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  1. apt-cache npm
  2. E: Invalid operation npm
  3. root@chatonlinenow:~# apt-cache search npm
  4. composer - dependency manager for PHP
  5. golang-glide - Vendor package management for Go
  6. node-html2canvas - Take screenshots of webpages directly in the browser - NodeJS module
  7. mricron - magnetic resonance image conversion, viewing and analysis
  8. node-github-url-from-git - Convert github git or gist url to an http url - Node.js module
  9. node-global-modules - directory used by npm for globally installed npm modules
  10. node-global-prefix - get the npm global path prefix
  11. node-json-parse-helpfulerror - drop-in replacement for JSON.parse that uses `jju`
  12. node-normalize-git-url - normalizes Git URLs
  13. node-npm-run-path - Get your PATH prepended with locally installed binaries
  14. node-npmlog - Logger with custom levels and colored output for Node.js
  15. node-pkg-dir - find the root directory of a npm package
  16. node-read-package-json - Read package.json for npm module for Node.js
  17. node-slide - Simple chain and asyncMap flow control module for Node.js
  18. node-tar - read and write portable tar archives module for Node.js
  19. node-tar-pack - Pack and unpack a Node.js module
  20. node-test - (Un)CommonJS test runner
  21. node-validate-npm-package-license - Tells if a string is a valid npm package license string
  22. r-bioc-snpstats - BioConductor SnpMatrix and XSnpMatrix classes and methods
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