The Wedding

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  1. 10:06:13 Morank bows before you.
  2. 10:06:16 You bow before Morank.
  3. 10:06:26 [Morank-WyrmrestAccord]: Any place in particular youse wantin' me ta stand?
  4. 10:07:13 Txeptseng-WyrmrestAccord shakes his head. "Ya just gotta see it so people can't say we makin' it up. Or somethin'. I dunno." He shrugs.
  5. 10:07:33 Morank-WyrmrestAccord raised up an 'Ok' sign with his hand, "Gotcha."
  6. 10:11:47 Grehda waves at Morank.
  7. 10:11:48 Morank bows before Grehda.
  8. 10:11:55 Grehda smiles at you.
  9. 10:12:40 Txeptseng-WyrmrestAccord removes his hood, also happening to be wearing flowers under it. Probably enchanted so they didn't get squished. They look exactly like Gwenaël's antler flowers... Hmmm... Suspect.
  10. 10:13:03 Grehda gasps at you.
  11. 10:13:32 [Grehda-WyrmrestAccord]: .... I thought I was the only one gonna wear the flower crown....
  12. 10:14:08 Txeptseng-WyrmrestAccord reaches up and pulls one of the flowers out of his hair, holding it out to her. "Inky made me."
  13. 10:14:45 Grehda-WyrmrestAccord approaches and takes the flower, "It's pretty...!"
  14. 10:15:21 Txeptseng-WyrmrestAccord nods, clearing his throat and glancing around. "Guess we should... Get on with it? Yeah."
  15. 10:15:27 Grehda nods at you.
  16. 10:15:31 [Grehda-WyrmrestAccord]: Sure....
  17. 10:16:48 Grehda-WyrmrestAccord pulls around her sack and pulls out a beautifully decorated box. She's not sure who's going first, but she was too excited to wait.
  18. 10:20:26 Txeptseng-WyrmrestAccord reaches into the underside of his shoulder guard and removes something, bending down to be nearer to her level and holding his hand out, clenched around whatever the object is. "I want ya ta have this, Txeptsyìp. It was important ta me, but ya deserve »
  19. 10:20:26 Txeptseng-WyrmrestAccord » it more." His hand unfurls, and there in his palm is his broken tusk, fitted with a gold cap on the jagged edge that has a matching chain threadded through it. It's been preserved, so it won't break any further or deteriorate. "A piece a' me ta »
  20. 10:20:27 Txeptseng-WyrmrestAccord » always keep with ya... If ya want."
  21. 10:20:30 You kneel before Grehda.
  22. 10:25:00 Grehda-WyrmrestAccord blinks at the present, mostly blinking away her tears, as she lets a laugh and unwraps her own gift. She presents the open box to Seng: A mostly metal tusk with mechanical trimmings on it. Her tears fall when she finally looks at him but she's smiling, »
  23. 10:25:00 Grehda-WyrmrestAccord » "It appears we're matching in more than one way.... I made this to replace the tusk ya lost.... I worked overtime on it...." She offers the box and grins, "It was more than worth it."
  24. 10:29:58 Txeptseng-WyrmrestAccord chuffs, moving to put the chain over her head and around her neck before he takes the box and touches at the replacement tusk, grinning that weird crooked grin. He doesn't want to ruin the moment by trying to figure out how to put it on himself, so he »
  25. 10:29:58 Txeptseng-WyrmrestAccord » sets the box down between them and reaches to touch the tusk now hanging around her neck. "Ya gonna have ta help me with that later. Now, though..." He holds his hand out for hers. "Grehda, will ya spend the rest a' ya life with me, and be my mate?"
  26. 10:30:23 Morank-WyrmrestAccord quietly d'awws to the side.
  27. 10:32:12 Grehda-WyrmrestAccord giggles and wipes her tears away. She takes his hand and offers him a warm smile, "Of course, I will... Ya wanna spend the rest of your life with me and be my life mate?" Her smile is a grin now.
  28. 10:34:42 Txeptseng-WyrmrestAccord nods, laying his other hand over their now entwined ones. "Of course I do. I wouldn't a' asked ya if I didn't. I'm ya man 'til I ain't walkin' this life no more."
  29. 10:35:29 Grehda-WyrmrestAccord laughs, "That's all I needed tah hear." She turns to Moe and smiles, "Appreciate this, Moe..."
  30. 10:35:44 Grehda thanks Morank.
  31. 10:35:59 Txeptseng-WyrmrestAccord just kind of grunts and nods at Morank. Listen this is his capacity for the day, alright?
  32. 10:36:20 Morank-WyrmrestAccord wasn't sure of what to say, "Uuh... will do?"
  33. 10:36:29 Grehda snorts derisively at Morank.
  34. 10:36:38 [Grehda-WyrmrestAccord]: I meant, "Thanks".
  35. 10:36:47 [Grehda-WyrmrestAccord]: I means a lot tah me that you're here.
  36. 10:36:53 [Morank-WyrmrestAccord]: Oooh! Yeah sure, no prob.
  37. 10:37:07 Morank nods at you.
  38. 10:37:10 Txeptseng-WyrmrestAccord lets go of Grehda's hands only so she isn't yanked up when he stands. "Yeah. Wouldn't be possible without someone ta... Watch."
  39. 10:37:28 Grehda-WyrmrestAccord looks at the tusk around her neck and grins.
  40. 10:37:31 Morank-WyrmrestAccord nodded, "And now I've watched."
  41. 10:37:48 Txeptseng-WyrmrestAccord snorts. "Now it sounds weird."
  42. 10:37:55 Grehda snickers at you.
  43. 10:38:17 [Morank-WyrmrestAccord]: Eeeh... okay, maybe I don't phrase it like that ta anyone that asks?
  44. 10:38:29 Grehda nods at Morank.
  45. 10:38:36 [Grehda-WyrmrestAccord]: I'd appreciate that, too.
  46. 10:38:41 Morank nods at Grehda.
  47. 10:39:32 Txeptseng-WyrmrestAccord shrugs. "I don't care how ya say it ta anyone else. Ya want it ta be true though, stick around another six minutes."
  48. 10:39:44 Grehda raises her eyebrow inquisitively at you.
  49. 10:40:08 Morank-WyrmrestAccord looked at his wrist and saw that there was no watch. Feelin confident that he could BS it though, he looked up to the two, "I got time."
  50. 10:40:53 Txeptseng-WyrmrestAccord makes a vague, filthy gesture with his hands at Grehda. Does he even know what it means? No. But there's only one more step to infer about a ceremony of this sort being 'official'.
  51. 10:41:16 Grehda stares you down.
  52. 10:41:22 [Grehda-WyrmrestAccord]: Absolutely not.
  53. 10:41:42 [Grehda-WyrmrestAccord]: Moe, you're free to go.
  54. 10:41:50 [Morank-WyrmrestAccord]: Uh..? Oh! Okie dokie then.
  55. 10:41:54 [Txeptseng-WyrmrestAccord]: Or stay. Whatever bloats ya goat.
  56. 10:41:58 [Morank-WyrmrestAccord]: Congrats ta youse t-
  57. 10:41:59 Grehda snorts derisively at you.
  58. 10:42:07 [Morank-WyrmrestAccord]: I don't got no goats ta bloat, Seng.
  59. 10:42:27 You shrug at Morank.  Who knows?
  60. 10:42:39 [Txeptseng-WyrmrestAccord]: Sounds like a ya problem.
  61. 10:43:01 [Morank-WyrmrestAccord]: It is. Got a bear as'a last night ta bloat though.
  62. 10:43:07 [Morank-WyrmrestAccord]: Aaaanyways though!
  63. 10:43:22 [Morank-WyrmrestAccord]: I think I know whats goin' ta happen and I don't think its needed fa' me ta witness that?
  64. 10:43:41 Txeptseng-WyrmrestAccord shakes his head. "Need? Nah. I ain't ya boss though."
  65. 10:43:59 Txeptseng-WyrmrestAccord shrugs. "Ya wanna see my bits that's ya... Busy-ness."
  66. 10:44:03 [Morank-WyrmrestAccord]: Well this ain't strictly work either.
  67. 10:44:04 [Grehda-WyrmrestAccord]: Seng invited ya. But, I don't think we're -that- far into our friendship.
  68. 10:44:32 [Morank-WyrmrestAccord]: Not even close I don't think. Still haven't sparred with either'a yas.
  69. 10:44:41 Grehda nods at Morank.
  70. 10:44:41 [Morank-WyrmrestAccord]: Or had a proper conversation with Sengie-boy here.
  71. 10:44:47 Grehda tells Morank NO.  Not going to happen.
  72. 10:44:52 Txeptseng-WyrmrestAccord also pretends to look at his watch. "One minute."
  73. 10:45:03 Grehda raises her eyebrow inquisitively at you.
  74. 10:45:15 [Grehda-WyrmrestAccord]: One minute?
  75. 10:45:22 Morank-WyrmrestAccord has had his bit stolen. He doesn't show any contempt for it, but it kills him deep down inside.
  76. 10:45:52 Grehda-WyrmrestAccord is wondering if Moe wants to get stepped on today.
  77. 10:46:01 Txeptseng-WyrmrestAccord kneels down again and starts to tug at Grehda's dress. The man can only count to six but he's good at that.
  78. 10:46:16 [Grehda-WyrmrestAccord]: .... Oh. Moe, run.
  79. 10:46:36 [Morank-WyrmrestAccord]: Ohh... okie dokie.
  80. 10:46:39 Morank-WyrmrestAccord backs away slowly...
  81. 10:46:42 [Grehda-WyrmrestAccord]: See ya in Org.
  82. 10:46:44 Morank-WyrmrestAccord falls down the stairs.
  83. 10:46:46 Grehda waves goodbye to Morank.  Farewell!
  84. 10:46:54 [Morank-WyrmrestAccord]: I'M OK!
  85. 10:46:51 [Grehda-WyrmrestAccord]: Ah.
  86. 10:46:58 [Grehda-WyrmrestAccord]: Moe! Y-- Okay.
  87. 10:47:02 Grehda giggles at Morank.
  88. 10:47:14 [Morank-WyrmrestAccord]: Youse twose have a good... uh.. See ya in Orgrimmar!
  89. 10:47:21 Grehda waves at Morank.
  90. 10:47:38 Grehda gently pats you.
  91. 10:48:06 Txeptseng-WyrmrestAccord lets go of her dress as Morank is finally gone, and immediately reaches for the box, shoving it into her hands with a big stupid grin. "Put it on."
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