Roundabout Solution

Feb 10th, 2013
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  1. I know this guy from like five years ago or something like that who liked to do a whole lot of things but he wasn't sure what his biggest passion in life was and this problem was with him for such an incredibly long time ever since he was a kid he's always wanted to know what his special talent was but he could never find out but then he found out about my little pony and that they have their special talent printed on their ass and he was so interested in this that he decided to turn himself into a pony just to figure out what his special talent was which was amazing because nobody had ever turned themselves into a pony before and when he was finally a pony after years and years of research and work he saw that his cutie mark was a pony that had a cutie mark of a pony that had a cutie mark of a pony that had a cutie mark of a pony because he was really good at turning himself into a pony and should then go on to turn more people into ponies but he couldn't because he couldn't operate the machine anymore because hooves but that didn't matter so much because now he finally found his own special talent and didn't care that he couldn't actually use it anymore.
  3. The End
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