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  1. <resources>
  2.     <string name="save">Save</string>
  3.     <string name="delete">Delete</string>
  4.     <string name="preview">Preview</string>
  5.     <string name="edit">Edit</string>
  6.     <string name="retry">Retry</string>
  8.     <string name="permission_camera_info">To take Team Logo, access to camera needed.</string>
  9.     <string name="permission_camera_error">To take Team Logo, access to camera needed.</string>
  11.     <string name="app_name">FutsaLite</string>
  13.     <string name="title_fragment_dashboard">Dashboard</string>
  14.     <string name="title_fragment_help">Help</string>
  15.     <string name="title_detail_team">Team Detail</string>
  16.     <string name="title_detail_help">Help Detail</string>
  18.     <string name="navigation_drawer_open">Open navigation drawer</string>
  19.     <string name="navigation_drawer_close">Close navigation drawer</string>
  20.     <string name="nav_header_title">FutsaLite</string>
  21.     <string name="nav_header_subtitle">FutsaLite@Team</string>
  22.     <string name="nav_header_desc">Navigation header</string>
  23.     <string name="action_settings">Settings</string>
  25.     <!-- strings for activity_home.xml -->
  26.     <string name="home_nav_main">Dashboard</string>
  27.     <string name="home_nav_help">Tutorial</string>
  29.     <!-- strings for activity_detail_team.xml -->
  30.     <string name="detail_team_name">Team Name</string>
  31.     <string name="detail_team_desc">Team Description</string>
  33.     <!-- strings for activity_help.xml -->
  34.     <string name="help_title1">Dashboard</string>
  35.     <string name="help_title2">Search Filter on Dashboard</string>
  36.     <string name="help_title3">Add, Preview, or Edit Team</string>
  38.     <!-- strings for activity_help.xml -->
  39.     <string name="help_detail1">Dashboard page is the first page that is displayed by the system. \nOn this page displays all the teams that have been made. To add a team, you can click the add button on the bottom left. And to change, view or delete a team, you can click point 3 on each team that you want to give an action.</string>
  40.     <string name="help_detail2">Dashboard page not only displays the entire team, but this page can search for teams based on the desired team name.</string>
  41.     <string name="help_detail3">There are team logos, team names, and team descriptions that can be seen, added or changed. When taking pictures from the camera, the system will ask for permission so that the application can access the camera for the Android version of Lollipop or higher.</string>
  42. </resources>
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