Gabriele (2.1)

Feb 17th, 2015
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  1. Name: Lady Gabriele
  2. Gender: Female
  3. Race: Griffon
  4. Class: Spiritualist
  5. Age: 23
  6. Hits/Wounds: 6/5
  8. Skills:
  9. -Dextrous: passive; You possess the rare gift of dextrous hands. They come in surprisingly handy when using otherwise unwieldy things. Great weapons do not have a larger crit fail range, dual weapons don't miss both attacks on a single crit fail.
  10. -Flight: You use your wings to fly freely, given enough space to lift off. While in flight, you evade obstacles on the ground and can reach otherwise inaccessible places.
  11. -*BONUS RACIAL: Surveyor: passive; You have keen eyes when flying on high. While flying give either you or an ally +1 for ranged attacks
  12. -Bounce: passive; takeoff is instant and automatic
  14. -Cursed Seal: Turns a living enemy into an walking corpse. For all intents and purposes this target now counts as Undead and a corpse. This effect ends if someone removes the seal from their body.
  15. -Control: Spell, attempts to take control of a hostile or neutral undead. More powerful undead may require a higher minimum roll. Also used to take control of a larger undead at recharge 2.
  16. -Corpse Explosion: spell, ranged; explodes a dead creature’s corpse, dealing damage to all nearby enemies on success. +1 to crit range per target corpse’s power level (10+ crits on Weak, 9+ on Medium, 8+ on Strong etc). Exploded corpses cannot be resurrected, raised or communed with. Target reanimates as a hostile on crit fail.
  17. -*BONUS: Abomination: spell; you create an undead companion. You can fuse additional corpses to the Abomination; every time the corpse count doubles, it gains a new feature such as increased size, use of a skill, or additional hits. You can have only one Abomination at a time. If your Abomination is destroyed or defeated, you can resummon it with a successful roll, but this reduces its corpse count by one. Unaffected by Pet Mastery.
  18. -* BONUS: Pet Mastery: passive; you can control one additional minion. This skill can be taken multiple times to gain more minions.
  19. -* BONUs: I Dream of Strength: Instant; Recharge 1 after effect ends; Enhances the target's combat abilities for 2 turns. Every attack they land will do an extra hit of damage. Every attack made against them will do 1 less hit of damage, to a minimum of 1.
  21. Wrath
  22. 7/5
  23. Abomination
  24. Corpse count: 18
  25. >Ancient Sunlight (Recharge 2 after effect ends: For two turns, the targets rolls are +1. Additionally, the target can use as many instant actions per turn as they like while this effect is active
  28. Talent: Obey... ; +1 to necromancer spells
  29. Inventory:
  30. Whip (Catalyst, +1 to Cursed Seal)
  31. Jailor's uniform + cap
  32. Leather Armor (Light: Attack spells do 1 fewer point of damage; No counterattack damage on 5, -1 point of damage taken from normal attacks)
  33. 1x Healing Potion (Automatically restores 4 Hits inside combat, or 4 Hits and 1 Wound outside of combat)
  36. Appearance:
  37. A shapely griffon female with black fur on her lion-half and grey feathers on her eagle head and wings. She carries a whip around her waist on a tight belt at all times, as well as a crisp, green uniform and matching cap signifying her position as a jailor.
  39. Background:
  41. Gabriele hails from the norther Griffon kingdom of Mr’uthgar, where she makes her living as a jailor, charged with keeping the troublesome, the reprobates, and the menaces of her people's dominion locked safely away from the rest of their perfect kingdom. She is sadistic and delights in intimidating the inmates at the prison, but is very much aware of how difficult it can be to keep them in line. To this end, she has mastered a powerful curse that she places on those she finds particularly wild, using her magical whip (affectionately nicknamed Eva, though she doesn't make that public knowledge) to create a seal, resembling a sharply angled eagle claw print, that guarantees their compliance either through forceful control or threat of death by detonation of the mark.
  43. She believes that peace and prosperity can only be achieved through a thorough and complete domination, when all opposition no longer has the will to fight, and eagerly awaits the day that the griffons will descend from on high the mountains above and lay claim to the rest of Accorsia.
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