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Jan 10th, 2013
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  1. Wulf says:
  2. You were right. I also won't lie how I've said that to a few last night before your PM.
  3. David says:
  4. hi
  5. Wulf says:
  6. Long time no chat.
  7. David says:
  8. yep
  9. so you didnt take my advice
  10. lmfao
  11. Wulf says:
  12. I heeded your warning. I was just too lenient with Narolf. I admit it's a fault.
  13. David says:
  14. want to explain why?
  15. Wulf says:
  16. Something I aim to rectify.
  17. David says:
  18. have you talked to mass?
  19. Wulf says:
  20. I'm surprised I was able to get his attention. He's been out for nearly three months.
  21. David says:
  22. What has he said
  23. Wulf says:
  24. He's currently reading the wall of text, I believe. He skimmed it originally. It's highly unlikely he'll even consider Narolf's proposal.
  25. David says:
  26. your going to demote him right?
  27. Wulf says:
  28. I believe that's exactly what's going to happen. If Mass won't ban him outright.
  29. David says:
  30. Honestly i had my outburst on the forum
  31. but i didnt publicly
  32. do what Narolf did
  33. lmfao
  34. Wulf says:
  35. Though, I highly doubt that demoting him will do much.
  36. David says:
  37. Demoting him will just show who is in charge
  38. because honestly
  39. you got a lot of people on narolf
  40. Like i said day 1
  41. Wulf says:
  42. Yeah.
  43. David says:
  44. What has the staff said about the situation
  45. or what is going to happen
  46. Wulf says:
  47. Nothing in public or even staff. Alot of the staff are simply not available this time of year.
  48. David says:
  49. Well what are you planning to do
  50. I can give you my advice
  51. Wulf says:
  52. If Mass won't beat me to it, I'll demote him myself after I post in there. Though really, Narolf chose a bad timing cause this is not on my list of concerns at the moment.
  53. David says:
  54. Well
  55. what do you expect
  56. this guy is psychotic
  57. im a psychologist major afterall
  58. and i can tell you
  59. he is depress
  60. He isnt stable
  61. Wulf says:
  62. He sure doesn't sound like it.
  63. *doesn't like he is stable, I mean.
  64. David says:
  65. I heard a lot from people and people still chat with me
  66. and I c an tell you
  67. that he is having a dilema on what is important to himself in life
  68. and im going to be straight here
  69. if waking up for a forum is your pleasure in life like he stated
  70. something
  71. is
  72. wrong
  73. Wulf says:
  74. That's when I no longer had doubts about this stability.
  75. *his
  76. I'm usually online during evening hours.
  77. David says:
  78. I had doubts about him ever since i left
  79. I even told you guys about it
  80. Wulf says:
  81. And I still see him up rather late during his time. 4 hours later (which I assume is sleep), he's back up on the forum around 8am his time.
  82. David says:
  83. also
  84. Lonelygaruga off topic
  85. is depress as well
  86. i heard stories about his family
  87. and how he feels left out
  88. etc
  89. etc
  90. which is why garuga follows narolf
  91. halla falls in the same category
  92. see the trend?
  93. Wulf says:
  94. Unfortunately, I don't know the other two that well.
  95. David says:
  96. well
  97. people spread the word to me
  98. so i just laugh about it
  99. Wulf says:
  100. So I can't be the judge. But Garuga does sound alot like Narolf through his posts.
  101. Halla's not as active as Garuga.
  102. David says:
  103. welll not on the forums
  104. but on the irc
  105. but point is
  106. do you agree or believe what Narolf is saying
  107. I hope you don't
  108. Wulf says:
  109. His entire post is riddled with half truths and assumptions.
  110. He's greedy.
  111. He even went to a point to say that he values power over ethics or morals.
  112. David says:
  113. thats what happens when you are depress
  114. and have issues with your father
  115. he fail in getting a job
  116. Narolf - 12-01-2012 01:38 PM
  118. Well, I've given them my resume and my motivation letter on my birthday. Waited for eight days without response so I went to eat there two days ago and asked them altogether. They told me I'll either get a call if they want to hire me or they will send my letters back if they don't.
  120. Probably not an ideal path per se, but according to my father, Americans are
  122. The following message could not be delivered to all recipients:
  123. Narolf - 12-01-2012 01:38 PM
  125. Well, I've given them my resume and my motivation letter on my birthday. Waited for eight days without response so I went to eat there two days ago and asked them altogether. They told me I'll either get a call if they want to hire me or they will send my letters back if they don't.
  127. Probably not an ideal path per se, but according to my father, Americans are
  129. David says:
  130. let me show you something
  131. sec
  132. Wulf says:
  133. At this rate, his judgement and his morals really concern me.
  134. So if you think we'll be negotiating terms with him, then no. That won't happen.
  135. I'm currently wondering how to deal with the aftermath mostly.
  136. Cause Narolf isn't planning on disappearing.
  137. David says:
  139. Narolf - 11-21-2012 02:20 AM
  141. Thanks! And so I do. Going to apply for Mcdonald's on tomorrow, first time trying to get a job after years of studying. At 21, I've never worked yet.
  144. Narolf - 12-01-2012 01:38 PM
  146. Well, I've given them my resume and my motivation letter on my birthday. Waited for eight days without response so I went to eat there two days ago and asked them altogether. They told me I'll either get a call if they want to hire me or they will send my letters back if they don't.
  149. Probably not an ideal path per se, but according to my father, Americans are much more tolerant of each one's career. Nowadays in France, if you start working at 18, you're a social failure, and if you don't have any qualification by the age of 20, you've failed at life. I'm caricaturing of course, it's not like what goes on in Asian countries either, but you get the idea.
  150. When someone cannot get a job at McD
  152. Wulf says:
  153. LOL
  154. David says:
  155. My point is
  156. i hope you disregard what he is saying
  157. cause honestly its just his psychotic break
  158. You dont need to worry about the aftermath
  159. what you can do
  160. is
  161. Set up that tournament your planning to have
  162. set a 1month date to it
  163. so it gives time for it to disappear
  164. all the amniosity and power hungry frenchie he is
  165. But at this point
  166. Wulf says:
  167. That's pretty much the idea.
  168. David says:
  169. MY best thing would to
  170. Demote him
  171. beacuse this clearly is a slap to your guys face
  172. and since you didnt do it sooner
  173. yea it willl be hectic
  174. so its the internet
  175. what is going to happen?
  176. nothing
  177. people will still come to DFF
  178. people wont leave
  179. people know its where people play or talk about DFF
  180. Wulf says:
  181. You're absolutely right. And it's also the course of action I'm seeking.
  182. David says:
  183. after the demotion
  184. all you can do is
  185. damage control
  186. tell kraid to please void any topic regarding the subject
  187. and handling this matter through Pms
  188. Wulf says:
  189. Thanks for the support, Dave.
  190. David says:
  191. Honestly
  192. The best course of actions
  193. is actually taking the demotion and posting something positive
  194. not negative
  195. you dont want to look like the bad guy
  196. even though
  197. people with brains can realize how psychotic this individual is
  198. and how profound he is to live his life on a forum that will not further his career or life
  199. Wulf says:
  200. And here I thought I was going crazy.
  201. David says:
  202. Why?
  203. Wulf says:
  204. Seeing the people support him, I asked that to myself. Can't they see that he's unstable? Or was it just me who thought that.
  205. David says:
  206. Well
  207. you didnt listen to me
  208. I knew it was going to happen
  209. When people same something in common such as depression
  210. it only clings to other individuals
  211. I foresaw this eversince i left
  212. but what you need to understand
  213. even though they have an disorder
  214. that should prevent you to do what you need to do
  215. shouldnt*
  216. Wulf says:
  217. You understand people better than I do. I, like a fool, though reason would be enough.
  218. David says:
  219. you were late to take my advice so the aftermath will bad
  220. but it will disappear
  221. Well i have a degree in psychology
  222. so I can pick up on people's typing or from what people tell me
  223. with little information
  224. Like honestly
  225. you guys shouldnt be intimated by this
  226. Instead you just carry out your duties cause even if things go hectic its still the interwebs
  227. and the only people that will be truly frustrated are the ones in the thread
  228. which in time will go away
  229. narolf might hate Mass forever since its new focus to be happy in life
  230. but others that are normal will just forget about it
  231. Narolf has basically all the power he needs to run tournaments
  232. all he wants is to be accepted and to be apperciated from individuals
  233. to feel accomplish which will help with his depression symptons
  234. Does narolf really need to be a Admin?
  235. no
  236. he can run tournaments etc etc
  237. he can do whatever
  238. he just wants more power and more feeling of gratification
  239. he is just using Mass as a scape goat as this was a common issue in the past
  240. Wulf says:
  241. I know.
  242. And you pretty much voiced my own thoughts regarding the situation.
  243. David says:
  244. But i sense you feel afraid about the matter
  245. or uncertain at least
  246. Wulf says:
  247. Not really. I am reluctant sure, but only because I like to think through what I say.
  248. But not cause I'm unsure of the action.
  249. Last night, I had the news pass to me that one of my family members passed away. So this hasn't really been the top of my concerns.
  250. David says:
  251. Which thankfully isnt
  252. Wulf says:
  253. The family member was outside the states, and the bonds were old. But perspective the problem barely seems like one at all to me.
  254. David says:
  255. Im just saying this is just a silly matteer that shouldnt stress you or mass a lot about it
  256. Wulf says:
  257. It went as far as me thinking on the day I read it that it wasn't worth my attention, really. And that Narolf didn't deserve a well thought out response from me.
  258. David says:
  259. Exact;y
  260. There are a lot of more important matters to attend to but Narolf does not understand that concept
  261. which leads to his disorder he has
  262. which is why he is depress for most of his life time
  263. until now because he can take action into accomplish a goal so he can feel happy towards his father
  264. to gain acceptance at least
  265. Wulf says:
  266. Well, at the very least, thanks for quieting my doubts.
  267. David says:
  268. my best advice is to take action quickly
  269. to calm the matter
  270. instead of prolonging it
  271. He needs to be demoted because all he is doing is gaining acceptance from forum members through the IRc or some other forms of communcation
  272. Wulf says:
  273. It should be done shortly.
  274. David says:
  275. because if you wait longer
  276. its just gonna be worst
  277. and its better to deal with it instead of making you guys look like terrible mods
  278. you know?
  279. Wulf says:
  280. Yep.
  281. David says:
  282. for the chaos afterwards
  283. just close the thread
  284. Wulf says:
  285. I find it so ironic that it was Narolf throwing around the word neurosis.
  286. David says:
  287. and have your remaining thoughts about the situation
  288. yep lol
  289. He proclaims he knows psychology
  290. but clearly he doesnt
  291. make sure your closing statement is positive
  292. and nothing disrespecting narolf
  293. something like
  294. I apperciate your concern and your enthusiastic behavior
  295. but etc etc
  296. and after a week after this dies down
  297. you can do that tournament you want
  298. and wait for a month for it to start
  299. so it gets calm down
  300. again dont stress out about it
  301. since again its stupid and dumb just make sure you take action fast instead of later
  302. and also talk to mass now if you can
  303. seems like he is on
  304. Wulf says:
  305. He is.
  306. I've already talked to him about it. You know how he is.
  307. A man of a few words.
  308. David says:
  309. Sorry gotta post that image
  310. to express confusion into Narolf
  311. im done after that
  312. you can finish that thread and close it
  313. Wulf says:
  314. lmao.
  315. David says:
  316. but hopefully my advice helps you out
  317. i wouldnt even give him retired mod
  318. since he needs to understand what he done
  319. Wulf says:
  320. It has. Thanks, Dave.
  321. David says:
  322. Just make sure to stay strong
  323. and dont let this bother you or mass
  324. fuck that kid
  325. Wulf says:
  326. lol. Don't worry about that.
  327. Only thing I'm worried about is that I have to actually put my time into this.
  328. David says:
  329. just put time into ur last message
  330. and try to get draec in charge
  331. you dont want halla
  332. or lonely
  333. or someone around narolf
  334. to change things
  335. cause it will just happen again
  336. trust me
  337. Wulf says:
  338. Draec is more or less in charge when it comes to global tournaments and NA tournies.
  339. David says:
  340. just let me do things
  341. err
  342. him
  343. not me
  344. lol
  345. Wulf says:
  346. lmao
  347. David says:
  348. just make sure its not one of narolfs subjects
  349. cause people with share common personalities and opinion usually repeats itself
  350. Wulf says:
  351. I started noticing that trend.
  352. David says:
  353. so just be weary of that
  354. happening again
  355. cause the casual club
  356. will basically try to overtake things
  357. but trust me
  358. that shit isnt going anywhere
  359. Just so you all guys know, I'm not leaving despite of the demotion. I'm actually staying for a lot of time still.
  360. uhh
  361. like i said
  362. this is either a ban
  363. or
  364. temp ban
  365. idk what you guys want to do
  366. because sounds like
  367. shit is going get serious soon
  368. Wulf says:
  369. Well. Gonna take time with my post.
  370. David says:
  371. thats fine
  372. but I mean in regards to Narolf though
  373. because you know whats gonna happen next right?
  374. Wulf says:
  375. I think the community needs to be addressed here more than anything.
  376. What?
  377. David says:
  378. Narolf is either going to start convincing more members of the forum
  379. with accusations such as his post
  380. making DF look worst get it?
  381. All the members that dont post regularly are getting an awful image of the brand DF
  382. its like when a woman goes to a store and yells for a lower price a LV bag
  383. you know she is just upseting the brand's name
  384. Narolf is probably going to start more commotion about this stupid matter
  385. and the best way to handle it
  386. is a perm or temp ban
  387. until he calms down to his normal senses
  388. to be honest i feel the forum is doing him a lot of harm to his health in terms of his psyche
  389. Wulf says:
  390. Around 3/4 hours of sleep a night? Always on 24/7. I'd say that's about right.
  391. David says:
  392. yea
  393. so
  394. honestly banning him
  395. Wulf says:
  396. I tried it once in my last semester of college, when all I was doing was studying and sleep three hours a night. Not a pretty picture.
  397. David says:
  398. would HELP his health
  399. which he honestly needs
  400. like yea mikee is very loud in terms of voicing his opinion
  401. even axel
  402. but they do have a sense of what is normal and what is stupid as hell
  403. he is honestly putting too much of his life into these forums. I mean its good to visit it once in a while but
  404. making your life as its thing
  405. is terrible so
  406. I think tis a win win for you guys as well
  407. Hey spyder
  408. when u get back
  409. you need to ban
  410. Narolf
  411. I check his visitors message
  412. its in french but i got someone to translate
  413. he is planning to do something about a new site and getting information from your site
  414. like i told you
  415. Wulf says:
  416. Just finished the first draft.
  417. David says:
  418. yea im just warning you spyder
  419. Wulf says:
  420. Though I can't say it's detailed at all. But it's the best I could do right now.
  421. David says:
  422. i viewed his visitors message
  423. Wulf says:
  424. Posted.
  425. Thanks again, Dave.
  426. David says:
  427. yep
  428. just please
  429. take my advice on banning him
  430. because if you dont
  431. things will get bad
  432. trust me
  433. Wulf says:
  434. How much you think we should give him?
  435. David says:
  436. What do you mean?
  437. Wulf says:
  438. How much time off should we give him?
  439. David says:
  440. time till things calm down
  441. give it 2months at least
  442. let the first tournament end
  443. until***
  444. you can ban him until he fixes his life issues
  445. which needs to be address
  446. because he will attack mass
  447. and you know this is true
  448. from his claims of hating him as much as his own father
  449. END QUOTE
  450. Wulf says:
  451. He's got issues.
  452. David says:
  453. So please do yourself and mass a favor
  454. and listen to me
  455. on this
  456. Wulf says:
  457. Especially when I remember him saying something about how there's an FF villain in his life.
  458. David says:
  459. exactly
  460. im off for now as i gotta attend some dota 2 scrims with me team and head to the gy
  461. but please take my advice on this
  462. i told mass about it as well
  463. so hopefully you guys can make the right choice
  464. Wulf says:
  465. Thanks, Dave.
  466. Take care of yourself.
  467. o/
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