Grey Skies

Feb 27th, 2013
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  1. >Day Grey Skies in Equestria.
  2. >You are Anon. Princess Celestia has taken an interest in you.
  3. >When you first came here, she kept you locked away.
  4. >She learned that you didn’t mean any harm to ponies, and slowly granted you more freedom.
  5. >Your room is palatial. You feel like you are in a strange situation.
  6. >Neither arrested, nor free -In a sort of house-arrest mode.
  7. >Or perhaps like an unwanted guest.
  8. >The princess visits you every few days.
  9. >The servants treat you well enough.
  10. >
  11. >You are looking out your window.
  12. >”Good morning Anon.”
  13. Hello Princess.
  14. >You bow slightly.
  15. >”What are you looking at?”
  16. “Nothing… I’m just bored.”
  17. >She nods knowingly.
  18. >”I just need to make sure you are good. We’ve never had a ‘human’ in Equestria.”
  19. “I understand.” You turn to look out the window again.
  20. “How long will I be here?”
  21. >She scratches the floor.
  22. >”A long time Anon.”
  23. >”Maybe I can get you something to keep you entertained?”
  24. >”What would you like?”
  25. >A toy to keep you busy.
  26. “Can I have a guitar?”
  27. >”I’ll have one brought over.”
  28. >You turn to her.
  29. “Can you tell me why you hold me here?”
  30. >Celestia thinks for a moment.
  31. >”When I saw your memories, I learned that humans are an angry and warlike people.”
  32. >”I can’t have that spread to Equestria.”
  33. “But, I’m not like that.”
  34. >”We can’t be sure Anon.”
  35. >You hang your head.
  36. 1/9
  37. >The guitar is delivered as promised. It’s smaller than what you are used to, but that’s ok.
  38. >You begin playing.
  39. >Slowly at first, you don’t want to get blisters.
  40. >You haven’t played since you were a child. You only know children’s songs.
  41. >You look out the window.
  42. “You are my sunshine, my only sunshine”
  43. >A little off key.
  44. You make me happy, when skies are grey.
  45. >Better
  46. “You’ll never know dear, how much I love you.”
  47. >Good, now you’re getting it.
  48. “Please don’t take my sunshine away.”
  49. >”That was very good.”
  50. >You jump up. It’s the princess.
  51. “Sorry - I didn’t hear you enter.”
  52. >”That’s alright.” She points at your guitar. “Do you know anything else?”
  53. “Just a few more.”
  54. >You play for her.
  55. >She is pleased that you are happy now.
  56. >She leaves you to your things.
  57. >
  58. >Days pass.
  59. >You sit by your door listening.
  60. >Everyday around lunchtime, the guards change.
  61. >The afternoon guard usually leaves to use the restroom. He has digestive issues.
  62. >You hear his gut gurgle.
  63. >Its time.
  64. >You wait for him to leave.
  65. >You twist the handle.
  66. >Its unlocked.
  67. >You open it slowly. No one is there.
  68. >You walk out.
  69. >If you look like you know where you are going, maybe the ponies will leave you alone.
  70. >A guard pony trots by you.
  71. >You give him a slight nod.
  72. >He returns the favor.
  73. >All clear now.
  74. 2/9
  75. >
  76. >You see Canterlot for the first time. It’s beautiful.
  77. >You walk around.
  78. >Ponies mostly ignore you. A few look you over before returning to their conversations.
  79. >You walk for hours.
  80. >Your stomach rumbles.
  81. >You should get back to -
  82. >”I’ve got him.”
  83. >A pony forces your face into the ground.
  84. >”Thought you could just run away?”
  85. “I was going back.” You protest.
  86. >”Sure you were.”
  87. >
  88. >You are in the dungeon.
  89. >It’s been a few hours.
  90. >You hear hooves clopping against stone.
  91. >”Here he is princess.” A guard pony says as he points to you.
  92. >Celestia frowns at you.
  93. >”Were your accommodations unpleasant Anon?”
  94. “They were fine princess.” You bow.
  95. >”Then why did you try to escape?”
  96. “I just wanted to be outside for a little bit.”
  97. >”You should have asked.”
  98. >You look around, avoiding her gaze.
  99. >”I have you locked up because you will frighten my ponies.”
  100. “Everything was fine. No one freaked out.”
  101. >”Do you want to stay here tonight?”
  102. >Its cold and drafty.
  103. “No, princess.”
  104. >”I should leave you here. Maybe then you will learn your place.”
  105. “Why do you hate me?”
  106. >”I don’t hate you.”
  107. “A person shouldn’t be locked away all his life. I need fresh air.”
  108. >She bites her lip.
  109. >She scruffs the floor.
  110. >”I’m going to pretend this never happened.” She turns to the guard. “Take him to his room.”
  111. >She begins to trot off.
  112. “Princess,”
  113. >She stops and looks back.
  114. “Thank you.”
  115. >She smiles.
  116. 3/9
  117. >
  118. >A few nights later you are looking out your window.
  119. >The princess has ordered you locked away this time.
  120. >The moon casts a warm glow into your room.
  121. >You hear a knock.
  122. “Come in”
  123. >The door unlocks.
  124. >The princess enters.
  125. >You nod to her and she approaches.
  126. >”I’ve been thinking about what you said the other night.”
  127. “Yeah?” You say, still looking outside.
  128. >”I’ve decided that I’ve been unfair to you.”
  129. >You turn to her.
  130. >”I’ll let you roam the castle at your leisure. You can even go into the gardens if you wish.”
  131. >You can’t contain your happiness.
  132. >You jump up to -
  133. >No. You don’t hug her.
  134. >Silence.
  135. “Thank you princess. You won’t regret this.”
  136. >She nods approvingly.
  137. >”Have you learned any new songs?”
  138. “I have. One of the ponies dropped off some music sheets.”
  139. >You pick one up to show her.
  140. “Would you like to hear?”
  141. >She nods.
  142. >You play for her.
  143. >
  144. >A few days later. You are in the garden enjoying the sun.
  145. >A few brave ponies have come up to talk with you.
  146. >You entertain them with stories about your past life.
  147. >They tell you about Equestria.
  148. >The princess is in her balcony. She looks toward you, and you nod to her.
  149. >You mouth the words, “thank you” to her.
  150. >The ponies leave, and the princess descends.
  151. >”I’ve never taken the time to get to know you Anon.”
  152. >You are confused.
  153. “I thought you knew everything about me.”
  154. >”I saw your memories, but they were incomplete. I only saw part of what you know.”
  155. “It’s going to take more than a short conversation to understand me.”
  156. >”I’ll make time Anon.”
  157. >You spend the afternoon in quiet conversation.
  158. >You tell her about your old job, your family and friends.
  159. ”Do you think I will ever see them again?”
  160. >”I still don’t know how you came here. I don’t think you can go back.”
  161. >You look down. You miss your old life.
  162. >She moves toward you, and slowly places a wing on your shoulders.
  163. >”It’s alright Anon.”
  164. 4/9
  165. >
  166. >The next night, you are summoned to the princess’s quarters.
  167. >A guard lets you in.
  168. >The princess is looking over papers. She looks tired.
  169. ”You called for me princess?”
  170. >”I did.” She puts away her quill.
  171. >”Princess Cadence is having a wedding in a few months. Do you want to go?”
  172. >She must be the pink alicorn you’ve seen walking around.
  173. “Will there be drinking?”
  174. >You haven’t had any alcohol since you arrived.
  175. >”Drinking, dancing, and everything else that happens at a wedding.”
  176. “I’d like that very much, princess.”
  177. >”You can call me Celestia… when nop0ny is around.”
  178. “Celestia,” it sounds strange to say her name without her title.
  179. >She motions a hoof for you to approach.
  180. >She gets up and sits by her fireplace.
  181. >You sit beside her.
  182. >The fire dances for you. It’s mesmerizing.
  183. >”Do you feel lonely?”
  184. “Sometimes. Usually I draw or play music to pass the time.”
  185. >”It’s hard being a princess.”
  186. >She takes off her crown.
  187. >”Ponies are afraid of me. Afraid of offending their princess.”
  188. “You seem like a very nice… mare.”
  189. >”I think I am. Still, they try to stay distant.”
  190. >She turns toward you.
  191. >”Are you afraid of me?”
  192. “You’ve never done me wrong prin-“ you stop yourself. “Celestia.”
  193. >She smiles.
  194. >She slides a slippered hoof toward your hand.
  195. >You dare not move away.
  196. >It barely touches your pinky finger.
  197. >”Have you ever loved someone?”
  198. “Once. We were happy together – or so I thought.”
  199. >You curl your toes.
  200. ”It didn’t work out.”
  201. >She nods.
  202. “What about you?”
  203. >She thinks for a moment.
  204. >”A long time ago.”
  205. >You both return to staring at the fire.
  206. >Some time passes in silence.
  207. 5/9
  208. >Her hoof still barely touching your hand.
  209. >”I think I like you.”
  210. >The princess likes you?
  211. >You are just a normal person. What could you possibly offer her.
  212. “Why?”
  213. >She shakes her head.
  214. >”I don’t know. You’re... different? You don’t treat me like … you aren’t distant.”
  215. >She turns to you and smiles weakly. She’s waiting for your answer.
  216. >She is a princess.
  217. >But you can’t… not with a horse.
  218. >You move your hand back.
  219. “I can’t give you what you want.”
  220. >She looks down. Her lips curl into a frown.
  221. >”Can you give me a chance?”
  222. >You don’t know what to say.
  223. >”It’s been so long since I’ve cared for someone.”
  224. >You are truly speechless.
  225. >She moves a wing and pulls you toward her.
  226. >She moves her body to meet you.
  227. >Her purple eyes look deeply into yours.
  228. >She moves to kiss you.
  229. >So slowly.
  230. >Her eyes never leave yours.
  231. >You turn away.
  232. >She kisses your cheek.
  233. >She’s getting angry.
  234. >”You don’t care about me do you?”
  235. >Her horn starts to glow.
  236. >You feel your body freeze up.
  237. >She pushes you to the ground.
  238. >She puts her weight on you.
  239. >You can’t breathe.
  240. >She smells you and kisses you softly on your neck.
  241. >You feel her magic lowering.
  242. >You push her away.
  243. “Stop it.”
  244. >You back away from her.
  245. “You can’t just do that to people.”
  246. >She looks down.
  247. >”I’m sorry. I don’t know what came over me.”
  248. >She moves back.
  249. “Can I go now?”
  250. >She nods.
  251. >You get up.
  252. >”Anon?”
  253. >You stop to look at her.
  254. >”I told the guard that you are free now. You can leave the castle if you want.”
  255. “I might do that.”
  256. >You walk toward the door.
  257. >You can hear her crying as you leave.
  258. 6/9
  259. >
  260. >A few days later. You are thinking about what the princess said.
  261. >Your room is no longer guarded.
  262. >Ponies continue to bring you food and change your sheets.
  263. >You have gone into town several times.
  264. >Everything is so beautiful here.
  265. >Each night you return to your quarters.
  266. >The princess hasn’t bothered you since that night.
  267. >You’re thirsty.
  268. >You go to get some water.
  269. >You walk through the hallway to the kitchen.
  270. >Through a window you see a solitary figure in the garden.
  271. >It’s the princess.
  272. >You should talk to her.
  273. >She’s sitting alone and throwing crumbs into the pond.
  274. >Fish occasionally jump at the food she provides.
  275. “Celestia?”
  276. >She jumps up, startled.
  277. >”Oh. Hello Anon. I thought you left.”
  278. “I decided to stay for now.”
  279. >She smiles weakly.
  280. >You sit on the bench beside her.
  281. >She offers you a piece of bread, and you throw the crumbs into the water.
  282. “I thought about what you said.”
  283. >She keeps looking at the pond.
  284. “I… think I can try.”
  285. >She moves a hoof toward you.
  286. >You place your hand over it.
  287. >
  288. >This continues for a few weeks.
  289. >She visits you, and you talk for hours.
  290. >She’s careful not to invade your personal space.
  291. >She lets you take the lead.
  292. >”I don’t want to force you to do anything you aren’t comfortable with.” She said.
  293. >And she follows through.
  294. >
  295. >It’s night.
  296. >Again the princess is in your room.
  297. >You play your guitar, and she sings along.
  298. >You’re tired.
  299. “It’s getting late.”
  300. >”Time just seems to fly by when I’m with you.” She smiles.
  301. >You tap your fingers against your guitar.
  302. >You bite your lip.
  303. “Do you want to spend the night?”
  304. >She looks at you. Her eyes are bright.
  305. >”Of course.”
  306. >She moves toward you.
  307. >You kiss her deeply.
  308. >You climb into bed, and she follows.
  309. >You move your hand and push her mane out of her face.
  310. ”I think I love you, ‘Tia.”
  311. >”I’ve waited so long to hear that.”
  312. >She presses against you.
  313. >Your hands move on their own.
  314. >You want to please your princess.
  315. 7/9
  316. >
  317. >A few more weeks pass.
  318. >It’s the day of the wedding.
  319. >You put on your perfectly fitted suit.
  320. >Jesus you look good.
  321. >”We’re going to be late.”
  322. “Hold on, just one more thing.”
  323. >You brush your hair.
  324. >Perfect.
  325. >You can tell today is going to be great.
  326. >
  327. >This is a really confusing wedding.
  328. >Are all Equestrian weddings dramatic plays like this?
  329. >Princess Cadence is a bug pony, and the “real” Cadence looks disheveled.
  330. >The bug pony makes a powerful monologue.
  331. >Is she an alicorn? What is she?
  332. >Celestia pushes you aside.
  333. >”Now that you have so foolishly revealed yourself, I can protect my subjects, from you!”
  334. >They blast energy at each other.
  335. >The bug pony is too strong, and Tia is thrown back.
  336. >Fuck this is real.
  337. >What are you supposed to do? You can’t fight the bug pony.
  338. >”Get the elements of harmony,” Tia says to a purple unicorn.
  339. >They run off.
  340. >You tend to your princess as the bug pony continues her monologue.
  341. >Jesus she talks a lot.
  342. >”I’m fine Anon. Just get out of here.”
  343. “I’m not leaving you.”
  344. >The bug pony continues ranting about how powerful she is.
  345. >You can hear fighting outside.
  346. >Smaller bug ponies enter the room.
  347. >”And now that I can’t be stopped. It’s time to deal with unfinished business,” The bug pony says.
  348. >She charges her horn.
  349. >”Move aside monkey.”
  350. “No.”
  351. >”Just go Anon.” Tia says as she gets up slowly.
  352. >”I’m staying right here.”
  353. >The bug pony shoots her green magic at the celestia.
  354. >You stand in front of it, protecting your princess.
  355. >You can feel your insides burning.
  356. >Something is hardening inside of you.
  357. 8/9
  358. >The bug pony stops and you fall to the ground.
  359. >”ANON!” Tia yells.
  360. >The bug pony laughs.
  361. >The door bursts open.
  362. >It’s the purple unicorn and her friends.
  363. >They are being carried in by the small bug ponies.
  364. >Celestia moves toward you.
  365. >She uses her magic.
  366. >”It’s not working.”
  367. >She tries again.
  368. >
  369. >Behind you, you hear a loud crash.
  370. >Princesses Cadence, and Prince Shining Armor have defeated the bug pony.
  371. >That doesn’t matter now.
  372. >
  373. >You are Princess Celestia.
  374. >Anon has foolishly tried to protect you. His frail human body couldn’t possibly stand up to Chrysalis.
  375. >Your magic won’t work on him.
  376. “Get a doctor!” you yell to Twilight.
  377. >She runs off.
  378. >His body is ruined by her black magic.
  379. “The doctor will be here soon, just hold on.”
  380. >Anon coughs.
  381. >His breathing is pained.
  382. >You embrace him.
  383. >”Do you remember that song I taught you?”
  384. >He coughs into his sleeve. He moves it away.
  385. >It’s red.
  386. “Yes Anon.”
  387. >”Can you sing it to me?”
  388. >You shake your head.
  389. “You’re going to be fine Anon.”
  390. >”You have such a nice singing voice. Please ‘Tia.”
  391. >You nod.
  392. >You take a deep breath.
  393. “You are my sunshine,”
  394. >He joins you.
  395. [Together] “My only sunshine.”
  396. >He smiles a red toothy grin.
  397. [Together] “You make me happy, when skies are grey.”
  398. >He coughs again. He doesn’t try to hold back now.
  399. [Wavering] “You’ll never know dear, “
  400. >You feel his grip loosen.
  401. “How much I love you,”
  402. >He closes his eyes.
  403. “Please don’t take my sunshine away.”
  404. fin
  405. 9/9
  407. Epilogue:
  408. >You are Celestia. You are at the hospital.
  409. >”He’s awake now.” The doctor pony says.
  410. >”Just make it quick. He needs his rest.”
  411. >The doctor lets you in.
  412. >Anon is lying on the bed.
  413. >His body is connected to several medical devices.
  414. >He turns to look at you.
  415. >He smiles weakly.
  416. “How are you feeling?”
  417. >”I did good, didn’t I?” He ignores your question.
  418. “I… “
  419. >It was stupid.
  420. >He shouldn’t have tried to protect you.
  421. >He is the only person you have cared about in so long.
  422. >You don’t want to upset him.
  423. “You did good.” You agree.
  424. >He smiles.
  425. >”Everything hurts.”
  426. “I’ll ask the doctor to give you more medicine.”
  427. >He nods.
  428. “The doctor said you will make a full recovery.”
  429. >He looks out the window.
  430. “You’ll need to stay here for a few days though.”
  431. >”Locked away again.”
  432. >You move toward him.
  433. >He brushes your mane.
  434. >”That’s alright. It was worth it.”
  435. >He pulls you toward him.
  436. >”As long as you are safe, I’m happy.”
  437. >You feel yourself blushing.
  438. >He always knows what to say.
  439. >”So… will our wedding have so much drama?”
  440. >He kisses you before you can react.
  441. >Oh Anon…
  442. fin [spoiler](for real this time)[/spoiler]
  443. 10/9
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