In the Deep Depths of Light, Session 6

Feb 25th, 2015
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  1. <DM> -=QUEST RESUME!=-
  2. <Lordan> I apologize for pulling you away from your newfound companion initiates. We should all bond together in harmony that Nayru is the true Goddess and to follow her laws, but before that.... I have a request of you. For now, follow me.
  3. <Lightwall> Yes, master.
  4. * Lordan walks towards.....
  5. * Lightwall discreetly bows.
  6. * Lordan heads towards the northeast door, on the other side of this large hubby area...... I mean, hub area.
  7. * Lightwall follows Lordan.
  8. <DM> *A few minutes later, you finally get over there, only to find the wide, gold-plated double-doors are already open, with various robed figures traveling in and out.*
  9. <Lordan> This, my comrade, is the Great Hall.
  10. * Lordan enters into the massive room ahead.
  11. * Lightwall looks up, with eyes widening.
  12. <DM> *You enter the Great Hall, which is a room equal in size to the Central Hub, only a lot longer and not quite as wide. Sunlight is filtering in from massive windows on the side of the room....... wait, aren't you underground? Whatever. Bookcases of various writings line the entire border of the room, and from nearly end to end is a long as heck table with various, lucrative and gourmet foods plattered across it. You can see groups of figures sitting around it,
  13. <DM> discussing in rather generic devilish whispery ways.*
  14. * Lightwall continues looking around while following Lordan.
  15. * Lordan continues walking down the Great Hall, as if ignoring all the chatter and commotion from what appears to be over half the Followers themselves in here, which is numering to be about 60.
  16. <Lordan> This is the hall for when our leaders need to speak to us all, and get Nayru's blessing from the goddess herself. As a collective, that is.
  17. <Lordan> But, we're going over there.
  18. <Lightwall> This place is glorious, master.
  19. * Lordan is heading towards the other side of the hall, where there's a door with two guards around it. Needless to say, these two are much stronger than the prison guards.
  20. <Lordan> Indeed it is.
  21. <Lordan> It is said you can find all the history of Hyrule, even back to the creation of the land, in this library. However, to read through all of these books would take more than any lifetime.
  22. * Lightwall glances at the bookshelves, marveling at the sheer number of books.
  23. * Lordan finally reaches the other side of the hall and motions to the two guards. They stand aside as Lordan places the tip of his staff to the middle of the door. A blue Triforce lights up on the door.
  24. <Lordan> The door will remain phased for only ten seconds. Follow quickly.
  25. * Lightwall follows Lordan hastily.
  26. * Lordan walks through the door, phasing through it.
  27. <DM> *You pass through what feels like a layer of heavy water and emerge on the other side...
  28. <DM> *... a much less grand room. Torchlights line the border of this medium room, which seems to just be a conference room for maybe a maximum of five people, with a rusty, steel table in the middle, surrounded by some rotting wooden chairs.*
  29. * Lordan takes a seat at the table.
  30. <Lordan> Take a seat next to me, young one.
  31. * Lightwall takes a seat next to Lordan.
  32. * Lordan raises his staff and taps it on the table.
  33. <DM> *A few moments pass, and suddenly, yet another mysterious robed figure appears, as if rising from the table itself. These robes are white and gold and flashy as heck, imprinted with light designs of various symbols seen throughout the history of Hyrule - the Eye of Truth, the Royal Family emblem, the Triforce, each Spiritual Gem, each Medallion, etc.
  34. <DM> *He finally materializes fully, then floats in the air, hoving above a seat on the other side of the table. All you can see under the hood covering his face is a void of light........ what?*
  35. <Lordan> Ah, Lord Entrama. Allow me to introduce Lightwulf, a recent initiate to our great Followers of Wisdom. He's the one that helped my church out.
  36. * Lightwall bows his head towards the robed figure.
  37. <DM> (correction, Lordan is the one that ruined his own church just to lure and get his hands on the baneroot)
  38. <DM> (but then had to cover it up to avoid Eldin)
  39. <Lightwall> (smirk)
  40. * Entrama continues to float there, without a word.
  41. <Lordan> ... uhh.. Lord?
  42. * Entrama seems to just stare at you, Lightwall.
  43. <Lordan> My lord, you-
  44. * Lightwall discontinues his bow and looks at Lord Entrama.
  45. * Entrama holds up his hand to Lordan.
  46. * Entrama begins to slowly hover towards Lightwall.... getting closer... and closer...
  47. * Lightwall maintains a steady, emotionless face.
  48. * Entrama ends up stopping right in front of you, with his shining face of void of light (wut) only a few inches away from your face.
  49. <DM> *You can see the light....... AND IT BURNS!*
  50. * Lightwall tries to hold his composure, looking at the light...
  51. <Entrama> Your soul...... smells tasty.
  52. <Lordan> Uhhh... My Lord, I didn't come to bring-
  53. <Lightwall> (not sure if that's a compliment!)
  54. * Entrama suddenly reels back, doing a Joker laugh.
  56. <Entrama> This one's good, Lordan! You brought a good one! Not even battin' an eye!
  57. * Lightwall blinks for a few seconds, eyes adjusting to the lack of light.
  58. * Lordan stares blankly at Entrama.
  59. <Lightwall> *sudden lack of light
  60. <Entrama> Relax, young one. I shall not devour your soul just yet... though... the smell is absolutely... golden. Pffhah! HAHAHAAAAAAAAH!
  61. * Lightwall bows his head briefly towards Lord Entrama.
  62. <Entrama> Ahhhh, yes, enough bowing, you'll make my violin crack. Pffhah~!
  63. <Lordan> Enough with the puns, My Lord. Perhaps, we should move onto the topic at hand, sire?
  64. <Entrama> Why, of course! Or else.. it'd cause.. a pundemic! Pfffffhah!
  65. * Lightwall smiles inside, maintaining a solemn face.
  66. <DM> *Every time he does that annoying laugh, the void of light shines brightly momentarily, partially blinding you two.*
  67. <Lightwall> (lol)
  68. <Entrama> Miiiiiiister........
  69. <Entrama> .........
  70. * Entrama turns to Lordan.
  72. * Lordan stumbles backwards out of his chair from the suddeness.
  73. <Lordan> W-w-w-hat? Oh, yes yes, OF CORUSE!
  74. * Lordan can't even say words correctly.
  75. <Lightwall> (oh, whoops, Lordan said "Lightwulf"!)
  76. <Lordan> H-his name is...... Walllight?
  77. <Lordan> Err, pardon me, sir, I uhhh....
  78. * Lordan IS getting old, ya know...
  79. <Lightwall> Lightwall, my lord.
  80. <Entrama> Flashlight it tis, young one! Pffhah!
  81. * Lightwall smirks slightly.
  82. <Entrama> So Flashlight... since you're rather... hmm... I apologize for using this word..... weak....
  83. <Entrama> And since Lordman trusts you oh so well...
  84. * Lightwall almost kinks an eyebrow, but holds it back.
  85. <Entrama> I have a little task for you, Flashlightwall.......
  86. <Entrama> .... Lordy, that door is shut, isn't it?
  87. <Lightwall> Yes, my lord?
  88. <Lordan> Yes, why yes, it is!
  89. <Entrama> ..... please test it.
  90. <Lordan> ..... test, you say?
  91. * Entrama nods rapidly, like a turbo controller nodding his head for a few seconds.
  92. <Lordan> ... o-okay!
  93. * Entrama floats towards Lordan, who hastily gets up and runs towards the door, slamming into it and knocking himself out.
  94. <Entrama> Yay! The new door is working! Thanks, Lordman!
  95. * Entrama turns back to you, Lightwall.
  96. * Lightwall looks at Lordan briefly, then turns back to Lord Entrama.
  97. * LordanDown continues to just stay unconscious on the floor.
  98. * Entrama stops floating and lands on the ground. He slowly walks towards the other side of the table and takes a seat.
  99. <Entrama> We have a field encompassing the entirety of our base. It blinks when spells are cast, though we haven't refined it to the point of telling us what the spell is, who cast it, or where it is.
  100. <Entrama> It's been blinking a lot more than usual lately.... muuuuuuch more....
  101. <Entrama> We believe a certain individual has somehow found and snuck into our base...
  102. <Entrama> I believe you've heard of the infamous Bloodwind, yes?
  103. <Lightwall> I've heard the name before, my lord.
  104. <Entrama> You know, kinda looks like the opposite of me... void of darkness and dark red robes.
  105. * Lightwall nods in acknowledgement.
  106. <Entrama> Well, he's a nuisance here. An absolute, annoying, nuisance.
  107. <Entrama> We tried dealing with him in the past, and all he did was backstab us and steal one of our artifacts.
  108. * Lightwall turns his eyebrows down, looking a little mad at the news.
  109. <Entrama> We know that he'd know if anyone strong here tried to trail him.... but I doubt he'd believe someone like you is on the lookout for him.
  110. <Lightwall> Yes, my lord.
  111. <Entrama> Young one, Flashlight Wallman, would you be up for this incredibly difficult task?
  112. <Entrama> Should you succeed, I shall immediately jump you to a rank equal to your Master Lordyman over there.
  113. <Entrama> Which is right below mine, in fact...
  114. * Lightwall bows his head slightly while saying "Yes, my lord."
  115. <Entrama> Excellent. I'm going to teach you a spell now...
  116. <Entrama> In fact, it's similar to using Subjugate...
  117. <DM> *Skill, not spell
  118. <Lightwall> (Sweeeet! ... I think)
  119. <Entrama> Skill. Spell........ Spelling Skill!
  120. <Entrama> PFFHAH!
  121. <Entrama> I mean...
  122. * Lightwall looks to Lord Entrama, eager to learn.
  123. * Entrama points to the table. After a moment, it disappears. He points to a random corner in the room. A box suddenly appears there.
  124. <Entrama> Use any amount of Magic you have.... and instead of converging it at one point or a person, disperse it into the air... and see through these petty tricks...
  125. <Entrama> ... I recommend more than 1....
  126. <Entrama> Try it now, Flashylightywallyman.
  127. <Entrama> Man, your name is just so FUN! I could make light of it all day! Pffhah!
  128. * Lightwall smirks, humored.
  129. <Entrama> You know, perhaps I won't devour your soul after all. I may be half Wizzrobe, but if I ate your soul... I'd wall myself off! Pffhah!
  130. <DM> *What.*
  131. * Lightwall tries to focus 3 magic out of his core and dispersed into the air.
  132. <DM> *You grammar a sentence, and the sentence laughs at you.*
  133. <Lightwall> (lol)
  134. <Lightwall> *disperse
  135. <DM> *The magic disperses like a gas into the air. As it expands throughout the room, the cloak on the table wears off, and the box in the corner of the room disappears.*
  136. <DM> *Congratulations, Lightwall! You've just learned Illusion Break! Grab it here -
  137. <Entrama> This, man of light of wall of man....... pffhah!
  138. <Entrama> This, is an ability called Illusion Break. I've taught you this ability because..... Bloodwind is known for constantly using illusions. It's how he gets around despite everyone always on the lookout for him.
  139. <Lightwall> Thank you, my lord.
  140. <Entrama> If you need Magic to cast it, just ask Lordan to supply it through transfer. I've given permission to all guards to do the same if you ask them.
  141. <Entrama> If this Bloodwind is in the base, and the Illusion Break hits him directly, whatever disguise he's using will wear off. He will revert to the form of Bloodwind.
  142. * Lightwall nods in acknowledgement.
  143. <Entrama> I know there are many members of this place. But I believe in your skills, or rather... I believe in the me that believes in the Lordan that believes in the you! Pffhah!
  144. * Lightwall smirks, amused.
  145. <Entrama> I should also note... disguises break if the wearer takes any damage. This man will likely be trying to avoid confrontations with others.
  146. <Entrama> What his goal is, I don't know. Orland might know, but there are some things only he knows, and it's that way for a reason.
  147. * Lightwall listens pensively.
  148. <Entrama> .. sorry, I'm not the real real boss. For some reason, Orland, the real real boss here, decided to set me up as the face of the group, but only the real boss, not the real real boss.
  149. <Entrama> I apologize if Lordan forgot he was an old man. Pffhah!
  150. <Entrama> I shall let you go now.... by teleporting you right back to where you were!
  151. * Lightwall nods in acknowledgement.
  152. <Lightwall> Yes, my lord.
  153. <Entrama> Nice to eat you- I MEAN meat you. Hahah, meat. Get it? Souls are meat to me. Pffhah!
  154. <Entrama> Farewell, initiate!
  155. * Entrama waves his hands dramatically in many motions and many ways.
  156. <DM> *Nothing happens.*
  157. <Entrama> ..... oh. Right.
  158. * Entrama points at you dramatically. You suddenly disappear from the room in a flash of light... and end up right back next to Dan Kaze in the recruits room. The other folks don't appear to be there... I guess they went elsewhere...... in theory. I dunno, the session for them to go places hasn't happened yet.
  159. <Lightwall> (I can ignore them if they are there, just in case.)
  160. <DanKaze> Heeeeeey, buddy! Man, Lordyman took you away for a while! I was afraid he took you away to eat your soul or something...
  161. <Lightwall> No, I'm fine! I received some additional instruction.
  162. <DanKaze> Oooh?
  163. <DanKaze> Like, now you're a double agent?
  164. <Lightwall> I wouldn't say that, necessarily.
  165. <DanKaze> Working for Eldin to infiltrate here to work for Lordan to doublecross him to work for Eldin to find out that you can't grow tacos!
  166. * Lightwall almost laughs, but keeps his composure.
  167. <Lightwall> Nice!
  168. <DanKaze> What's the orders, anyhow? I mean, we're bros man!
  169. * Lightwall stops to look around the ceiling.
  170. * DanKaze puts his arm over your shoulder.
  171. <DM> *The ceiling...... is still the ceiling?*
  172. <Lightwall> I think they've been... sensing your magic somehow. We have to be careful how and when you use it.
  173. <DanKaze> Huh? Really?
  174. <Lightwall> Yeah... I'm not sure how...
  175. <DanKaze> I mean, I figure Lordan was catchin' on, but he's an old man, no one will believe him!
  176. <Lightwall> Hang on.
  177. * Lightwall closes his eyes and faces downward a little.
  178. * Lightwall casts Illusion Break using 3 magic.
  179. <DanKaze> The force is strong with you, man!
  180. * Lightwall opens his eyes to look around.
  181. <Lightwall> (lol)
  182. <DM> *The Illusion Break seems to have been applied directly onto DanKaze.... he is still DanKaze.*
  183. <Lightwall> Hmm... Nothing.
  184. <Lightwall> Can you sense if someone else uses illusions?
  185. <DanKaze> Duh! I'm the frigin' master of illusions! Why ya ask?
  186. <Lightwall> *whispering* Have you heard of a guy named... Bloodwind?
  187. <DanKaze> Pfft, duh!
  188. <DanKaze> Everyone has! Most wanted guy in Hyrule and Termina.
  189. <DanKaze> Why ya ask?
  190. <Lightwall> (still whispering) Apparently he's been giving these guys trouble. They can't detect him, but he might be here somewhere.
  191. <DanKaze> Really?
  192. <DM> *There's some guards conveniently for you nearby.*
  193. <DM> *for use
  194. <Lightwall> Hang on.
  195. * Lightwall walks towards the guards.
  196. <DM> *One of them makes eye contact with you.*
  197. <Lightwall> Pardon me, sirs.
  198. <Lightwall> I'm on orders from Lord Entrama, and he said you could give me some MP.
  199. <Guard> Ahh, orders from the Lord himself! For an initiate, too! I'm so jelly man, I can give it ALL to you!
  200. <Lightwall> I'm only in need of 7 MP at the moment.
  201. * Guard uses Transfer to transfer his magic to you.........
  202. <Guard> Alright, here ya go, all my magic!
  203. * Guard transfers a grand total of a flashy looking beam of transference......... 1 magic.
  204. * Lightwall feels his magic fully restore.
  205. <Guard> ....... hey...... buddy.....
  206. * Guard pokes his buddy.
  207. <Guard> Could you transfer yer magic maaaaaaan? I kinda forgot to learn how to do that.
  208. <Lightwall> (oops, not fully yet...)
  209. <DM> *The other guard sighs and facepalms, and then transfers his magic to you. You're at max now.*
  210. <Guard> Duuuuuude, thanks man! Go get 'em, man! ... or whatever you're doing.
  211. * Lightwall feels his magic fully restore. He thanks the guards and heads back to Dan Kaze.
  212. <DanKaze> What was that about?
  213. <Lightwall> (next to Dan, whispers: ) Okay, I have to figure out a search plan to find this Blood-guy.
  214. * Lightwall casts Illusion Break with 5 magic directly at Dan Kaze.
  215. <DM> *Your Illusion Break, instead of dispering into the room, surrounds Dan Kaze and absorbs into him.*
  216. <DM> *Did it work? Will it work?*
  217. * DanKaze burps.
  218. <DM> -=QUEST PAUSE=-
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