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A heartfelt apology to Hugo Carvalho

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  1. I would like to issue an apology to Hugo Carvalho, who I wrongly d0x3d. I have decided that Sabu will never apologize to Hugo, so I will take the high road.
  3. Hugo Carvalho, I am sorry you were drawn into our cyber war. I thought you were hacking the government, but I was wrong. If it's any consolation, all this was Sabu's fault. Sabu was tangentially related to you and in the hacking world that's tantamount to proof of identity.
  5. I know I carefully hid my tracks under the alias of Indiana Jones in case I was wrong, but everyone knows it was me who d0xed you. In the past 24 hours, I have also been d0x3d. I am actually Ryan Berg. That's right my minions, th3j35t3r is actually Ryan Berg! The accusations are truth, and I don't care. Like I would face jail time for hacking Jihadi web sites.
  8. I am sincerely so sorry Hugo,
  10. th3j35t3r AKA Indiana Jones AKA Ryan Berg
  12. PS I have more followers than Sabu
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