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Oct 1st, 2020
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  1. Meshes and animations works fine with the latest umodel build (1377 at the moment), but textures... they look strange. At first I thought they're obfuscated somehow, but it seems the problem is different. It's better to take a look at the examples:
  3. example 1 (on mesh): /
  4. example 2 (just texture): /
  6. And some textures just crash the umodel (along with related meshes, if you'll try to load them):
  7. [code]ERROR: TArray: index 1 is out of range (1)
  8. SerializeCompressed <- FPakFile::Serialize: file=/Game/TheObserver/Characters/Dan/facefolder/o_dan_hand_01_ems.ubulk <- FByteBulkData::SerializeDataChunk <- FByteBulkData::SerializeData <- FByteBulkData::SerializeData(UObject*) <- UTexture2D::LoadBulkTexture: File=none Mip=1 <- UTexture2D::GetTextureData: o_dan_hand_01_ems <- Upload2D: Texture2D'o_dan_hand_01_ems' <- UTexture2D::Bind <- UUnrealMaterial::SetMaterial: o_dan_hand_01_ems <- CUmodelApp::Draw3D: Obj=Texture2D'o_dan_hand_01_ems' <- CApplication::Display <- VisualizerLoop <- Main: umodel_build=1377[/code]
  10. Here are some samples for the future references (including original assets and exported files):
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