Chain Grime

May 13th, 2018
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  1. Grumpily Hades Crypt rubbed at his ear, bits of caking blood coming from the enlarged hole in it. Some asshole of a slaver had decided the former slave was just the bit of merchandise. All he needed to do was rip the tag off and muck up the ear a bit. Luckily one of the guards had been nearby and managed to stop him. Crypt hated the slave markets, only a bit less than when he had actually been one of the products here. All that kept him from rejoining was the tag on his ear and guards willing to honor it. Still, he was running a business and needed more bodies. Artifact recovery paid out very well, though the turnover was quite high. Most ponies seemed to have a distinct chance to go mad and shoot each other over some shiny treasure rather than finish a few jobs and all go home much richer. He shook his head at the thought and kept walking toward the main amphitheater for the latest arrivals.
  2. Most of the products were in a disheveled state, suffering from malnutrition and disease from long before their procurement. Several had clear signs of communicable diseases that led to informing the guards of this issue. It was a shame they responded with incinerators and flamers, but plague was nothing to be gentle with in the cramped quarters. Crypt had been hit with the feather flu once when traded at a smaller auction and nearly died from it. The rest of his squad did. Crimson wings ruffle a bit as he prays quietly to the winds to watch over them in the afterlife. Moving on, some of the new entries into the slavery business are found, small time outfits that seek to cash in on the loser of a fight, or those foolish enough to expect help in the wasteland.
  3. Most of them were too damaged for what he needed, missing limbs, poorly healed bullet holes, and frequent gashes that would only be infected. Even fewer had been broken as needed, most just cowered quietly or sobbed. A few stare at him, pleading to be rescued only to be knocked about by their owners.
  4. Looking around he sees a unicorn and another pegasus yoked together. They appear in good health though something seems wrong with the pegasus’s forehooves. A close look shows that they had been slit at some point and the tendons severed. Motioning, Hades gets her minder to make her trot in place as he watches. She resists at first but a few prods with a stunner to the wing get her moving. She is very unsteady and unable to properly move her hooves anymore. Looks pretty though, Hades was debating if its time he got himself a pleasure slave.
  5. Across the aisle are a pair of earth pony fraternal twins that catch his eye. They’re strongly built and in excellent condition, they’d easily last through a tour of artifact recovery, much less the few jobs you had in mind. Talking with the owners finds that they are former Steel Ranger from some chapter called Applejack’s Rangers that popped up recently. He’d heard of them, a group with more charity than brains. The owners had done more though, the two had been broken thoroughly, something happened when they got a lucky hit with some shock grenades to leave them amnesiac, but extremely compliant.
  6. Moving on, Hades looks at the other offerings on display. He passes over the fillies and colts, He was businessman, not a caretaker. Though inquests were made to ensure they are being properly cared for and fed, foal slaves are an investment that needs nurturing. To his surprise, an armor booth is operating amongst the slaves, and selling a full suit of powered armor. Crypt’s surprise turns to terror when the suit turns to him, the Ranger very much still alive in it.
  7. “Relax turkey, I’m not going to shoot you. Least not unless my owner wants me to. ” She says, revving her minigun.
  8. “Stop it Foamy, I’d rather not have my horn tingling for the rest of the day. ” A small scribe interjects, his eyes darting around nervously. Grunting the mare turns back to watch the road, and Crypt catches sight of her shock collar behind the suit’s gorget.
  9. Calming down, he decides to find out some more about the pair.
  10. “So, how did you become slaves?” Hades inquires sizing up the pair.
  11. “Oh you know, the usual way, sleeping gas grenades. ” The scribe chatters, the mare eyeing you with cold hostility. “Hey, you mind buying us? We’d be rather loyal slaves, and I’m pretty good with archanotech. ”
  12. “Oh yes, because I can so believe that two unbroken Steel Rangers are so trustworthy. ” He starts to walk away, eyes locked on the pair when the mare suddenly pipes up.
  13. “I see your tag Enclaver. Don’t be surprised, you still carry yourself well for an exsoldier. Look I know the score, I’m property, nothing more. I just- I’d rather trust another military pony than some Sir Caps a Lot looking to rescue the poor mare for a life time of belly snuggles in return. We’ll be loyal to you. Please, don’t leave us like this. ” She hisses the last part out as the master returns, a bottle of water to her lips.
  14. “You wanting to buy-“ she starts, but there was just a twip of a tail vanishing into a crowd.
  15. Hades is drawn to a cart advertising itself as penal slavery, and recognize two griffons on display, the branded bomb collars on their haunches doing little but fill him with joy. It was Pluck and Streis, his former masters, now become slaves. Deep pleasure filled him in that they had been beaten severely. Some payback for the time they decided to see how well a one winged pegasus could fly by breaking your wing and throwing him off a hab block in Filly. He was going be feeling a lot more though as he made your way to the front of the cage, a bag bouncing in a hoof.
  16. “You two look so hungry after you what, threw Stern’s favorite plaything down a well? No? Oh well I guess then you kept some pony screaming while Red Eye spoke. It’s okay though, I brought you some food. ” With that he dumped the bag of bird seed he’d been holding onto for 2 years in front of them. At long last he had vengeance for that first night when they had picked the lock on his cage and swapped out the meager rations.
  17. Flush with victory, he got a lunch of a California wrap from a stall and debated on the slaves that were of interest to him
  18. >Team Cadence, a pegasus that can't walk really or be on her legs, but is good with her wing blades and scouting. Unicorn has buffer spells and medical knowledge. Buffer spells will be your typical, ward against x stuff or increase attack speed for the cyoa. Scout/Rogue and Buffer
  19. >Team Skynet, a Steel Ranger scribe and knight with PA. Scribe can hack, and knight will be loyal to you, though she has reservations from your Enclave life. Engineer and Tank
  20. >Team Stern’s Douches, your former griffon masters cum slaves. They can pick locks, but are cowardly sadistic bullies who probably can’t hold their own in a fair fight. “Fair” being rather different when you are a 8 foot catbird. Jack of all trades with lockpicking
  21. >Team Twincest, mindbroken fraternal earth pony twins. Loyal enough to not need collars, but not going to be making any hoof paintings for the fridge soon. Borderline automatons, but will die for you. DPS and DPS
  24. Hades Crypt sat staring at the crumpled remains of his lunch. He needed muscle, always needed more muscle. Three groups offered what he needed. And by the twinkling of a star's ass, he would not ignore this chance at comeuppance. The trash ball was flicked through the air and landed quite nicely in the large heap of refuse nearby. Dimly he knew it should stink, but the lack of a warm sun kept such things on the down low with the surface. Off he went to the griffons, his once masters now slaves.
  25. A large procession blocked his way, the once bustling crowds having taken to either side of the street. Hades started to push, before opting for the simpler approach and hovered over the crowd. Being a pegasus had its perks. Faust saw fit to at least give something still in these trying times to makeup for the eternal hatred of the other tribes. At the lead was a Talon mercenary, a large griffon with a great bell in its hand. Very attention getting, much nicer too than the crossed sawed offs on her back. Flanking her were two more Talons, each holding aloft some parchment. Hades darted over the crowd, wanting to read.
  26. "For breaking their contracts these two shall be enslaved. What is a Talon?" the grifhen in the lead shook her bell once. "Loyal for caps." answered the one on her left. "Loyal to what?" she intoned, shaking again. "Loyal to the contract." came the one on her right. Behind them you saw the reason for this. The two griffon he had desired were there, mostly. They'd been shaved, their feathers plucked, and collared. Their backs had been lashed open. Overall, a great start in the opinion of the former Enclave, but it could be better. Hades darted closer, wanting to see the damage up close. Closer he dared, before alighting in front of a mare watching, flagging artfully to show off.
  27. "Two chicks on a contract and what do you get?" Hades began a cat calling routine, belittling his once masters in the only time he would ever see them again. The two heads turned, ignoring their shunned roles for the voice, the one they knew. Hades kept up, bouncing along with them, ruining the solemn event. He kept up his mirthful mockery too well, catching up to one of the escorts. Not missing a step, the escort lashed a leg out at Hades during a bell chime. Hades got the idea when his spleen started romancing his spine to shut up. Winded, the pony scuttled off to the steel rangers, with collars on, they might be less inhospitable.
  28. Hades wound his way back to the pair before leaning on a signpost, breathing through pursed lips at the smarting side. The owner of pair was sitting there, idly bouncing rocks off her knight's armor, "So, come back didya? Lookin to buy or just run like a chicken again?" The matron unicorn waved a hoof out, leathered flesh showing near the end. “’s two are quite the capable pair if yous ask me. 20 thousand cap each.” She rested back in her lounger, the rocks she had thrown recalled back into a pile to begin again. It took a lot to emote in power armor, but the knight’s pleading showed easily. The price though was well outside of what Hades had been willing to pay. He’d just wanted some cheap meat slaves, maybe 40 caps or something. Inhaling slowly, he got ready to barter.
  29. “So how did you get them anyways? Tin cans aren’t exactly the surrendering type. They’re trouble makers?” Good start, diminish the value on the first step, imply unruly slave. Eyes focused he watched the pair, mentally hating them enough to. Oh right, mental comms. Hades reached a hoof up to behind his ear and pushed, the dormant radio crackling to life. “I can start with 578 caps. “ The mare looked appalled at him, “I just need to be given the frequency of how much they’ve bucked up to get thrown out.” The scribe looked insulted before suddenly going wide eyed and lighting his horn. The matron chucked a rock at him. “You cut that out right now y’here. No funny business. And that goes for you to skyrat. 25 thousand caps. Each.”
  30. The knight broke into your head, having gotten the idea. “First, we aren’t trouble makers. Second, look up.” Humoring the mare you glanced up. It was just any other of the many signs stuck around the show saying what fun things he wasn’t allowed. Boring to Hades. Hades just raised an eyebrow. Useless plan, he wasn’t going to be relying on the knight for her brains it seemed. Back to the matron. “Alright how did you get them? Antimatrix grenades? Coffee maker hasn’t moved at all, are you going to sell me a broken suit?” “Whoa nelly, no. I got a better plan than that. ‘s used ole bertha here.” You held onto the caps pouch as you waited. Clatters and rings of metal sounded from inside her tent. Could she possibly have built her own armor? The pastel light came out and held a drain pipe. With a trigger. “Told you,” the mirthful voice of the knight mare cut in. The stallion’s eyes cut back up to the sign and the very large no weapons provision. He put the caps pouch away and took a Tirek’s grin. “So, how much are you going to pay me not to report you?”
  31. The now trio walked down the road before finding an abandoned tent and taking it over. Hades started with the tiny stallion, wanting to know just what he got from the angry mare. “Spill it short stuff, what did I just get for my time. And I mean all of it, no pleading the codex protects.” The robed creature shrank back, trying to hide behind his armored protector. She just side stepped carefully, aware now was not the time to get on the bad side of their owner. Hades simply tapped a hoof on the control box to their collars. “I own you now you lil shit. I can do as I please, like this.” A few volts went through the prongs, sharp pain now worse than having his soft flesh crushed between two hooves. It got the point though.
  32. “I’m a weaponsmith, I was sent to recover old weapons and bring them back to the bunker in Sao Paulo. I can fix them, upgrade or salvage. Please I can do what you want.” Crypt just stared slack jawed at the crying unicorn. He flipped the box over to make sure everything was in order and he hadn’t just shocked the poor thing half to death. No he had it right, the shuddering wreck on the floor just couldn’t take his juice apparently. “Uhh…” He stared at the knight “your turn?”
  34. “I’m Knight River Burn of the Sao Paulo, formerly of the Sao Paulo rangers. Now your slave. I was supposed to protect the little guy, but failed. I bring you only what I have, my weapons, I will protect you with my life. That’s all I can offer. Whatever I know is now yours, my life is in your hooves.” Crypt just stared at the helmeted mechanical pony, a wing on his eyes. “So I got a whimp with weapons and some royal guard wannabe. Great, we’re all one big happy family then. Let’s hug and makeup.” The scribe shot up at the words hug and tried to run but it was too late. The knight had heard her favorite word and scooped him up in a leg before grabbing Crypt and squeezing tight. “Yay Hugs! I love hugs.” “Wings wings!”Hades could only cry as he was squished by the unyielding steel. Something popped in him before she released and he felt whoozy. “I think you just broke our master Rivvie.” The unicorn picked up a tent stake from the ground and poked his master, daring to believe he had just been freed. He was melt with a sharp yelp and fumbled control box earning him another jolt. Nut breaker was not a very lucky pony on Luna’s naughty list.
  36. >Buy Team Cadence
  37. >Start the adventure
  39. The scribe is best as an armorer, skilled in logistics and barter, he can keep the guns working and the ammo coming. A big whimp, he relies upon his bodyguard normally for protection.
  40. Hades Crypt has an implanted radio behind his left ear. Its a piece from his slave days when he was too dangerous to approach to give orders directly. Useful for quietly speaking and for working with radio controlled systems.
  42. Hades Crypt now owns a knight and scribe. The knight is equipped in power armor with a minigun and rocket launcher. She will be a bit annoying to keep armed, but can still crush things under her hooves without ammo.
  47. “I’m sorry, really I’m sorry. ” The tall burly tan mare kept pleading as she walked with her head sunk down. Hades Crypt languished on her back, limbs and wings dangling as he tried to nurse the pain in his sides. First the griffon kick, and then he finds out he has an overly affectionate power armored slave. He’d laugh at his luck, but he was pretty sure it would lead to stitches. “Look I get it, I got it 20 times ago. The only reason I haven’t shocked you into shutting up is I don’t want to find out if it would get me. So kindly, stop talking already. ” The scribe was busy fussing over her helmet, an array of tools probing at its crystalline matrices. They had suffered damage, along with the rest of her suit during their capture. Hades was unsure if this was the wisest of plans to allow this repair work. He wanted his wares in the best condition, but he didn’t trust that they wouldn’t kill him in his sleep.
  48. On the point of top condition, the merry trio arrived at their destination, the paired unicorn and Pegasus. Hades kept on the back of his noble steed, moving as little as painlessly possible. The paired slaves for sale sat, a dull red pulse coming off their bomb collars. Hades rapped the side of his chariot for some attention, the noise dragging forth an overly scarred and one eyed griffon. He came out of his tent on all fours before rearing back, wings and arms extending as he towered over the ponies, beak clacking as he worked some pleghm away. “Eh? You here for some ice cream foals? I think I have some snozzberry around here somewhere. ” The very old and experienced mercenary started rummaging around his site before finding a pleated fabric container. Inside was a large supply of ice cold single serving cups with spoons in their lids.
  49. Hades just felt his eyebrow twitch, confused by what he saw. Nut breaker tapped alongside him, before finally speaking, “May I have some?” “Of course you can younging, its much too hot out here for you to play now. ” Before Hades could comment or disapprove, the griffon was doling out his treats. Hades took his gingerly, unsure if it was poisoned. It was however cold, and felt wonderful on his bruised sides. Gingerly, he tucked it under a wing and clasped it tight as he tried to get to the business at hoof. “I’m interested in the two slaves there, 50 caps each. I stopped by earlier, and saw the mare was injured. ” “Oh did you now? I’m sorry that must have been Guss who talked to ya. Name’s wrecker. Not really into the whole slave thing personally, but I reckon you are trying to underbid me. I might be old, but I am not without my faculties. ” He gave a few sharp taps to his head, swapping the eyepatch to reveal, another perfectly fine eye.
  50. “Fine, what is your opening price?” “I’ll sell them for 75 caps total. And now, no buts, that’s my final and only offer take it or leave it. ” Hades grimaced, the griffon giving him a migraine from the whistly drawl and lack of logic. A crisp flip tossed the satchel of caps to Nut, who dutifully counted the caps, doing his best not to snigger at the frank absurdity. Satisfied, Wrecker grabbed their yoke and shoved them forward, claiming his horn ring as he did so. The now formed group set off into the camp again, River and Hades leading as they went back to the tent from earlier.
  51. “Okay, two things. First, get my sides to stop hurting, two, what is this stuff? Poison?” Hades said holding up the somewhat melted ice cream. “And what are your names?”
  54. Hades Crypt, enclaver main character male, crimson coloring
  55. River Burn, steel ranger knight female, tan
  56. Nut Breaker, weapons scribe male
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