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Chapter Seven

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  1. [2012-06-27 13:04:45] <Kkat> #3Fallout: Beyond Equestria, Session Seven: The Solaris Legacy (Part Four)  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z_7RYu5WJSk
  2. [2012-06-27 13:05:32] <Kkat> #3(With audio enhancement brought to you by Scorch_Mechanic! :) )
  3. [2012-06-27 13:09:35] <Kkat> #3http://tindeck.com/listen/mvwv
  4. [2012-06-27 13:10:00] <Kkat> #3Solaris.  
  5. [2012-06-27 13:10:15] <Kkat> #3A localized powerhouse in pre-war Equestrian Industry, the corporation nevertheless grew stunted in the shadow of its self-proclaimed rival Stable-Tec’s success.  Competition drives some ponies to desperate measures once they begin to lose.  Cheat a little.  Skimp on quality control.  Fly, don’t run.  Unleash the bees.
  6. [2012-06-27 13:10:26] <Kkat> #3The repercussions on product and populace were not always as quickly discerned as a wretched apple cider.  While there were enough incidents involving Solaris products to make the press and tarnish the company’s name, the vast majority of its endeavors were initially successful.  The company grew, and became a significant wartime employer.  
  7. [2012-06-27 13:10:58] <Kkat> #3Solaris expanded to dominate the stretch of Equestria along Highway 52, with tendrils spreading out and taking root as far as Stalliongrad.  In many cases, it took years or even decades for shortcuts and shoddy craftsmanship to take their toll, turning the once benevolent designs of the past into a curse on the present.  
  8. [2012-06-27 13:11:10] <Kkat> #3In at least one case, it took centuries.
  9. [2012-06-27 13:11:17] <Kkat> #3--- Session begins ---
  10. [2012-06-27 13:15:06] <Kkat> #3The party has gathered, and supplies have been garnered from locked containers... save where our heroes fouled the lock.
  11. [2012-06-27 13:16:01] * Mitzi would offer to attempt cutting the locks with her claws, if they could bring the containers to her somehow
  12. [2012-06-27 13:16:48] <Mitzi> *cutting the broken locks
  13. [2012-06-27 13:16:55] * Get_Lost checks the brand new wounds on Bookwright and frowns "ah... i gues i'd try ate least to stop the bleeding... if you let me..."
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  16. [2012-06-27 13:23:33] * Bookwright shrugs and nods. "Sure. I believe in second chances."
  17. [2012-06-27 13:23:59] * Get_Lost takes out her medical stuff and bandages the new wounds of the pony
  18. [2012-06-27 13:24:01] * Kid looks at the new pony in the group. Well, isn't he the unlucky one? She was sorely tempted to learn how to bandage ponies up, if not for the simple fact that she couldn't possibly screw up that prevalently. Oh, but where did her manners go? She removed her hat and gave a brief bow. "'Ey. I'm Sweet Spirits 'a Cats 'a Fightin'. Ya'll can call m' Kid." She straightens up and puts her straw hat...
  19. [2012-06-27 13:24:02] * Kid ...back on her head and looked towards the building looming ominously overhead. "Now. Ah'm not th' type t' skimp out on tellin' a story, but ah don't wanna leave that place standin' there alone fer much longer. Mind if ah fill y' in on th' way up?"
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  21. [2012-06-27 13:24:44] <Get_Lost> okay, i use regular bandages on Bookwright to help the wounds heal faster
  22. [2012-06-27 13:26:50] * Shatara waits on everyone to finish their busy, fidgeting and looking guilty.
  23. [2012-06-27 13:27:22] * Crescendo_ idly rubs the scar on his foreleg (damn thing was itchy!). He watches as Get_Lost actually manages not to bandage herself to something. "Mr. Bookwright was it? You said you were researching the inhabitants of these canyons, did you find anything interesting?"
  24. [2012-06-27 13:27:36] * Get_Lost works a bit trying to make a decent work, and until she sticks to the basics, it seems to work "alright, it think i'm done"
  25. [2012-06-27 13:30:51] * Bookwright sighs. "I really haven't, unfortunately. All I have to show for a week's worth of looking are sketches of some tribal markings that are probably no more than 'this be our land' signs. I was planning on taking it slow, and I thought that looking around that little cavern back there might be a nice mental break from breaking my brain trying to understand these markings that may have no meaning...
  26. [2012-06-27 13:30:51] * Bookwright ...at all."
  27. [2012-06-27 13:32:37] * Get_Lost "well... we were trying to fix a problem with this structure, instead: it looks like that solaris was working on some sort of long term project here and it could still be going... we were plannning to find out what it was and sto it before it kills a lot of ponies... want to join?"
  28. [2012-06-27 13:33:36] * Bookwright addresses Kid. "It's, ah, a pleasure to meet you miss Sweet Spirits 'a Cats 'a Fightin'. I'm Bookwright, in case you don't already know, and I absolutely will take you up on your offer. Tell me everything." He pulls out a notebook and a pencil.
  29. [2012-06-27 13:34:08] * Mitzi listens to the conversations without saying anything. Her attempt at cutting bandages had gone horribly wrong, and she felt like keeping her paws to herself for now. She didn't really understand what the ponies were going on about, but she listened anyways
  30. [2012-06-27 13:34:15] * Get_Lost as soon as the others move, the mare follows
  31. [2012-06-27 13:36:12] * Bookwright nearly drops his pencil. "Kills a lot of ponies? As in, ponies in this valley and other communities nearby? Of course I want to stop it!"
  32. [2012-06-27 13:38:44] * Shatara takes to the air, scouting a bit ahead towards their destination.
  33. [2012-06-27 13:40:18] * Get_Lost "it' nice to see ponies willing to fix stuff, alright, ah... we now just have to decide where to go... i think thatthere was a biolab somewhere..."
  34. [2012-06-27 13:42:27] * Kid explains the current situation in depth from her perspective. She might have oversold it a little on the more grandiose details, but it was essentially all true. "... So ya'll see, it's up t' us t' stop th' evils o' th' past an' save Equestria once again from it's own folly." She crooned, one fore hoof attempting to wrap around Bookwright's neck and the other sweeping through the canyon,...
  35. [2012-06-27 13:42:28] * Kid ...stopping at the building. She closes her eye excitedly. "Nifty, huh?"
  36. [2012-06-27 13:43:27] * Crescendo_ nods along, Kid told a good story.
  37. [2012-06-27 13:47:22] * Bookwright nods eagerly, scribbling furiously in his notebook. "I wouldn't call it 'nifty' persay, but it's definitely... interesting. From what I've heard and my own personal experiences with SOLARIS, I expect if I don't help put a stop to whatever SOLARIS is/was up to, I won't have any tribals to interview at all...
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  42. [2012-06-27 13:49:40] * Bookwright claps the notebook shut with a hollow sound. "Thank you again. Also, if it wouldn't be too much trouble, and if you don't mind, I'd like to get your life's story the next time we make camp. I'm collecting the stories of all the ponies in these valleys, not just the tribal's."
  43. [2012-06-27 13:50:54] * Mitzi looks at Bookwright; "We dun live here. Taveleen up from Nexus."
  44. [2012-06-27 13:50:57] * Get_Lost "yes, and don't forget that at  the mopment you are in the valley too...."
  45. [2012-06-27 13:51:44] * Get_Lost "so.... i guess we can go again inside that mane building and check the laboratories?"
  46. [2012-06-27 13:52:23] * Bookwright puts away his notebook, and momentarily shows a book labeled 'DIARY' in big red letters. "Yes, I'm recording everything I'm doing too. If I don't keep the records, who will?"
  47. [2012-06-27 13:52:29] * Kid couldn't be happier with that. "Ooh! Ooh! D'ya wanna hear how m' Ma n' Pa met? Or d'ya wanna hear about th' lighthouse ponies up on Lookout Point? Or d'ya wanna hear about th' Zebra ghosts?" Kid grinned. "Ah like th' story 'bout th' Zebra ghosts."
  48. [2012-06-27 13:53:51] * Get_Lost sighs "we dont' have time for this! we have to go back and stop that crazy thing before whatever it flaws was will trigger!"
  49. [2012-06-27 13:54:02] <Get_Lost> *its
  50. [2012-06-27 13:54:57] * Crescendo_ takes a subtle step away from Bookwright and towards Get_Lost. "Yep. Whatever answers are to be found are most likely in those labs."
  51. [2012-06-27 13:55:01] * Bookwright is unfazed by Kid's enthusiasm. "Certainly, although it sounds like I could fill several notebooks just with your experiences alone. And that goes for all of you, y'hear? I want to write down all your life's stories, whatever you want to tell me. It'll all go into the records libraries the next time I visit a Followers encampment."
  52. [2012-06-27 13:55:36] * Bookwright nods. "But all that's for later. We can do that anytime, and I admit I'm just as eager to get going and solve this SOLARIS predicament as you are. Lead on."
  53. [2012-06-27 13:56:09] * Get_Lost "yeah, don't forget that dead ponies tell no tales..."
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  55. [2012-06-27 13:58:53] * Kid is sorely tempted to climb up. She learned that she hated not being on her hooves. There was a sense of solidarity that she lost when somepony took her up, and it didn't help that being floated felt like falling, but slow and in a different direction. It bothered her without parallel. "Actually, zebra ghosts do," She snarked lightly. "But that's a whole different predicament."
  56. [2012-06-27 14:01:16] * Get_Lost "and... you are fine with traveling on a boat that works thanks to a bunch of everburning zebra bones? you are weird... i like you, kid"
  57. [2012-06-27 14:05:11] <Kkat> #3As the exploratory caravan ponies exit the cave in the bright noonday sun, they begin to look around.  Before them, the verdant Gaia Valley stretches between the walls and rock formations of Grimfire Canyon.  A contained oasis of trees and hearty vegitation, fed by rainfall and Solaris' artificial river.  
  58. [2012-06-27 14:06:21] * Kid waves her hoof towards Get_Lost dismissively. "Not like those stripey things c'n actually do anythin' but do their silly dances. Almost put me in a trance, though. Wonder what they would'a done if they did do it?" She pokes through the vegetation for anything useful or tasty. Aw, yeah! This sort of thing was what she was looking for!
  59. [2012-06-27 14:06:46] * Mitzi observes the local flora and fauna.
  60. [2012-06-27 14:07:55] <Kkat> #3Not far ahead, through the trees, many of them spot what looks to be a bit old wreckage, perhaps a chariot.  Shatara can see the road that winds up towards the Solaris building about a quarter of a mile away.
  61. [2012-06-27 14:08:44] * Get_Lost points at the wreckage "that looks like a good place where to start..."
  62. [2012-06-27 14:08:55] * Bookwright looks out over the canyon and wishes he had one of those things that pre-war ponies had... "kam-er-ahs" or whatever they were called. Apparently could instantly make a still image of whatever they were pointed at, in color. Would make documenting these tribal markings much easier..."
  63. [2012-06-27 14:11:17] <Kkat> #3Mitzi is looking at the local vegetation, noting that much of it seems unique to the valley.  She is looking at a pretty, white flowering plant that she had never seen before when her eyes are drawn to a barren patch of ground.  She almost instinctively recognizes it as a place where the ground has been dug up and filled in.
  64. [2012-06-27 14:12:01] * Mitzi steps over to the tilled earth and observes it curiously. She begins to dig, like a dog searching for a buried bone
  65. [2012-06-27 14:12:33] * Bookwright notes Mitzi's activity and approaches, notebook and sketching charcoal at the ready.
  66. [2012-06-27 14:12:59] * Mitzi is a proficient digger
  67. [2012-06-27 14:13:23] * Get_Lost "so... who's going inspect that wreckage?" the mare looks at Crescendo_ and Shatara
  68. [2012-06-27 14:14:57] * Shatara studies the path a bit, sizing up its viablility. Even if they did get ambushed on it, at least the groundpounders wouldn't have to worry about plummeting to horrible deaths when the hornheads' magic fails. "Whuh? Wreckage? Where?"
  69. [2012-06-27 14:15:26] * Kid passively looks around, decidedly looking, but not touching. Okay, this seemed off somehow. Her attention went to the hellhound, and after a moment, she realizes what Mitzi was doing. "Y'no, Ma always did tell me that ponies that dig up graves go t' hell." She scolded lightly.
  70. [2012-06-27 14:16:36] * Bookwright responds mildly. "If this is a grave, where is the marker?"
  71. [2012-06-27 14:16:43] <Kkat> #3Mitzi soon uncovers a few old animal bones and a pawfull of shiny objects: three pieces of scrap metal, an empty tin can, and a pre-war audio recorder.  
  72. [2012-06-27 14:17:23] <Kkat> #3All of the items show signs of being gnawed on.
  73. [2012-06-27 14:17:45] * Crescendo_ sighs, immediately calling 'not it!' was not the gentlecoltly thing to do. "Sure, I'll take a look."
  74. [2012-06-27 14:18:59] * Crescendo_ walks towards the wreckage cautiously.
  75. [2012-06-27 14:19:08] * Bookwright 's interest is piqued. His magic envelopes the audio recorder. "May I?"
  76. [2012-06-27 14:21:34] * Mitzi observes the objects curiously. "Dis luks like eet's been chewed on by teetheen pup." She allows Bookwright to take the recorder; she didn't know what to do with it
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  78. [2012-06-27 14:23:23] * Get_Lost looks for a moment towards bookie and mitzi "oh, a recorder? does it still work? is there something on it?"
  79. [2012-06-27 14:23:36] * Bookwright thanks Mitzi and lifts the recorder from the shallow hole. "Well, we could play it now or save it for later. Personally, I'm all for playing it now... unless anyone has an objection?"
  80. [2012-06-27 14:26:06] * Kid trotted up to the ditch. "Well, what else d'ya put bones in and a flower on?" She mentions. Kid caught sight of a sparkle from off the audio recorder and looked over Bookwright's shoulder curiously. "I'm fer playin' it now." She said. Hey, the thing kept from blowing up in the last 225 years. What's a few more minutes added on the clock?
  81. [2012-06-27 14:26:39] * Mitzi shrugs; "As yu weesh. Uh dunno wut tu du with eet."
  82. [2012-06-27 14:27:10] * Get_Lost "well, i dont' think they put a memetic programming code on a tape recorder in a hole in the ground, so i think it's quite safe to listen to it now?"
  83. [2012-06-27 14:27:45] <Bookwright> "What's a 'memetic programming code'?"
  84. [2012-06-27 14:28:45] * Kid looks at the little animal bones. "I'm guessin' this here's jus' a grave fer' a pet or somethin'." She went up to the dug-up animal bones and tried to remember if this was an animal she knew.
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  87. [2012-06-27 14:37:51] <Kkat> #3Bookwright looks over the audio recorder.  It is extremely old and horribly weathered, but still looks like it should function.  However, nothing happens when the unicorn attempts to play it, and further examination shows that it appears to be missing some parts -- along the back there is a section for eight modular components, but the device is missing five.
  88. [2012-06-27 14:38:54] =-= Arcane_Scroll is now known as Arcane_Scroll[A]
  89. [2012-06-27 14:39:28] * Crescendo_ approaches the wreckage and gives it a poke.
  90. [2012-06-27 14:39:33] * Bookwright rolls his eyes. "Nothing is ever simple in this soon-to-be-blasted hellscape, is it?" Grumbling, he stuffs it in one of his saddlebags. "Welp, let's move on... I think I saw some wreckage further on that looked interesting."
  91. [2012-06-27 14:40:24] * Get_Lost "well, if it was easy it wouldn't be fun, right?"
  92. [2012-06-27 14:41:38] * Bookwright eyes Get_Lost beadily. "You and I clearly have different definitions of the word 'fun'."
  93. [2012-06-27 14:41:41] * Mitzi holds up the scrap metal and tin can; "Dis help at all?"
  94. [2012-06-27 14:42:01] =-= Arcane_Scroll[A] is now known as Arcane_Scroll
  95. [2012-06-27 14:42:20] * Get_Lost "want me to give a look at it? maybe if it's just the power source we can make up for it with some jusry rigging..."
  96. [2012-06-27 14:43:35] * Bookwright looks back over his shoulder. "With the recorder? It'd take a far more skilled metallurgist and technical scientist than I to fix the recorder with tin cans and scrap metal." To Get_Lost: "It seems to be missing more than just a power source. You can have a look if you like, but I don't think we're going to get it working without some spare parts from another recorder."
  97. [2012-06-27 14:43:59] <Kkat> #3Crescendo approaches a badly-rusted conglomeration of twisted metalwork.  He doesn't recognize what he is looking at, but his best guess is that it is either what little remains of a crashed delivery wagon or the ruins of a shack constructed from debris.
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  99. [2012-06-27 14:46:05] * Get_Lost nods "alright, then we will gett a shhot at it when we find some spare parts"
  100. [2012-06-27 14:46:39] * Crescendo_ yells back. "I think it's an old wagon... or maybe somepony who built their house on the beach."
  101. [2012-06-27 14:48:18] * Bookwright pulls out the recorder and proffers it to Get_Lost.
  102. [2012-06-27 14:48:54] * Mitzi doesn't know what a metallurgist is, but assumes that means no, and discards the refuse
  103. [2012-06-27 14:49:54] * Get_Lost stops for a moment looking at the small thing, trying to figure out what's wrong with it
  104. [2012-06-27 14:50:21] <Kkat> #3Whatever the metal structure once was, it is partially burried.
  105. [2012-06-27 14:52:49] * Crescendo_ turns back to the group. "Hey, Mitzi, could you lend me a claw or two? This things pretty buried."
  106. [2012-06-27 14:54:33] <Kkat> #3Meanwhile, Shatara has spotted a small caravan of wagons clustered long the side of the road that leads into the valley from the Solaris parking lot. The wagons look pre-war from this distance.  Several miles into the valley, Shatara spots a much larger hunk of wreckage... quite sizable, in fact.
  107. [2012-06-27 14:55:08] * Mitzi saunters over to Crescendo and looks at the half buried wreckage; "Buried tings mean hidden, half buried means crashed or poorly hidden." She begins to shift the earth at the base of the wreckage, attempting to loose it. Her hellhound claws and natural digging talent would let her swim in the earth if she really felt so incluned
  108. [2012-06-27 14:58:33] <Kkat> #3Shatara believes she recognizes the wreckage in the distance.
  109. [2012-06-27 14:58:41] * Kid looks at the pile of bones and shakes her head. Too dessicated, can't make out whether it's feline, canine, or scarily enough, equine in nature. She instead tries to busy herself by finding plants to eat along the way. Solaris can't fuck up plants of all things anymore than the frontier already has, right?
  110. [2012-06-27 15:00:49] * Bookwright scrutinizes the crashed wagon and tries to scrounge up all the facts he can remember reading about these pre-war devices. They're more complex than plain pegasus-pulled carts, but he's not sure he can remember how...
  111. [2012-06-27 15:02:19] * Shatara stares at the wreckage in the distance. "Wow...is that a Raptor? I read about them..."
  112. [2012-06-27 15:02:50] <Kkat> #3Get_Lost gives the old audio recorder a look.  It's a design that predates Pipbuck technology by more than one technological generation, and seems extremely hardy and simple even for its type.  As the svelte mare originally suspected, the battery is merely dead.  A fresh spark battery would bring it right back to life...
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  114. [2012-06-27 15:03:51] <Kkat> #3...as for what Bookwright took for vital missing components, those are tracks.  The audio recorder is designed to record or play merely eight audio tracks, and there are three currently installed.  
  115. [2012-06-27 15:03:56] * Get_Lost "ah... does somepony happen to have a spark battery somewhere? didn't we find something like that in a cabinet?"
  116. [2012-06-27 15:05:40] * Kid peeks up from her busywork. "Uh. Ah found a couple in th' buildin'. C'mere, an' I'll hoof 'em over." She stopped and retrieved the medical box and pulled out a Spark Battery.
  117. [2012-06-27 15:05:51] * Bookwright shrugs. "You've got a sharper mind than I do, miss. I really need to clean these glasses..."
  118. [2012-06-27 15:10:00] -->| Somber (Mibbit@Pony-lsh.ee4.141.75.IP) has joined #falloutequestriapnp
  119. [2012-06-27 15:10:32] * Get_Lost "ah... actually, the fact that i have a better grasp on this stuff could be a bad sign... after all, my last name is solaris..."
  120. [2012-06-27 15:12:56] <Kkat> #3Bookwright feels like he aught to be able to identify the wreckage -- and it is definitely a crashed wagon of some sort -- but he just can't put his hoof on it...
  121. [2012-06-27 15:13:33] <Kkat> #3Mitzi digs into the ground around the wreckage as Crescendo watches nearby.
  122. [2012-06-27 15:15:50] <Kkat> #3Oh, wait!  After studying it a moment longer, Bookwright recognizes the crashed Enclave Bomber Wagon for what it is.  And realizes that maybe they shouldn't be walking around this area if the ground could conceal undetonated cargo.  Or, for that matter, digging...
  123. [2012-06-27 15:15:58] <Kkat> #3>> WHOOOMP! <<
  124. [2012-06-27 15:19:43] <Kkat> #3Mitzi and Crescendo are thrown back in an eruption of dirt and concussive force.  Mercifully, the same decay that had left the bomb Mitzi's claws dug into so unstable also robbed it of much of its original punch.  Still the explosion echos off the canyon walls.  Shatara can see a cloud of blasted dirt geyser up  between the trees.
  125. [2012-06-27 15:20:20] * Get_Lost is caught completely by surprise and eeeps liek a little filly at the explosion, hiding her muzzle behind her hooves before realizing thaqt somepony could be hurt... and she is the medic! alright lost, not time to panic! the mare gallops twards the area of the explosion calling aloud "who was caught? is everypony alright?"
  126. [2012-06-27 15:20:53] * Kid 'pff's and whisks her hoof on the shoulder of her armor. "Oh, come on. Ya'll aren't t' blame fer everythin' that's goin' wro-" Kid's not-so-keen ears detect the sound of an explosion happening not too far off. "... What did ya'll do!" Kid brought up very pointedly towards Get.
  127. [2012-06-27 15:21:29] * Shatara sheilds himself from the detonation with a wing. "Aww, hell..." He dives towards the wrecked bomber that he can totally see now that its exploding.
  128. [2012-06-27 15:21:40] -->| Chor (Mibbit@Pony-hra.fl3.148.217.IP) has joined #falloutequestriapnp
  129. [2012-06-27 15:21:45] * Mitzi is thrown back and lands in a head with a resounding thud
  130. [2012-06-27 15:22:15] * Bookwright quickly swaps his regular glasses for his sunglasses. Watches the pretty fireball coolly. "Yep. That's unexploded ordinance for yah..."
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  132. [2012-06-27 15:22:59] <Kkat> #3Ears ringing, Bookwright sees Get_Lost running towards the explosion... and an area that really best be treated as a minefield.
  133. [2012-06-27 15:23:01] * Crescendo_ hits the ground hard, knocking the air out of his lungs.
  134. [2012-06-27 15:23:30] * Bookwright abandons politeness and shouts: "
  135. [2012-06-27 15:23:57] <Bookwright> "Get_Lost! Don't go over there! There could still be bombs left!"
  136. [2012-06-27 15:24:31] * Get_Lost slows down considering the minefield option "wait, yeah okay, i know but... Shatara can you fly the wounded outside the area?"
  137. [2012-06-27 15:25:23] * Mitzi wobbles to her feet, looking bloodied but surprisingly well off considering
  138. [2012-06-27 15:26:19] * Crescendo_ struggles for breath, and struggles to lift his face out of the dirt, which just added insult to injury.
  139. [2012-06-27 15:27:40] * Bookwright offers his own abilities. "I'm not the best telekine around, but I can lift them out if need be."
  140. [2012-06-27 15:28:53] * Get_Lost looks at the wounded friends and it is evident that she can't wait to help them; she takes a nervous step towards the wounded companions "Shatara, can you try flying the wounded ones outside the dangeorus area?"
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  142. [2012-06-27 15:29:07] * Get_Lost "yes, yes everything that can help please!"
  143. [2012-06-27 15:29:31] <Kkat> #3Between Shatara's flight and Bookwright's magic, they are able to extract their friends from the danger zone without further harm.
  144. [2012-06-27 15:29:48] * Shatara hovers over the area and sizes up the situation, prioritizing whoever needs the evac worst.
  145. [2012-06-27 15:30:37] <Kkat> #3Crescendo is clearly seems the more wounded.
  146. [2012-06-27 15:32:16] * Kid uncomfortably looks at the situation playing out and sort of regrets immediately blaming Get_Lost. She looked at the bomber and frowned at it. She remembered that symbol and ran a hoof through her things, specifically the Enclave Scrip.
  147. [2012-06-27 15:34:18] -->| Chor (Mibbit@Pony-hra.fl3.148.217.IP) has joined #falloutequestriapnp
  148. [2012-06-27 15:34:56] * Get_Lost first of all, the mare goes on crescendo: he's badly hurt and need immediate help, so she gives him her last potion
  149. [2012-06-27 15:36:30] * Get_Lost as soon as she's done with Crescendo_ the mare moves on mitzi "please stand stiull i'm trying to bandage you... this usually gets messy..."
  150. [2012-06-27 15:37:20] * Crescendo_ takes a little while to breathe properly again, but drinks the offered potion as soon as he was able.
  151. [2012-06-27 15:38:26] * Shatara lands and fidgets some, keeping watch since he wasn't much help at fixing ponies.
  152. [2012-06-27 15:46:18] * Kid grumps slightly that she isn't able to help before looking around for something to help with. Maybe some herb around here would help disinfect or protubulate or colonoscapate or something.
  153. [2012-06-27 15:48:13] * Mitzi decides she really likes magic bandages
  154. [2012-06-27 15:50:52] * Bookwright sighs. "Well, this has all been rather... diverting, but it's not really furthering our mission. Let's move on, shall we?"
  155. [2012-06-27 15:52:07] * Bookwright notes down that there's /used/ to be a crashed Enclave bombing wagon here, probably from the Day, but why it would be over this particular canyon he has no idea.
  156. [2012-06-27 15:53:13] * Get_Lost "actually"
  157. [2012-06-27 15:53:16] <Kkat> #3Kid stares at many of the same plants that Mitzi did earlier.  The young brewer recognizes the white flower as a species of what the zebras called Moonflowers.  
  158. [2012-06-27 15:53:27] * Get_Lost "if you have a spark battery we can listen to the recordings"
  159. [2012-06-27 15:54:03] * Get_Lost "and before theroad went boom, i think i heard somepony saying they had a battery?"
  160. [2012-06-27 15:57:18] <Shatara> "We've a few I think.."
  161. [2012-06-27 15:58:10] * Kid picks a moonflower and turns it around in her hoof. Huh. Wait a minute, she recognized this from a book. What was it? She ponders briefly before remembering just what this was and giving a big grin. "'Ey! Mitzi! Assumin' y' ain't dead, I got somethin' fer' ya! If y' are, hey ponies, ah found somethin' t' spice up th' tequila with!"
  162. [2012-06-27 16:02:54] * Mitzi stands up and lumbers over to Kid; "Not ded."
  163. [2012-06-27 16:03:36] * Get_Lost as soon as Shatara gives her a spark battery, the mare puts it in the recorder and hands it to Bookwright again "here, good as new"
  164. [2012-06-27 16:03:54] -->| AMARDA-Phone (AndChat401249@Pony-90f.o6t.153.222.IP) has joined #falloutequestriapnp
  165. [2012-06-27 16:04:40] * Bookwright places the recorder on a convenient-looking rock and depresses the 'play' button. "Thank you. Now let's listen..."
  166. [2012-06-27 16:05:52] <Kkat> #3As Get_Lost removes the old, dead spark-battery, she uncovers a little label inside: "Property of Luna's Academy for Young Unicorns.  If found, please return to LAYU, Little Horn Valley, Crescent Moon Canyon."
  167. [2012-06-27 16:07:12] <Kkat> #3It is easy to discern the reason both for the extremely simple design and unusual resilience of the recorder: it was designed to be foal-proof.  
  168. [2012-06-27 16:09:29] * Get_Lost reading the label under the battery, the mare shivers and small tearsstart forming in her eyes "this... this was a child's recorder i..." she offers again the recorder to Bookwright "i'm not sure i want to hear this..."
  169. [2012-06-27 16:09:30] <Kkat> #3There is a grating sound as gears engage, and a hiss of static.  Then, a voice from the past bursts from the recorder... the voice of a young colt.  
  170. [2012-06-27 16:10:01] <Kkat> #3http://tindeck.com/listen/kauz
  171. [2012-06-27 16:10:14] * Kid takes Mitzi's paw and examines it. A little shredded, but the bandages seemed to seal it up against what she's thinking nicely. "Now. This may get y' nuttier than a tribal on punga, but if it works like ah want it to, it might end up pretty nifty. These here are Moonflowers." Kid perks an ear when the recorder hissed into life.
  172. [2012-06-27 16:10:30] <Kkat> #3------ OOO ------
  173. [2012-06-27 16:10:42] <Kkat> #3No, it’s my tuwn!  
  174. [2012-06-27 16:10:47] <Kkat> #3Stawt now?  Okay.  
  175. [2012-06-27 16:10:54] <Kkat> #3Hi!  I’m Joy.  I’m fiwst year and I alweady know thwee spells!  Last week I leawned a healing spell so whenever somepony has an owie, I can fix it!  Dancing Lights… he’s my elemin…emelar… basic spells teacher says I might be a natuwal at healing magic!
  176. [2012-06-27 16:10:59] <Kkat> #3My mommy and daddy awe Peawl Sheen and Hewald, and…
  177. [2012-06-27 16:11:05] <Kkat> #3Hey, no poking!  
  178. [2012-06-27 16:11:23] <Kkat> #3Anyways, we awe all on a field twip to Gaia Valley.  It’s weally pwetty!  I wish I could live here!  Not that I don’t like living at Pwincess Luna’s school.  It’s weally nice.  My bed is much bigger than I used to have, and my woommate is okay except he snores.  And we have the bestest teachers!  
  179. [2012-06-27 16:11:35] <Kkat> #3Cheewilee… do you wemember Cheewilee?  She’s our Pony Studies teacher!  She’s weally pwetty and super nice and she’s the only earth pony teacher in the entiwe school!... anyway, she’s having us do a time capsule!
  180. [2012-06-27 16:11:41] <Kkat> #3So we all get to make recowdings and put all sowts of stuff in it and we buwy it here in Gaia Valley and in ten years when we gwaduate we come back and dig it up!
  181. [2012-06-27 16:12:00] <Kkat> #3Anyways, I’m supposed to say what I think the future will be like.  Well, I’ll be all gwown up and I hope I’ll be a healer, maybe even at the hospital in Stalliongwad where I was bown!  Helping mommys have little colts of their own.  And fillies too.  
  182. [2012-06-27 16:12:08] <Kkat> #3And maybe I’ll marry Cheewilee, but she’s kinda old.  So maybe that cute red-maned filly in thiwd year?  I don’t know her name, but she does weally awesome fire spells!
  183. [2012-06-27 16:12:24] <Kkat> #3And, um… I guess that’s it.  Oh, of couwse in the future the stupid war will be over and evewypony will live together and be happy.  Even zebwas!  Next week, Cheewilee says she’s gonna have a zebwa come to class to show us how zebwas are really nice like ponies when we don’t fight.  Do you think the zebwa will have glowing eyes like all the pictuwes?
  184. [2012-06-27 16:12:50] <Kkat> #3Hey, I said no poking!  I’m almost done!
  185. [2012-06-27 16:12:53] <Kkat> #3Anyways… um… okay, you go next.
  186. [2012-06-27 16:12:58] <Kkat> #3------ OOO ------
  187. [2012-06-27 16:13:48] * Kid suddenly had a very sober look on her face. Those bones...
  188. [2012-06-27 16:15:15] <Kkat> #3The recording ends.  But the recorder does not immediately switch to the next track.  It looks like the two other tracks are not from the original set of eight.
  189. [2012-06-27 16:15:58] |<-- Chor has left irc.canternet.org (Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)
  190. [2012-06-27 16:16:43] |<-- AMARDA-Phone has left irc.canternet.org (Quit: Bye)
  191. [2012-06-27 16:18:52] * Mitzi rubs the back of her head; "Leetle pony sounds cute. But sounds long time ago. Probably ded."
  192. [2012-06-27 16:19:40] * Shatara nods slowly, glancing towards Get_Lost.
  193. [2012-06-27 16:20:00] |<-- Ashen_Ward has left irc.canternet.org (Ping timeout: 121 seconds)
  194. [2012-06-27 16:21:01] * Bookwright has been scribbling a transcript in his notebook furiously, using shorthand notation. "I... I don't think Joy made it to his graduation. The Princess Luna's Academy for Young Unicorns was destroyed by a group of zebras, and that was the event that started Equestria down the path to war..."
  195. [2012-06-27 16:21:04] * Get_Lost nods and waits for Bookwright to play the next track
  196. [2012-06-27 16:21:18] * Bookwright sighs deeply, and plays the next track.
  197. [2012-06-27 16:21:47] * Get_Lost "i... do you really have to make this even more painful? i was a crusader, you know?..."
  198. [2012-06-27 16:22:28] <Kkat> #3Again, the recorder whirrs to life. The voice, this time, is that of an adult stallion.
  199. [2012-06-27 16:22:31] * Kid looks to Bookwright with a severe look on her face. "Ah -know-, alright? I read th' damn book! I'm not stupid jus' because..." Oh, what was the use?
  200. [2012-06-27 16:22:32] <Kkat> #3------ OOO ------
  201. [2012-06-27 16:22:45] <Kkat> #3http://tindeck.com/listen/hewa
  202. [2012-06-27 16:24:03] <Kkat> #3Oh sweet Celestia.  I… I didn’t think…
  203. [2012-06-27 16:24:12] <Kkat> #3It’s been ten years since I lost my little Joy.  Ten years, and now, hearing his voice again…
  204. [2012-06-27 16:24:17] <Kkat> #3I…
  205. [2012-06-27 16:24:26] <Kkat> #3I knew this would be painful, but I had no idea.  He was going to be a healer.  If… if things were different, he’d probably be working for the Ministry of Peace right now.  
  206. [2012-06-27 16:24:36] <Kkat> #3I knew this would be painful.  But I had to.  For him.  Hell, they tried to keep me out of the valley, those Solaris ponies, but I had to come here.  Had to dig it up.  It’s my son.  My joy.  The last message, last thing he ever said.  The capsule was meant to be dug up now.  It was only right.
  207. [2012-06-27 16:24:51] <Kkat> #3…It’s all I have left of him.  It was a promise.  I promised him I’d be here when it was dug up.  Even if I had to dig it up myself…
  208. [2012-06-27 16:25:06] <Kkat> #3What the…?!  Sirens?
  209. [2012-06-27 16:25:14] <Kkat> #3What’s happening?!  What…
  210. [2012-06-27 16:25:29] <Kkat> #3>>>>>..<<<<<<
  211. [2012-06-27 16:25:34] <Kkat> #3------ OOO ------
  212. [2012-06-27 16:26:21] * Get_Lost jaws is now slack open, is staringat the recording and she can't say anything
  213. [2012-06-27 16:26:30] <Kkat> #3This time, the recorder does immediately switch over to the next track.
  214. [2012-06-27 16:26:35] <Kkat> #3------ OOO ------
  215. [2012-06-27 16:26:54] <Kkat> #3http://tindeck.com/listen/snmu
  216. [2012-06-27 16:27:04] <Kkat> #3They did it!  Sweet Celestia, the zebras… they megaspelled us!  They destroyed us!  Killed us all.
  217. [2012-06-27 16:27:11] <Kkat> #3I don’t quite know how I survived… but I don’t think it will be for much longer.  The air is poison.  I can feel it burning me up inside.  I’m so weak.  I… I barely managed to make it to this cave.  
  218. [2012-06-27 16:27:23] <Kkat> #3They killed us.  Just like they killed my Joy.
  219. [2012-06-27 16:27:29] <Kkat> #3I hope we killed them back, the bastards.
  220. [2012-06-27 16:27:32] <Kkat> #3------ OOO ------
  221. [2012-06-27 16:28:36] <Kkat> #3This recording is very brief, cutting out.  The last five track-slots are empty, but the tracks may be anywhere in the local area.
  222. [2012-06-27 16:29:37] * Kid frowns very deeply. Zebra ghosts aren't the only ghosts around. Some came in tape form. "So. That was... Educational."
  223. [2012-06-27 16:32:04] * Crescendo_ swallows, finding his throat dry as a bone. "Hearing the past like that makes it seem so close."
  224. [2012-06-27 16:32:08] * Shatara blinks and glances around to the others, before examining what the tracks look like.
  225. [2012-06-27 16:32:10] * Get_Lost looks down, she still doesnt' seem to have anything to say
  226. [2012-06-27 16:33:21] * Mitzi notes; "Ponee long ded. Like all ponies frum back den."
  227. [2012-06-27 16:34:25] * Shatara drapes a wing over Get_Lost. She seems to need it.
  228. [2012-06-27 16:35:08] * Kid looks at her paw and the flowers before putting the flowers in her pack. "Jus' because y' put somepony in th' ground doesn't mean 'y keep 'em away, Mitzi."
  229. [2012-06-27 16:35:41] * Bookwright finishes writing and puts his gear away. "It's a safe bet that was Joy's father, a pony named 'Herald'. I wonder if he made any more recordings... If I had a sense of where to search, I could locate them easily. But this canyon is huge, and it'd be pointless to waste time searching fruitlessly."
  230. [2012-06-27 16:36:06] * Mitzi blinks at Kid; "Not sayeen eet's gud or anyting, just sayeen."
  231. [2012-06-27 16:36:06] <Kkat> #3The tracks are small, circular plugs about the size of a puppy's nose.  They have a horseshoe stamp on one end and three prongs that slide into the recorder on the other.  The first plug is a deep fushia color, designed for children.  The other two are a more standard brown.
  232. [2012-06-27 16:36:11] * Get_Lost "we... we should get moving... Shatara, did you find a path?"
  233. [2012-06-27 16:38:09] * Shatara nods. "Yeah, there's a path up the canyonside...bunch of wreckage around it though. Might want to be careful of more...surprises."
  234. [2012-06-27 16:39:09] * Get_Lost nods "with some luck they were just carts of ponies trying to flee from the apo-" the mare's voice breaks, she's too shaken to proceed and hestures to the others to make way
  235. [2012-06-27 16:39:40] * Kid looks off to the side. "We need t' find th' cave." She said with a surprisingly solemn tone.
  236. [2012-06-27 16:41:40] * Bookwright nods. "Yeah. We should move on."
  237. [2012-06-27 16:43:18] <Kkat> #3All evidence, at least in Kid's mind, point to some wild animal having gotten ahold of this recorder and buried it here, part of a little treasure nest.  In her mind's eye, she pictures an animal, maybe a radhog, trotting along with the recorder in it's mouth...
  238. [2012-06-27 16:43:48] <Kkat> #3...the recording tracks dropping out one-by-one as the beast carries the machine from wherever she found it to her favorite burying spot here.
  239. [2012-06-27 16:45:04] <Kkat> #3By tracking the animal back, it should be possible to find the other recordings.  Not easy, especially if the rest are dirt brown like the second two, but possible.
  240. [2012-06-27 16:45:19] <Kkat> #3s/two/too
  241. [2012-06-27 16:45:41] <Kkat> #3^ ignore that correction.  brain fart
  242. [2012-06-27 16:46:05] * Kid frowns deeply and looks at the bones to the side with a severe look in her single, blue eye. "... This thing left tracks. Probably a radhog er' a squirrel 'er a dog o' some sort. The dog or somethin'
  243. [2012-06-27 16:47:05] * Kid left tracks up to where th' pony who this belonged t' prolly holed up. I'd like t' take a lil' detour if possible."
  244. [2012-06-27 16:48:04] * Bookwright nods. "I'm open to the idea, as long as you happen to know where we're going..."
  245. [2012-06-27 16:48:33] <Kkat> #3Kid spots the animal's tracks after several minutes of searching.  From the print, it looks to be a wild canine nearly the size of a pony.
  246. [2012-06-27 16:48:44] * Mitzi blinks at Kid; "Eez long ded ponee wurth ignoreen big nasty machine?"
  247. [2012-06-27 16:50:50] * Crescendo_ walks quietly with Get_Lost; that recording had left quite an impression.
  248. [2012-06-27 16:50:51] * Kid looks at Mitzi. Apparently emotional appeal didn't quite work, so he had to go with logical appeal. "Look. This pony prolly staked out here for a while, right? So that means he knows what th' place up there did t' the river. And if it's done doing what it did. That's worth th' trouble, right?"
  249. [2012-06-27 16:51:24] * Get_Lost mutters some explanation "this... this is the recordings of a survivor, maybe he met solaris ponies, maybe he had... information, useful ones... it's worth a try"
  250. [2012-06-27 16:51:45] * Bookwright agrees. "Yeah. If'n you lead the way, maybe we'll find more of those recordings, eh?"
  251. [2012-06-27 16:53:15] * Kid looks at the ground and snuffs lightly. "Tracks. Wild dog. Looks t' be one'o your cousins, Mitzi." She looks up and points the way. "Found it up here. I think ah could probably trace it up if ya'll feel up t' it."
  252. [2012-06-27 16:55:59] * Kid looks at them and nods approvingly. "Follow me n' keep a lookout fer more o' those tape things. Ghosts like their things t' be whole before they pass away."
  253. [2012-06-27 16:57:52] * Shatara takes off and criscrosses over the the party in lazy figure-8s
  254. [2012-06-27 17:00:14] * Bookwright nods and focuses. "I can do more than keep an eye out. I can search for them, magically..."
  255. [2012-06-27 17:01:34] * Mitzi shrugs; "Uh'll du whatever ponies want tu du, just sayeen which eez more important."
  256. [2012-06-27 17:01:50] * Crescendo_ "Do we want to find more? The last one was kind of... depressing."
  257. [2012-06-27 17:02:10] * Bookwright casts "Locate Records" and follows behind Kid, devoting some of his mind to the spell and the rest to mulling over his knowledge of the war.
  258. [2012-06-27 17:05:00] <Kkat> #3The ponies, hellhound and griffin follow the tracks for about twenty minutes -- winding deeper into the valley, but overall in the direction of the road -- when Bookwright's spell ignites a wavering light within a bush of Datura.  It looks like you've found another little, brown recording track capsule.
  259. [2012-06-27 17:06:26] * Bookwright stops in his tracks, then lifts a little brown cartridge out of a patch of moonflowers on the side of the path. "Found one. Let's slot it in."
  260. [2012-06-27 17:07:23] <Kkat> #3Mitzi, meanwhile, is noticing other canine prints in the area as they track this one.  Signs of a pack.
  261. [2012-06-27 17:08:30] * Bookwright lets his spell waver and dissolve. That's not the longest he's ever concentrated on that spell, but it's the first time he'd used it while traveling that far.
  262. [2012-06-27 17:09:24] -->| Ilushia (Ilushia@Pony-ptt5n6.md.comcast.net) has joined #falloutequestriapnp
  263. [2012-06-27 17:09:29] =-= Ilushia is now known as Noble_Heart
  264. [2012-06-27 17:11:39] * Mitzi sniffs around and stoops over, looking at the tracks; "Pack came tru here. Dogs, but not ur kind."
  265. [2012-06-27 17:11:42] -->| Sunrise (derp@Pony-o2mogu.cable.virginmedia.com) has joined #falloutequestriapnp
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  267. [2012-06-27 17:13:23] * Kid goes ahead and picks more of the moonflowers. More poison or more pep for the next batch of booze.
  268. [2012-06-27 17:13:53] <Kkat> #3Shatara is keeping a griffin's eye on the situation from above.  She can see that the road is just a few hundred yards from where her friends have stopped.  And she can spot a wild dog... no, make that two, crossing the road, heading in the direction of the party.  The trees here could easily conceal more.
  269. [2012-06-27 17:14:45] * Shatara calls out. "Hey, we got some wildlife headin this way. Don't think they're lookin' to play fetch...."
  270. Crescendo_      brightens up. "Ah, more good news."
  271.         Bookwright      looks up. "Wildlife? What do you mean?"
  272.         Shatara hovers, sizing up the critters. "Dogs, probably the ones we're tracking. They're still a bit of a ways out though."
  273.         Mitzi   puts her nose up in the air and sniffs hard. "Dogs. For sure. Same ones from tracks."
  274.         Bookwright      is too curious for his own good. "D'you think they'll talk to us? I want to know about their tribal history and everything!"
  275.         Mitzi   shakes her head; "Not Hellhounds; plain dogs. Uh'll deal wit. Just gotta intimidate or beat da alpha."
  276.         Shatara circles around, ready to provide backup wherever needed.
  277.         Mitzi   looks to the ponies; "Yu want wait, or shud I go deal wit dem ahead?"
  278.         Bookwright      doesn't care. "Either is fine with me. I want to see this myself. Accounts are fine, but firsthoof observation of a territorial dominance display is not something lightly passed up! Don't worry, I won't stay too close. I just want to be able to see what's going on clearly so I can take notes."
  279.         Mitzi   nods to Bookwright; "Yu can follow if yu want den Uh guess."
  280.         Bookwright      smiles eagerly and gets out a notebook. "Excellent. I'll stay far back, don't you worry."
  281.         Get_Lost        fighting wa totally outside of her jurisdiction, so the mare decides to stay back
  282.         Mitzi   nods and starts to head in the direction of the dog pack, following her nose. She motions for Bookwright to follow if he sees fit. She looks at the Stallion for a moment; "Eef dis dun wurk, yu can make signal to bring others tu help?"
  283.         Kkat    The others move to safe distances, leaving Mitzi alone in full view when the three mongrels move into sight. Their heads are low, their stances threatening. They have already caught whiff of Mitzi's scent, and their territorial dispositions are clear.
  284.         Bookwright      nods. "I can make a really bright light, if that's what you mean. That'll be the call for help, okay y'all?"
  285.         Mitzi   stoops over onto all fours and raises her heckles. She begins to growl loudly and menacingly, snarling and being sure to show lots of her long, sharp teeth. She also flexes her claws. Raising one to rake the stone face of the cliff, leaving clean gashes in the stone. She barks twice and makes herself seem as big as possible.
  286.         Kid     led the rest up someplace on the hill and laid down prone on the brush with her shotgun pointed towards the mongrels. She grit her teeth. The trigger seemed a little lighter than usual. She knew she put up all the backup plans she could manage. Time to see if they need them.
  287.         Bookwright      scribbles furiously in his notebook, gleefully making notes in shorthand.
  288.         Kkat    After a lot of growling, snarling, snapping and exchange of intimidation, Mitzi manages to cower all three of the mongrels without drawing blood.
  289.         Bookwright      takes even more (glee-filled) notes, whispering to himself about hellhound dominance rituals and other things of like that.
  290.         Mitzi   pulls a hunk of meat out of her packs and takes a large, savage bite out of it. The alpha always eats first, and the mutts should consider themselves lucky to get what she's willing to give them.
  291.         Kid     feels her hoof giving slack from the trigger. Okay, okay. That was pretty cool. No need to waste ammo. And- Wait. Maybe this was the best possible thing to happen. Now they had more eyes and noses.
  292.         Shatara loops around a bit, seeing the canine situation resolved in a surprisingly peaceful fasion.
  293.         Mitzi   tosses each dog a small scrap of meat. It was fresh and tasty
  294.         Kid     cracks open the breech and feels very glad that she didn't have to shoot her old over-under. She still had the lightning rounds loaded because she expected hostile hellhounds. She slowly makes her way back to Mitzi after loading in another round of buckshot. "Atta girl." She said.
  295.         Mitzi   gives Kid a toothy grin; "Dey not as strong as Uh am, and dey know it. Dey follow me now."
  296.         Mitzi   approaches the trio of canines and beckons to them, wanting them to lay down in front of her as a sign of submission, and proof they recognized she was at the top of the pecking order
  297.         =-=     Arcane_Scroll is now known as Arcane_Eating[A]
  298.         Kkat    Now with three firece mongrels added to their party, the explorers gather together to hear the recording that Bookwright found. Once again, the foal's audio recorder grinds to life, spitting out static. And then a familiar voice... well, mostly familiar.
  299.         Kkat    ----- OOO -----
  300.         Kkat    http://tindeck.com/listen/apse
  301.         Kkat    I’m… still alive. My mane is falling out. My skin burns so badly I can’t sleep. But I’m alive. It hurts so much! But… I have to stay alive. I have to, in order to tell ponies the truth. To let them know what has happened here.
  302.         Kkat    I’m beyond medical help. This is magical damage… magical radiation. Luna, where did they even get such horrible magic!
  303.         Kkat    I’ve used up all the painkillers I had, and I’ve begun to raid them from the Solaris bastards. They’re everywhere. They’ve got little packages of glowing orange stuff. I tried it, and it took the pain away for a while… but the side effects… worst ever.
  304.         Kkat    This… this wasn’t the zebras. It was Solaris. Solaris megaspelled Gaia Valley.
  305.         Kkat    They’ve got ponies in radiation suits wandering all over the irradiated hellscape they created. I’ve managed to stay hidden. At least for now. I’ve been trying to spy, find out what I can. I think… I think the rest of Equestria is okay. From the way those suited ponies have been talking, what they did here is a secret. What they’re doing, rather.
  306.         Kkat    Whatever they’re doing, it’s not over. Yesterday, one of those Solaris ponies said something about “Phase Three”. Whatever that is.
  307.         Kkat    How cloud they be allowed to do this? Why would they? How could any pony destroy part of Equestria like this? On purpose! Were they…
  308.         Kkat    Were they testing to see what a zebra megaspell would do? Maybe try to find a way to protect us? Merciful Celestia, did Solaris steal a megaspell from the zebras?
  309.         Kkat    I… I think they did.
  310.         Kkat    Somepony’s coming. Herald out.
  311.         Kkat    ----- OOO -----
  312.         Kkat    The recorder goes abruptly silent.
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