into anyone wearing an outfit and handheld things for 2 hours then needs to recharge for 6 hours.
  12. Setting:
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