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  1. Username: @MonicaMochi
  2. Name: Cha Moon-ah
  3. Stage Name: Luna
  4. Age: 16
  5. Birthplace: Gangnam, Seoul, South Korea
  6. Nationality: Korean
  7. Talent:
  8. - freestyle rapping
  9. - dancing hip hop and ballet
  10. - singing in both high and low notes
  11. - playing piano, violin and guitar
  12. - compose songs and writing lyrics
  13. - she knows martial arts
  14. - she can draws manga character
  15. Life Before Debut: She won many compose song competition, she was a model and had already appeared on drama Dream High 2 as extra character and appeared on Got7 mv "Girls Girls Girls".
  16. JYP Member You're Closest To: Jb and Jackson of Got7
  17. Face Claim: Nayeon
  18. Back up face claim: Jihyo
  19. Positions: Leader, Composer, Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer and Rapper
  20. Former Member of What Group?: T-ARA
  21. Personality: She is a kind, caring and really protective towards her friends and family. Unlike her brother she is brave and like to try new things especially extreme things. She is really smart and like to study to increase her knowledge. She also very diligent and has high level of patience. Very playful and love to help other people.
  22. Hobbies: reading books, eating sweets, study, listening kpop songs especially her brother songs and swimming
  23. Love Interest: S.Coups
  24. Introduction:
  25. I'm your moon~ Annyeonghaseyo  I am Luna the leader of Eclipse!
  27. Other:
  28. -her brother is N of VIXX
  29. -she can speak 5 languages that is Japanese, English, Korean, Mandarin and French
  31. Password: Twice
  32. Tzuyu Jungyeon Sana Momo Dahyun Mina Chaeyoung
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