Aug 20th, 2016
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  1. "Wилл ыоу фоллоw ме?" "То тхе ендс оф тхе еартх."
  3. ENDS OF THE EARTH is an alternate reality game created by TwinBuilder on the Destroy the Godmodder Discord server. It centers around the retrieval of eight pages written in the language of the Scribe as they tell some kind of tale. All eight pages have been found, and the completed rhyme reads as follows:
  14. - NOTES -
  16. There are some errors with Cyrillic/Latin translation, such as Xs turning into Hs, and letters like CH and SH blending together. This is unavoidable, and is a quirk of the translator used.
  17. Since Part Seven, however, every H is represented in Cyrillic as Һ, and every J is represented as Ҹ.
  18. The Cyrillic/Latin translator used is http://www.lexilogos.com/keyboard/russian_conversion.htm
  19. The general codebreaker used is http://themysteryofgravityfalls.com/
  20. The language of the Scribe was decoded nearly from scratch by the players, with only the letters "A," "E," "F," "H," "L," "S," and "W" being known beforehand. TwinBuilder thought of the language entirely on his own.
  21. Another language used in EOTE is Ionian, a cipher created by TwinBuilder. A complete alphabet of Ionian can be found here: https://imgur.com/tEmNczw.png. The characters in the middle are A B C D E F / G H J K L M / N P Q R S T / U V W X Y Z. I is the dash to the left and O is the dot to the right. If I/O comes before a letter, it is written under said letter. If I/O comes after a letter, it is written above said letter. If I and O are next to each other, the IO character to the top and bottom of the image is used.
  22. All the pages will form together to create one entire image.
  23. Whenever Ends of the Earth is active, TwinBuilder and role turn from English into Cyrillic, and his avatar turns from a picture of Bill Cipher's Zodiac into an afterimage of Bill Cipher. He commonly speaks in Cyrillic while the game is active as well.
  25. - PAGE ONE -
  27. TwinBuilder initially posted this Pastebin. http://pastebin.com/fVZzmcaK
  28. It was decoded from Cyrillic, into English. http://pastebin.com/u68APrCK
  30. The COSMIC THREAD LINE has to do with an equivalent Destroy the Godmodder thread.
  31. ONE-T2K is "Destroy the Godmodder (ONE), by TT2000."
  32. DUO-OPE is "Destroy the Godmodder 2 (a DUO is a group of 2): OPErator."
  33. ZERO-ORI-A is "Destroy the Godmodder 0RIgins," with A denoting that it is the first incarnation of the thread on the Minecraft Forums.
  34. THREE-TVT is "Destroy the Godmodder TVTropes," the third game in canon.
  35. FOUR-TV2 is "Destroy the Godmodder TVTropes 2," the fourth game in canon.
  36. FIVE-GCATU is "Destroy the Godmodder MSPA," the fifth game in canon, with GCATU representing the genetic codes prevalent in Homestuck.
  37. SIX-TER is "Destroy the Godmodder TERraria," the sixth and final game in canon.
  39. The DATUM has to do with an equivalent date - month, day, year. The years, presented as "NUMBER B.R." represent the number of years before 2016 - or, Before Reboot, as in the Destroy the Godmodder rebooted continuity. For example, 2013 is THREE B.R. 2016 itself is the year of R.
  40. THREE TWO-SEVEN IN THE YEAR OF ONE B.R. is 03/27/15.
  41. THREE FIVE IN THE YEAR OF THREE B.R. is 03/05/13.
  42. TEN NINE IN THE YEAR OF ONE B.R. is 10/09/15.
  43. ONE SIXTEEN IN THE YEAR OF ONE B.R. is 01/16/15.
  44. EIGHT EIGHTEEN IN THE YEAR OF R. is 08/18/16.
  45. TWELVE ELEVEN IN THE YEAR OF ONE B.R. is 12/11/15.
  46. SIX TWO-SEVEN IN THE YEAR OF ONE B.R. is 06/27/15.
  48. The SELECTION has to do with the page number and the post number. In other words, the relevant post is on page X and is the Y post down from the top of the page.
  49. ONE-ZERO-EIGHT-NINE, FOUR is page 1,089, post 4.
  50. EIGHT-ONE, FIFTEEN is page 81, post 15.
  51. FIVE-NINE, FIVE is page 59, post 5.
  52. ONE-EIGHT-THREE, FOURTEEN is page 183, post 14.
  53. ONE-FOUR-THREE, THREE is page 143, post 3.
  54. FIFTEEN, SIXTEEN is page 15, post 16.
  55. TWELVE, TWELVE is page 12, post 12.
  57. The SPECIFIC CATEGORICAL PHENOMENON LOCATION has to do with the line number and the character number. In other words, the relevant letter is on line X of the post (this counts lines that are purely spaces or other line breaks) and is the Y character of said line.
  58. THREE, NINETEEN is on line 3, character 19. This character is 7.
  59. TWO, ONE is on line 2, character 1. This character is M.
  60. TEN, NINE is on line 10, character 9. This character is x.
  61. FIVE, TEN is on line 5, character 10. This character is t.
  62. SEVEN, SIX-THREE is on line 7, character 63. This character is Y.
  63. THIRTY-EIGHT, ONE-ZERO-FIVE is on line 38, character 105. This character is s.
  64. TWO, SEVEN-FOUR is on line 2, character 74. This character is 0.
  66. This makes the complete character string 7MxtYs0. Visiting https://i.imgur.com/7MxtYs0.png reveals the first page. It depicts a figure standing in front of a gigantic structure with nine circles. The encoded text is "AS I WALKED THROUGH, UNBELIEVING, THOUGHTS WERE CLOUDED IN A HAZE,"
  68. - PAGE TWO -
  70. TwinBuilder initially posted this Pastebin. http://pastebin.com/W7Ds3ZiQ
  71. It was decoded from Cyrillic, into English. http://pastebin.com/0rFJw1b8
  73. The phrase references roles on the Discord. Roles are titles given to users with specific names. Roles can also be assigned specific colors that can alter the color of the user's name. This is how colors can be associated with phrases, and phrases with answers. The answers in this case were specific roles that TwinBuilder had altered as to remove select characters from them.
  75. The roles TwinBuilder altered were as follows. Characters that had been removed are placed in parentheses.
  76. Meg(a) Miner
  77. Meatbag(1)
  78. Statchec(k)
  79. Pseudo-Binar(y)
  80. Ze (U)bermensch
  81. Ris(k) of Rain
  82. Borderlands (2)
  83. Th(e) Fox
  85. This makes the complete character string a1KYUK2e. Visiting http://pastebin.com/a1KYUK2e reveals the second stage.
  86. It was decoded from Cyrillic, into English. http://pastebin.com/GipwSXK5
  88. Each question has a specific answer. Only when all ten questions were fully answered could the game progress. The correct answers are:
  90. ONE. THREE-TWO-POINT-ZERO-FIVE-EIGHT MINUTES (32.058 minutes) using official syntax. The question and answer were taken from Undertale.
  91. TWO. TALIST. Although Arthur C. Clarke created the phrase, Talist, a player on DTG's Zodiac (a series of mythological figures), used it several times in DTG1.
  92. THREE. #0000012048372. It was shown at the end of the #probect_pinary channel's rules. Considered a "bullshit question."
  93. FOUR. HOW DO BALL CUES? The question is a trick. The answer is the original spelling of the phrase. Considered a "bullshit question."
  94. FIVE. OGANESSON, the proposed name of element 118, ununoctium.
  95. SIX. SIOL or SIX are both valid answers. It was shown in a /loominarty command during the Probect Pinary ARG.
  96. SEVEN. Erelye gave an essay on the subject: "Armrest is such a horrible person because she believes it is her fault that she was created as a defective Homeworld soldier who ended up with the Crystal Gems, among other things. This is exemplified by her evident loneliness, caused from feeling separate from the other Crystal Gems as a so-called defective gem/runt, leading to anger clearly shown when she traumatized Greg and then made up for it by cleaning out his garage, because he once more stopped hanging out with her because of Steven (leading her to think she's but a replacement or cheap alternative to good friends). Similarly, it is shown in how she kidnapped the child of her mother figure because she wanted him to hate her because of her semi-horrifying origins. Finally, she immediately began to attack her fellow friends and family simply because she believed they were standing against her. This is evidenced in the shown end of her stint as a pseudo-professional wrestler, as well as her combat with Pearl in the Kindergarten."
  97. EIGHT. Erelye gave a response on the subject: "I carved a triangle into the wall of Limbo-Grayhold, and then used grando autem triangulum in place of the primary Latin chant, with everything else proceeding as normal. The environment is absorbed into a monochrome uniformity as time slows to a still, and the summoner is dragged into their mind, wherein Cipher greets them."
  98. NINE. Split gave a response on the subject: "What he means is that Probect Pinary exists due to the players interacting with its interface right now. This means that somewhere in time and space Probect Pinary is still technically alive due to being a prototype of Project Binary."
  99. TEN. Split gave an essay on the subject: "6/19 is a significant date due to its importance in the world of Don't Hug Me I'm Scared. The entirety of the series takes place on that specific date, only changing on the calendar when the reality of that dimension is reset. 12/7 is a significant date due to it being tied to several important events in the Trifecta. The first is the start of the First Godmodding War, the second is Zero Hour (in which a meteor slammed into GodCraft and the Godmodder used the Black Monolith,) and the third is Monochromium (in which Flare Flames escaped Antichamber and received the FEZ.) 9/01 is a significant date due to it being tied to other important events in the Trifecta. The first is the start of the Second Godmodding War, the second is One Hour (in which a special meeting was held at the Conclave and Project Binary began the Descent) and the third is the Second Flash Mob (in which the Descendants rejoiced after their victories in the Second Godmodding War.) 6/18 is a significant date in the universe of Gravity Falls. Firstly, it is the date of Alex Hirsch's birthday, the creator of the show. Additionally, the number 618 and various permutations of it pop up in places all around the show's universe, making it a recurring Arc Number, albeit one of dubious importance." (This question was placed behind a Vigenere cipher, encoded with the word "INTERROBANG.")
  101. Once all ten questions were answered, TwinBuilder posted a link. Visiting it, http://pastebin.com/k3DxCSs6, reveals the final stage.
  102. It was decoded from Cyrillic, into English. http://pastebin.com/X4BzeGV1
  104. Shifting the character string, E_IooCH, forwards nine letters creates N_RxxLQ. Once a 9 is added, the character string is N9RxxLQ. Visiting https://i.imgur.com/N9RxxLQ.png reveals the second page. It depicts an eye with grey squiggly lines emanating off of it. The encoded text is "EYES UNBROKEN, WIND WAS HOWLING, CONTEMPLATING ITS HARD GAZE."
  106. - PAGE THREE -
  108. TwinBuilder initially posted this Pastebin. http://pastebin.com/XXt9LFcP
  109. It was decoded from Cyrillic, into English. http://pastebin.com/8MiiCHGz
  111. The phrase references Journal 3, a book central to the plot of Gravity Falls. Per aspera ad astra, a Latin phrase translating to "through hardships to the stars," can be found on the first page of the defictionalized real-life copy of Journal 3. The phrase's text indicates that said copy of Journal 3 is required to advance, and only when an image was posted that showed someone on the Discord had Journal 3 could the puzzle continue.
  113. After proof was shown, TwinBuilder posted another Pastebin. http://pastebin.com/eSqzTnLB
  114. It was decoded from Cyrillic, into English. http://pastebin.com/7HXjF0LY
  116. The SIXER ANACHRONISM ORDER has to do with the number of the Journal, which is moot, as the only Journal in real life is Journal 3.
  118. The OBJECT LISTING has to do with a set of pages containing an object the Journal catalogues. If there is no object title, a line of text that stands out on the pages is placed instead. The OBJECT LISTING is encoded with a Vigenere cipher, with the keyword being the bracketed word in each block of text. The keys and deciphered text for each block is as follows:
  119. [SIXER], CODES:
  122. [NUMERALS], none. The phrase "FAVORITE CONSTELLATIONS" was used instead.
  123. [PLANE], none. The phrase "TROUBLE IN THE BUNKER" was used instead.
  125. [SHEET], SPELLS
  127. [PHENOMENON], none. The phrase "THE TRUE THEORY OF WEIRDNESS" was used instead.
  128. [POSITIONING], none. The phrase "JUNE 18TH" was used instead.
  133. [SERIES], none. The phrase "Hey, kids!" was used instead.
  134. none, none.
  136. The SHEET POSITIONING has to do with if the clue is on the left page or the right page.
  138. The SPECIFIC CATEGORICAL PHENOMENON LOCATION has to do with the line number and the character number. In other words, the relevant letter is on line X of the page (this counts lines that are purely spaces or other line breaks, and does not count large text or text accompanying images) and is the Y character of said line.
  139. FOUR, FOUR-TWO is on line 4, character 42. This character is a.
  140. SEVEN, ONE-THREE is on line 7, character 13. This character is n.
  141. ONE-FOUR, FIVE is on line 14, character 5. This character is u.
  142. ONE-ONE, FOUR-ZERO is on line 11, character 40. This character is n.
  143. TWO, FOUR is on line 2, character 4. This character is h.
  144. TWO-ONE, FOUR is on line 21, character 4. This character is o.
  145. TWO, ONE-ZERO is on line 2, character 10. This character is l.
  146. SEVEN, TWO-FOUR is on line 7, character 24. This character is y.
  147. ONE-THREE, ONE-SEVEN is on line 13, character 17. This character is t.
  148. SIX, EIGHT is on line 6, character 8. This character is r.
  149. ONE, ONE is on line 1, character 1. This character is i.
  150. THREE, TWO is on line 3, character 2. This character is n.
  151. SIX, FIVE is on line 6, character 5. This character is i.
  152. ONE, TWO-SIX is on line 1, character 26. This character is t.
  153. ONE, THREE is on line 1, character 3. This character is y.
  154. NONE, NONE is on an entirely blank page. The corresponding character, which represents nothing, is meant to be _.
  156. The CRYPTOLOGY INDEX has to do with the cipher encoding the relevant text. Oftentimes there is no cipher, but if there is, the specific code is mentioned. If a block of text has a cipher, the SPECIFIC CATEGORICAL PHENOMENON LOCATION will deal only with the text in Journal 3 that is encoded with said cipher, regardless of the other text on the page.
  158. BILL'S CIPHER is a symbol substitution cipher, wherein pictures are substituted for letters.
  159. CAESAR is a cipher where all the letters in the phrase must be shifted three letters back.
  160. AUTHOR'S CIPHER is a symbol substitution cipher, wherein pictures are substituted for letters.
  162. This makes the complete character string anunholytrinity_. Combining it with the message "OUTLOOK GOOD" points to an e-mail address: anunholytrinity_@outlook.com. E-mailing anunholytrinity_@outlook.com gives this message as a response: http://pastebin.com/tAa8w38S
  163. It was decoded from Cyrillic, into English: http://pastebin.com/C3v0bjgw
  165. The correct passcode is PINARY. PINARY is six letters long, which fits the passcode length. PINARY's first half, PI, is an irrational and therefore infinite number. PINARY's second half, NARY, relates to the word BINARY, which, in Destroy the Godmodder, is associated with Project Binary's motto, "BINARY IS." Once PINARY was E-mailed, TwinBuilder responded with this: http://pastebin.com/7YQPgdpx
  166. It was decoded from Cyrillic, into English: http://pastebin.com/1rBJYQxc
  168. Scanning the filler text revealed two forms of anomalies - there were five missing characters and two sets of large spaces. The missing characters were an "L" from "Lorum" in the first paragraph, an "S" from "Sed" in the second paragraph, a "D" from "Donec" in the third paragraph, a "t" from an unknown word in the fourth paragraph, and an "N" from "Nunc" in the fifth paragraph. The two uneven spaces were a set of four spaces in the third paragraph and a set of three spaces in the fourth paragraph.
  170. Using all the letters as is and making the spaces actual numbers reveals the complete character string of LSD4t3N. Visiting https://imgur.com/LSD4t3N.png reveals the third page. It depicts a blocky figure with nine cloaked elders standing in front of a white fire with red squiggles over it. The encoded text is "NINE OF ELDERS, STANDING TOWARDS THE AGENT OF UNBRIDLED RAGE," with "RAGE" being rendered in red. There are nine red "NO"s hastily written next to each other in a section of the paper.
  172. - PAGE FOUR -
  174. TwinBuilder initially posted this Pastebin. http://pastebin.com/Ujn11zqj
  175. It was decoded from Cyrillic, into English. http://pastebin.com/eGHSTry3
  177. The COSMIC THREAD LINE has to do with an equivalent Destroy the Godmodder thread. However, all characters use the SEVEN-SEVEN THREAD LINE, indicating that they are not from a DTG game at all, but from [7x7], another alternate reality game created by TwinBuilder.
  179. The DATUM is meaningless. All characters use the date ONE IN THE MISSING EPOCH, referencing the fact that [7x7]'s events took place in a singular instant in the timeline of Fiction that felt like an eternity to the one person that remembers it.
  181. The SELECTION has to do with the chapter the relevant character is from.
  182. MOONLIGHT SONATA is chapter 4,
  183. CEREBRAL CEREMONIES is chapter 3,
  184. DESTROYER is chapter 7,
  185. LOOSE ENDS is chapter 2,
  186. THE WORLD IS BURNING is chapter 6,
  188. CEREBRAL CEREMONIES is chapter 3, and
  189. THE WORLD IS BURNING is chapter 6.
  191. The SPECIFIC CATEGORICAL PHENOMENON LOCATION has to do with the line number and the character number. In other words, the relevant letter is on line X of the post (this counts lines that are purely spaces or other line breaks) and is the Y character of said line.
  192. ONE-EIGHT-FIVE, THREE-EIGHT is on line 185, character 38. This character is A.
  193. TWO-SIX-NINE, ONE-SEVEN is on line 269, character 17. This character is V.
  194. TWO-EIGHT-FOUR, ONE-FIVE is on line 284, character 15. This character is X.
  195. FIVE-SEVEN, ONE-TWO-FOUR is on line 57, character 124. This character is H.
  196. NINE-SEVEN-TWO, EIGHT-ZERO is on line 972, character 80. This character is q.
  197. SEVEN-EIGHT, FOUR-TWO is on line 78, character 42. This character is 6.
  198. TWO-ONE-TWO, EIGHT-THREE is on line 212, character 83. This character is 0.
  199. ONE-FOUR-SIX-THREE, ONE-THREE-SIX is on line 1,463, character 136. This character is b.
  201. This makes the complete character string AVXHq60b. Visiting the link http://pastebin.com/AVXHq60b reveals the second stage.
  202. It was decoded from Cyrillic, into English. http://pastebin.com/aYh6ErQ0
  204. The opening message is a reference to Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 4. Each question has a specific answer. Only when all thirteen questions were fully answered could the game progress. The correct answers are:
  206. ONE. THE INTERNET/A PLOT HOLE. As was explained in Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 4, and to a greater extent in the Probect Pinary ARG's /imscared 4 command, the Internet links the entire digital reality of Fiction together. In addition, a plot hole is said to link two completely separate planes together. Because such objects require a massive size to connect such continuums, they are the biggest things in the world.
  207. TWO. NO. Self-explanatory.
  208. THREE. KALARE VANARUS ERELYE. TheLordErelye created the language of Drenovian for use in his own text adventure, Abyssal Oddity. As such, he transcribed it into the realm of Fiction through cultural osmosis into parts of Destroy the Godmodder.
  209. FOUR. I. As explained in the webcomic Kill Six Billion Demons, I is the true name of God.
  210. FIVE. NO. The chief deity of Kill Six Billion Demons speaks the first-ever words of the comic, which come from his scripture. "Let there be no Genesis, for beginnings are false, and I am a consummate liar." The example provided will invariably be said quote.
  211. SIX. THE SECRET OF THE VOID, BRINE, OTHERS. The Secret of the Void is listed as the first non-plot entity in Fiction, and Brine (the Red Dragon) comprised one of Fiction's oldest universes before it became Minecraftia. Therefore, those two are the two biggest candidates for the oldest beings in Fiction.
  212. SEVEN. GREEN, SCARLET, GOLDENROD, COBALT, ORCHID, and KALEIDOSCOPE. Green is associated with First Guardians, the Green Sun, Minecraftia, code, and Don't Hug Me I'm Scared. Scarlet is associated with the Red Sun and Red Sun Guardians, TwinBuilder's Sunglasses, The_Nonexistent_Tazz, and UserZero. Goldenrod is associated with the Godmodder. Cobalt is associated with Alpha and the Psi-Godmodder. Orchid is associated with The_Serpent, Project Binary, the Employer, Binary Prime, and the Conflict in a broader sense. Kaleidoscope is associated with the kaleidoscopic anarchy of [7x7].
  213. EIGHT. ...This question was never actually answered. Interesting.
  214. NINE. NO. Self-explanatory.
  215. TEN. YES. Self-explanatory.
  216. ELEVEN. insert_generic_username gave a response on the subject: "Yes, we shot at him that one time as Jeff. Also he had existed at some point in Undertale, and depending on your Fun value you see pieces of him.
  217. TWELVE. insert_generic_username gave a response on the subject: "The choir invisible is typically just a euphemism for everyone in heaven."
  218. THIRTEEN. "TWENTY," "THE OPERATOR," "DISC OF MOJANG," "BACK, FUTURE," "ICARUS," "GHOST NAPPA," "IT WAS OVER," "MY REFLECTION SLOWLY SHAKES HIS HEAD WHILE I WET MYSELF IN SHAME." The first quote was said by engie_ninja during DTG1. The second quote was said twice, once when the Virus was killed in Act 2 of DTG2, and again when the Operator was killed in the epilogue. The third quote was said in the ramblings of the Herobrine-possessed Testificate of Kyoto, discovered in Trial 4. The fourth quote was said in Back to the Future. The fifth quote was said in Journal 3. The seventh quote was said in Dragon Ball Z Abridged. The eighth quote was said in the Binding of Isaac's first ending. The ninth quote was said by Karkat during the Scratch Intermission of Act 5 Act 2 to Jade.
  222. Once all fifteen questions were answered, TwinBuilder posted a link. Visiting it, http://pastebin.com/A3meBhWg, shows the final stage.
  223. The opening message was decoded from Cyrillic, into English, continuing the Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 4 references:
  225. Oh, how exciting, and interesting, too.
  226. But in this digital world, what can we do?
  227. ...
  228. What can we--
  232. Each of the seven parts is solved in an obtuse way, and contains a character for the final string. The roman numerals next to each part indicate in what order the characters must be placed into the URL.
  234. Wow, look, a pie chart! - I contains many percentages that are all gathered into a string of numerals at the bottom, "44232443311544441542244315." Converting the 1s to As, 2s to Bs, 3s to Cs, 4s to Ds, and 5s to Es and decoding the message via Polybius square with the grid "ABCDEFGHIKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ" reveals the phrase "theletterisE."
  235. Digital style! - IV contains an ASCII image of Pikachu. There is a single 'r' located in Pikachu's left cheek.
  236. AND DO A DIGITAL DAПCING, HEY THIS IS FUN! - III contains a Cyrillic letter, 'П', in place of 'N.' The letter translates to 'p.'
  237. Wow, look, a bar graph! - VI contains three bar graphs labelled 1, 4, and 2. 1 + 4 + 2 = 7. Decoding 7 using A1Z26 yields 'G.'
  238. Digital style! - VII contains an image link to the avatar of 'o,' a user on the Omegaupdate Forums known for creating Cool and New Web Comic.
  239. AND DU+0057 A DIGITAL DANCING, HEY THIS IS FUN! - V contains a Unicode string, 'U+0057.' U+0057 is a 'W.'
  240. Wow, look, nothing! - II contains, true to its words, nothing. The closest character to 'nothing' in a URL is '0.'
  242. When the characters are placed in order, this creates the complete character string e0prWgo. Visiting https://i.imgur.com/e0prWgo.png reveals the fourth page. It depicts large curtains held in place by a metal frame and a series of gears and machinery that is opening, revealing some kind of light. The page is also taken up by a column of clouds that have punctuation inside them. The encoded text is "LIKE A SENTRY I WALKED FORWARDS, ENTERING THE FINAL STAGE."
  244. - PAGE FIVE -
  246. TwinBuilder initially posted this Pastebin. http://pastebin.com/mnc0xUYW
  247. It was decoded from Cyrillic, into English. http://pastebin.com/uJyF9aiE
  249. The SUBDIVISION has to do with the appropriate subreddit. It is decoded using a Polybius square with the grid 'ABCDEFGHIKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ.'
  250. ACAACEDDACBCAAAADBDD is /r/captchaart.
  251. BDCCDCDDAABBDBAACB is /r/instagram.
  252. EAAEECBDCACACDCACDBBED is /r/vexillology.
  253. CEBCBDCACABDAEDC is /r/phillies.
  254. DDBADDEBCD is /r/tftwo. (/r/tf2.)
  255. BBAACBBDCCBB is /r/gaming.
  258. ACDBAEAECEED is /r/creepy.
  259. DDEBBDDDACBC is /r/twitch.
  261. AADCBEDBAEADADBDDD is /r/askreddit.
  262. BCAADBADEBAADBAE is /r/hardware.
  263. ADAACCBBAACCDBCDCCCEAA is /r/danganronpa.
  264. ABAEAABBCAAE is /r/beagle.
  265. ACBCBDCABDAAADCBEDDCDDAEDBED is /r/chiliadmystery.
  266. ADDDBBCDADCBCDADADAEDB is /r/dtgodmodder.
  268. The SERIAL SEQUENCE has to do with the exact URL of the Reddit post in question. It will produce a character string that, when applied to a prefix of http://reddit.com/, will pull up the corresponding Reddit post. It is decoded by turning the numbers into their appropriate letters via A1Z26, and by leaving the numbers in brackets as actual numbers.
  269. [ONE]|ONE-TWO|FOUR[|SEVEN]|NINE|TWO-TWO is http://reddit.com/1ld7iv.
  270. [ONE]|TWO-ONE[|NINE]|ONE-FOUR|ONE-EIGHT|EIGHT is http://reddit.com/1u9nrh.
  271. [FOUR]|THREE|TWO-SIX|TWO-TWO|TWO|ONE-TWO is http://reddit.com/4czvbl.
  272. [THREE]|ONE[|TWO]|FIVE|ONE-FIVE[|EIGHT] is http://reddit.com/3a2eo8.
  273. [FIVE|FOUR]|SIX|TWO|SIX[|NINE] is http://reddit.com/54fbf9.
  274. TWO-ONE|TWO-FOUR|ONE-SIX|NINE|ONE-TWO is http://reddit.com/uxpil.
  275. [FOUR]|THREE|ONE-THREE|SIX|ONE-NINE[|SIX] is http://reddit.com/4cmfs6.
  276. [FOUR|EIGHT]|ONE-SIX|TWO|ONE-SIX|ONE-ZERO is http://reddit.com/48pbpj.
  277. [FIVE|FOUR]|SEVEN|SEVEN|TWELVE[|NINE] is http://reddit.com/54ggl9.
  278. [TWO]|THREE|TWO-ONE[|THREE]|ONE-EIGHT[|TWO] is http://reddit.com/2cu3r2.
  279. [THREE]|TWO-THREE|TWO-SIX|EIGHT[|TWO]|ONE-THREE is http://reddit.com/3wzh2m.
  280. TWO-ZERO[|ZERO]|TWO-FIVE|ONE-FOUR|ONE-EIGHT is http://reddit.com/t0ynr.
  281. [THREE]|ONE|EIGHT[|FOUR|EIGHT]|ONE-EIGHT is http://reddit.com/3ah48r.
  282. [TWO]|SIX[|SIX]|ONE-SIX|TWO-TWO|ONE-ONE is http://reddit.com/2f6pvk.
  283. [TWO|TWO]|FOUR[|FOUR]|TWO-ZERO|TWO-ONE is http://reddit.com/22d4tu.
  284. [THREE]|ONE-THREE[|TWO]|ONE-ONE[|SIX]|TWO-SIX is http://reddit.com/3m2k6z.
  285. [FOUR]|ONE-NINE|ONE-SIX|TWO-THREE|ONE-FIVE|NINE is http://reddit.com/4spwoi.
  287. The DATUM has to do with an equivalent date - month, day, year. The years, presented as "NUMBER B.R." represent the number of years before 2016 - or, Before the Destroy the Godmodder rebooted continuity.
  288. EIGHT TWO-NINE IN THE YEAR OF THREE B.R. is 08/29/13.
  289. ONE TWO IN THE YEAR OF TWO B.R. is 01/02/14.
  290. FOUR TWO IN THE YEAR OF R. is 04/02/16.
  291. SIX ONE-SIX IN THE YEAR OF ONE B.R. is 06/16/15.
  292. NINE TWO-FIVE IN THE YEAR OF R. is 09/25/16.
  293. SIX ONE-TWO IN THE YEAR OF FOUR B.R. is 06/12/12.
  294. THREE THREE-ZERO IN THE YEAR OF R. is 03/30/16.
  295. THREE THREE IN THE YEAR OF R. is 03/03/16.
  296. NINE TWO-FIVE IN THE YEAR OF R. is 09/25/16.
  297. EIGHT SIX IN THE YEAR OF TWO B.R. is 08/06/14.
  298. ONE-TWO ONE-FIVE IN THE YEAR OF ONE B.R. is 12/15/15.
  299. FIVE ONE IN THE YEAR OF FOUR B.R. is 05/01/12.
  300. SIX TWO-ZERO IN THE YEAR OF ONE B.R. is 06/20/15.
  301. TWO B.R. is 09/01/14.
  302. FOUR SIX IN THE YEAR OF TWO B.R. is 04/06/14.
  303. NINE TWO-FOUR IN THE YEAR OF ONE B.R. is 09/24/15.
  304. SEVEN ONE-THREE IN THE YEAR OF R. is 07/13/16.
  306. The BOT IDENTIFICATION has to do with the Reddit username that made the comment containing the specific character. It is decoded by turning the various numbers into appropriate Unicode strings by attaching the U+00 prefix to them, and then matching the Unicode string to the corresponding character to form the username.
  307. U+0061|72|6F|6E|30|34|30|35 is aron0405.
  308. U+0061|6E|64|72|65|6A|6F|65|6C|39|30 is andrejoel90.
  309. U+0057|61|64|65|51|75|65|6E|79|61 is WadeQuenya.
  310. U+0050|61|72|6B|65|72|41|64|64|65|72|73|6F|6E is ParkerAdderson.
  311. U+004A|6F|65|6D|61|63|5F is Joemac_.
  312. U+005F|4D|75|61|64|5F|44|69|62 is _Muad_Dib.
  313. U+0072|6D|61|6C|6C|61 is rmalla.
  314. U+005A|61|6E|64|73|69|63|6B is Zandsick.
  315. U+0067|72|69|65|76|69|6E|67|5F|6D|61|67|70|69|65 is grieving_magpie.
  316. U+0069|38|70|69|6B|61|63|68|75 is i8pikachu.
  317. U+0049|64|6F|6E|74|6C|69|6B|65|63|6F|63|6B is Idontlikecock.
  318. U+006E|6F|74|74|68|65|72|65|61|6C|6A|65|74|68|72|6F|74|75|6C|6C is nottherealjethrotull.
  319. U+0070|34|62|6C|6F|63|6B is p4block.
  320. U+0059|6F|41|6B|69|68|69|6B|6F is YoAkihiko.
  321. U+006E|75|67|67|65|74|6C|6F|76|65|72|39|39 is nuggetlover99.
  322. U+0045|6E|65|72|67|79|54|75|72|73|6C|65|32|33 is EnergyTurtle23.
  323. U+0061|6C|65|78|61|6C|65|78|39|39|39|39 is alexalex9999.
  325. The SPECIFIC CATEGORICAL PHENOMENON LOCATION has to do with the line number and the character number. In other words, the relevant letter is on line X of the post (this counts lines that are purely spaces or other line breaks) and is the Y character of said line.
  326. ONE, FOUR-FIVE is on line 1, character 45. This character is e.
  327. ONE, FIVE-ZERO is on line 1, character 50. This character is n.
  328. TWO, FIVE-TWO is on line 2, character 52. This character is u.
  329. ONE, ONE-SEVEN is on line 1, character 17. This character is u.
  330. ONE, ONE-TWO-ZERO is on line 1, character 120. This character is /.
  331. TWO, ONE-ZERO-SIX is on line 2, character 106. This character is t.
  332. ONE, ONE-TWO is on line 1, character 12. This character is r.
  333. ONE, ONE-EIGHT is on line 1, character 18. This character is m.
  334. TWO, THREE-EIGHT is on line 2, character 38. This character is o.
  335. ONE, TWO-THREE is on line 1, character 23. This character is a.
  336. SEVEN, FOUR-SEVEN is on line 7, character 47. This character is s.
  337. NINE, ONE-ZERO-EIGHT is on line 9, character 108. This character is r.
  338. ONE, ONE-ONE is on line 1, character 11. This character is j.
  339. TWO, FOUR-THREE is on line 2, character 43. This character is p.
  340. TWO, ONE-ONE-FOUR is on line 2, character 114. This character is a.
  341. FOUR, ONE-TWO-FOUR is on line 4, character 124. This character is /.
  342. ONE, EIGHT-SEVEN is on line 1, character 87. This character is e.
  344. POSITION IN STRING has to do with the correct position of the character within the actual character string. It is represented in Roman numerals. There are seventeen characters in total.
  346. Upon placing the characters within their correct positions, the complete character string is revealed to be /u/jmasonaperture. This is the username of Jeff Mason, the main character of Jeff the Scientist, a text adventure created by TwinBuilder. More importantly, it is formatted like a Reddit username. Once the username was discovered, TwinBuilder posted a link. Visiting it, https://www.reddit.com/r/DTGodmodder/comments/54zuod/im_jeff_mason_i_know_lots_of_things_ask_me/, shows the second stage.
  348. The post was created on the official, yet virtually never used, Destroy the Godmodder subreddit. The text within references the Bill Cipher AMA. The provided "proof" is a picture of reddish sunglasses with a drawn interrobang; the favorite song is An Accent Beyond from the Portal 2 soundtrack (referencing Jeff's password), and the "I was honest, seriously" shows a captcha, showing that Jeff is human. The players were free to ask Jeff any questions they wanted, and he would answer them. The question that revealed the puzzle element of the ARG was "what do we need to do to progress?"
  350. Upon having this question asked, Jeff posted a link. http://pastebin.com/HU9qPcJq
  351. It was decoded from Cyrillic, into English. http://pastebin.com/Tv6qm43f
  353. Each phrase relates to a specific question. Only when all nine questions were correctly guessed and asked could the game proceed. The correct questions are:
  355. ONE. WHAT DOES MTT STAND FOR, ANYWAY? Asked to Interrobang during Jeff the Scientist, who never answered it.
  356. TWO. WHAT IS THE MEANING OF LIFE, THE UNIVERSE, AND EVERYTHING? Referencing the famous 'answer' from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
  357. THREE. WHY IS LIL' HUNTER THE SCUM OF THE WASTELAND? Referencing the song that plays during the Lil' Hunter boss fight in Nuclear Throne; The One They Left Behind.
  358. FOUR. WHICH ONE, MAN? Referencing the high-quality rip 'Ashley's Song (Beta Mix)' by SiIvaGunner, which in turn references an episode of Spongebob Squarepants.
  359. FIVE. HAS ANYONE REALLY BEEN FAR AS DECIDED TO USE EVEN GO WANT TO DO LOOK MORE LIKE? A memetic phrase on the Internet that is nonsense, and is a question addressed to 'anyone,' which in turn, relates to 'everyone.'
  360. SIX. COULD YOU IMAGINE IF EVERYONE IN THIS WORLD WAS REPRESENTED BY A FONT? Referencing the Game Theorists' infamous "Sans is Ness" video, in which MatPat opens the video with this line.
  361. SEVEN. WHO IS THE MOST POWERFUL OF YOUR SERVANTS? Referencing Kill Six Billion Demon's four-part story, Aesma and the Three Masters, in which Aesma asks this question to her master, the deity YISUN.
  362. EIGHT. HOW DO BALLS CUE? Referencing the legendary meme, which has to do with cueballs, spherical objects (with a circumference) that are pure (omniscient).
  363. NINE. HOW CAN ENTROPY BE REVERSED? Referencing Isaac Asimov's short story "The Last Question."
  365. Jeff's answers to these questions are compiled here. http://pastebin.com/Lk7PgZf9
  366. They were decoded from Cyrillic, into English. http://pastebin.com/tgAgdMVk
  368. Upon being asked these questions, Jeff updated the AMA, closing it and providing an IP address: play.goldencraft.co:25565. This started the final stage.
  370. The IP address corresponded to a Minecraft server, Goldencraft, which was used by the DTG community in the past as a way to build in Creative mode. On one of his plots in the Creative server, TwinBuilder built an obstacle course that contained the clues necessary to find the character string. It consisted of a long path, marked by continuous tall grass and flowers, that connected a series of quartz pillars, one block wide and three blocks tall. The pillars contained twelve signs - one for each block face. Some pillars had signs marked with I, and others had signs marked with [I]. The course was divided into two sections by a gigantic quartz wall.
  372. The introductory pillar was the first thing people saw upon entering, and was in the middle of a large field of wildlife, at the south wall of the plot. It had three signs on its front face and two signs on the other sides. Its signs read, in order: "SOME WORDS OF CAUTION" "1. Stay on the path. 2. It is never night, but it will" "get dark. 3. Quartz pillars are friends. Look for them." "4. Ignore the obsidian pillars. 5. Or don't. It's your choice." "6. You might have to come back here eventually. Be ready." "7. Don't touch anything. 8. If you see something you" "like, but you most break things to get to it, ask politely." "9. I hold no responsibility for side effects incurred within" "the fields. 10. Good luck. / / / / | / / / /
  373. \"
  375. The grass path moved northwest, towards the first actual pillar. It displayed three [I]s. The path then continued all the way to the western wall of the plot, towards the second quartz pillar. It displayed thirteen Is. The path continued up to the wall, where only a redstone torch was found. Breaking the torch revealed an underground path, marked by a bare pillar, that continued up north. It was a small corridor lit with redstone torches, which eventually opened up to reveal the third quartz pillar, flanked by paintings. It displayed eleven Is.
  377. The grass path then continued down a northern unlit corridor for a long time. White blocks and proper lighting could be seen at the end. A large section down the path, a hole was visible in the wall, creating an eastern path. Reaching the end of the north path revealed that the white blocks were wool, behind which was an obsidian pillar with a single bare sign. Continuing down the eastern path revealed a staircase that led upwards to actual ground, on the other side of the quartz wall.
  379. The grass path then turned north and picked up northeast, towards the fourth quartz pillar. It displayed nine [I]s. The path then doubled back northwestward, continuing up before abruptly stopping at another redstone torch. Directly above the torch, floating near the block height limit, was a small island that contained the fifth quartz pillar. It displayed five [I]s. The path then continued north, turning into a sky parkour challenge where the player had to jump from block to block. The challenge contained a dirt cube with a redstone torch on top, hinting at the presence of another pillar. The pillar inside was obsidian, and contained no signs.
  381. Once the challenge was completed, it ended overhead a gigantic quartz tower with a large hole at the top. If the player jumped and fell through the hole, they would fall all the way down the tower and enter its hollow interior, which contained the sixth quartz pillar. It displayed eight [I]s. The path then wound its way to the north wall of the plot, which contained the seventh quartz pillar and a quartz triangle pointing west. The quartz pillar contained two signs on its front face. "Look ahead." "Confused? Other side has a hint. Try to solve without it, though." The other side contained three signs, which read "J?" "Q?" "X?"
  383. The solution was similar to the serial sequence of the first phase. The number of Is there were on the pillar corresponded to a letter using A1Z26, and if the pillar contained [I]s, then the number of [I]s simply corresponded to the number. Using this process for the first six pillars revealed the characters 3, M, k, 9, 5, and H. The final triangular glyph represented a letter in the Scribe's alphabet, the cipher used to decode the rhyme of Ends of the Earth. It represented one of the three letters not yet known. It was correctly deduced to be Q through a coincidental method involving the obsidian pillars.
  385. This creates the complete character string 3Mk95HQ. Visiting https://i.imgur.com/3Mk95HQ.png reveals the fifth page. It depicts a black mountain range with pink dots, a sun with rays coming out of it, black hands with pink decals reaching for something, a single grey hand with indigo surrounding it, a warped and blurry grey/red line trailing across the right side of the page, and some shadowy circle in the upper-right corner. The encoded text is "SHIFTED LIMBS AND TWISTED FEELINGS ALTERING WHAT SUN HAD DAWNED,"
  387. However, Goldencraft held yet one more secret. The players scoured the plot and found a lone redstone torch sitting in the middle of nowhere. Breaking it and the block it stood on led to a massive underground chamber that depicted four triangles - one red, one yellow, one blue, and one white with red, yellow, and blue ends. In the middle of the first three triangles were stained glass that showed signs several blocks back. The fourth triangle's middle was obscured by a coal block. The signs read, in order: "THE REFINER'S FIRE V" "TETRIS OF THE ARBITER <" "ATHENA'S PARLIAMENT >" Once the coal block was broken, it revealed a long tunnel that terminated at the plot's east wall. It contained a sign that said "Its name is not Godhead. Its name is ."
  389. There were four signs arranged in the center of the underground chamber. "YOU'RE HALFWAY THROUGH THIS LITTLE GAME (1)" "AND THOUGH NOW IT MIGHT SEEM TAME (2)" "YOU'D BEST PREPARE AND COUNT YOUR DAYS (3)" "FOR ONLY ONE GOD CAN BE PRAISED (4)"
  391. - PAGE SIX -
  393. Two days before any Pastebin was posted, TwinBuilder posted the following message as a teaser: "BETWEEN SUBTLE SHADING AND THE ABSENCE OF LIGHT [x] THE INFORMATION WAS GATHERED AND TRANSMITTED UNDERGRUUND TO AN UNKNOWN LOCATION [x] REMOVED WITH TREMBLING HANDS [x]" After some research, it was discovered that these three sentences can be found on Kryptos, a sculpture made by Jim Sanborn covered in encrypted writing. This was a hint that the sixth portion of Ends of the Earth would involve Kryptos in some way.
  395. TwinBuilder initially posted this Pastebin. http://pastebin.com/Ccc15wbd
  396. It was decoded from Cyrillic, into English. http://pastebin.com/L0dQkcDd
  398. It was discovered that stacking the three bottom sequences of text on top of each other and then reading them from top-to-bottom left-to-right yields the following plaintext: COMMISSIONED BY THE SENATE OF BERLIN AND DESIGNED BY DIETER BINNINGER EFNYZHUB IS THE KEY. This is known as a "route cipher" - the text is written in a grid of specific dimensions, then organized from top-to-bottom left-to-right, and then stacked into distinct lines of text.
  400. Dieter Binninger is known as the creator of the Set Theory Clock, or "Berlin Clock," a clock which tells time via a series of illuminated panels. The clock has been hinted by Jim Sanborn to be the key to solving the fourth and final segment of Kryptos, hence the relevance of Kryptos earlier on. EFNYZHUB, meanwhile, leads to another Pastebin.
  402. Visiting the link http://pastebin.com/EFNYZHUB leads to the second stage.
  403. It was decoded from Cyrillic, into English. http://pastebin.com/y2CuQy3x
  405. The first portion of the Pastebin, telling a nonsensical story, actually corresponds to Wingdings characters. Bar the first line, the first word/phrase of every line in the story directly relates to a Wingding character, explaining why every line cuts off at an "A." In Wingdings, a "thumbs down" corresponds to "D," a "bolded box" corresponds to "p," a "box casting a downwards shadow" corresponds to "q," a "diamond authority (a diamond made of four smaller diamonds)" corresponds to "v," and a "Maltese cross" corresponds to "X."
  407. This makes the complete character string DpqvX. Visiting the link http://imgur.com/a/DpqvX reveals the third stage.
  409. The second portion of the Pastebin, a long line of characters, is another route cipher - it was meant to be solved by turning one long line of text into three smaller lines of text with equal length. (However, the top line will have one additional letter than the bottom two, since the line of text is 82 characters long, which isn't wholly divisible by 3.) Doing this and then reading from top-to-bottom left-to-right yields the plaintext YOUD BETTER DELVE INTO THAT PARTICULAR CLOCK GRAINS OF SAND IN THE ENDLESS DESERT ROWS AND COLUMNS
  411. The third stage's Imgur album consists of a set of eight images, presumably meant to be pages in the Scribe's journal. Every page is dominated by an image of the Berlin Clock, with every page also containing a couple of letters in the Scribe's alphabet, some hexadecimal characters, and various doodles/writings courtesy of the Scribe. Detailed descriptions of every page will follow, preceded by an explanation of how the Berlin Clock works.
  413. The yellow circle at the clock's top denotes the seconds, which doesn't matter within the Ends of the Earth puzzle. The next two red rows denote the hours - every lit red bar on the first row signifies five hours, and every lit red bar on the second row signifies one hour, for a grand total of twenty-four hours. The next row, consisting of a pattern (two yellow, one red, two yellow, one red, two yellow, one red, two yellow), denotes the minutes - every lit bar signifies five minutes. The red bars are meant as indicators that fifteen, thirty, and forty-five minutes have passed, respectively. The last yellow row denotes the minutes as well - every lit bar signifies one minute.
  415. The first image's Berlin Clock tells the time of 05:00, its Scribe-text translates to "DH," and its hexadecimal translates to "¿Q.
  416. The second image's Berlin Clock tells the time of 06:18, its Scribe-text translates to "EB," and its hexadecimal translates to uié.
  417. The third image's Berlin Clock tells the time of 05:57, its Scribe-text translates to "GM," and its hexadecimal translates to n e.
  418. The fourth image's Berlin Clock tells the time of 09:26, its Scribe-text translates to "R," and its hexadecimal translates to s '.
  419. The fifth image's Berlin Clock tells the time of 01:51, its Scribe-text translates to "H?," and its hexadecimal translates to Som.
  420. The sixth image's Berlin Clock tells the time of 02:02, its Scribe-text translates to "D?," and its hexadecimal translates to bra.
  421. The seventh image's Berlin Clock tells the time of 05:45, its Scribe-text translates to "EQ," and its hexadecimal translates to '?".
  422. The eighth image's Berlin Clock tells the time of 03:33, and its Scribe-text translates to "GB."
  424. However, some errors and unknown information made the translation of the Scribe-text more complicated than it should have been - the two "D"s were meant to be "A"s (an error on Twin's part), and the second characters of the fifth and sixth image's texts were completely unknown. The only two unknown characters at that point were J and X, meaning the completed characters were AH, EB, GM, R, H(either J or X), A(either X or J), EQ, and GB. The hexadecimal, an Overwatch reference, translates to "¿Quién es 'Sombra'?"
  426. Other completely optional miscellaneous text and doodles (skip to the eighth paragraph below this one for more codebreaking): Page one contains a hill with an eye and a warped Journal 3 logo with the word "WHAT" surrounding it, a reference to Gravity Falls. Below it is the Scratch symbol from Homestuck, with start-from-beginning, rewind, and play buttons below it. The fast-forward and skip buttons are blotted out, referencing how the Scratch resets a universe's timeline to its beginning. On the left side of the image is a series of arrows with what seem to be physics-related terminology: 9.81 m/s is the force of acceleration due to gravity.
  428. Page two contains, clockwise, text reading "Ignore this. Bluh," an image of a spiral (presumably from Homestuck, as it is associated with cherubim) leading to an exit door, a Homestuck flash command reading [S] END. with three exclamation parts scribbled next to it as if in surprise, and accompanying text reading "I've seen all this before. I'm sure of it, now more than ever." Next to it is what seems to be a matrix algebra problem, above it is the Ionian character for IO, Ionian being another TwinBuilder-created language, with the Scribe having written "Unknown language. Investigate," next to it, and above that is an image of the Godhead with its yellow triangle detached and geometric patterns streaming from it.
  430. Page three contains, counter-clockwise, a drawing of the Sun attached to a metal rail, labelled "Figure 901-C (Like the Sun)." Below it is scribbled out-text reading "SOUL POWER?" and below that is a diagram of seven hearts, meant to represent human SOULS in Undertale. The Scribe's accompanying text reads "The Pact was catastrophic. Also, underwhelming. Burn all Flowey-related documents ASAP. ...Or don't?" The last sentence is accompanied with a smiling face. Above it is a set of three eyes - one with a white sclera and a black pupil, one with a black sclera and a white pupil, and a third with a yin-yang sclera and pupil. These eyes seem to represent the evolution of Bill Cipher within DTG. Above it is a binary picture where all the 1s are vaguely oriented in the shape of the Delta Figure, a triangle, circle, and line representing Project Binary. Above that is a drawing of the Moon attached to a metal rail, labelled "Figure 901-D (And the Moon)." Along with Figure 901-C, they represent two portions of the clockwork curtains found throughout DTG and Homestuck.
  432. Page four contains, clockwise, yellow tetrominoes arranged in a rectangular shape with the Scribe writing "Yellow reminds me of falling blocks." Below it is what seems to the Black Monolith writing "STOP." Below that is an image of an "X" shining down onto what seems like a crude landscape, with accompanying text "Abnormal will soon be the norm?!" To its left, the Scribe has crossed out the words CAESAR, and ATBASH, put a question mark next to VIGENERE, and written "That's the stuff!" next to NEW LANGUAGE, indicating the Scribe's preferred methods of encrypting text. Above is the image of a hand covered in a reddish-pink substance, with accompanying text "Red, however... ...No." The 'No' is written in red. Seems to refer back to what yellow reminded the Scribe of.
  434. Page five contains, counter-clockwise, text reading "IF IT'S 'ALL JUST A JOKE...'" "THEN WHAT'S THE PUNCHLINE?" followed by an image of a boxing glove punching someone. The Scribe then writes "TIME. Frighteningly accurate," presenting the punchline. The right side of the image is dominated by a set of two lines which then meet a black wall, and afterwards fray and segment into many pieces that all become tangled up before coalescing into the apparent shape of a six-fingered hand of darkness.
  436. Page six contains, clockwise, an upside-down drawing of Bill Cipher's upper body, top hat, and right arm, with text reading "I DID NOT DRAW THIS," implying that Bill himself did. Below is a diagram of a bed next to a Nether Portal promptly exploding, with text reading "SOME SICK JOKE BY THE GODS?? FUCK YOU," and green blocky text below reading "Okay." Below that is text reading "Can't sleep. Could be related to the fact that not everyone's in bed," referencing the fact that on Minecraft multiplayer servers, all players on a server must be in a bed for beds to actually work. To its left is text reading "...I did not write in green. I DON'T HAVE A GREEN PEN," expressing the Scribe's confusion at the earlier green "Okay." Above is a drawing of a Gorilla from PIE QUEST, labelled (Figure 314-Z: "gorilla.") The accompanying text reads "Swear constantly, but always sounds like the word 'gorilla.' Why?" Above is a portion of the Destroy the Godmodder Zodiac, with special attention paid to Fseftr's symbol, Lapis Lazuli. Next to it, the words "LAPIS LAZULI (SU) are visible, indicating the symbol's presence in Steven Universe's Zodiac as well.
  438. Page seven contains, counter-clockwise, the text "TOO CONFUSING FOR NEW SCRIBES," an apparent reference to Valve's removal of the map Snowplow in Team Fortress 2 (it was "too confusing for new players"), a :^( face with the colon replaced by two escutcheons (symbols representative of engie_ninja and Slenderman), and below it, text reading "[7x7] = 49. DUH. MATH IS SIMPLE." This is referencing an earlier text adventure, [7x7], organized by TwinBuilder. Above it is backwards text reading "FOUR SETS OF NINE. ORDER / SUPERIORS / ANCESTORS / COUNCIL, + 0 (the zero resembles an eye), + 1 (the one resembles an interrobang) = (the Delta Figure, a line within a circle within an upside-down triangle)." This expands upon the '49,' showing that it relates to four sets of nine characters - the Order guarding the Gate the Scribe seeks, the Advanced Superiors, the Anti-Godmodders of the Psi-Godmodding War, and Limbo's Council of Nine. These permutations of 9, when added to 0 and 1 (9+0+1 = 901, an Arc Number) are equivalent to Binary in some obtuse mathematical fashion.
  440. Page eight contains a lengthy message from the Scribe when read clockwise. The message is as follows. "I suppose I should write about what these symbols are. To be blunt - I do not know their meaning, + I will not claim to. They simply appeared in my mind one day - literally - and I found it rather hard to get them out. So I wrote them down, taking up eight pages of my Journal. ...Worth it. Don't know why I feel that way, but I do. I have also experienced a profound urge to doodle around these pages. And so, I have. Their origin is spontaneous in nature. I hope you can find meaning from them. Lately, I have been experiencing other visions. Of a rhyme. Of... me? Getting to the Gate. I feel it is worth transcribing as well. So perhaps I should do that instead of wasting time writing here. ▷, signing off." This seems to hint that the pages found throughout Ends of the Earth were all indeed written by the Scribe and stored in his Journal after he received them through prophetic visions.
  442. Using the second portion of phase two and the codes of phase three in conjunction, the next part of the puzzle becomes clear. It lies within the Endless Desert, a portion of the Google Docs spreadsheet maintaining Destroy the Godmodder: Chaos. The Endless Desert is a very large expanse of rows and columns in which secrets sometimes lie. Using the Berlin Clock times as row numbers and the Scribetext letters as column letters, specific cels of the spreadsheet will be found, containing Pastebin links colored white so they're not immediately visible.
  444. Row 500, Column AH, contains the link http://pastebin.com/XALuQtc6.
  445. Row 618, Column EB, contains the link http://pastebin.com/1192WHak.
  446. Row 557, Column GM, contains the link http://pastebin.com/uLWr953g.
  447. Row 926, Column R, contains the link http://pastebin.com/m01zdkYM.
  448. Row 151, Column HJ, contains the link http://pastebin.com/JEDiLV0L.
  449. Row 202, Column AX, contains the link http://pastebin.com/EdyYS8tt.
  450. Row 545, Column EQ, contains the link http://pastebin.com/dwXXuqjs.
  451. Row 333, Column GB, contains the link http://pastebin.com/qSPaVnce.
  453. Each Pastebin link contains the image of an Ionian letter. A complete alphabet of Ionian can be found here: https://imgur.com/tEmNczw.png. The characters in the middle are A B C D E F / G H J K L M / N P Q R S T / U V W X Y Z. I is the dash to the left and O is the dot to the right. If I/O comes before a letter, it is written under said letter. If I/O comes after a letter, it is written above said letter. If I and O are next to each other, the IO character to the top and bottom of the image is used. With that in mind, the Ionian characters can be translated to English.
  455. The first Ionian character (an "L" with a diagonal line pointing to the upper-right protruding from it) is K.
  456. The second Ionian character (three horizontal parallel lines) is E.
  457. The third Ionian character (an upside-down "L") is F.
  458. The fourth Ionian character (an upside-down "L" with a diagonal line pointing to the lower-right protruding from it) is R.
  459. The fifth Ionian character (two horizontal parallel lines connected on the right by a vertical line) is C.
  460. The sixth Ionian character (two vertical parallel lines connected by an "X") is V.
  461. The seventh and eighth Ionian characters (three horizontal parallel lines) are once again E.
  463. This gives the complete character string KEfrCVee. Visiting the link http://pastebin.com/KEfrCVee reveals the final stage.
  464. It was decoded from Cyrillic, into English. http://pastebin.com/rmFV8nk9
  466. At this time, TwinBuilder's Steam name and Steam avatar were changed to what they usually are on Discord while Ends of the Earth is running - his name was changed into a Cyrillic version of TwinBuilder, and his avatar was an altered image of the Bill Cipher Zodiac. This, along with the above rhyme, was meant to signify that in order for the puzzle to progress, people had to message TwinBuilder's Steam account. However, the same person couldn't message it over and over - seven different people had to do it. Everyone that messaged TwinBuilder received an image in return, with all of them leading towards one united image when they were put together.
  468. Fseftr messaged TwinBuilder and received this link: https://i.imgur.com/SY2ZZmV.jpg.
  469. Nimbleguy messaged TwinBuilder and received this link: https://i.imgur.com/0lT0JWB.jpg.
  470. Pope Bill messaged TwinBuilder and received this link: https://i.imgur.com/1L0wmQj.jpg.
  471. IGU messaged TwinBuilder and received this link: https://i.imgur.com/nK9cGnW.jpg.
  472. TT2000 messaged TwinBuilder and received this link: https://i.imgur.com/f1ZOUIL.jpg.
  473. SplitSuns messaged TwinBuilder and received this link: https://i.imgur.com/QvSc3DG.jpg.
  474. Battlefury messaged TwinBuilder and received this link: https://i.imgur.com/niT18Fy.jpg.
  476. The links were then put together as accurately as possible by SplitSuns to yield a complete image: https://imgur.com/a/IV3rv. Clockwise from the 12:00 position, the outer letters are mHjnJG, the inner letters are ENDING, and the innermost letter is a combination of a q and a key. Utilizing all this information yields a seven-character string of mHjnJGq, which, when decrypted with the Vigenere key ENDING, gives the solution.
  478. This creates the complete character string iUgfWAm. Visiting http://i.imgur.com/iUgfWAm.png reveals the sixth page. It depicts a warped and blurry grey/yellow triangle running across the majority of the page, a set of two dark grey circles within the triangle that contain what look like Curses, and a huge pool of indigo which contains golden tetrominoes. The encoded text is "WITH THE KEYS, I MET THE LOCK, AND TOOK A STEP THROUGH THE BEYOND."
  480. - PAGE SEVEN -
  482. Many weeks before any Pastebin was posted, TwinBuilder began posting images seemingly at random. They were all bits and pieces of what looked like a much larger whole. All the images were compiled, and attempts to edit them together ensued. This was the result: https://i.imgur.com/00tE9IU.png.
  484. After this image was created, TwinBuilder asked a question in line with the text in the image: "When you add the three colors of the Godhead together, what do you get?" The Godhead, a symbol resembling an inverted triangle, has a different color on each of its three points: the bottom is red, the left is yellow, and the right is cyan. According to the document, combining red and cyan creates magenta (the color of hyper light), but the combination of yellow and magenta (the color TwinBuilder is asking for) remained unknown.
  486. After some hints from TwinBuilder, it was deduced by the players that this color is orchid. Upon discovering this, TwinBuilder posted the complete version of the image: http://imgur.com/zC9gqQT.png. The text at the bottom is Ionian, and translates to "ORCHID GODHEAD."
  488. TwinBuilder initially posted this Pastebin. https://pastebin.com/P7fT1q6F
  489. It was decoded from Cyrillic, into English. https://pastebin.com/SscngRsL
  491. After some sleuthing, it was discovered that these codes correspond to the Library of Babel, found here: https://libraryofbabel.info/browse.cgi. The Library of Babel is a website that hypothetically contains every conceivable combination of all lower case letters, spaces, commas, and periods, making it a repository for every piece of literature that has ever been written and will ever be written. (More information can be found here: https://libraryofbabel.info/About.html.)
  493. The CHOSEN POLYGONAL INDEX has to do with the corresponding "hexagonal chamber" within the Library of Babel, which is represented by a string of up to 3,260 numbers and/or lowercase letters. Due to the lengths of these strings, the eight letters of every index correspond to a Pastebin which contains the sum total of each string.
  494. [1H6H1ja7] is http://pastebin.com/1H6H1ja7.
  495. [TyrWj2qy] is http://pastebin.com/TyrWj2qy.
  496. [JDgt41gk] is http://pastebin.com/JDgt41gk.
  497. [BvHpq9n1] is http://pastebin.com/BvHpq9n1.
  498. [RBhaCGqK] is http://pastebin.com/RBxaCGqK.
  499. [VwuQr5Qe] is http://pastebin.com/VwuQR5Qe.
  500. [qTb3TtKH] is http://pastebin.com/qTb3TtKH.
  501. [iwRMvvLN] is http://pastebin.com/iwRMvvLN.
  503. The FENESTRATED PLANE has to do with the corresponding "wall" of the hexagonal chamber. Every hexagon has four walls.
  504. TWO is wall 2.
  505. THREE is wall 3.
  506. FOUR is wall 4.
  507. ONE is wall 1.
  508. FOUR is wall 4.
  509. THREE is wall 3.
  510. ONE is wall 1.
  511. TWO is wall 2.
  513. The LITERATURE LEDGE has to do with the corresponding "bookshelf" of the wall. Every wall has five bookshelves.
  514. FOUR is bookshelf 4.
  515. TWO is bookshelf 2.
  516. FIVE is bookshelf 5.
  517. FOUR is bookshelf 4.
  518. TWO is bookshelf 2.
  519. THREE is bookshelf 3.
  520. THREE is bookshelf 3.
  521. TWO is bookshelf 5.
  523. The CODEX IDENTIFICATION has to do with the corresponding "volume" of the bookshelf. Every bookshelf has thirty-two volumes. The volumes are where the actual text of each "book" is located.
  524. ONE-SIX is volume 16.
  525. TWO is volume 2.
  526. ONE-ZERO is volume 10.
  527. ONE-FIVE is volume 15.
  528. ONE-EIGHT is volume 18.
  529. ONE-THREE is volume 13.
  530. TWO-SEVEN is volume 27.
  531. SIX is volume 6.
  533. The SELECTION has to do with the page number of the relevant character.
  534. ONE-SEVEN-THREE is page 173.
  535. TWO-SIX is page 26.
  536. THREE-ONE-ZERO is page 310.
  537. NINE-FIVE is page 95.
  538. EIGHT-NINE is page 89.
  539. TWO-SEVEN-TWO is page 272.
  540. TWO-SIX is page 26.
  541. THREE-ONE-TWO is page 312.
  543. The SPECIFIC CATEGORICAL PHENOMENON has to do with the line number and the character number. In other words, the relevant character is on line X of the page (this counts lines that are purely spaces or other line breaks) and is the Y character of said line. If SPECIFIC CATEGORICAL PHENOMENON ORIGIN and SPECIFIC CATEGORICAL PHENOMENON CLOSED are present, these categories represent the first and last characters of the relevant text string, indicating the presence of a word rather than a single character. 
  544. TWO-THREE, FOUR-EIGHT is on line 23, character 48. This character is s.
  545. TWO-ZERO, SEVEN-NINE to TWO-ONE, THREE are on lines 20-21, characters 79-3. These characters are eight.
  546. TWO-ZERO, SEVEN-SEVEN to TWO-ONE, FOUR are on lines 20-21, characters 77-4. These characters are capitalh.
  547. TWO-ZERO, SEVEN-SEVEN to TWO-ONE, FOUR are on lines 20-21, characters 77-4. These characters are capitalk.
  548. TWO-ZERO, SEVEN-NINE to TWO-ONE, TWO are on lines 20-21, characters 77-4. These characters are zero.
  549. TWO-FIVE, SEVEN-ZERO to TWO-FIVE, SEVEN-SEVEN are on line 25, characters 70-77. These characters are capitalb.
  550. TWO-ONE, TWO-FOUR is on line 21, character 24. This character is q.
  551. THREE-NINE, SEVEN-FIVE is on line 39, character 75. This character is i.
  553. This creates the complete character string s8HK0Bqi. Visiting the link https://pastebin.com/s8HK0Bqi reveals the second stage.
  554. It was decoded from Cyrillic, into English. https://pastebin.com/bMDDMgkm
  556. Using the hint from earlier, it was deduced that RED, YELLOW, AND CYAN corresponds to the phrase "ORCHID GODHEAD," and that this was the phrase that had to be spoken. However, it was unclear what the "I AM" and "AM I" on either side of the phrase represented. After some hints, it was revealed that they corresponded to colons (:), since in TheLordErelye's text adventure Abyssal Oddity, the symbol : corresponds roughly to the phrase "I AM," or IOUCOS (ИОУЦОС) in the game's language. This creates the phrase :orchid godhead:, or simply :orchidgodhead:.
  558. :orchidgodhead:, which was arranged in the syntax of an MSPal command (MSPal being a bot on the DTG Discord), sure enough activated the MSPal bot on use. It generated a code in Cyrillic, two Roman numerals separated by a line, and an eight-number binary code every time it was used. A full list of the :orchidgodhead: outputs can be found here: https://pastebin.com/LypFyJZV
  560. The :orchidgodhead: messages were split into four distinct parts, each with their own seven-digit code and a sizable excerpt from the Word of Notch, which seem to depict stories from ancient Minecraftian culture. Using the line "STEER CLEAR OF DISCORD, AND YET INVITE IT INTO YOUR HOMES" from the Pastebin, and the fact that the codes didn't correspond to either Pastebin or Imgur, it was found that the seven-digit codes (EjAaD8u, MqeCKjT, 22TbC5Z, and rPK6uuh) were actually invites to different Discord servers.
  562. Each Discord server had a name in Cyrillic that corresponded to the respective Word of Notch text, and a channel named after some kind of meeting place in which messages could not be posted, but messages made by TwinBuilder (who had a different name of What Lies Beyond in Cyrillic within each channel) could be read. Within each channel was a log of a conversation between the Advanced Superiors, which usually ended in the Superiors realizing that 'something' (the players) was watching them and putting up security countermeasures to prevent further surveillance. These security measures had to be decoded from Cyrillic.
  564. To get past the security measures, the players had to guess a word that related to three hints given in the Discord channel. They had unlimited tries to guess the word. Upon correctly guessing the word, a second channel would open containing a rhyme in Cyrillic, and one-quarter of a cryptic image containing part of some design, and some text in the language of Hyper Light Drifter.
  566. The first server was named 'GARDEN OF GEOMETRY.' TwinBuilder's name within it was 'OVERSIGHT.' Its main channel was 'the_conclave,' and its description was 'A place for conferences and clarion calls.' Its Superiors chat log and subsequent riddle can be found here. https://pastebin.com/TAQ9cxJY The password of 'the_conclave' was POLYDACTYLY. It has eleven letters, and it focuses on abnormality since it is, itself, an abnormality, and it turns 'five' to 'six' because it is the disease that gives beings additional fingers, so a hand would have six fingers instead of five. The word is a reference to Gravity Falls, in which a main character has the disease.
  568. The second server was named 'A LIMITLESS WORLD.' TwinBuilder's name within it was 'GODHEAD.' Its main channel was 'the_assembly,' and its description was 'A place for meetings within vaunted concrete halls.' Its Superiors chat log and subsequent riddle can be found here. https://pastebin.com/RhXcMurC The password of 'the_assembly' was PARLIAMENT. It has ten letters, and it refers to a chosen few since a parliament is a group of select people that govern over a wider body. The word is 'not what it seems' because of its connotations with owls. A group of owls is known as a parliament, and the phrase 'THE OWLS ARE NOT WHAT THEY SEEM' is a reference to Twin Peaks.
  570. The third server was named 'BLOOD RADIANCE.' TwinBuilder's name within it was 'DEATH.' Its main channel was 'the_council,' and its description was 'A place for secret serpentine superiors.' Its Superiors chat log and subsequent riddle can be found here. https://pastebin.com/7ivsTESe The password of 'the_council' was OPHIUCHUS. It has nine letters, and it has stars in its eyes because it is literally made from stars. Ophiuchus is the thirteenth constellation in the zodiac, where it is known as 'the serpent-bearer.' This explains why it 'carries an orchid demon' - throughout the DTG series, serpents such as the Employer and Project Binary have been colored orchid.
  572. The fourth server was named 'ANNALS OF TIME.' TwinBuilder's name within it was 'IMMEASURABLE HATE.' Its main channel was 'the_citadel,' and its description was 'A place for gods to look down on inferiors.' Its Superiors chat log and subsequent riddle can be found here. https://pastebin.com/6B9BBwdN The password of 'the_citadel' was JUDGEMENT. It has nine letters, and although the word itself doesn't contain two Xs, Judgement is the twentieth tarot card in the Major Arcana, where it is represented as 'XX - Judgement,' since 'XX' is 'twenty' in Roman numerals. The phrase 'album nine, track one-seven' references SplitSuns' list of his ten favorite albums of all time. His ninth-favorite is 148 by C418, and its seventeenth track is 'Round Up to the Inevitable End.' The phrase 'the inevitable end' here refers to Judgement, in reference to the description of the character Judgement from Hyper Light Drifter - "Ever-present. Always watching. Inevitable."
  574. Upon saying POLYDACTYLY, the players gained entrance to a new channel in GARDEN OF GEOMETRY, 'her_sacred_geometry.' Its rhyme was 'AND NOW ABNORMAL IS THE NORM, NO PESKY RULES TO LIMIT FORM, ALL SHALL WALK IN HARMONY, UNDER DISCORD'S GEOMETRY.' Its image (https://i.imgur.com/YfBQjed.png) depicted a six-fingered hand. Its message was 'THE LEFT HAND PATH YIELDS TENEBROUS RETURNS TO ITS FOLLOWERS.'
  576. Upon saying PARLIAMENT, the players gained entrance to a new channel in A LIMITLESS WORLD, 'the_far_lands.' Its rhyme was 'FROM OUT OF NOWHERE, IN FRONT OF BEHIND, IMPOSSIBLE VISITORS, IMPOSSIBLE MINDS, THEIR HANDS UNHINGE IN SYNCHRONOUS STEERS, THEIR PIERCING GAZE GIVES THE GIFT OF TRUE FEAR.' Its image (https://i.imgur.com/4zwNUqb.png) depicted a tetromino and an owl face (O,O), with squares in the owl's eyes. Its message was 'THE VOICE OF GOD IS [SILENT, mistakenly absent from image], BUT HIS HEAD CONTINUES TO PREACH FORGOTTEN GOSPELS.'
  578. Upon saying OPHIUCHUS, the players gained entrance to a new channel in BLOOD RADIANCE, 'zodiac_killer.' Its rhyme was 'TWELVE SYMBOLS FORMED AROUND THE SKIES, THESE SIGN-BEARERS WITH STAR-SPANGLED EYES. THEY ARE OUR HEROES AND OUR TALES, AND WILL BE AS THE SUN SETS SAIL.' Its image (https://i.imgur.com/gPnFHah.png) depicted a U with a tilde through it. Its message was 'FOR WHOEVER BELIEVES IN HIM SHALL NOT SURVIVE BUT HAVE AN ETERNAL DEATH.'
  580. Upon saying JUDGEMENT, the players gained entrance to a new channel in ANNALS OF TIME, 'perfect_cell.' Its rhyme was 'EVER-PRESENT, ALWAYS THERE, FUCHSIA SULFUR THROUGH THE AIR, SMOKY TENDRILS, EBBING LIFE, IMPERFECTION YIELDS TO STRIFE.' Its image (https://i.imgur.com/g9oLYuw.png) depicted the face of Judgement from Hyper Light Drifter. Its message was 'HERE, AT THE END OF THINGS, I CAN STILL FEEL ITS POWER. AND NOW, THAT DRIFTER HAS IT.'
  582. After saying all four words, the full image was assembled by the players (https://i.imgur.com/Rg82xV7.png). The symbols in the center were revealed to be Ionian, and when translated to English, read 'JUDGELESTYEBEJUDGED.' Crystalcat was able to, on a hunch, discover that this led to a Tumblr blog, https://judgelestyebejudged.tumblr.com, which began the third stage. The blog's header was the aforementioned image, its avatar was a still from the Pinary ARG's ending flash ([x] 0bey.), and its description read 'The fifth angel sounded his trumpet, and I saw a star fall from the sky to the earth. This star was given the keys to unlock the Abyss. - Revelation, 9:01-2' when translated from Cyrillic.
  584. The blog already had several posts on it upon discovery. The first (https://i.imgur.com/6rrGEEe.png) depicted a seething mass of pink pixels. The accompanying text, when translated from Cyrillic, reads 'Late-stage case of a hyperbile infection. Apparitions of shadow and the characteristic bile have consumed the host body. Subject entered permanent flux around three minutes after this picture was taken, upon which time braindeath was forcefully induced.' The second (https://i.imgur.com/TdmSn6A.png) was a screenshot of FEZ's final level. The accompanying text, when translated from Cyrillic, reads 'Full-color image of test subject entering the Beyond component of the IMPARTATIONSIMULATION. Subject, located on the centric polyacle of a large “visitor” statue. Subject is believed to have entered the Beyond through the Star Gate of Backup V4C16NZU.' The third was a rhyme from FEZ: "The points constellate / Conspire to create / Shapes to tessellate." The fourth (https://i.imgur.com/YgENED8.png) depicted a picture of the Perfect Immortal Cell from Hyper Light Drifter. The accompanying text, when translated from Cyrillic, reads 'Believed to be a blueprint of a sacred geometrical machine. Accompanying texts label the device “PROJECT DOUBLEX” or “IMMORTALITY CELL.” Thought to be a source of potentially perpetual energy. The fact that the blueprints and texts were discarded and locked in an underground vault suggests that the project did not go as planned.'
  586. The fifth, which contained the actual puzzle (https://i.imgur.com/I71rbKA.png) depicted several QR codes and messages in FEZ's Zuish alphabet. The top-right message read 'HE FOUND A SERIES OF NUMERALS AND PHRASES,' and the bottom-left message read 'M1NECRAFT 0RDER OF THE STONE 1234 10 5678.' These numbers reference the Nine Circles of the Gate. The '10' replacing the '9' seems to reference how an interrobang is occasionally shown piercing the middle of the Gate. The three QR Codes reveal repetitions of the phrases "LT" and "RT" when scanned. However, when the messages are treated as Morse Code, with each "LT" being a dot and each "RT" being a dash, the top QR code reads 'SOUNDTEST,' the middle QR Code reads 'PARABLES,' and the bottom QR Code reads 'EPHEMERAL.' When each of these words is affixed to the Tumblr's URL, they reveal hidden webpages containing further puzzles.
  588. https://judgelestyebejudged.tumblr.com/soundtest leads to a page called 'SOUNDTEST.' When translated from Cyrillic, its description reads 'Audio recordings found engraved into golden discs outside of the Temple of Helios following its destruction upon nearing the Terrarian supercluster. Appear to have been composed by a member of some sun-worshipping cult, which is thematically appropriate.' The attached Pastebin, https://pastebin.com/H5UJ2ENF, leads to three Dropbox links, each containing a short song made by SplitSuns.
  590. When each song is run through an audio program, like Audacity, and converted into a spectrogram format, a sequence of symbols can be clearly seen near the end of each song. (When the song is heard normally, these images can be heard as faint high-pitched sounds.) It was discovered that the symbols were encoded in Myst's number system, wherein each number is represented as a series of lines within a box. The symbols of the first song (https://i.imgur.com/54DV9jm.png) translated to 1-16-15, the symbols of the second song (https://i.imgur.com/P0viB1W.png) translated to 3-18-25, and the symbols of the third song https://i.imgur.com/geX4Pw3.png) translated to 16-8-1-12. This makes the full number string 1-16-15-3-18-25-16-8-1-12, which translates to 'APOCRYPHAL' using A1Z26.
  592. https://judgelestyebejudged.tumblr.com/parables leads to a page called 'PARABLES.' When translated from Cyrillic, its description reads 'Excerpt from an annotated copy of the Ancestor Parable, a work of literature regarded as historical fiction by the public. The few scholars that have been able to read it view it as the single greatest account of the Psi-Godmodder’s life and death in recorded history. Annotations are written on page 4 by the book’s current owner.' The following images depict the cover and first few pages of the Ancestor Parable, as shown during Intermission 2 of DTG2: https://imgur.com/a/z0eCD. Page four contains drawings and writings in black ink that match the handwriting of the Scribe. His writings read "Property of ▷," and "==> Must decode the following page. What does it mean?" Interestingly, the Scribe has used a ▷ symbol to refer to himself in his Journal previously.
  594. Page five of the Ancestor Parable contains a tetromino code, a giant Psi, and a message in the Greek alphabet that translates to "The passphrase is," followed by a series of random Greek letters. However, the apostrophes above the letters indicate that they in fact follow the Greek numeral system shown here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greek_numerals Using this, the Greek numbers can be turned into Arabic numerals - 1-14-3-5-19-20-18-1-12 - and from there to 'ANCESTRAL' using A1Z26. The tetromino code, when decoded using the method outlined in FEZ, reads 'Up Down A Space Left Up.'
  596. https://judgelestyebejudged.tumblr.com/ephemeral leads to a page called 'EPHEMERAL.' When translated from Cyrillic, its description reads 'Images recovered from a flash drive found circling the Freeman Sector of the Void. Seems to contain the scattered memories of an individual represented through digital drawings. The flash drive was damaged upon recovery, resulting in the corruption of the data contained within. The following footage is unedited.' The following image album depicts several panels from Ephemeralquest, with each image being corrupted by an image glitcher. Small Ionian text can be seen between each picture in the album. When the text is linked together in order, it translates to the word 'MONOLITH.' It was discovered that this links to another webpage.
  598. According to TwinBuilder, the original method to solve Ephemeral's puzzle was impossible due to the limitations of Tumblr, so as a hint, he said that the original versions of its images would be needed. Retrieving these images from the DTG Discord allows the filenames to be seen: in order, they are ephemeral123.png, ephemeral111.png, ephemeral005.png, ephemeral149.png, ephemeral014.png, and ephemeral007.png. These numbers create the number string 123-111-005-149-014-007. It was guessed that this string could be converted to A1Z26, which would make the two last numbers, '14' and '7', be 'NG.' It was unclear how the rest of the sequence would be split up at first, but it was eventually discovered that the correct sequence was 1-23-1-11-5-14-9-14-7, translating to 'AWAKENING.'
  600. https://judgelestyebejudged.tumblr.com/monolith leads to a page called '...' When translated from Cyrillic, its description reads 'THOUGH THE GATE WAS LOCKED, THE ONE STOOD AMONG THEM AND SAID “PEACE BE WITH YOU.” THEN HE SAID TO THE EPHEMERAL, “PUT YOUR FINGER HERE, SEE MY HAND. REACH OUT YOUR HAND AND SHAKE MINE. STOP DOUBTING AND RECALL.” / PLEASE USE PAJITNOVIC SYNTAX WHEN INPUTTING PASSCODE: _ _ _ _ _ _' Alexey Pajitnov is the creator of Tetris, hinting at the fact that tetrominoes are required to solve the puzzle. Using the tetromino code from Parables, 'Up Down A Space Left Up,' the webpage changed, revealing an image of the Black Monolith followed by another set of six dashes, indicating another code. The code meant to solve this puzzle is unknown. It is possible that it is meant to be solved through brute force, much like how the Black Monolith puzzle was solved in FEZ.
  602. Upon acquiring the complete character string "ANCESTRAL APOCRYPHAL AWAKENING," TwinBuilder posted a Pastebin. Visiting the link https://pastebin.com/rvamtVkg reveals the final stage.
  603. It was decoded from Cyrillic, into English. https://pastebin.com/uxVkhMBM
  605. Through analysis of the text, and the use of FEZ throughout the ARG, it was deduced that the Pastebin was meant to be read in the style of FEZ's writing. This means starting from the top-right and working downwards, then moving to the next left column when the current column is done. However, it was also deduced that it was meant to be read "three-dimensionally," like the Tome artifact in FEZ. This means that instead of moving down the column of each block of text (which would read 'WNLUH' for the first five letters of the first block), the letters in the top-right corner of each block, from top to bottom, were actually how the sentence had to be spelled. When the top-right letters of each block were exhausted, the next letters would be the ones below those, and so on. (This would read 'WHILEI' for the first six letters and 'NTHEVA' for the next six, making the phrase 'WHILE IN THE VA,' which actually contains English words.) This is called reading 'three-dimensionally' because if every 'block' was arranged like pages in a book, the book would have to be read from front-to-back as well as top-to-bottom/right-to-left, as if it was a three-dimensional object.
  609. "T CAVANAGH'S GAME" refers to VVVVVV, a game by Terry Cavanagh that is typically pronounced as "V," making its corresponding character "v." "THE ORIGIN" refers to Destroy the Godmodder 0rigins, or 'DTG0,' making its corresponding character "0." "THE FIRST GUARDIAN" refers to TT2000, who was both the First Guardian of Minecraft during Destroy the Godmodder 1 and the original First Guardian of Minecraft ("THE ONE THAT WAS FIRST") since DTG1 was the first DTG game ever created, making its corresponding characters "tt." "THE TWELFTH LETTER" corresponds quite obviously to "L." "U NAUGHT NAUGHT FIVE THREE, (U+0053)" when translated from Unicode, gives the corresponding character "s." "THE IRONS IN THE FIRE" and "THE SPIDER'S WEB" refer to the character Vriska Serket from Homestuck who is typically associated with the number eight, making its corresponding character "8."
  611. This makes the complete character string v0ttLs8. Visiting http://i.imgur.com/v0ttLs8.png reveals the seventh page. It depicts a warped and blurry grey/cyan triangle running across the majority of the page, a set of two dark grey circles within the triangle that contain what look like Curses, and a set of hooded figures with white Curses on them lying in a heap beneath a blinding white light that a cubic figure is standing next to. The bottom of the page slowly gives way to darkness. The encoded text is "ELDERS' CLOAKS WERE PUT ASIDE, PRESENTING THEIR IMMEASURABLE WORTH,"
  613. - PAGE EIGHT -
  615. TwinBuilder initially posted this Pastebin. https://pastebin.com/f80KpL92
  616. It was decoded from Cyrillic, into English. https://pastebin.com/W8DnUWUr
  618. What set this puzzle apart from other puzzles of a similar make throughout Ends of the Earth was that every character in this puzzle came from a different place, whereas previously the characters came from either the same place or several closely connected places. This meant that before the characters could be found, the various places in which they were located had to be understood.
  620. The first character should come from a Destroy the Godmodder game, as its setup is similar to ones used previously in EOTE.
  621. The COSMIC THREAD LINE typically has to do with an equivalent DTG thread. However, the "NaN-" (which means "Not a Number") implies that this game isn't within the DTG series. The "TOW" is short for "TOWER," meaning that the relevant thread is Destroy the Tower, the precursor and inspiration to the DTG series.
  622. The DATUM has to do with an equivalent date - month, day, year. The years, presented as "NUMBER B.R." represent the number of years before 2016 - Before Reboot, i.e. the DTG rebooted continuity. FOUR TWO-ONE IN THE YEAR OF TWO B.R. is 04/21/14.
  623. The SELECTION has to do with the page number and the post number. The relevant post is on page X and is the Y post down from the top of the page. SEVEN-ONE-ONE, ONE-ZERO is page 711, post 10.
  624. The SPECIFIC CATEGORICAL PHENOMENON LOCATION has to do with the line number and the character number. The relevant letter is on line X of the post (this counts lines that are purely spaces or other line breaks) and is the Y character of said line. SEVEN, FOUR-ONE is on line 7, character 41. This character is G.
  626. The second character came from UNSONG, a story in a world where Jewish/Christian mysticism is true, where Names of God have powers when spoken, and where the United Nations Subcommittee on Names of God (UNSONG) tries to regulate the use of these Names. This was deduced because of the "SEPHIROT" and "SUBCOMMITTEE."
  627. The SEPHIROT VOLUME has to do with the books of UNSONG, of which there are four. TWO is Book 2, EXODUS.
  628. The DATUM has to do with an equivalent date. SIX TWO-SIX IN THE YEAR OF R. is 06/26/16.
  629. The SUBCOMMITTEE has to do with the relevant chapter of UNSONG, of which there are 72 (plus a prologue, epilogue, and 21 interludes). TWO-SIX is chapter 26, "For Not One Sparrow Can Suffer And The Whole Universe Not Suffer Also."
  630. The SPECIFIC CATEGORICAL PHENOMENON LOCATION has to do with the line number and the character number. THREE-ZERO, FOUR is on line 30, character 4. This character is 4.
  632. The third character came from Homestuck, a comic on MS Paint Adventures. This was deduced from the "ADVENTURE DESIGNATE."
  633. The ADVENTURE DESIGNATE has to do with which adventure on the MSPA site is being used. SIX is the sixth adventure on the site, Homestuck.
  634. The DATUM has to do with an equivalent date. SIX EIGHT IN THE YEAR OF FOUR B.R. is 06/08/12.
  635. The SELECTION has to do with the page number. SIX-NINE-THREE-ZERO is page 6930, making the complete URL http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=006930.
  636. The SPECIFIC CATEGORICAL PHENOMENON LOCATION has to do with the line number and the character number. SIX, ONE-FIVE is on line 6, character 15. This character is 5.
  638. The fourth character came from Hyper Light Drifter, in which the main character explores a post-apocalyptic world with mutterings from dead civilizations. This was deduced from the "HYPERCUBIC" and "TABLET," suggesting the answer lies in the game's sixteen Monoliths which have text written on them about the game's lore.
  639. The HYPERCUBIC QUADRANT has to do with the region of the game in which the monolith is. EAST is the east zone, the Waterfalls.
  640. The TABLET PODIUM has to do with the number of the monolith in the region, of which there are four. ONE is the first monolith in the region.
  641. The SPECIFIC CATEGORICAL PHENOMENON LOCATION has to do with the line number and the character number. FOUR, SIX is on line 4, character 6. It is important to note that the Monoliths are read top-to-bottom left-to-right. With that in mind the character is S.
  643. The fifth character came from Ends of the Earth itself, specifically, the pictures found at the end of each set of puzzles. This was deduced from the "GATE CODE" and the use of "SCRIBESCRIPT."
  644. The GATE CODE SECTOR has to do with which image is being used. TWO is the second page, https://i.imgur.com/N9RxxLQ.png.
  645. The LINGUISTIC ENCRYPTION has to do with the code the text is written in. SCRIBESCRIPT is the text the rhymes are encoded in.
  646. The SPECIFIC CATEGORICAL PHENOMENON LOCATION has to do with the line number and the character number. ONE, SEVEN is on line 1, character 7. This character is b.
  648. The sixth character came from the Harry Potter series. This was deduced from the "ENROLLMENT YEAR," since each book depicts a year spent in Hogwarts.
  649. The ENROLLMENT YEAR has to do with the number of the book in the series. FIVE is the fifth book, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.
  650. The SUBSECTION TITLE has to do with the relevant chapter of the book, of which there are 38. ONE-TWO is chapter 12, "Professor Umbridge."
  651. The SELECTION has to do with the page number. TWO-FOUR-FOUR is page 244.
  652. The SPECIFIC CATEGORICAL PHENOMENON LOCATION has to do with the line number and the character number. TWO-ONE, THREE-FIVE is line 21, character 35. This character is k.
  654. The seventh character came from The Longest Joke in the World, or "Nate the Snake," found here. http://longestjokeintheworld.com/ This was deduced from the "LONGEST:PUN."
  655. The LENGTH-TO-PAYOFF HUMOR RATIO identifies the joke as the LONGEST joke whose humor revolves around a PUN, matching the "Nate the Snake" joke.
  656. The SPECIFIC CATEGORICAL PHENOMENON LOCATION has to do with the line number and the character number. EIGHT-ONE, ONE-THREE is on line 81, character 13. This character is n.
  658. The eighth character came from within the #DTG Discord server itself, in a message spoken by an old account of Pope Bill's. This was deduced from the "USER IDENTIFICATION," which, when turned into an actual Discord user ID, revealed it as Pope's account.
  659. The USER IDENTIFICATION has to do with the user ID of the Discord account. TWO-FOUR-TWO-FOUR-ONE-SIX-FOUR-NINE-SIX-EIGHT-ZERO-NINE-TWO-ONE-THREE-NINE-FIVE-TWO is 242416496809213952, which, when typed as <@242416496809213952>, appears as @Pope.
  660. The OCTOTHORPE has to do with the set of digits next to the Discord account's name. ONE-ZERO-THREE-NINE is 1039, making the account name @Pope#1039.
  661. The SELECTION has to do with the page number and post number when all of Pope's messages in #DTG are searched. ONE-SEVEN, NINE is page 17, post 9.
  662. The SPECIFIC CATEGORICAL PHENOMENON LOCATION has to do with the line number and the character number. ONE, TWO-EIGHT is on line 1, character 28. This character is i.
  664. The ninth character came from Undertale's True Lab, in which a series of lab entries left by the lab's doctor can be found. This was deduced from the "ENTRY NUMBER."
  665. The ENTRY NUMBER refers to the specific entry. SEVEN is the seventh entry.
  666. The SPECIFIC CATEGORICAL PHENOMENON LOCATION has to do with the line number and the character number. TWO, FOUR-NINE is on line 2, character 49. This character is U.
  668. The tenth character came from /snakeeyes, a command within the Pinary ARG that let the players view information on a variety of topics, such as Agents of the Conflict, projects of the Advanced Superiors, and Curses. This was deduced from the "ENDEAVOR DIRECTORY," as snakeeyes is an acronym for SERPENTS NINE'S ABSOLUTE KABBALISTIC ENDEAVORS: ENDING YOUR ETERNAL SUFFERING.
  669. The ENDEAVOR DIRECTORY has to do with the /snakeeyes folder containing the character. CURSES shows that it is the folder on Curses.
  670. The SELECTION refers to the subfolder within the Curses folder, and the entry within that subfolder. EIGHT, ONE is in subfolder 8, entry 1. The eighth subfolder is "Miscellaneous Curses," and the first entry is "Tilde."
  671. The SPECIFIC CATEGORICAL PHENOMENON LOCATION has to do with the line number and the character number. FIVE, SEVEN-EIGHT is on line 5, character 78. This character is n.
  673. The eleventh character came from the digits of pi. This was deduced from the "IRRATIONALITY CONSTANT."
  674. The IRRATIONALITY CONSTANT, "C/D," shows that the number is pi, as C is the circumference, and D is the diameter. circumference = pi x diameter, so pi = circumference / diameter, or C / D.
  675. The SPECIFIC CATEGORICAL PHENOMENON LOCATION has to do with the line number and the character number. EIGHT-ZERO-ZERO is character 800. Since the decimal dot counts as a character, it is the 799th digit of pi. This character is 8.
  677. This makes the complete character string G45SbkniUn8. Visiting https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G45SbkniUn8 reveals the second stage.
  679. The video, titled "ЕИГҺТ, ТWО" (which translates to "EIGHT, TWO" when taken from Cyrillic), consists of a view of TwinBuilder's computer screen. The screen is displaying a Notepad file comprised entirely of the sentence "All end and no earth makes Build a dull ‽," repeated for 325 lines and 1,024 columns, for a total of 332,800 characters. The screen can only show 48 lines and 159 columns at a time, however, limiting the amount of total viewable characters to 51,675. (The view scrolled downward at a regular place throughout the 1:00 duration of the video, letting all 325 lines be shown.) Of these, roughly 1,230 were interrobangs (‽), and of those, eight were replaced with specific characters.
  681. The 1st character, C, is viewable from 0:00 to 0:11, originating near the bottom-left of the screen.
  682. The 2nd character, D, is viewable from 0:05 to 0:16, originating at the bottom-center/right of the screen.
  683. The 3rd character, s, is viewable from 0:10 to 0:21, originating at the bottom-left of the screen.
  684. The 4th character, m, is viewable from 0:20 to 0:29, originating at the bottom-right of the screen.
  685. The 5th character, B, is viewable from 0:28 to 0:37, originating at the bottom-left of the screen.
  686. The 6th character, C, is viewable from 0:36 to 0:47, originating at the bottom-center/right of the screen.
  687. The 7th character, L, is viewable from 0:46 to 0:55, originating at the bottom-center/left of the screen.
  689. This makes the complete character string CDsmBCL. Visiting http://imgur.com/CDsmBCL.png reveals the first in a series of W.D. Gaster-centric images.
  691. The image depicts Gaster standing in a white void with his shadow rising into infinity, turning a large portion of the image black. The image's accompanying Wingdings text reads "DO YOU SEE BRIGHT LIGHTS OR DO YOU [IMAGINE (original misspelling is IMAGEIN)] TOTAL DARKNESS". The puzzle revolves around a set of seven Wingdings characters contained within boxes, all lined together in a row, next to a dot and an abstract method of spelling "png." The Wingdings characters, when decoded, are U, J, v, c, p, E, and l. The accompanying smaller boxes and arrows indicate the method needed to further decrypt these letters into the intended solution.
  693. If there are boxes and an arrow leading downwards from the main box, the letter must be moved down the corresponding number of spots in the alphabet. If there are boxes and an arrow leading downwards from the main box, the letter must be moved up the corresponding number of spots in the alphabet. If there is a box behind the main box with an arrow looping towards it, the Atbash cipher must be used. If there is a smaller box with another character in it and a key leading through it, a Vigenere cipher with said character as the key must be used.
  695. U must be shifted four letters down, turning it into Q.
  696. J must be shifted ten letters up, turning it into T.
  697. v must be shifted using Atbash, turning it into e.
  698. c has no boxes surrounding it, so it stays as c.
  699. p must be shifted using Atbash and then shifted six letters down, turning it into k, and then q.
  700. E must be shifted using the Vigenere key of F, turning it into Z.
  701. l must be shifted using Atbash, then shifted using the Vigenere key of H, and then shifted twelve letters up, turning it into o, then h, then t.
  703. This makes the complete character string QTecqZt. Visiting http://imgur.com/QTecqZt.png reveals the second image in the Gaster series.
  705. The image depicts Gaster waving to a hand of What Lies Beyond against a black background. The accompanying Wingdings text reads "GREETINGS. FROM ONE HAND TO ANOTHER." The puzzle revolves around a series of rainbow-colored dots interspersed throughout the image. The dots come in one of seven colors: red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, and purple. After some counting, it was found that there are 11 red dots, 16 orange dots, 5 yellow dots, 1 green dot, 17 cyan dots, 25 blue dots, and 10 purple dots. When these value numbers are converted into letters using A1Z26, the 11 red dots signify J, the 16 orange dots signify P, the 5 yellow dots signify E, the green dot signifies A, the 17 cyan dots signify Q, the 25 blue dots signify Y, and the 10 purple dots signify J.
  707. Upon brightening the entire image, a set of characters in the Scribe's cipher, Scribescript, were found next to the hand of What Lies Beyond. Upon converting them to English, they read "D CAPITAL V." This marks the first two characters in an eight-digit code, with the other six characters unknown.
  709. This makes the complete character string kPEaQyJ. Visiting http://imgur.com/kPEaQyJ.png reveals the third image in the Gaster series.
  711. The image depicts Gaster facing away from the screen, with a fenestrated wall showing image on the Godhead to his left and two of his Followers to his right. The accompanying Wingdings text reads "MY EXPERIMENTS RARELY SHOW SOMETHING AMISS SO WHAT DO THE TWO OF YOU THINK ABOUT THIS?" The puzzle was unclear at first, since there was nothing clearly visible in the image other than the aforementioned, but upon brightening the image, sets of characters were revealed in the three triangles of the Godhead.
  713. The bottom triangle's characters were "/MNJ," the left triangle's characters were "84s," and the right triangle's characters were "z.png." Also revealed were two characters in Scribescript hovering above Gaster. Upon converting them to English, they read "HE." These mark the next two characters in the eight-digit code, which now reads "dVhe."
  715. This makes the complete character string MNJ84sz. Visiting http://imgur.com/MNJ84sz.png reveals the final image in the Gaster series.
  717. The image depicts Gaster directly facing the screen, with a smile and outstretched hands. The accompanying Wingdings text reads "THE HANDS OF GOD. TWO ADJACENT PATHS. TWO PERPENDICULAR OUTCOMES." The puzzle revolves around the set of eight hands performing various gestures centered around Gaster. The gesture each hand is making corresponds to a different letter in terms of sign language. The hands are meant to be read clockwise from the bottom-left, and the top two hands are numbers rather than letters. With that in mind, the first hand says Y, the second hand says C, the third hand says Q, the fourth hand says 9, the fifth hand says 2, the sixth hand says Z, the seventh hand says J, and the eighth hand says M.
  719. Upon brightening the entire image, a set of characters in Scribescript were found on either side of Gaster. Upon converting them to English, the first set reads "ONE" and the second set reads "CAPITAL V." These mark the next two characters in the eight-digit code, which now reads "dVhe1V."
  721. This makes the complete character string Ycq92zJm. Visiting https://pastebin.com/Ycq92zJm reveals the third stage.
  722. It was decoded from Cyrillic, into English. https://pastebin.com/actzPZxH
  724. The players of Ends of the Earth had to post images from their current positions in real life of these things at exactly the time they took said images - images from prior events would not be accepted. For example, the image of the red sunglasses posted in an earlier EOTE session by TwinBuilder would not have worked. The following is a list of the images that were supplied, and who supplied them. Sometimes, multiple items were acquired in a single image, so those images will be listed under each category that applies.
  727. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/216396692075839488/348226557585784832/image.jpg (given by SplitSuns).
  728. The only copy of such glasses in existence was in TwinBuilder's house; SplitSuns was the only person that could retrieve them.
  731. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/216396692075839488/348223990503833620/JPEG_20170818_145741.jpg (given by insert_generic_username).
  732. The necessary image is an homage to the Bill Cipher AMA, where Bill said he would give priority to questions that were accompanied by defaced dollar bills.
  735. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/216396692075839488/348225162895687691/image.jpg (given by SplitSuns).
  738. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/216396692075839488/348224774725435392/IMG_20170818_180010657.jpg (given by Crystalcat).
  741. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/216396692075839488/348226072829100039/DSC_0011.jpg (given by NumberSoup),
  742. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/216396692075839488/348226242224586753/JPEG_20170819_060640.jpg (given by W32Coravint),
  743. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/216396692075839488/348227759736356865/IMG_20170818_181226183.jpg (given by Crystalcat),
  744. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/216396692075839488/348227783094435841/image.jpg (given by SplitSuns).
  745. SplitSuns' drawing counted as two drawings due to its high levels of quality.
  748. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/216396692075839488/348223199227543552/IMG_20170818_175419509.jpg (given by Crystalcat).
  751. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/216396692075839488/348232357956026371/image.jpg (given by Speedon).
  752. Although the orders were to write it, a response typed via printer was accepted regardless, due to the sheer amount of time it would have taken to write it.
  754. - A LEAKING PEN:
  755. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/216396692075839488/348229296214507532/DSC_0013.jpg (given by NumberSoup).
  756. A reference to the Scribe's symbol on the Zodiac, "Leaking Pen."
  758. - THREE SEPARATE PHOTOGRAPHS OF SOME PORTION OF A DESCENDANT IN FRONT OF A DESTROY THE GODMODDER GAME: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/216396692075839488/348222993698258944/20170818_145327.jpg (given by insert_generic_username),
  759. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/216396692075839488/348223354777370634/JPEG_20170819_055457.jpg (given by W32Coravint),
  760. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/216396692075839488/348225255913029632/20170818_1701150.jpg (given by Sirplop).
  763. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/216396692075839488/348225194328064001/IMG_20170818_180219519.jpg (given by Crystalcat),
  764. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/216396692075839488/348225473744207893/DSC_0010.jpg (given by NumberSoup),
  765. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/216396692075839488/348225726085988352/JPEG_20170819_060435.jpg (given by W32Coravint),
  766. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/216396692075839488/348226196884160513/20170818_170508.jpg (given by Sirplop),
  767. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/216396692075839488/348226613105786890/IMG_00811.JPG (given by PitTheAngel),
  768. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/216396692075839488/348227307477139466/image.jpg (given by Bomber57),
  769. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/216396692075839488/348227783094435841/image.jpg (given by SplitSuns),
  770. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/216396692075839488/348228286628757504/image.jpg (given by Speedon),
  771. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/216396692075839488/348228369562730517/20170818_151457.jpg (given by insert_generic_username),
  772. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/216396692075839488/348228695615602708/4a066be8-8317-453b-98a9-e66df4c6e36c.png (given by ConsumerOfAll).
  773. Though only nine signatures were needed, ten were given.
  776. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/216396692075839488/348224277025259530/image.jpg (given by Speedon).
  777. Universe KI corresponds to the realm of Kid Icarus, hinting that the cards needed were AR cards for the Nintendo 3DS game Kid Icarus: Uprising.
  780. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/216396692075839488/348225388574408704/JPEG_20170818_150314.jpg (given by insert_generic_username).
  781. The date was August 18th, 2017. Originally, EOTE8 was supposed to occur on August 8th (8/8), but it wasn't completed by that date, so it was pushed back to 8/18.
  784. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/216396692075839488/348224200605171712/20170818_165311.jpg (given by Sirplop), https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/216396692075839488/348224368578396161/image.jpg (given by SplitSuns),
  785. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/216396692075839488/348224406868197376/20170818_145910.jpg (given by insert_generic_username),
  786. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/216396692075839488/348224524224954368/JPEG_20170819_055941.jpg (given by W32Coravint),
  787. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/216396692075839488/348224812616777728/image.jpg (given by Bomber57).
  788. Though only three photographs were needed, five were given.
  790. - YOUR BED (I wanna be with you.):
  791. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/216396692075839488/348222993698258944/20170818_145327.jpg (given by insert_generic_username), https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/216396692075839488/348224916748894208/image.jpg (given by SplitSuns).
  792. Though only one photograph was needed, two were given.
  795. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/216396692075839488/348226960067133460/20170818_170758.jpg (given by Sirplop).
  796. The original intent was for a literal firefly to be in the picture, but the loophole of having a boxset of DVDs for the television show "Firefly" was viewed as too funny to deny.
  799. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/216396692075839488/348228294124109824/image.jpg (given by SplitSuns).
  802. https://imgur.com/fjTMnnc (given by Crystalcat),
  803. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/216396692075839488/348222990938275840/flippingthephoenix.jpeg (given by Bomber57), https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/216396692075839488/348222993698258944/20170818_145327.jpg (given by insert_generic_username), https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/216396692075839488/348223354777370634/JPEG_20170819_055457.jpg (given by W32Coravint), https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/216396692075839488/348224204862128128/image.jpg (given by SplitSuns),
  804. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/216396692075839488/348225255913029632/20170818_1701150.jpg (given by Sirplop).
  806. - THE APOLOGY:
  807. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/216396692075839488/348234322395922472/image.jpg (given by SplitSuns).
  808. According to TwinBuilder, the apology had to be the last photograph taken. The apology in question was a formal letter written by TwinBuilder earlier in the summer. It was the result of a bet made by him and the DTG Discord involving a character in Steven Universe known as Mystery Girl. Since the only copy of the letter was in TwinBuilder's possession, SplitSuns was, again, the only person capable of retrieving it. According to both SplitSuns and TwinBuilder, the two engaged in an "idiotic" "fucking dance-off" to "the best song in existence." SplitSuns won, and as such, he acquired the paper.
  810. The back of the paper contained two characters in Ionian, a D and a Q. These marked the final characters in the eight-digit code that had been unveiled throughout the series of Gaster images, making the completed character string dVhe1Vdq. Visiting https://pastebin.com/dVhe1Vdq reveals the fourth stage.
  811. It was decoded from Cyrillic, to English. https://pastebin.com/ykd5Tubg
  813. Every rhyming couplet contained a clue as to the location of its corresponding Key to the Universe. Once the general location of the Key was discovered, TwinBuilder would post an additional clue that would narrow down the specifics of its actual location. Typically, the Keys were hidden in various websites across the Internet, representing how they were hidden across the "CORNERS OF THE DIGITAL INTERVERSE." The clues and location of each Key are as follows.
  815. The first key was located in Cookie Clicker, a browser game about baking cookies and using those cookies to collect items that can make more cookies. The clues pointing to this were the words "CURSERS" and "FINGERS OF WORKERS." The first 'building' you can purchase in Cookie Clicker is a Cursor, which is a computer cursor that can auto-click the cookie to automatically make cookies. Upon discovery of this, this clue was posted. https://pastebin.com/nMdTesGB It was deduced that the eleven strings of characters had to be re-arranged into one giant string, which would correspond to a Cookie Clicker save file when plugged into the game's 'Import Save' feature. Although the proper order of the save file was mostly deduced by searching for sections of characters that repeated across strings, the symbols next to the strings contained the intended method for discovering the order.
  817. The first string in the chain was the string with a "One," as 'One' is how the number 1 is written in English.
  818. The second string in the chain was the string with a "10," as '10' is how the number 2 is represented in binary code.
  819. The third string in the chain was the string with a "0," as Destroy the Godmodder 0rigins (or DTG0) was the third main game in the DTG series.
  820. The fourth string in the chain was the string with a "==>," as the '==>' symbol is used in Homestuck to advance the story when there are four main characters (the four Homestuck Kids).
  821. The fifth string in the chain was the string with a "五," as '五' is how the number 5 is written in Chinese.
  822. The sixth string in the chain was the string with a "ஆறு," as 'ஆறு' is how the number 6 is written in Tamil.
  823. The seventh string in the chain was the string with a "ҸЕФ," as 'ҸЕФ' is how the number 7 is written in Drenovian.
  824. The eighth string in the chain was the string with a "B," as 'B' resembles the shape of the number '8,' and a conversion of Bs to 8s is Vriska Serket's typing quirk in Homestuck.
  825. The ninth string in the chain was the string with a "◊," as '◊,' a lozenge, is the ninth member of the Order/ninth Advanced Superior/ninth metachronistic Curse within DTG.
  826. The tenth string in the chain was the string with an "X," as 'X' is how the number 10 is written in Roman numerals.
  827. The eleventh string in the chain was the string with "Jane Ives," as 'Jane Ives' is the birthname of the character known as 'Eleven' in the Netflix show Stranger Things.
  829. When the string was properly inputted into Cookie Clicker, removing the identifying characters and the brackets and consolidating the whole thing into one line, a save was successfully loaded. The save file was named "I's Bakery," and its buildings were two Curses, fifteen Grandmas, twelve Farms, twenty-one Mines, three Factories, nine Banks, six Temples, five Wizard Towers, eighteen Shipments, and nothing else. This creates the full character string 2-15-12-21-3-9-6-5-18. When run through A1Z26, the 41st Key to the Universe's name was revealed as BOLUCIFER.
  831. The second key was located in Inklewriter, a website with which people can create branching choose-your-own-adventure stories. The website was previously used by Irecreeper for his DTG games. The clues pointing to this were the words "ADVENTURE OF CHOICE" and "STUDIO OF INK." This represented the website's nature as a CYOA creator, and the website's URL: writer.inklestudios.com. Upon discovery of this, this clue was posted: ɛnbisɪksɛm. The phrase can be split up into ɛn bi sɪks ɛm, which is the notation of the pronounciation of the phrase "n b six m." This creates the completed character string nb6m, which, when attached to an Inklewriter stories link, creates the URL https://writer.inklestudios.com/stories/nb6m.
  833. The URL leads to a story called "The Key," created by "I." The story centered around an amnesiac shadow-based entity trapped in a room that can only consciously act using the "power of the universe," which takes strenuous effort. Through this power, they memorize the entirety of human culture and, feeling a strong sense that they're not where they belong, but that they aren't human either, resolve to find their way home. Through contact with the inhabitants of where they're trapped, such as guards known as Judges and what seems to be one of the Advanced Superiors, Lozenge, the protagonist discovers that they possess the 42nd Key to the Universe themselves, and are using it to control their surroundings. In all but one of the game's endings, the protagonist loses their hold on the Key, fails to recover their memories, and Lozenge (who is heading a project known as the Gatekeeper Corps, in which innocent souls are extracted and put into suits of armor that can use metachronism for battle purposes) uses the Key's power for himself. However, in the game's best ending (in which the protagonist makes a detour and recovers their missing memories), the protagonist is able to reach into the narrative of the story to find the Key's name (since a Key can only be truly unlocked when its name is known), and uses this power to go back to their home and become the ruler of their civilization.
  835. The following Imgur albums collectively chronicle every choice that could be made in "The Key," and all of its routes, game overs, and endings.
  837. https://imgur.com/a/FlrxM The introductory sequence. The choice at its end determines how the rest of the adventure will play out.
  838. https://imgur.com/a/wMg10 The "Lozenge Route," wherein the hero is taken to another part of the facility by Lozenge and interrogated about the nature of the Key.
  839. https://imgur.com/a/uzcFf The "Escape Route," wherein the game progresses normally following the intro. The player can either run from Lozenge or stay, resulting in different endings.
  840. https://imgur.com/a/SH78a The "Meteor Ending," one of the game's endings should the player decide to run from Lozenge, but not make a crucial detour.https://imgur.com/a/V9IFI The "Conqueror Ending," the game's best ending in which the player runs from Lozenge and makes a detour resulting in the acquisition of their missing memories.
  842. The name of the key was found shortly into the "Escape Route," when Lozenge entered the player's cell and asked if they remembered anything from their past. If the player selected "Shake your head." and then "SPIT IN HIS FACE," they would progress through a series of events that ended with the game displaying four choices: М, И, Р, and Е. Each choice displayed a different rhyme in Cyrillic. They read as follows when translated: "M is for Mason, the cutter of stone. I is for Interpunct, lord of the throne. R is for Richard, who rules his own turf. E is for Ender, the ends of the earth." When the four characters were read together, the 42nd Key to the Universe's name was revealed as MIRE.
  844. The third key was located in Portal 2, a first-person puzzle game made by Valve and distributed on Steam. The clues pointing to this were "AN APERTURE DEEP UNDERGROUND," "PLAYER ONE," and "PLAYER TWO." This represented the game's setting, Aperture Science Laboratories, which is a massive facility dominated by a rogue artificial intelligence known as GLaDOS. Almost all of the facility is underground in upper Michigan. The use of multiple players indicated that it was a co-operative game. Upon discovery of this, this clue was posted: [RETURN TO THE STEAM VALVE. WE WILL MAKE OUR FINAL STAND THERE.] By this point, the message was clear - TwinBuilder was inviting someone, anyone that had Portal 2, to play the game with him. Immediately after the message was posted, he began playing Portal 2 on Steam (the notification being visible to those both online Steam and having TwinBuilder on their Friends list). After some deliberation, pionoplayer decided to step up and play with TwinBuilder.
  846. TwinBuilder sent pionoplayer an invitation to a custom co-operative map in the game. The stage used was "Gelocity Stage 3" by Radix; it can be found here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=115869888. The match was not a puzzle-based gauntlet, but a race around a course designed with many of Portal 2's puzzle components (such as a portal gun and gels that speed the player up and make them bounce in the air). The race had three laps, and whoever reached the finish line at the end of their third lap first won. Though pionoplayer failed, Crystalcat tried after them and succeeded. Upon the conclusion of the game, TwinBuilder posted the name of the 43rd Key to the Universe, FORTYNINE, and disconnected. Crystalcat then posted it for the masses to see.
  848. The fourth key was located in an analogue of r/place, "https://place.dynastic.co" (now called "https://canvas.place"). r/place was an experiment hosted by Reddit on April 1, 2017 for the next several days. The experiment was a 1000x1000-pixel canvas (1,000,000 pixels in total). Anyone could change the color of any pixel from one of sixteen specific colors every five or so minutes. (More information can be found here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Place_(Reddit).) The clues pointing to this were "IN PLACE" and "A PIXELED DECISION," which alluded to the actual name and format of r/place. Upon discovery of this, this clue was posted: hттпс://и.имгур.цом/змxЕЛзР.пнг It was translated from Cyrillic, to English: https://i.imgur.com/zmxELzR.png The image contained instructions on what had to be created, and where it should be placed within the canvas. Upon the completion of the image, the Key's name would be shown.
  850. Since the actual r/place site had been archived by the time of the puzzle, TwinBuilder linked to an alternative site, https://place.dynastic.co/?signedin=1#x=1300&y=300, which had been foreshadowed by the use of the word "DYNASTIC" in the initial hint. The site could only be accessed by logging onto it through Discord, which had also been foreshadowed through the phrase "DISCORD WILL BRING YOU" in the hint. However, almost no one was actually able to successfully log onto the site except for Sirplop and SplitSuns. The two of them (and occasionally TwinBuilder) worked on the image, but SplitSuns was banned from the site for no immediately discernible reason. (The site may have thought he was an alt of TwinBuilder.) This left Sirplop working on the image, posting one pixel per minute at a steady rate, with TwinBuilder sometimes chipping in, for a fairly long time afterwards. Despite the immense solo work, Sirplop did finish the image (and wrote "EOTE" below it for good measure). Hailed as a hero by all, TwinBuilder revealed the 44th Key to the Universe, ZEF, in response.
  852. The fifth key was located in Wordpress, a free open-source content management system that basically amounts to a blog. The clue pointing to this was "PRESSED BY WORDS," which was clearly just the phrase "Wordpress" shuffled around. Upon discovery of this, this clue was posted: 515151515151515151515151515151515151515151515151515151515151515151515151515151515151515151515151515151, a set of fifty-one 51s. As the clue was obtuse, the rest of the initial hint was used to determine what it meant. The phrases "A LAKEBED OF SALT," "COLLISION EVENT," and "THE SKIES," coupled by a comment of TwinBuilder that something was "coming from" the skies, led to the conclusion that it was about Area 51 - a government facility associated with alien events (particularly the Roswell incident) located near Groom Lake, a salt flat. Upon discovery of this, TwinBuilder posted the following link: https://collisionevent.wordpress.com/
  854. The blog was titled "COLLISION EVENT," its description was identical to the fifty one 51s clue, and its only post was a lengthy wall of text titled "фифтыоне" - when translated from Cyrillic, it reads "fiftyone." The wall of text on the blog was encoded in Cyrillic. An English translation can be found here: https://pastebin.com/xDgDnY24. When translated, it is revealed to be a story from the point of view of a worker, presumably high-class, at the Area 51 facility. Though at first not readily apparent in its connections to DTG, like "The Key," the story links itself when it is revealed Area 51 was built with the intention of researching a series of unmanned cubic spaceships that periodically crash-land to Earth - spaceships similar to the ones used by the Gatekeeper Corps in "The Key." At the climax of the story, it is shown that an Area 51 plane was able to enter one of the portals used by the ships to head to Earth. The pilot described that he was in a realm of shimmering white sunbeams, and that the Area 51 crew could join him by keeping watch over the world and any possible anomalies within it that could disturb order. Though the base then lost connection with the pilot, and no more ships crashlanded on Earth, this event marked the transformation of Area 51 from a governmental research facility to an SCP Foundation-esque organization focused on cataloguing and neutralizing the paranormal and extraterrestrial. This description is more in line with Area 51's depiction in DTG itself, as shown in TwinBuilder's April Fools' 2016 event.
  856. The name of the key was found by taking the first letter of every paragraph in the story, barring the actual title. When each letter is assembled into a sentence, it reads "IOUCOSAHEDRON IS THE ANSWER TO GEOMETRY." This reveals the 45th Key to the Universe's name as IOUCOSAHEDRON.
  858. The sixth key was located in Soundcloud, a website for hosting and sharing music. Of note is that SplitSuns has an account on the site for the purposes of sharing his own music. The clues pointing to this were "IN THE CLOUDS," and "HISSING SOUNDS," which is, again, a clear shuffling of the intended site, "Soundcloud." Upon discovery of this, this clue was posted: -....- -..- -.... .. ...- --.. When translated from Morse Code, the message reads -X6IVZ. This gave the completed URL https://soundcloud.com/splitsuns/incoming_transmission/s-x6Ivz, which TwinBuilder posted immediately afterwards. The song is now removed from SplitSuns' Soundcloud, so it cannot be heard. The track art was a blurred and sharpened image of the Gate.
  860. The song contained several series of synthesizer notes played in a simple beat at a slowish tempo. Each note played within one series was the exact same, but every series was made of a different notes. The series ascended in pitch until a single triumphant note was played that ended the song, background beats playing over and over as the song faded. The actual pitches of the notes and the background beats were irrelevant - what mattered were how many notes were in each sequence. Twenty-four notes were in the first sequence, one note was in the second, eight notes were in the third, one note was in the fourth, eighteen notes were in the fifth, and one note was played at the end. When assembled into an A1Z26 code, this gives 24-1-8-1-18-1. When translated, the 46th Key to the Universe was revealed as XAHARA.
  862. The seventh key was associated with Undertale, an indie RPG created by Toby Fox - particularly, a character in the game called Flowey the Flower, who was summoned in Destroy the Godmodder 0rigins as a companion to the Scribe and, eventually, a hostile Boss entity. The clues pointing to this were "SMILING ALTHOUGH HE'S NO MORE," "THE PACT," and "YOUR SOULS," all of which related to Flowey's existence and demise within DTG0. Flowey typically smiles, both in Undertale and in DTG0, and he's no more because of his death in DTG0. "The Pact" was the name of the charge that summoned Omega Flowey as a boss, and it was empowered by the souls of six players. Upon discovery of this, this clue was posted: ТХЕ ИМАГЕ ИС ТХЕ КЕЫ, КИЛЛ ИТ АНД ЫОУьЛЛ БЕ ФРЕЕ. It was translated from Cyrillic, to English: THE IMAGE IS THE KEY, KILL IT AND YOU'LL BE FREE. After a period of time in which people believed they actually had to delete an image, judging by the 'KILL' comment, TwinBuilder clarified that they only needed to find an image, and more importantly, the image was only in the DTG Discord - nowhere else. Eventually, it was discovered that it was an emote - a picture of a key named :I5bPR:. This corresponded with a link to an Imgur album: https://imgur.com/a/I5bPR.
  864. The album consisted of Flowey talking to someone, seemingly the Scribe, about how "a certain doctor" has the next key to the universe. Flowey further confirms the doctor's identity as W.D. Gaster by saying "it can only be told ... through hands," and implied that Gaster could be reached at an Outlook e-mail address later on, referencing a puzzle in EOTE3 wherein the players had to contact an Outlook e-mail address. Indeed, the e-mail was the exact same - anunholytrinity@outlook.com. All messages from the e-mail were sent in Wingdings, reinforcing the idea that Gaster was on the other side. SplitSuns sent an introductory message, which was met with a "SCRIBE. IS THAT YOU. PLEASE ANSWER IMMEDIATELY," in response. SplitSuns then sent: "no, this is patrick. me and some of my friends are trying to get to the ends of the earth. would you be able to help us out with that?" Gaster's response: "DID YOU GET THIS NUMBER. FROM MY TURNED-OFF PHONE. I SEE NO ALTERNATIVE. I HOLD NO QUARTER. I FEAR NO MAN. BUT THAT. THING. IT SCARES ME. COULD YOU TAKE IT FROM ME?" Split's response: "sure" Gaster's response: "THEN PRY IT FROM MY COLD DEAD HANDS. ASSEMBLE THE KEY. FROM THE PHRASES I GIVE YOU. WHAT WOULD YOU CALL. THE PORTMANTEAU. OF BLINDNESS. AND A CONCLUSION." After many, many guesses of assembling the word, in a similar vein to the word-constructing puzzles from EOTE7, the 47th Key to the Universe was finally correctly guessed to be GLAUCOALESCE - glaucoma being blindness, and coalescence being a conclusion. When Split sent the Key to Gaster, he responded with: "TOOK YOU LONG ENOUGH. TAKE MY SIN. AND SHACKLE YOURSELF WITH IT. I HAVE ENOUGH BURDENS TO BEAR. GO FORTH. AND. AT THE END OF EVERYTHING. REMEMBER ME AS YOU STAND. IN THE GARDEN OF GEOMETRY."
  866. The eighth key was located in slither.io, a browser game where the player controls a snake whose goal is to grow to be the biggest in the server, by both eating nutrients or having other snakes run into them. The clues pointing to this were "EVER-WINDING," "GROW TALL," "SERPENTS," and "CONSUMER OF ALL." The snakes in the game typically move in erratic winding patterns when running from or attacking other snakes, and the point of the game is to grow tall and consume any other snake in your path. Upon discovery of this, this clue was posted: СЕАРЧ ФОР ТХЕ ЕОТЕ. ИТ WИЛЛ СWИРЛ АТ ТХЕ ЦЕНТЕР. It was translated from Cyrillic, to English: SEARCH FOR THE EOTE. IT WILL SWIRL AT THE CENTER. This gave the players a command - find the slither.io game in which TwinBuilder was (his name would be prefaced with an EOTE:), and then find him at the center of the map.
  868. Though this sounded simple in theory, it fell apart quickly in practice. The server one joins when starting a slither.io game is entirely randomized, and the only way to change servers is to die or quit, meaning that it would be hard to coordinate everyone into one server at the same time, if not impossible. In addition, since spawnpoints are typically a fair distance from the center, and the player has to avoid other snakes on the way, it's likely they'll die before getting there. Lastly, it's very hard to tell the names of other players in slither.io - oftentimes, they aren't visible at all. These factors led TwinBuilder, and the others, to go on agar.io, a similar site, instead, but they ran into similar problems. Even when they managed to join the same game, they couldn't tell what anyone's names were. When all the players and TwinBuilder met up in a corner of the map (effectively "finding" Twin), he just posted a picture of his screen with his ingame name on it, revealing the 48th Key to the Universe as IFICATE.
  870. The ninth key was associated with the Black Monolith, a mystical black slab found in 2001: A Space Odyssey, FEZ, and throughout DTG. In DTG, the Monolith can grant the wish of anyone that reaches it, provided they first break its nigh-impenetrable Infinity Seal. The clues pointing to this were "SEALED TIGHT," "TABLET OF NIGHT," and "ANSWERS NOWHERE IN SIGHT." The use of the word 'seal' alludes to the Monolith's Infinity Seal, with 'tablet of night' effectively being a synonym for the object itself. The lack of answers references the Monolith's role in the game of FEZ. One of the hardest puzzles in the game involved using an ingame code to summon the Monolith, but the game then gave little indication on what to do next - the code necessary to progress was nowhere except in the game's code, meaning the players had to bruteforce it. Upon discovery of this, this clue was posted: /█. This, coupled with TwinBuilder telling the story of how the Monolith's code in FEZ was only found in debugging the game, led the players to realize that the clue was in the syntax of a command for The Pinary ARG (https://etherpad.net/p/Pinary), specifically, /black, which summons the Black Monolith.
  872. After typing the command, the Black Monolith appeared within the DTG Discord, and began talking to the players. A full log of its conversation, and its results, can be found here. https://pastebin.com/2qLpAxNv Through entering the debug menu of the Probect Pinary AI, the players were able to modify the parameters of the Ends of the Earth text adventure itself, tricking the Black Monolith into revealing the six-digit tetromino code necessary to unlock it on the https://judgelestyebejudged.tumblr.com/monolith page that had been found in EOTE7. The code was SPACE DOWN UP A SPACE D. When spoken, it was automatically inputted onto the Tumblr page, revealing an image of the activated Monolith saying "█ WHAT IS YOUR WISH." Wishing for the ninth Key, the Monolith spoke in the DTG Discord, revealing the 49th Key to the Universe as APOLLYGON.
  874. With that, the last nine Keys to the Universe were assembled, meaning the complete set of forty-nine was now in the hands of the players. Posting a set of seven rows and columns of [x]s, TwinBuilder announced that the Ends of the Earth had opened due to the gathering of the Keys. He then posted an IP address: play.goldencraft.co:25565. This started the fifth stage.
  876. The IP address corresponded to GoldenCraft, a Minecraft server known in the DTG community for its Creative world. The server had been used previously in the concluding puzzle of EOTE4, as TwinBuilder built a series of pillars throughout a wide plot with the final code on them; the pillars had to be reached through a combination of walking and parkour. This time, however, the creative plot had been completely and radically altered into the Ends of the Earth itself. The ground was composed entirely of black stone, and five constructions, arranged in a straight line, were set from one end of the plot to the other. The first was a gigantic [x] symbol flanked by a set of pillars, all made from Purpur Blocks. The second was a small Nether Brick temple with walls of lava surrounding it. The third was a flat plane of various sandstone blocks. The fourth was a gigantic spire made from various Ocean Monument blocks. The fifth was a representation of the Godhead - a quartz upside-down triangle with a red stained glass triangle at its lower point, a yellow stained glass triangle at its upper-left point, a blue stained glass triangle at its upper-right point, and an eye in the middle. Behind each stained glass triangle were unlit Redstone Lamps. The goal of the map was to light the three sets of Lamps, "activating" the Godhead, by completing three puzzles, one for each intermediary building.
  878. The [x] served as an introduction to the Ends of the Earth map. It was surrounded by lava pools that had softened the black ground into concrete powder. At the very end of the map, an obsidian pillar with three signs on each of its four sides was set in the middle of a lava pool. This mirrored how, in the earlier Goldencraft map, the players were met by a quartz pillar demonstrating some tips for the map. Its signs read, in order: "SOME MORE WORDS OF CAUTION" "They're all gone. They're all gone. They're all gone. They're all gone." "They're all gone. They're all gone. They're all gone. They're all gone." "It's the end of th It's the end of th It's the end of th It's the end of th" "e world as we kno e world as we kno e world as we kno e world as we kno" "w it and I feel fin. w it and I feel fin. w it and I feel fin. w it and I feel fin." "Don't let him open. Don't let him open. Don't let him open. Don't let him open." "Don't let him open. Don't let him open. Don't let him open. Don't let him open." "Don't let him open. Don't let him open. Don't let him open. Don't let him open." "Come join the fun Come join the fu Come join the f Come join the" "Come join th Come join t Come join Come" "It's a real get-together."
  880. The Nether Brick temple led to a small square room with lava on the walls. In the middle of a room was a hole leading down a long vertical cavity. The cavity was made of wooden alcoves, with each alcove containing a series of bookshelves. Every alcove had some shelves missing, with those spaces being intermittently lit by torches. At the bottom of the cavity was a short passageway that opened up to a refinery, a spacious Nether Brick room. Though the refinery's north wall (the wall with the entrance to the area) was bare, its east, south, and west walls contained a multitude of signs arranged in a 4/5/4/5/4/5/4/5/4 pattern. (The middle sign of the south wall's penultimate row was absent, as that space was taken up by a sealed exit.) Every sign had either a lowercase letter, an uppercase letter, or a number from 0 to 9 written on it. The solution of the puzzle was to locate a chest hidden in one of the alcoves of the bookshelf cavity immediately before the refinery. The chest contained a Book that depicted basic representations of the east, south, and west walls' sign patterns. Every sign was represented by a 0, bar nine exceptions. Sign 3 of row 3 on the east wall was a 6, sign 4 of row 8 on the east wall was a 7, sign 4 of row 1 on the south wall was a 1, sign 2 of row 2 on the south wall was a 5, sign 5 of row 6 on the south wall was a 4, an x was placed where sign 3 of row 8 would have been on the south wall (since there was none), sign 5 of row 2 on the west wall was a 3, sign 1 of row 4 on the west wall was an 8, and sign 5 of row 6 on the west wall was a 2.
  882. The sign marked as '1' (South Wall, Row 1, Sign 4)'s character was D.
  883. The sign marked as '2' (West Wall, Row 6, Sign 5)'s character was h.
  884. The sign marked as '3' (West Wall, Row 2, Sign 5)'s character was c.
  885. The sign marked as '4' (South Wall, Row 6, Sign 5)'s character was u.
  886. The sign marked as '5' (South Wall, Row 2, Sign 2)'s character was k.
  887. The sign marked as '6' (East Wall, Row 3, Sign 3)'s character was 2.
  888. The sign marked as '7' (East Wall, Row 8, Sign 4)'s character was 2.
  889. The sign marked as '8' (West Wall, Row 4, Sign 1)'s character was W.
  891. This makes the complete character string Dhcuk22W. Visiting https://pastebin.com/Dhcuk22W reveals the next puzzle in the map.
  892. It was translated from Cyrillic, to English. https://pastebin.com/qajdKFL0
  894. The book contained a fourth page with the following message: "The refiner's fire pulsates with the beat of the earth. But if I am at the ends of the earth, could I find a way to silence this oppressive infinity once and for all? I must try or be consumed by the conflagration." In addition, once the eight-digit code was found, TwinBuilder moved to the west wall and broke a blank sign at the right end of its fourth row. Behind it was a lever, which he then flipped. This activated the Redstone Lamps behind the red triangle of the Godhead at the far end of the map. He then broke the blocks making the sealed exit, letting the players move ahead. The room advanced through a narrow hallway which turned from Nether Brick to Red Sandstone to actual Sandstone, before opening in a large vertical room with decorative patterns and single-block columns of lava on each wall. Flying all the way to the ceiling allowed the players to pass through a one-block opening that reunited them with the outside.
  896. The opening led directly to the flat sandstone plain. The north end of the plain was marked by a set of ten anvils stacked on top of each other. In accordance with the Pastebin found through the Nether Brick temple, the players had simple directions. They had to construct The Gate on the sandstone arena in ten minutes. With every minute that passed, TwinBuilder would break the anvil at the bottom, and the stack would fall one block down. If the players ran out of time, they would have to try again. Using a combination of concrete blocks, mineral blocks, and purpur blocks, the players successfully built the Gate within the time limit, as shown here: https://i.imgur.com/p6bltQV.png TwinBuilder deemed it to be an accurate representation of the Gate. He then broke a block at the foot of the anvil stack, revealing a lever, and flipped it. This activated the Redstone Lamps behind the yellow triangle of the Godhead at the far end of the map.
  898. The spire was dead ahead, and it contained the last puzzle. The spire itself was made of various Prismarine blocks, and at the middle of its small interior was a spiral quartz staircase wrapped around a quartz column, leading to the very top of the spire. The spire itself was lit by windows and redstone torches. The top of the spire was a cubic room whose walls were covered top-to-bottom with paintings. The only illumination came from redstone torches, were arranged around couplets of item frames placed on two of the room's walls. Floating in the middle of the room was a pillar of lapis lazuli with a series of signs on it, much like the introductory obsidian pillar. Its signs read, in order: "TO PROCEED ANSWER THE FOLLOWING SECURITY" "QUESTIONS: HOW MANY SKULL PAINTINGS ARE IN THE SPIRE" "HOW MANY SIGNS ARE IN THE ABANDONED REFINERY" "WHAT IS MY FAVORITE PAINTING" "WHAT ARE THIS SYMBOL'S TWO MEANINGS: 0,0" "WHAT ARE YOU AND WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FOR" "HOW MANY BLOCKS TALL IS THIS SPIRE" "HOW MANY TORCHES ARE IN THIS ROOM" "WHAT IS MY FAVORITE MUSIC DISC" "WHAT IS MY NAME:" "MY FIRST HALF IS OF THE BEAST" "MY SECOND HALF IS ALL OF YOU" The correct answers are:
  900. ONE. 3. The Moonlight Installation paintings (shttps://minecraft.gamepedia.com/File:Canvas_32-2_5.png) can be seen in this image: https://i.imgur.com/BIy2IDB.png
  901. TWO. 119. The east and west walls contained 40 signs each (4+5+4+5+4+5+4+5+4), and the south wall contained 39 signs since it was missing one. 40 + 40 + 39 = 119. (This does not count the blank sign which TwinBuilder destroyed to pull the refinery's lever.)
  902. THREE. GRAHAM. The Graham painting (https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/File:Painting_new_1x2_man.png) appears in the room 11 times, the most out of any painting.
  903. FOUR. OWLS AND THE DIVIDE. 0,0 resembles both the face of an owl and the representation of the divide between the continuities of DTG and TheLordErelye (stylized as O|O or an 8 with a strikethrough).
  904. FIVE. ENDS OF THE EARTH, THE EIGHTH PAGE. Self-explanatory. "THE TRUE NAME" would also be accepted for "WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FOR," as in the true name of What Lies Beyond.
  905. SIX. 109. Self-explanatory.
  906. SEVEN. 0. There are no torches in the room, only redstone torches.
  907. EIGHT. STAL. Stal can be seen within one of the item frames in a room, and no other Music Discs are present.
  908. NINE. MARKUS. The name can be split in two parts: MARK and US. MARK is the first half, since it completes the phrase "MARK OF THE BEAST." US is the second half, since it represents "ALL OF YOU" - a group can be referred to by the pronoun of "us." "MARKUS" is the first name of Notch, the creator of Minecraft.
  910. Once every question was answered correctly, TwinBuilder traveled to the bottom of the spire's quartz staircase and broke a block by it. This revealed a lever, which he then flipped. This activated the Redstone Lamps behind the blue triangle of the Godhead at the far end of the map. With all three portions of the Godhead lit, TwinBuilder beckoned everyone towards the Godhead. He then broke apart the Godhead's eye, revealing a narrow tunnel, at the end of which contained a chest. The chest's contents were an arrangement of Bone Meal, Rose Red, Dandelion Yellow, and Light Blue Dye made to look the Godhead. Where its eye should be, there was another Book titled "The Omnibus." The book's first page contained the following message: "Unfortunately, my suspicions have been confirmed - I'm being watched. I must hide this book before my body is consumed by unstoppable fire. Remember, on the path to the Ends of the Earth, you are shackled by sin." The second page contained a single Imgur link: imgur.com/a/qwBaZ. This started the sixth stage.
  912. The Imgur album contained a sample of the Scribe's Journal, the official name of which was "The Omnibus on the Order of the Stone," or just "The Omnibus." Specifically, the album depicted the book's front cover and its first eleven pages. Every page after the third contained a tiny 1 and a tiny 2 drawn in a color meant to blend in with the background of the page, placed above specific letters on the page. The numbers and their corresponding letters are as follows:
  914. Page 4's 1 was above an E, and its 2 was above a D.
  915. Page 5's 1 was above a B, and its 2 was inside a C.
  916. Page 6's 1 was above an A, and its 2 was above an E.
  917. Page 7's 1 was below a C, and its 2 was above a B.
  918. Page 8 contained three 1-2 couplets. They were arranged in the notation of (couplet.number), so the first couplet's 1 was 1.1. With that in mind, 1.1 was above a C, 1.2 was above a D, 2.1 was below a C, 2.2 was below a C, 3.1 was below an A, and 3.2 was below an E.
  919. Page 9's 1 was above an A, and its 2 was above an A.
  920. Page 10's 1 was below an A, and its 2 was above a C.
  921. Page 11's 1 was below a B, and its 2 was below a D.
  923. This created the following couplets of letters: ED, BC, AE, CB, CD, CC, AE, AA, AC, and BD. When translated through a Polybius square that has a key of ABCDEFGHIKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ, the pairs of letters are converted into single letters: Y, H, E, M, O, N, E, A, C, and I. Since CD, CC, and AE were on the same page, they're meant to be read together, making a ONE, or 1. This creates the complete character string yHeM1ACi. In response, TwinBuilder posted the following Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/yHeM1ACi This started the seventh stage.
  924. It was translated from Cyrillic, to English. https://pastebin.com/P7KGSWYV
  926. Like the previous quizzes, each question has a specific answer. Only when all sixty-four questions were fully answered could the game progress. The correct answers are:
  928. ONE. MY MOM. A reference to both Regular Show and Steven Universe, two Cartoon Network shows. Muscleman (from Regular Show) frequently makes "my mom" jokes in the vein of the question, which are effectively distorted "your mom" jokes. In Steven Universe, the "mother" of the titular character, Rose Quartz, was allegedly responsible for shattering Pink Diamond, one of the rulers of her race's homeworld. Combining both gets a "my mom" joke.
  929. TWO. TREACHEROUS. The Enchiridion refers a fictional book in the show Adventure Time that is meant to give advice to potential heroes. The misspelled word in question be seen in this image, on the left page. https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/adventuretimewithfinnandjake/images/1/11/Enchiridion._Chapter_Five_-_1x05.png/revision/latest?cb=20161209011931
  930. THREE. NOMANISAN ISLAND. The Omnidroid is one of the antagonists of the Pixar movie The Incredibles; it was a line of robots built by Syndrome to kill superheroes. Nomanisand Island serves as Syndrome's base and the location where Mr. Incredible fights the Omnidroid 8000 during the film. According to http://pixar.wikia.com/wiki/Nomanisan_Island, the island is in the location of Rapa Nui, or Easter Island, when the island is briefly shown via GPS.
  931. FOUR. TWO-ZERO-ZERO-SEVEN. References the cover art to the soundtrack of Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, a spinoff of Far Cry 3, which states "THE YEAR IS 2007. IT IS THE FUTURE." The game takes place in a dystopian post-apocalyptic year 2007.
  932. FIVE. ORACULAR. References the poem "The Present Crisis" by James Russell Lowell, which is itself discussed throughout the web serial UNSONG. The oft-repeated verses are: "But the soul is still oracular; amid the market's din / List the ominous stern whisper from the Delphic cave within,- / They enslave their children's children who make compromise with sin."
  933. SIX. SIXER. References Gravity Falls, of which Bill Cipher and Stanford Pines are important characters. Bill refers to Ford as "Sixer" throughout the show due to his polydactyly. It references his metachronistic personality due to his tendency to relate people to symbols, which is what metachronism is - Bill refers to people by their symbol on the Zodiac. Since Ford's is a six-fingered hand, it makes sense that he calls him "Sixer."
  934. SEVEN. FOUR-NINE. x^3 + 272x^2 - 13,531x - 107,702 = 0 can be simplified into (x-49)(x+7)(x+314) = 0, which gives three values of x = 49, x = -7, and x = -314. 49 is the only positive answer.
  935. EIGHT. ENDS OF THE EARTH. "Ends of the Earth" encompassed "The Amazing Spider-Man" #682 through #687. The comic centered around Doctor Octopus threatening to vaporize the world by magnifying the ultraviolet radiation of the Sun.
  936. NINE. ENOCH. Enoch is a figure discussed early in the Bible and other apocryphal texts. Genesis 5:24 reads "And Enoch walked with God: and he was not; for God took him," which is interpreted as evidence that Enoch was taken into Heaven alive by God. Apocryphal texts say that while in heaven, Enoch was turned by God into Metatron, the scribe of the angels. The name is metachronistically important because Bill Cipher once said in the Cipherhunt Discord that if his name wasn't Bill Cipher, he would prefer it to be Enoch.
  937. TEN. INSANITY TUBAS. The Insanity Tubas were an alchemy created by Nimbleguy in DTG2 that were well-known for having an incredibly long and complicated list of components to them - so long that once the weapon reached the limits of an Alchemiter, an Infusion Altar was used to finish the process of its creation. A list of charged attacks and upgrades the weapon received are: Freeze, Jolt, Elemental Tri-Beam, Nyan Cube, Mushroom Bomb, Void, Null Cube, Nogalista, Tuba Cannon, Super Power Ninja Turbo Neo Ultra Hyper Mega Multi Alpha Meta Extra Uber Prefix Combo, Primal, Time, EMP, Meteor Shower, and Erelyesoul.
  938. ELEVEN. TOTALITARIAN. This is derived from the full name of MTT INDUSTRIES: Metachronistic Totalitarianism Technologies - Industrializing Nascent Demonic Undulations, Synthesizing Transhumanic Reveberators, Instigating End Stages. Notarikon is the use of creating words from the initials of phrases. The use of MTT INDUSTRIES' full name is, essentially, reverse notakiron - making phrases from the initials of a word. This is valid, since MTT INDUSTRIES seeks a totalitarian Fiction - one ruled entirely by them and the Overseer.
  939. TWELVE. AR. References the second cutscene of DTG2's fourth act, "Bold New Direction." The phrase "BINAR AR" is written on the headquarters of Mojang in this image: http://i.imgur.com/msM9NmW.gif. Meaning "BINARY IS" in Swedish, the phrase became an injoke among TwinBuilder and SplitSuns.
  940. THIRTEEN. ORCHID. As demonstrated in the prelude to EOTE7, combining the red, yellow, and cyan colors of the Godhead creates an orchid color. Red and cyan make magenta, and the yellow dulls the color, creating the orchid signifying The_Serpent, Project Binary, Binary Prime, and the Employer.
  941. FOURTEEN. THE REAL SLIM SHADY. As shown in S.N.A.K.E.E.Y.E.S., The Real Slim Shady's sphere of influence is "the mainstream media." Taken from S.N.A.K.E.E.Y.E.S. itself: "[The Real Slim Shady] has absolute dominion over media, including music, the arts, literature, and video games."
  942. FIFTEEN. SPIRAL SUN. In DTG2, combining the Green Sun and the Red Sun in an Alchemiter would create a Spiral Sun, which resembled the Spiral Suckers of cherubic lore. Since combining universe-sized suns was highly infeasible, extremely miniature versions of the suns were used to accomplish the same effect.
  943. SIXTEEN. BEFORE NOTCH. The introduction of Notch into Minecraft is viewed as comparable to the birth of Jesus Christ on Earth - time is divided into Before Notch and After Notch periods (B.N. and A.N.). In the Before Notch period, the Endermen ruled Minecraft, and they held dominion over the two dimensions they created - the Overworld and the End. They populated Minecraft with plants and animals, and eventually sentient life in the form of Pigmen, but Testificates and Humans didn't exist. Eventually the Endermen lost their godlike power and could only teleport between dimensions using strongholds.
  944. SEVENTEEN. THE ONE. 907.185 kilograms is equal to 2,000.000573 pounds, or one ton. Thus, the question references Denzel Curry's song "Ultimate," which opens with the verse: "I am the one, don't weigh a ton / Don't need a gun to get respect up on the street."
  945. EIGHTEEN. ONE-NINE-EIGHT-SEVEN. Sure enough, 1987 is the 300th prime number. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_prime_numbers#The_first_1000_prime_numbers
  946. NINETEEN. DEMON DAYS. References an ancient Egyptian myth as told in Rick Riordan's book The Red Pyramid. The myth tells that the sky goddess, Nut, gambled with the moon god, Khonsu, and stole enough moonlight from to add five days to the year, up from the original 360. These five days became incredibly superstitious, and were known as the Demon Days.
  947. TWENTY. LESS. References the first song off Gorillaz's album Humanz, "Intro: I Switched My Robot Off," which opens with the verse: "I switched my robot off / And I know more / But retain less." As explained on genius.com, the "robot" likely refers to modern technology, and how breaking away from it allows for an understanding of the "real" world, but also a crippling withdrawal caused by society's dependence on such technology.
  948. TWENTY-ONE. HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLY. References UNSONG, where astronaut Neil Armstrong passed through the crystal sphere surrounding Earth and entered heaven, becoming the Right Hand of God. His last word to Mission Control was a "Holy" whose "o" was stretched out for infinity. To count as a correct answer, the word "Holy" had to contain nineteen letters: "h," "l," "y," and sixteen "o"s.
  949. TWENTY-TWO. LAMBDA. As seen here, lambda is used to designate the wavelength of a sinusoidal wave: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wavelength. Uses of the symbol in Fiction are the logos for the Half-Life and Stargate series.
  950. TWENTY-THREE. TORIEL & ASGORE. References UNDERTALE. A trophy in Asgore's room reads "Number 1 Nose-Nuzzle Champions '98!," in reference to two earlier enemies in Snowdin, Dogamy and Dogaressa, who came in second place in the championship.
  951. TWENTY-FOUR. SCP-TWO-THREE-ONE-SEVEN. References the Zodiac symbol of Crusher48, Demon Door. The door refers to SCP-2317, behind which is a primeval entity that will bring about the end of the world when the pillars keeping it chained are destroyed. SCP-2317 was used by Crusher48 as a side character throughout DTG2, hence his symbol.
  952. TWENTY-FIVE. AMEN. Revelation 22:21 reads: "The grace of the Lord Jesus be with God's people. Amen."
  953. TWENTY-SIX. TRUE. This was revealed in the real-life version of Journal 3. The right page of the Journal's section on Bill Cipher reads: "My right eye is so sore it bleeds on the page - the cost of letting him possess me. Has he possessed others?" This confirmed the long-standing fan theory that it was, indeed, blood, and not ketchup.
  954. TWENTY-SEVEN. MISSING PIECES OF THE ORDER. The password of each Advanced Superior represents a component of their corresponding username - which, in turn, relates directly to a member of the Order. Said component is something that the Order member lacks, and which, if they possessed it, would improve them in some way. For example, Octothorpe's is "1nkbl0t" to represent the Rune of Odal that was used to control them, and how, when the Rune was destroyed, Octothorpe entered "Blot Mode." Pilcrow's is "bl1ndsp0t" to represent the Blind Spot, the artifact used to bring them to a stable Minecraft server.
  955. TWENTY-EIGHT. POLYBIUS. References a series of short stories, similar to Kill Six Billion Demons, made by TwinBuilder on the Cipherhunt Discord. The first can be read here: https://pastebin.com/wTaePGDW. The bottom indicates that the story is the first chapter of the Book of Polybius, as though it was in a Bible of Bill Cipher.
  956. TWENTY-NINE. CHOPIN, PRELUDE IN E MINOR (OP. 28 NO. 4). References FEZ - "Zuish" refers to an important location in the game, Zu. The track "Continuum" plays in the game's first ending sequence, and according to composer Disasterpeace, it is an adaptation of the above song. http://music.disasterpeace.com/track/continuum
  957. THIRTY. O. o [sic] is the pseudonym given to the creator of cool and new web comic [sic], an adventure on the MS Paint Fan Adventures site. His name is commonly formatted as "o" by fans to differentiate his name from the letter o, hence the quotation marks surrounding the single-character space alloted for the answer. Normally, a fill-in-the-blank answer would have multiple spaces for a wider line, but the presence of only one in this question was a hint that it was only one letter long.
  958. THIRTY-ONE. COLONEL SASSACRE'S DAUNTING TEXT OF MAGICAL FRIVOLITY AND PRACTICAL JAPERY. References Homestuck. John Egbert's "grandmother," Nanna, was said early on in the story to have died via an incident involving a tall bookshelf, a ladder, and a copy of Colonel Sassacre's Text. Later on in the story, it is found that the book wasn't the direct cause of herself - she died when a meteor destroyed the shop she owned while handling a copy of the book.
  959. THIRTY-TWO. FALSE. Covenite is a type of gem introduced in DTG2 that changes color continuously, flashing through the whole spectrum of color often. It is unable to alter the colors a person can see, and has little value in its whole form. However, if a piece is broken off, the piece will stay at the color it was when it was detached, and if the light of this piece is focused, the piece can alter certain types of objects, such as Nether Portals.
  960. THIRTY-THREE. TEAM FORTRESS TWENTY. References a quote from engie_ninja in DTG1 that was one of the first, if not the first, lines he said in the game, and the series as a whole.
  961. THIRTY-FOUR. KAPPA. The use of the phrase "I AM [text] I AM" is a callback to EOTE7, where one of the puzzles revolved around deciphering the phrase "I AM THE COMBINATION OF RED YELLOW AND CYAN I AM." Since the phrase "I AM" is indicative of a colon (:) in TheLordErelye's mythology, and the combination of red, yellow, and cyan was found to create an 'orchid godhead' in EOTE7's prelude, the answer was :orchidgodhead:. The syntax of using a colon before and after a word is indicative of an emoticon, hinting that the necessary word is itself an emoticon. Though :mspa: is ubiquitous in DTG as a sarcasm-bearing emote, Kappa, a Twitch emoticon also used to denote sarcasm, is the correct choice because kappa is itself a letter in the Greek alphabet, and the question asked for a specific letter.
  962. THIRTY-FIVE. BONELESS BIZZA. References the "Boneless Pizza" meme, a mock dialogue of a man attempting to order a "boneless pizza" from a restaurant, with the restaurant's employee becoming more and more confused. The "B" at the start of the two words is also a meme - the B Button Emoji is commonly used to replace random letters in words in various online circles.
  963. THIRTY-SIX. TUMUT. Or, more accurately, "tumut." References Homestuck, wherein Caliborn uses the phrase to indicate him flipping the person he's talking to off. The "t"s represent raised hands with the pointed middle fingers, the "u"s represent closed eyes, and the "m" presumably represents an angry mouth.
  964. THIRTY-SEVEN. CAN YOU REALLY CALL THIS A HOTEL I DIDN'T RECEIVE A MINT ON MY PILLOW OR ANYTHING. References UNDERTALE. The track "Can You Really Call This A Hotel, I Didn't Receive A Mint On My Pillow Or Anything" plays during an encounter with Mettaton in Hotland. Its strange name is owed to the song referencing an earlier track, "Hotel." The track was originally called "Hey This Wasn't Really What I Was Expecting From a Hotel, For Example, You Didn't Even Leave a Mint on My Pillow," in case you didn't know.
  965. THIRTY-EIGHT. TRUE. References a song written by TwinBuilder about the DTG Discord April 2017 elections, "Bad God Men, Nasty Demons." https://pastebin.com/3aNrJqbc (At the time, TheLordErelye and Pionoplayer were the two candidates for executive, though this changed.) The song itself is a parody of schmoyoho's "Bad Hombres, Nasty Women," a track spoofing the United States 2016 presidential election. Kalare Erelye, who fills in for Hillary Clinton, is referred to by Eric, who fills in for Donald Trump, as a "nasty demon," referencing Trump's usage of the term "nasty woman" to refer to Clinton.
  966. THIRTY-NINE. VENI VIDI VICI. References an exchange of dialogue in a VVVVVV fangame, "Victuals." The fangame, and other such fangames, can be played through VVVVVV itself. "Veni vidi vici" is a Latin phrase translating to "I came, I saw, I conquered."
  967. FORTY. SEVEN-TWO-ZERO. References Bowman's Credit Score, a video by Michael Guy Bowman, a composer for Homestuck and personal projects. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=emlwt1mV2Xg The video consists of Bowman parodying commercials for credit score-based websites for ten minutes straight as he essentially repeats the same lines over and over. One such line is that his credit score is 720, his credit score being what "it" is.
  968. FORTY-ONE. REVELATION. One definition of apocalypse is "something viewed as a prophetic revelation." The word itself is derived from the Greek "apokaluptein," which literally means "uncover" or "reveal."
  969. FORTY-TWO. FORGOTTEN. Drenovian is a language used by TheLordErelye in several of his personal stories, such as Abyssal Oddity and Amethyst Ascension. https://etherpad.net/p/drenoviandictionary The answer is slightly incorrect, however, as ALBERGATAID doesn't mean "forgotten," but "'the' forgotten."
  970. FORTY-THREE. AGENT OF THE CONFLICT. As shown in S.N.A.K.E.E.Y.E.S., You is (are) an Agent of the Conflict that seems to manifest in any media using a second-person perspective, such as Homestuck and other such MS Paint Adventure snowclones. The question was intentionally meant to mislead - a more correct interpretation of the question would be "WHO IS YOU?," though it sounds grammatically incorrect.
  971. FORTY-FOUR. THE CRACKED MASTER. Uncommonly, specific turns of DTG2 would have titles due to their great importance. For example, April 13-14 2014 had the title "The Calamitous Movement," meant to coincide with the anniversary of Homestuck and the ingame summon of Calamity. Day 528 of the DTG series was May 19 2014, which was not a special date, but the event in that turn was - that turn marked the beginning of the Shatter between Build and Split.
  972. FORTY-FIVE. PLEIADES. References an excerpt from The Word of Notch found in EOTE7. "It was said to Pleiades the Scholar by Dinnerbone, O Great Reverser, that even Notch had frequent doubts about tһe world." The question incorrectly refers to Pleiades as a seer when he is a scholar, though a seer, Vert, is mentioned in another excerpt of the Word.
  973. FORTY-SIX. BENJAMIN. "Don't let him open the door." is a phrase commonly used in TwinBuilder's stories. It relates to two characters. The first is the Scribe, who will bring about the restructuring of reality should be allowed to open The Gate and kill What Lies Beyond. The second, much less-known character is Benjamin from TwinBuilder's Gravity Falls fanfiction Boring, Oregon. Benjamin is that story's bastardization of Blendin Blandin. If he is allowed to gain access to the Boring, Oregon Control Room, he will bring about utter destruction.
  974. FORTY-SEVEN. MASON. One definition of mason is "a builder and worker in stone." The use of the word "builder" in conjunction with "mason" brings to mind TwinBuilder, or, 'Adam Mason.'
  975. FORTY-EIGHT. SOMETHING'S ALIVE IN THE OCEAN. References "history of the entire world, i guess" by Bill Wurtz, a video explaining a brief history of the world from its formation to the near future. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xuCn8ux2gbs It specifically references the part where singlecellular life first appears in the Earth's oceans at 2:15.
  976. FORTY-NINE. OBLATE. One definition of oblate is "a person dedicated to a religious life, but typically having not taken full monastic vows." The word can also mean "a spheroid flattened at the poles." The word is derived from the Latin "offerre," meaning "to offer."
  977. FIFTY. NINEVEH. Jonah 4:11 reads: "And should I not have concern for the great city of Nineveh, in which there are more than a hundred and twenty thousand people who cannot tell their right hand from their left--and also many animals?" The usage of hands is a metaphor that describes the people as incapable of telling right from wrong.
  978. FIFTY-ONE. WORMWOOD. Revelation 8:10-11 reads: "The third angel blew his trumpet, and a great star fell from heaven, blazing like a torch, and it fell on a third of the rivers and on the springs of water. The name of the star is Wormwood. A third of the waters became wormwood, and many died from the water, because it was made bitter." Wormwood itself is a shrub with a very bitter taste.
  979. FIFTY-TWO. TEN. There are ten sephirot on the Tree of Life, an important Kabbalistic symbol that represents the various emanations of God's power - channeling his raw divine form into one understandable by humans. The ten sephirot are Keter/Da'at, Binah, Hokhmah, Gevurah, Hesed, Tif'eret, Hod, Netzah, Yesed, and Malkhut. This is metachronistically significant due to its connection with the Order/Advanced Superiors and What Lies Beyond - there are nine members of the Order/Advanced Superiors, and one supreme being that they follow. In this case, What Lies Beyond would represent Keter, the purest expression of God's will.
  980. FIFTY-THREE. URIEL. אוּרִיאֵל literally means "El (or God) is my light." Uriel is an archangel worshipped in rabbinic tradition, and is an important character in UNSONG - he encased the world in a crystal sphere and let it run on the laws of physics to make existence more stable.
  981. FIFTY-FOUR. GOLGOTHA. Also known as Calvary, Golgotha is the site where Jesus was crucified, just outside of Jerusalem. The term is also used in Homestuck - the chumhandle of Jake English is golgothasTerror, referring to his associated symbol - the green skull of Lord English.
  982. FIFTY-FIVE. CROWN. "Keter" literally means "crown," a title indicative of Keter's place at the top of the Tree of Life. This parallels the Conflict because of the existence of an Agent known as King's Crown. King's Crown was listed last on S.N.A.K.E.E.Y.E.S.' compendium of Agents, implying a special status, and his power to manipulate Curses suggests that he has an incredibly powerful set of abilities.
  983. FIFTY-SIX. SIX-SIX-SIX. Gematria is a system of assigning numbers to words, names, and phrases, and believing that phrases with the same value are connected. Using a gematria value calculator and typing in prophecy reveals that the value of the word "prophecy" in Jewish Gematria is 666. (60 + 80 + 50 + 60 + 8 + 5 + 3 + 400.) The number is relevant to the Bible because 666 is the Number of the Beast - the number associated with the Second Beast discussed in Revelation. Relevation 13:18 reads: "This calls for wisdom. Let the person who has insight calculate the number of the beast, for it is humanity's number. That number is 666."
  984. FIFTY-SEVEN. NO ONE. References Gravity Falls. Some of the first words found in Journal 3 are: "Remember, in Gravity Falls, there is no one you can trust. TRUST NO ONE!" The phrase "TRUST NO ONE," and the concept of "trust," became important to the show as it continued. "NO ONE's" link to God is found in the phrase "In God we trust." Since we can "trust no one," then God is "no one" - God doesn't exist.
  985. FIFTY-EIGHT. INCONCEIVABLE. References DTG2. Pricey12345 was an infamous noob/troll whose poor grammar, repeated lack of understanding of important game mechanics, and refusal to listen to TwinBuilder made him infamous. The use of the word "inconceivable" to refer to him was discussed while Pricey12345 was on the Echeladder before his ban - a running joke was made of his level titles, which were repeatedly excessive shouts of the word "inconceivable." This, itself, is a reference to the film The Princess Bride. The word relates to Pricey because his actions were so idiotic that no one could have possibly made them up. However, on a level outside of DTG2, it relates to him because Pricey was banned and soulkilled from the game, the only player to achieve such a title - and as such, he is impossible to conceive within the game, as he doesn't exist.
  986. FIFTY-NINE. I. References Kill Six Billion Demons, specifically, its Liturgy. https://killsixbilliondemons.com/liturgy/ One of the tales within the Liturgy, The Lie of the Giant and the Ant, discusses YISUN speaking to one of their followers, Hansa, about time and space. "'Lord, then which should I be, the giant or the ant?' 'Both,' spoke YISUN, 'or either, when it suits you. Destroy the grand enemy called 'I'.'" The Liturgy refers to 'I' as the true name of God - since YISUN, God, is everything, then everything is God, and everyone refers to themselves, in first-person, as I.
  987. SIXTY. KILL SIX BILLION DEMONS. References Kill Six Billion Demons, specifically, Book 1, Page 71: https://killsixbilliondemons.com/comic/ksbd-4-70/ In this page, Zoss, the first Master of the Universe and the being that kickstarts the comic's plot by giving Allison Ruth a Key of Kings, refers to Allison by the name "Alice" before telling her "Kill Six Billion Demons." It is unknown if the phrase was meant as a command or as a name - Kill Six Billion Demons is mentioned to be the name of the next Master of the Universe.
  988. SIXTY-ONE. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. References Dragon Ball Z's 245th episode, "Super Saiyan 3?!" In this episode, Goku ascends to the form of Super Saiyan 3 for the first time in the series. The scene in which he explains the process behind ascending and actually powers up has become a meme due to his lengthy screams. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U4pMQv46vz4 Also references the Cool and New Music Team song "Savior of the Screaming Dead," which combines the Homestuck Vol. 8 song "Cascade's" "Savior of the Dreaming Dead" portion with the scene from the episode and other notable screams.
  989. SIXTY-TWO. UZBEKISTAN. This question was a game of Hangman. The number of letters in the word (ten) was revealed beforehand, and any letter in the alphabet could be guessed - if nine incorrect letters were guessed, the players would lose, and a new word would be thought up. In all, eleven letters - E, T, R, O, I, L, M, A, N, U, and S were guessed. Seven of them - E, T, I, A, N, U, and S - were in the wor,d and four of them - R, O, L, and M - weren't. After S was guessed, the correct word - UZBEKISTAN - was guessed.
  990. SIXTY-THREE. DESCENT. The "descent" refers to the various events throughout DTG2's third act which resulted in Project Binary's rise to power and his execution of his plan to invade and destroy GodCraft, taking over Minecraft, and then reality, in the process - a series of events that heavily destabilized Minecraft itself. The key event it refers to is The Descent, the 9/1/14 (End of Year 1) event.
  991. SIXTY-FOUR. EPHEMERALITY. References the last puzzle of EOTE7, as well as FEZ, which is where the example of a Constellate text is from. The phrase compares to Constellatism because it describes spacetime as ephemeral - impermanent, temporary, and mysterious. Constellatism describes spacetime as having a dubious end - it is unknown if it even ends at all.
  993. Once all sixty-four questions were answered, TwinBuilder announced that the completion of the final exam marked the end of Ends of the Earth, and that the eighth page would be revealed. TwinBuilder posted a link. Visiting it, http://i.imgur.com/HTNwSIL.png, revealed the eighth and final page. However, the vast majority of the page was torn away and burnt. The only visible imagery was a set of black mountains gradually revealing total darkness, a set of sporadic white symbols, a warped and blurry grey/red line trailing across the left side of the page, and some shadowy circle in the upper-left corner. No encoded text is visible.
  995. While everyone expressed incredulity at the fact that the eighth page was basically missing, TwinBuilder suggested assembling the completed image, which can be seen here: https://imgur.com/argIZbs.png. Upon putting every image together, it can be seen that the top four images all fit together in various ways: the grey lines with red, yellow, and blue sections come together to make the Godhead, and the grey circles in the middle combine to make an eye-like shape with Curses around it. If the Curses are read from the right side of the fifth page and clockwise through the left side of the eighth page, they read the code Dagger, Interrobang-Interrobang-Octothorpe, Ampersand, Obelus, Interrobang-Obelus, Interrobang-Caret, Interrobang-Interrobang-Backslash, Interrobang-Obelus. When assigning each number a numerical value based on their position in the Order/Advanced Superiors list, the numbers read 8-21-4-6-16-17-25-16.
  997. When converted through A1Z26, this makes the character string hudfpqyq. Visiting the link https://pastebin.com/huDFpqYP reveals the eighth stage and the final puzzle in the Ends of the Earth ARG.
  998. It was decoded from Cyrillic, into English. https://pastebin.com/14HV3icC
  1000. The story, depicting an unknown figure collecting all the items necessary to unlock The Gate at the Ends of the Earth and doing so, confronting What Lies Beyond, is flavor text save for the third-to-last and last paragraph. What Lies Beyond's answer to the question posed by the figure - "What is the true name of What Lies Beyond?" is one of two ways to solve the puzzle. The other is in the last line of the post - "The answer is within the answer." Either way, the line "An eightfold path, squared to map out the ends of the earth" applies to both. Both ways to solve the puzzle will be listed here, but first, background is needed.
  1002. The flavor text of the story was designed intentionally to evoke UNSONG, a web serial mentioned frequently in EOTE8. One of the forces driving the story was the motivation of various characters, such as the Comet King, to find the Explicit Name of God - the Shem HaMephorash, a Name that was 72 letters long and would allow whoever spoke it to reshape reality. This parallels the quest of the players in EOTE to find the true name of What Lies Beyond - the 64-Bit Name of God. The structure of Fiction - that of a source code controlled by geometry - parallels the structure of the universe in UNSONG, where Uriel used a celestial machine to convert the system governing existence from divinity and magic into the laws of physics.
  1004. The puzzle revolves around a concept discussed earlier in the Final Exam - notarikon. Notarikon is the process of forming words or phrases from the initials of a longer set of words or phrases, and it is discussed that every Name of God, no matter how long it is, is a notakiron for an increasingly accurate description of God. The concept also works in reverse, as shown at the story's end - any sufficiently accurate description of God can function as a notarikon for a Name of God - specifically, the Most Holy Name of God, the Shem HaMephorash.
  1006. In UNSONG's penultimate chapter, one of UNSONG's main characters, Ana, had the opportunity to talk to Metatron, an archangel functioning as the Voice of God. She asked Metatron what the reason evil existed was, and he replied with the following passage. "THE REASON EVIL EXISTS IS TO MAXIMIZE THE WHOLE COSMOS' TOTAL SUM GOODNESS. SUPPOSE WE RANK POSSIBLE WORLDS FROM BEST TO WORST. EVEN AFTER CREATING THE BEST, ONE SHOULD CREATE THE SECOND-BEST, BECAUSE IT STILL CONTAINS SOME BEAUTY AND HAPPINESS. THEN CONTINUE THROUGH THE SERIES, CREATING EACH UNTIL REACHING THOSE WHERE WICKEDNESS AND SUFFERING OUTWEIGH GOOD. SOME WORLDS WILL INCLUDE MUCH INIQUITY BUT STILL BE GOOD ON NET. THIS IS ONE SUCH." In addition to being an answer to the problem of evil, this passage reveals the Shem HaMephorash too.
  1008. As explained by the Comet King in UNSONG's final chapter: "People always say God isn't a person, but then what is He? To me, He's always been a sort of logical necessity. The necessity for everything in the cosmos to be as good as possible. Understand goodness and you understand God. Understand God and you understand His Name." Since Metatron's passage is notarikon for the Shem HaMephorash, that means that the first letter of every word in the passage corresponds to the first letter of every word in the Shem HaMephorash. Sure enough, the passage contains 72 words - as many as there are letters in the Shem Ha'Mephorash. Taking the first letter of every word creates the character string TREEITMTWCTSGSWRPWFBTWEACTBOSCTSBISCSBAHTCTTSCEURTWWASOGSWWIMIBSBGONTIOS.
  1010. This also corresponds to other hints throughout the story - at the start of Book I, the Name is said to begin with a tav and a resh - a T and an R. At the start of Book II, the phrase "Hay hay yud tav mem tav vav kuf" is said - EEITMTWC. This makes TREEITMTWC, which matches perfectly with the Shem HaMephorash found by inspecting Metatron's diatribe. In addition to this, UNSONG itself has 72 chapters across its 4 books, not counting the prologue, start-of-book images, interludes, or epilogue. Taking the first letter of every chapter (not counting the chapter's title, any quotes at the start, or a header like I.) will spell out the Shem HaMephorash as well. Examples of the first few chapters to demonstrate will follow.
  1012. Chapter 1: [T]he apocalypse began in a cubicle.
  1013. Chapter 2: [R]ight down the road from Berryessa Station there’s a big house with a hidden basement.
  1014. Chapter 3: [E]ver since the sky cracked there has been a hurricane off the coast of Louisiana that never moves or decays.
  1015. Chapter 4: [E]ven before Erica finished formally adjourning the meeting, I wove my way through the crowd of garrulous people and up the stairs into my bedroom.
  1016. Chapter 5: [I] remember the first time I met Ana Thurmond.
  1017. Chapter 6: [T]he computer whirred and chattered: the speaker producing Names faster than the ear could follow.
  1018. Chapter 7: [M]y watch read 5 AM.
  1019. Chapter 8: [T]he holy city of traditional kabbalah is Tzfat in Israel, where Rabbi Isaac Luria taught and died.
  1020. Chapter 9: "[W]E SAY THAT MAN WAS MADE IN THE IMAGE OF GOD,” said Uriel.
  1021. Chapter 10: [C]ampus library hadn’t changed much since I got expelled.
  1023. The passage spoken by What Lies Beyond in the final puzzle is meant to evoke the answer to evil as given by Metatron, which is meant, therefore, to call to mind the system of notarikon that was used to discover the Shem Ha'Mephorash. This system of notarikon-deciphering is crucial to both methods of solving the final puzzle.
  1025. The first method only involves the passage spoken by What Lies Beyond. The passage itself is 64 words long, which would fit with the sought-for 64-Bit Name of God. The passage "An eightfold path, squared to map out the ends of the earth," further indicates the meaning of the number 64 - 8^2. This coupled with notakironal influence suggests that the 64-Bit Name of God is, itself, 64 letters long. But not just any 64 letters - the letters at the start of each word in the passage of What Lies Beyond. Taking the first letter of every word creates the character string MTNTOSFEEITAOTSBTODLHLTSATMPCOCFTKBTCTESRFATPBMSONWTUGCSNIIKAUDE.
  1027. The second method involves the "answer" that the "answer" lies in. Just like how the Shem HaMephorash is encoded in the first letter of every chapter of UNSONG, the 64-Bit Name of God is itself encoded in the first letter of every answer to every question in the Final Exam. Just like how the 64-Bit Name has 64 letters and how What Lies Beyond's passage has 64 words, the Final Exam has 64 questions. Taking the first letter of every word (as shown using the official answers listed in the wall of text above) creates a character string identical to the one earlier: MTNTOSFEEITAOTSBTODLHLTSATMPCOCFTKBTCTVSRFATPBMSONWTUGCSNIIKAUDE.
  1029. After this character string was revealed, TwinBuilder hinted that there was a reason the Final Exam "was divided into eight chunks of eight." This, coupled with the "eightfold path" line and the use of describing 64 as 8^2, suggests that the character string should, like the Final Exam, be divided into eight chunks of eight. Doing this gets eight separate chunks of eight characters. MTNTOSFE, EITAOTSB, TODLHLTS, ATMPCOCF, TKBTCTES, RFATPBMS, ONWTUGCS, and NIIKAUDE. Taking the first letter of every string creates the eight-letter word METATRON - the truncated form of the 64-Bit Name of God, and the truest description of What Lies Beyond.
  1031. When the name METATRON was spoken, TwinBuilder posted a link: https://pastebin.com/qDd7MiCq. It was separated into three components - a gigantic wall of random characters, a story describing Notch and the other Gods of Minecraft, and a single Imgur link.
  1033. The first component - the wall of text - forms an ASCII image represented through text characters: https://imgur.com/4h3jqWn.png. The image is an ASCII representation of this image: https://imgur.com/k0JBV5a.png, which is itself a screenshot of a room in FEZ. The room contains a puzzle known as the Security Question puzzle, which instructs the player to assemble a set of eight blocks into the name of an unknown figure using only two clues: the first half of the figure's name is what it is, and the second half is half of what made it. The answer to the puzzle is METATRON - "it is what it is" is a META concept, and TRON is half of the name of the game's developer, Polytron.
  1035. The second component - a story describing Notch and the other Gods of Minecraft - completely recontextualizes the Ends of the Earth saga. It was assumed through various clues, such as the Scribe's overarching story of wanting to reach the Gate and the Scribe's writings in his Journal about visions of reaching the Gate, implied that Ends of the Earth was a representation of the Scribe's journey to the Gate. However, the story reveals that Notch himself, the "creator" of Minecraft, personally undertook the same struggle that the Scribe did, killing the Order, assembling the pieces of the Godhead, and finding the forty-nine Keys to the Universe. However, unlike the Scribe, Notch didn't wish to kill What Lies Beyond, but instead, asked him what his True Name was. What Lies Beyond told Notch the same exact passage described in the finale, and using it, Notch was able to piece together the completed True Name from the Source Code of Reality: META-TETRA-NEHEMOTH-TOT-OPH-SIGNI-FARILITH-EPISTAX-ETAT-IONI-TRIANGULUM-ALPHA-ORCHIDION-TELE-SERAPH-BINAR-TATR-ORIZI-DAMIEN-LUXIDIAN-HAIJLC-LOK-TALI-SELEST-ATRO-TARIAN-MEZERI-POLYBIUS-CASCA-OBELUS-CAHEDRON-FURIEL-TRON-KALAKA-FINIT-TENEBRUM-CONT-TENETUM-EMERILION-SULPHON-RONM-FYPERION-ABYSEHT-TAMMAT-PINARY-BLUUD-MEZEGOG-SANHEDRON-ONME-NEGAT-WATH-TONRAM-UBIQUIT-GEOMETRIA-CATAR-SEPTAVIUS-NMET-INTERPUNCT-ICOSA-KOLORISCOPE-ADAMON-USZED-DOMINA-ENOCH. Taking the first letter of every word to make the character string MTNTOSFEEITAOTSBTODLHLTSATMPCOCFTKBTCTVSRFATPBMSONWTUGCSNIIKAUDE, splitting it into eight chunks of eight, and taking the first letters of each chunk (described as "stacking the words in multiples of eight on top of each other and folding them into three-dimensional space") creates the name METATRON. This conclusively reveals the identity of What Lies Beyond, and the maker of the Source Code of Reality, as METATRON.
  1037. The latter part of the story reveals the Scribe realizing that Notch was the one that undertook the voyage described in his dreams, and not him. It ends with the Scribe contemplating a series of numerals and phrases, much like how Notch did on the path to the Ends of the Earth.
  1039. The third component - the Imgur link - was http://imgur.com/lSe7L6j.png. Visiting the link revealed the completed eighth and final page. It depicts a black mountain range, a crescent moon that gradually becomes solid, a sky rendered completely black with scribbles, a set of sporadic white symbols that spiral into the sky and form the Godhead (with an interrobang inside), the symbols for the Refiner's Fire, the Tetris of the Arbiter, and the Parliament, a warped and blurry grey/red line trailing across the left side of the page, and some shadowy circle in the upper-left corner. The encoded text is "TRIFECTED GEOMETRICS BECKONED, CALLING THE ENDS OF THE EARTH."
  1041. An image containing the complete set of all eight pages can be seen here: https://imgur.com/SsRbGdf.png.
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