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  1.  - On game start I can see the left part of an "A", which I think is supposed to be a text crawl. It doesn't move, then after some time the opening cinematic starts. Running game in Fullscreen in a 3-screen setup. The one displaying it has 1080p
  2.  - The opening cinematic shows left-handed grip twice and then a right-handed grip, if I saw that correctly
  3.  - Screenshake's a bit much during the cinematic
  4.  - Splashscreen with the controls already has a nice style
  5.  - On the 5th or so restart, the text crawl does go through an animation, but not completely. The letters before "ACE" follow a circle, than settle all overlapping on the bottom center of the screen
  6.  - Full points for your menu work, everything I expected to be there was there. Rebindable keys with gamepad _and_ keyboard functionality get a thumbs up on their own
  7.  - I have no idea what "slide thru the bullets" with "1234" and the icons are supposed to tell me in the menu
  8.  - Starting the first stage, the same message is displayed in the middle of the screen. It is missing in the later stages
  9.  - I don't quite grasp the power-up system. When I collect a canister of energy or whatever that is supposed to be dropping from the destroyed bricks, the selected power up moves to the right. I guess this is Gradius inspired. When I am already on the shooting power up, collecting another canister moves me back to multi-shot
  10.  - Bossfight was very fair, overall I am very satisfied with the difficulty curve so far. There's enough time not to be under unnerving pressure. Also upgrades carrying over is a very nice touch
  11.  - Would have liked to see some sort of health indicator for the boss. If there is one, I haven't noticed
  12.  - After selecting level 6, I got a black screen with music playing. I guess this is the end of the demo; restarting does not alleviate this
  13.  - Keys apart from directional keys are not doing anything in the editor. I've seen your editor work in your progress posts though, and it's probably the worst part about the game. I admire your eagerness to allow user content, but the way the editor works right is way too tedious for me to bother
  15. This is a gem. One of the most fun experiences I've had so far, and the overall package is great. There is a satisfying level of juice, the shooting enemies are great to fill the pauses when the ball fucks off to do shit without your input; it's really a great design. Respawning them after some time also removes a lot of risk for triviality, same for the respawning blocks in the bossfight. The visuals are appealing, you've got great art. The music and the announcer create a really fun atmosphere. Without a doubt a favourite of mine for this demo day
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