Uber Jason - Strength 3

Jul 5th, 2020
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  1. "Oh god, I can hear something outside the bridge door. I've got the impenetrable lock on it, but... what the? No, he can't be cutting through that metal. That's impossible! It's not supposed to happen. We were told at school the bridge is the only secure-
  3. "Oh no, no! Please, mama, help me. God no!"
  5. Jason X: Planet of the Beast - Page 97
  7. Suddenly they all heard a loud thud, then another, as if someone, or something, was trying to systematically break through the door to the bridge.
  9. "Look," Akako said, bringing up a picture of the outside of the bridge door. Jason X bashed his body into it and beat it with both fists like a deathly drummer. Everyone could clearly see that the bridge door had sustained dents, deepening with a every pounding.
  11. "Universal lockdown," Renata ordered the computer. "He can't get through impenetrable steel mixed with hyper metals," She said with more certainty in her voice than she felt. Someone had to be in control here, had to take the position that they could deal with this guy.
  13. "You didn't see the hospital door. We gotta get out of here." Bella Morte screamed, jumping to her feet.
  15. "I'm with you," Akako said, on her feet too, both girls headed towards the emergency exit and the stairwell that never locked, with Bardox close behind.
  17. "Come on," London said, grabbing Renata's arm, trying to pull her away, but the head of security shook her off. "Let's get to safety and try to get a sense of what we're dealing with."
  19. But Renata stood firm, her weapons out, aimed at the door.
  21. "Maybe I should go with the others to protect them," Helmet said. He did not want to be here confronting Jason X, Just him and Renata and some puny laser weapons. From everything he knew about Jason, and now Jason X, that didn't sound like an even match. And if the truth were known, he wanted odds more in his favor than even.
  23. Renata said nothing, just stood stonily glaring at the door. What should he do? She wasn't giving him any direction. But within seconds there was nothing more to say. Helmet watched the bridge door sliced through as if it were a block of cheese. Half a foot of the large knife that he knew was probably the machete from Bella Morte's stories came through the metal. The blade seemed more honed than anything Helmet had ever seen before, and the guy must have the strength of ten men to cut through a door that thick.
  25. He glanced at Renata, who stood as if made of stone. She was a fool. Hell, he should have for out of there, to save himself. Somebody would have to be in charge if Jason X killer her.
  27. Helmet back towards the emergency exist surreptitiously, but Renata didn't even notice. But suddenly he stopped, finding himself transfixed as a hulking figure broke through the opening like a demon from hell being born.
  29. Jason X: Planet of the Beast - Page 268-269
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