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  1. .+ban *!*@AAD8A2.3841A1.C1533B.602B87 floodbot
  2. .+ban *!*@AAD8A2.3841A1.C1533B.602B87 floodbot
  3. .+ban *!*@2CABAC.46ABEA.1E1E3F.154DB4 floodbot
  4. .+ban *!*@ED0186.D3F363.445F87.1C6B86 floodbot
  5. .+ban *!*@ED0186.D3F363.445F87.1C6B86 floodbot
  6. .+ban *!*@B68F5E.68C1C8.021781.8C90E6 floodbot
  7. .+ban *!*@E79A22.3E1963.D44F80.D5C837 floodbot
  8. .+ban *!*@011D4E.BF83ED.36195D.814BAB floodbot
  9. .+ban *!*@592FDF.B3451D.40C864.74A494 floodbot
  10. .+ban *!*@D94969.62D4BB.1556DD.9F6C1C floodbot
  11. .+ban *!*@B68F5E.9836AC.44F4C3.72656A floodbot
  12. .+ban *!*@6F87DA.57B77B.379673.1EA680 floodbot
  13. .+ban *!*@6F87DA.FE9313.4FED58.69BBA2 floodbot
  14. .+ban *!*@D04CE4.77A4F4.B4419C.DA6321 floodbot
  15. .+ban *!*@3CCD0B.6C7541.357239.8EB8BD floodbot
  16. .+ban *!*@49DFC0.4AA316.6D4349.110629 floodbot
  17. .+ban *!*@D94969.5FBF43.7AA67D.0970BA floodbot
  18. .+ban *!*@2DE745.E4F2CF.6E588B.E5C3B8 floodbot
  19. .+ban *!*@49DFC0.73CAE5.590572.FDC5D2 floodbot
  20. .+ban *!*@350CE3.C1A208.38271F.AED5D8 floodbot
  21. .+ban *!*@D11208.BE4208.D9D841.FF859A floodbot
  22. .+ban *!*@0BFAF0.25FE9F.D0B96E.8E7650 floodbot
  23. .+ban *!*@4CB10A.AF1852.B6D1F7.79D137 floodbot
  24. .+ban *!*@49DFC0.73CAE5.590572.FDC5D2 floodbot
  25. .+ban *!*@4CB10A.AF1852.B6D1F7.79D137 floodbot
  26. .+ban *!*@49DFC0.73CAE5.119163.67F392 floodbot
  27. .+ban *!*@49DFC0.73CAE5.994E13.A94C93 floodbot
  28. .+ban *!*@6F87DA.FE9313.93134C.D6ED61 floodbot
  29. .+ban *!*@ADFEE4.9D9AF5.C1F0D8.BDB9B7 floodbot
  30. .+ban *!*@49DFC0.73CAE5.A8C63D.74B460 floodbot
  31. .+ban *!*@3DE835.FF0FBC.E5650B.DADF6E floodbot
  32. .+ban *!*@3DE835.9B1E13.951DAD.72C7BF floodbot
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