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  1. Anticheat: General anticheat
  3. Vehicles: Humvee (4 players can sit inside 20 health and storage), Truck (2 players 10 health and storage), Tank (2 players 40 health and a gun). All these items can be crafted
  5. Guns: Pistol, full auto rifle, shotgun, sniper rifle all available tiers 1-4. All guns are craft-able. I can modify or disable each gun in the plugin as well. Also important to note the bullets are effected by projectile protection.
  7. Crafting: Custom recipes for all guns, vehicles, and Armour. Every crafting recipe can be disabled as well in the plugin including regular mc and custom recipes.
  9. Armour: Regular Armour system with custom recipes for Armour. Armour can be enchanted
  11. Factions: Allows players to claim territory, invite other players, set home bed, create wars with other factions, ally other factions.
  13. Enchantments: Protection renamed to padding, Unbreaking renamed to durability, blast protection renamed to explosive protection, Fire protection renamed to fireproof, Projectile protection renamed to bullet proof.
  15. Player ranks: Recruit: basic rank all players start with it /kit recruit 10 minute wait to use /warp (iron armor protection 2 diamond sword sharp 1 tier 1 pistol and 10 pistol ammo). Private: /tpa /tpahere both with 10 min cooldown /kit Private (diamond armor protection 4 diamond sword sharp 3 10 ammo of each gun type and tier 1 of each gun type) 5 usd. Sargent: can create warps available to faction members with /warp (note everyone can use /home anytime) time to use /warp and /tp reduced to 5 minutes /kit Sargent (full diamond armor protection 6 diamond sword sharp 5 fire aspect knockback 2 tier 2 automatic gun and tier 1 pistol, shotgun and, sniper rifle 15 of each ammo type) 15 usd. General: No cooldown for /tp and /warp /kit General (diamond armor protection 10 diamond sword sharp 6 fire aspect knockback 3 all tier 2 guns 20 of each ammo type) 3 General crates every month 30 usd.
  17. Staff ranks: Helper has access to /mute, /unmute, /help op to view staff commands and /kick. Moderator access to /ban, /unban, /ipban, /unipban and, /opstats to view players ip and past punishments, in addition to these they have access to all Helper commands. Admin access to /op, /deop, /stop, /start, /save, /reload, /give, /gamemode, //we, that command to go invisible, and all commands from helper and moderator. Owner access to every command. Including /rank to give players ranks /pay to give players money (if a negative number is used it takes money away) and /staffrank to give players staff ranks.
  19. Money system: items can be bought with /shop. Money will be earned by killing players, mobs and, by selling items to /shop I want to figure out shop items and money players make during the beta because that is when we will be balancing things as much as possible before launch.
  21. mob drops: these will be configured during beta and be designed around farms.
  23. Setup and connect buycraft
  25. Setup vote crates
  27. Help butter learn commands and modifying some stuff
  29. Help butter make the shop tos unless you have/know one I can use
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