crafting macros

Jul 31st, 2015
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  1. 35 Durability Macro- (2 Parts)
  3. /ac "Comfort Zone" <me><wait.3>
  4. /ac "Inner Quiet" <me><wait.3>
  5. /ac "Steady Hand II" <me><wait.3>
  6. /ac "Waste Not" <me><wait.3>
  7. /ac "Hasty Touch" <me><wait.3>
  8. /ac "Hasty Touch" <me><wait.3>
  9. /ac "Hasty Touch" <me><wait.3>
  10. /ac "Hasty Touch" <me><wait.3>
  11. /ac "Steady Hand II" <me><wait.3>
  12. /ac "Manipulation" <me><wait.3>
  13. /ac "Waste Not" <me><wait.3>
  14. /ac "Basic Touch" <me><wait.3>
  15. /ac "Hasty Touch" <me><wait.3>
  16. /ac "Hasty Touch" <me><wait.3>
  17. /echo Crafting Macro #1 Completed!
  19. /ac "Steady Hand II" <me><wait.3>
  20. /ac "Great Strides" <me><wait.3>
  21. /ac "Ingenuity II" <me><wait.3>
  22. /ac "Byregot's Blessing" <me><wait.3>
  23. /ac "Careful Synthesis II" <me><wait.3>
  24. /ac "Careful Synthesis II" <me><wait.3>
  25. /echo Crafting Macro 2 Completed!
  27. The 70 Durability Macro below also gives a pretty good shot at HQ gear and will guarantee a collectible with the stats listed above. Tested on Okeanis Tail red scrip turn in, and Marron Glace blue scrip turn in. My results: 293/300 Marron Glace met minimum requirements for collectable turn in. The Okeanis Tail went 50/50 and i capped red scrips about 3hrs after servers came up with the update that released them. My minimum ending collectability on the Okeanis was 4578 (4000 needed for turn in) but more often than not I was around 6-7k collectability.
  29. 70 Durability- Scrip Turn in (389 cp)
  31. /ac "Muscle Memory" <me><wait.3>
  32. /ac "Comfort Zone" <me><wait.3>
  33. /ac "Inner Quiet" <me><wait.3>
  34. /ac "Steady Hand II" <me><wait.3>
  35. /ac "Waste Not" <me><wait.3>
  36. /ac "Hasty Touch" <me><wait.3>
  37. /ac "Hasty Touch" <me><wait.3>
  38. /ac "Hasty Touch" <me><wait.3>
  39. /ac "Hasty Touch" <me><wait.3>
  40. /ac "Steady Hand II" <me><wait.3>
  41. /ac "Hasty Touch" <me><wait.3>
  42. /ac "Hasty Touch" <me><wait.3>
  43. /ac "Hasty Touch" <me><wait.3>
  44. /ac "Master's Mend II" <me><wait.3>
  45. /echo Crafting Macro #1 Completed!
  47. /ac "Steady Hand II" <me><wait.3>
  48. /ac "Hasty Touch" <me><wait.3>
  49. /ac "Hasty Touch" <me><wait.3>
  50. /ac "Great Strides" <me><wait.3>
  51. /ac "Ingenuity II" <me><wait.3>
  52. /ac "Byregot's Blessing" <me><wait.3>
  53. /ac "Careful Synthesis II" <me><wait.3>
  54. /ac "Careful Synthesis II" <me><wait.3>
  55. /ac "Careful Synthesis II" <me><wait.3>
  56. /echo Crafting Macro 2 Completed!
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