Anon & Daylily's Funventure pt.1

Mar 31st, 2016
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  1. >Walking, just loads and loads of walking in the very late evening, or maybe very early night even
  2. >Who knows it’s dark as shit and you’re carrying a pack bag full of supplies in this slightly windy weather
  3. >The nights and evenings are starting to become colder, is summer going to start slowly coming to an end? You would not like that, especially in your current living conditions
  4. >You are Anonymous, a human who’s lucky enough to have gotten the chance to live his life in Equestria, the magical land of horsepussy from the cartoon you’ve been watching
  5. >And also you are an utter moron
  6. >You’ve rented a house to live in, and you found one that was told to be “some ways outside of Hollow Shades”, for fairly cheap
  7. >You thought it’d be ok, it’s not that far out, you checked from some random ass map, some exercise will do you good and since it’s secluded you’ll have a lot of peace and quiet, but it should be near enough to the town to bring back a mare or two if you get lucky from Hollow Shades
  8. >Too bad you were so excited about it that you sort of miscalculated how secluded it was
  9. >Instead of being Anon the human who lives near Hollow Shades, you’re Anon the hermit who lives away from everything and is not considered to even live in Hollow Shades as it turns out
  10. >Well, Hollow Shades is still the nearest town to you, but your house is surrounded by a lot of woods and you live close to some mountains
  11. >And so far you have not had much luck with getting visitors since it’s actually such a hike to Hollow Shades you’d need to stay at an in instead of coming back
  12. >Well that and having only lived here for a week and visiting Hollow Shade just once, you discovered it’s actually a shorter walk to a lone train station and from there you’ve only visited Manehattan once, and decided to make it a relaxing trip and stayed at a hotel, wasting most of your moneys
  13. >So your first trip ever to Hollow Shades was completely uneventful since you woke up late and got a bit lost, you only restocked on various supplies and started to head back in
  14. >Not to mention as it turns out the town isn’t really much alive during daylight hours, bat ponies seem to favor sleeping through the day and you’re unsure if you should start changing your sleeping schedule just yet to match the bat ponies
  15. >But thinking about your situation comes to a halt when you see your little wooden cabin
  16. >There’s light shining out from the windows and you know you did not leave anything on when you departed earlier today
  17. >So ignoring your now aching feet you sneakily dart to your house and set the bag of supplies onto the porch and check the door
  18. >It’s open, and there’s sounds of rummaging and muffled talking coming from the inside
  19. >Carefully you push the door open and peak in while listening for any sounds so you can confirm how many whatever’s are inside your house
  20. >To your surprise you find the backside of a pony staring straight at you from across the house as the pony rummages through your stuff while muttering
  21. >A bat pony it seems, judging by the wings neatly folded against her sides
  22. >A white grey batpony with navy blue wings and denim blue mane as well as tail
  23. >You stare at her cutie mark that seems to be some kind of a peach colored flower
  24. >She has not noticed you and you decide to stop crouching and walk in, you were worrying it might have been some kind of a scary creature
  25. >You walk behind her and hen keep looking at her butt, you were pretty sure she’d take notice of you already
  26. >You could just call out to the intruder but you could also do something humorous just for the heck of it, maybe-
  27. >The bat pony mare suddenly stopped and looked behind her, locking her eyes with yours, same color as her cutie ma-
  28. >You don’t get to finish your train of thought or the greeting you were about to give her, a very sophisticated one like “Sup” or “Hi” but she proceeded to buck you first
  29. >And almost on your family jewels, but thankfully her aim was just a hint upwards and hat you on the abdomen, because it hurts like hell
  30. >With a cry of pain you fall down, mostly because you got spooked she crushed your testicles, but then there’s suddenly a tug here and there and before you know it your arms and legs are bound
  31. >And as you wiggle around and look up you find the mare staring at you with a stern expression on her face
  32. >”Who...what are you and what are you doing in my house?”
  33. >You stare at the pony with confusion as she keeps studying you with her eyes
  34. “Your house? This is my house.”
  35. >Her expression becomes more hostile
  36. >”So you’re the one who has moved my stuff somewhere, where are they?”
  37. >What stuff? Sure the place was ready furnished but there was no stuff, none at all, you checked
  38. “I have done nothing to anything”
  39. >”You’re lying. Why else would you be staying in my house?”
  40. “No I’m no, here let me-t”
  41. >You wiggle around and manage to sit up, alarming the pony as she opens up her wings and seems to take a stance of sorts
  42. “Check that cabinet over there, there’s my contract for renting his house”
  43. >You nudge towards a cabinet with your head
  44. >The bat pony seems suspicious but slowly walks to the cabinet without taking her eyes off of you and rummages around with one of her wings, and pulls out a piece of paper, your rental contract and starts to read it
  45. >And hear ears return back to their normal position, and then start to bend backwards and by the time she’s done with the paper they’re fully floppy
  46. >”Your story checks out, I can’t believe they re-rented the house...”
  47. >She sets the paper back down and her ears fold back up and with a sigh she walks to you and undoes the knots on the rope that is tying you down
  48. >You get up and wince how sore your abdomen feels
  49. >”I apologize for bucking you, I wasn’t sure what you were and thought you were some kind of a troll creature who had taken over my house”
  50. >Wait troll creature? Now you know you’re not that ugly, hell you’re actually pretty handsome so thanks for that random rude pony
  51. “Maybe you should not go around bucking poor creatures, that really hurt”
  52. >The pony simply pulls up a chair and sits down
  53. >”My name is Daylily, the pony who previously lived in this house. And it was supposed to still be rented to me”
  54. >You pull up a chair as well land sit at the small table, opposite from this Daylily bat pony
  55. “Daylily, is that even your real name? It sounds awfully non-bat pony-like, you’re sure you haven’t just made it up on the spot?”
  56. >Daylily stares at you for a few seconds while looking a bit frustrated
  57. >”Why would I make up a name, and even if I did I’d choose something like that?”
  58. >You shrug
  59. “I don’t know, you might just be a burglar who’s just pulling things out of her ass so I won’t turn her in to the authorities”
  60. >Daylily’s expression changes back to her serious face
  61. >”I see, yes that is possible, how would I proof that I am telling the truth?”
  62. >Well, now you find yourself at a loss for words, you have no idea
  63. “Well I guess that...”
  64. >You don’t really care that much if it is true or not, you just wanted to get back at the mare for kicking you and then binding you up
  65. >Well, the silence is getting awkward so might as well try to strike up a conversation while you’re thinking
  66. “You said you’ve been gone for a while, where were you?”
  67. >Her ears droop once again and her expression changes, for a brief moment she seems a bit...sad?
  68. >”I was out training, in the mountains”
  69. >Her ears rise back up and the hint of sadness is gone
  70. “Training, why? And why in the mountains?”
  71. >”I wanted to get stronger and I’ve read and heard of many stories where the main character goes to train in the mountains in seclusion to power up fast so that’s what I did”
  72. >The bat pony lets out a sigh
  73. >”The pony renting out this place must have thought I’d gone missing, I was gone for a long while, but not long enough for all the money I paid for rent in advance to have ran out”
  74. >Suddenly it seems like the pony realized something
  75. >”When you came in you noticed that the door was not broken in am I correct?”
  76. >You stare at the pony for a few seconds
  77. “Wha? Oh right yeah the door was open”
  78. >The pony nods and flashes you a smug smile for a brief second
  79. >”I came in with a key instead of breaking down the door so that proofs you that I am telling the truth”
  80. >You nod
  81. “Yeah you’re right”
  82. >Not that you were actually concerned about that to begin with but at least now you’re sure she’s probably telling the truth
  83. >”I’m going to have to go and have a chat with that pony to sort things out. Goodbye Anonymous creature”
  84. >The pony climbs off of the chair
  85. “A human, I’m a human”
  86. >The pony pauses and looks at you again
  87. >”So this is what a human looks like, I heard a few rumors about your kind when traveling back from the mountains”
  88. >But then she takes flight and starts to slowly head towards the door
  89. >”I apologize for the inconvenience”
  90. >But as she opens up the door there’s a howl loud enough to make you jump coming from somewhere, somewhere very close to your house
  91. >Daylily quickly slams the door close and locks it before rushing to turn off the light
  92. “What is it?”
  93. >Daylily signs for you to stay quiet and peeks out from a window
  94. >”Timber wolves, I ran into a big pack of them and they’ve been following me for a few nights, I though I’d lost them”
  95. >You quickly sneak closer to the pony and the window
  96. “Timber wolves, out here?”
  97. >Daylily nods
  98. >”It’s weird, but there, look”
  99. >She points at something outside your window and you look out
  100. >And see one, two, three and son enough 5 timber wolves sniffing around on the yard
  101. >And they look much more intimidating than you’d have thought for a pile f wood and sticks walking around
  102. “What are we going to do”
  103. >Daylily suddenly yanks you down as one of the wolves turns to look straight at the window
  104. >”We’ll wait for them to leave and I’ll notify the town guards at Hollow Shades once I reach the town”
  105. >Suddenly Daylily quickly puts distance to the window and yanks you away from it, just in time as a timber wolf rams its head through the window screen
  106. >It locks eyes with you and lets out a growl that is joined by more growling coming from the outside
  107. >You stare back at the snarling wooden beast while feeling your pulse picking up
  108. “Fuck”
  111. “Fuck”
  112. >”What are you lying around on your butt? Get up quick!”
  113. >Daylily suddenly delivers a flying kick to the timber wolf’s face, knocking the creature’s head out from the window frame
  114. >”Help me push this closet!”
  115. >Daylily flies to the large wooden wardrobe and starts to push it, and you join her in doing so
  116. >And not a moment too soon, as the two of you slide it to block the broken window something rams against it, hard
  117. “Whoa they’re strong!”
  118. >You quickly push the wardrobe against the wall with your whole weight so it does not fall over
  119. >”Do you have anything heavy around here?”
  120. >You quickly look around and then point at a large wooden trunk
  121. “That thing!”
  122. >Daylily quickly flies to the trunk and starts to push it towards you, struggling to do so as she flaps her wings hard but the trunk just slowly drags along the floor
  123. >Another knock against the wardrobe almost makes you and it fall over
  124. “Hurry! I can’t hold this for much longer!”
  125. >Daylily grits her teeth’s and starts to flap her wings even faster, sweat pouring down her face
  126. >”I’m...trying!”
  127. >Daylily managed to get the trunk to you and the two of you position it in front of the wardrobe, and not a moment too soon
  128. “Shit that was really intense!”
  129. >Daylily turns her attention to the door
  130. >”It’s too late to relax yet, fortify the door quickly!”
  131. “Ok, right”
  132. >You rush to your couch and drag it in front of the door, and soon enough all of your furniture has been made into barricades at the window and the door
  133. >And then you collapse onto the floor and rest against the wall while wiping a few beads of sweat off of your forehead
  134. >Daylily too lies to rest on the floor and breathes heavily a few times to calm her breathing down
  135. “Thanks”
  136. >Daylily turns to look at you and tilts her head in slight confusion
  137. “For kicking that timber wolf so it didn’t get in”
  138. >Daylily turns her head away from you and to look at the barricade on the broken window
  139. >”That’s a given, if it got in we’d both be in trouble”
  140. >You’d like to imagine she’s looking away to hide some kind of a blush and feeling shy about letting you see it, but her tone of voice suggests otherwise
  141. >Still it does not stop you from imagining it happening
  142. “Now what? We wait for them to leave?”
  143. >Daylily rolls over and lies in her back
  144. >”No, we’re trapped, if they’ve been following me for this long there’s no way they’d give up, and they will eventually get in”
  145. >You stare at the bat pony as she sighs and stares at the ceiling, seemingly in deep thought
  146. “How about Hollow Shades? Shouldn’t the towns guard ponies be able to deal with this?”
  147. >Daylily rolls over once again and gets up
  148. >”Yeah, we need to get to Hollow Shades next, and I know how we can do it”
  149. >You stare at the pony as she walks to you and then stops in front of you
  150. >You stare back at her for a brief second
  151. “Are you going to tell me how?”
  152. >The pony blinks once
  153. >”Are you going to get up?”
  154. >This little...
  155. >A loud thump followed by the sounds of wood giving out under the pressure makes both of you jump a little and turn your attentions to the door and find a dent in it
  156. >You quickly get back onto your feet
  157. “Yeah getting up sounds good”
  158. >The pony nods and takes flight so she’s more at eye level with you
  159. >”There’s a small window up in the attic, we’ll get out from there and sneak away while the wolves are busy trying to break in”
  160. “Ok let’s do that and hurry, like right now”
  161. >But as you say it she has already flown to the hatch and pulled it open, making the ladder slide down
  162. >She flies into the attic and squeezes in and you follow close behind
  163. “Ommph”
  164. >”H-hey watch it!”
  165. >Maybe a bit too close behind, you ram your face right into her butt
  166. >You were not really paying attention to her but at the door that seems to be close to breaking down
  167. >You take a few steps down on the ladder
  168. “Sorry but I had bigger things to worry about than your ass”
  169. >Daylily stops moving
  170. >”...Are you saying my ass is bi-wah!”
  171. >You push her inside the attic by her butt
  172. “We’ll have this talk when we have the time for it!”
  173. >You crawl into the attic as well and quickly pull the ladder up just as a timber wolf manages to ram its head in through the door and look around
  174. >You turn around and find Daylily glaring at you and as she looks like she’s about to say something you sign for her to stay silent and then point downwards
  175. >Her face returns back to looking serious and she nods, and then slowly sneaks towards the small window at the end of the attic space while you crawl behind her, her tail hitting you on the face every now and then
  176. >But you’re not really complaining since you’re getting a pretty nice view, shame you can’t wholeheartedly enjoy it while feeling this tense about the whole surviving thing
  177. >The attic is empty and dark except for the bright moonlight shining in through the window
  178. >There’s cobwebs here and there and dust all over the floor, you haven’t used this storage space at all yet
  179. >But as it is a pretty tight fit already by pony standards, you’re really struggling to move around in it comfortably
  180. >Judging by the sounds going on the timber wolves have not yet gotten inside the house yet
  181. >Daylily fiddles with the small window and pushes it open, and then flies out into the night
  182. >You peek out from the window, how are you going to get out of it safely? It’s not that huge of a drop but not that small either, maybe climbing out carefu-
  183. >Suddenly there’s a loud crash and the sound of furniture being flung all over
  184. >Daylily turns around and hisses at you with urgency
  185. >”Quickly they’re in!”
  186. >And you decide to take a leap of faith and jump/roll out of the window and managing to land down and roll forward, back onto your feet from your landing position like you were Leon from Resident Evil 4
  187. >Your amazement at your flawless jump is interrupted by Daylily flying past you and giving you a quick poke with her hoof as she peaks around the corner
  188. >She then signals for you to follow her and you try to be as quiet as possible as you follow her
  189. >As you go past your front porch and now busted door you quickly grab your backpack you left on it
  190. >”Oh no!”
  191. >The loud growl makes you look in the direction of Daylily who’s in front of you, heading towards the path to the woods
  192. >But there stands a timber wolf in front of her
  193. >Suddenly you can hear more growling from within the house and see a few timber wolves rushing do the doorway
  194. “Run!”
  195. >You take off into the woods with Daylily flying behind you
  196. >Damn it it’s so dark, you almost fell over!
  197. >Daylily manages to fly past you now, making you pick up your pace as the sounds of the timber wolves after the two of you come louder and louder
  198. >Daylily reaches a small clearing in front of the two of you but suddenly comes to a screeching halt, making you almost run into her
  199. >And in front of the two of you is a larger, more mangy looking timber wolf than the rest
  200. >”A dire timber wolf?!”
  201. “I take it that’s bad?”
  202. >The timber wolves that were after the two of you form a circle around the edges of the small clearing, blocking your way back
  203. >Daylily lets out a growl of frustration while looking back and forth between the timber wolves as the dire one takes a step forward, snarling
  204. >You really wish you were a smoker and had some lighter fluid on you right now, or a chainsaw
  205. >How are the two of you going to get out of this?
  208. >Daylily lands between you and the dire timber wolf ad starts staring it down
  209. >”Back off for your own good.”
  210. >The d-t-wolf growls loudly at Daylily who answers with a scree
  211. >The other wolves now seem to pay more attention to the pony and the dire one as they slowly start to circle one another
  212. >Daylily comes closer and closer to a large rock, and then stops
  213. >You and the crowd of timber wolves keep looking to see what happens next
  214. >One timber wolf suddenly pokes you with a bag of popcorn
  215. >You stare at the bag and the wolf, and it signals you to pass it onwards, seems like you and the timber wolves have formed a circle of onlookers now
  216. >You grab the bag of popcorn, grab some into your mouth and then pass it on to the next timber wolf who does not even glance in your way as it grabs it
  217. >...should you run away or something?
  218. >Daylily suddenly punches the rock with her hoof, instantly shattering it into a million pieces, making you choke and spit out some popcorn
  219. >Wait hold up now how strong is this pony exactly?
  220. >The dire timber wolf takes a step back and snarls while Daylily pushes her chest out proudly and stares the wolf down more intensely
  221. >But then the dire timber wolf grabs a smaller rock between its jaws and tries to break it
  222. >...and keeps trying to break it
  223. >The crowd of timber wolves start to snarl and growl as the dire timber wolf fails to break the stone and spits it out
  224. >Daylily seems awfully smug now as she stares at the wolf, which seems to seriously piss it off and it lets out a loud roar
  225. >Daylily snorts in annoyance and quickly joins your side as the wolves almost instantly switch back to being aggressive and positioning themselves all around you and the pony, dropping the bag of popcorn to the ground and trampling all over it in the process
  226. >Daylily turns her head to look at you
  227. >”Negotiations have failed, on my mark run to the right”
  228. “What ne-“
  229. >All the wolves charge towards the two of you
  230. >”NOW!”
  231. “Fuck!”
  232. >Just barely you manage to dodge the few wolves to your right as Daylily simply flies past them
  233. >But then you feel a tug and whip your head around
  234. >One of the wolves has grabbed a hold of your back pack and starts to shake its head from side to side, ripping it open and spilling most of the contents of it on the ground
  235. >You manage to get away as the wolf is left with a large chunk of your back pack in its mouth and instantly skedaddle away like a black man running from the law
  236. >But it seems that this has worked in your favor as the wolves trying to run after you two trip and fall down on the various cans and other items that spilled out of your back pack
  237. >”Quick there’s a cave near us, we can hide there if we manage to put enough distance between us and them!”
  238. >You look at the pony flying above you
  239. “You think we can make it?”
  240. >Daylily glances behind her
  241. >”Yeah we can make it”
  242. >You hope she’s right as you run to where she is leading you
  243. >Soon enough the two of you arrive at a cave entrance and Daylily lands down on the ground before it
  244. >She looks around and so do you, there’s no sign of the timber wolves anywhere
  245. “You think we’re in the clear?”
  246. >Daylily keeps looking around a bit more but then relaxes a little
  247. >”I think we lost them, for now. We should camp out for the night in this cave and then-“
  248. >Suddenly the dire timber wolf, followed by normal timber wolves jump out from the woods and rush towards you and the bat pony
  249. >And you don’t plan on sticking around and run past Daylily and towards the cave
  250. “Come on!”
  251. >but then you quickly come to a stop, what if this cave is a dead end with no way out?
  252. >You almost turn around but Daylily runs at you and head-butts you inside the cave before taking flight again
  253. >”Now we’ve got to go fast!”
  254. >But as she yells out to you she has her head turned backwards at you, meaning she’s not looking where she’s going and she flies head first into a huge stalactite on the ceiling
  255. >”Ouch!”
  256. >Daylily and you stare in horror as a crack forms on it and spreads around it
  257. >And then it falls as Daylily quickly flies towards you, but then stops and looks horrified
  258. >You glance behind yourself as the stalactite hits the ground and see the open maw of a timber wolf about to crush your head
  259. >But then the floor gives out
  261. >In panic you flail your arms around and try to grasp onto anything, and manage to grab onto something
  262. >”WAIT LET GO!”
  263. >And it turns out to be Daylily’s tail
  264. >Both of you scream as you fall into the darkness accompanied by a bunch of timber wolves while pulling Daylily down with you
  265. >And then everything goes dark as you hit your head
  266. >...
  267. >...ughh...what happened...the floor...right it gave out!
  268. >Your eyes fly open and you come face to face with the visage of the dire timber wolf
  269. “OH HELL!”
  270. >Quickly you scamper away, only to be stopped by something behind you
  271. >”Calm down”
  272. >You turn your head and find daylily behind you with her hoof against your back, keeping you from putting any more distance between you and the dire timber wolf
  273. >”It’s dead”
  274. >Daylily lets go and points at the creature with her hoof
  275. >You stare at it and find it not moving, and now that you look at it properly it is buried under a pile of large stones among with a lot of other timber wolves
  276. “You sure? I know that these things can come apart and put themselves back together or something”
  277. >”I’m sure, it’s already been an hour”
  278. >An hour? For you it just felt like you blacked out for a couple of seconds
  279. >You look up and find that the hole you fell in from is quite a way up
  280. “You stayed with me for the whole time instead of getting any help?”
  281. >You look back at Daylily who turns around and shows you her wing
  282. >it looks off
  283. >”Could not have flown out even if I wanted to, I hurt my wing in the fall, can’t fly at all”
  284. “Oh, that must be my fault for grabbing, you know, your tail and all”
  285. >You play it off by letting out a nervous chuckle which Daylily ignores
  286. >So she did not stay behind for you...that’s kind of disappointing, not that you should expect anything to happen with a pony you have just met but still...
  287. “You do know where we are right?”
  288. >Daylily sits down and shakes her head
  289. >”No I have never seen this area”
  290. >She then looks up at the hole in the ceiling from where some moonlight shines in
  291. >”Even the official cave is not completely familiar to me, I know a bit about it but...”
  292. >Daylily lets out a sigh and you also turn your eyes towards the opening you two fell through, way up in the ceiling, far from the reaches of both of you
  293. “From one thing into another...”
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