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  1. Value (what we are trying to achieve),
  2. Humans (the humans who agree on what needs to be done),
  3. Application (the software), Infrastructure (what the software runs on)
  4. Business logic (the new thing that is being created),Qualities of the system (the qualities we want to see in the system)
  5. Orchestration (the things we need to glue together to release the new thing),Orchestration (the things that glue together to make that quality)
  6. Configuration (the values we need to change to make the software build and run),Configuration (how those things are set up to make that quality)
  7. Compilation (the steps performed to change human readable code into machine readable code),Shared software (what is running on those things)
  8. Compiled code (the code the machine run)s,Firmware (the software baked into the hardware)
  9. Runtime execution (the act of running the code on a machine),Hardware (what runs those things)
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