Homeless Vamp

Sep 12th, 2015
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  1. >Walking home from work late in the afternoon, the sun already low the shadows long
  2. >Feel a vibration in your pants, stop in your tracks to pull it out and check the notice, multitasking always having been a weak point to you
  3. >Unbeknownst to you, a hand stretches out of the shadows, weak and frail, the timid curling of fingers around your ankle the first thing to alert oy uto some one's presence
  4. >Jump a little, and whip your head down to see one of the prettiest girls you'd ever seen, long, stringy, greasy, wavy black hair
  5. >Her blood-red eyes meet yours for only a beautiful instant, the evening shadow making her face look much gaunter than it actually is
  6. >The instant passes, and she looks down any away, flinching even, anticipating a strike.
  7. >Her fingers tighten in desperation, "P-please kind sir, c-could you spare just a drop of blood?"
  8. >Her back muscles tighten, drawing her head further into her body to protect herself
  9. >That's right, you'd heard about the truly forsaken, forced into homelessness by fate and hunger. You remember reading an article about increasing rates of homelessness and starvation of the vampire population, and to a lesser extent, those that thrive purely off energy, like lesser demons.
  10. >You frown as you observe her, half in pity, half in consideration
  11. >Her fingers loosen, a quiet voice sounding, hidden in her filthy hair, "N-nevermind, sir. Sorry to trouble you."
  12. >She goes to slink back into the shadows, and you sigh.
  13. >You have time. Why not. "A drop?"
  14. >She freezes, turning to you slowly, fathomless hunger, and loneliness in her expression, "R-really, generous, one? You mean it?"
  15. >You undo your top button baring your neck, and step into the darkness with her, despite her slinking further back into it. "How would you like to do this?"
  17. >Something deep and ancient stirs within her, and she gasps, looking around. She kneels on the concrete and dusts away a patch until it's practically spotless, and takes your arm, "Sit, sir, please, Sorry I can't make you more comfortable!"
  18. >Somewhat bemused now, you take the seat she prepared for you, and sit with your ass to the cold concrete the woman probably calls a bed, back to the unforgiving brick wall of the alley,
  19. >"U-um... if I may..." the vampire sinks down before you, sitting in your lap with her knee around your hips, straddling you, in what is, frankly, an uncomfortably intimate position giving the two of you just met.
  20. >For a long moment, she does nothing, just stares at your throat. Then she opens her mouth, fangs glistening in the afternoon light, and leans in until her lips are barely touching your skin, "Is this..." She swallows, and her stomach growls, "Really okay?"
  21. >You ask yourself that. She could very well drain you dry. She's wearing a torn sundress, and high, thick, miss-matching socks, and despite it, you can feel her bony ass on your lap, the way her femur grates at you. You can almost make her ribs out, collar bones prominent, skeletal.
  22. >Eh. Fuck it.
  23. >"Go for it."
  24. >She gives your neck a kiss so faint you almost miss it, before sinking her teeth in, arms wrapping around you in a hug, her chest suddenly pushed up against yours, surprisingly full despite her undernourishment. She must have been quite curvy in her prime.
  25. >You barely feel her bite, but you certainly feel her draining your essence from you, a strange coursing from your neck, and a wetness that makes you jump in weariness at first, but it's too cold to be the hot blood running in your veins.
  26. >She's crying.
  28. >A few seconds pass, and she's taken from you, much more than a drop. Your head begins to swim, and your toes and fingers go cold, as blood rushes to your core to compensate for what's rushing out your throat. A sudden helplessness crashed over you, and you raise your arms to push at her shoulders, but the task of pushing away such a weak girl seems herculean to you now
  29. >"...-op st...op..."
  30. >More than just loss of blood, something else seems to be at play here, and your arms slip from her shoulders as your world begins to dim.
  31. >Suddenly, she goes rigid in realization, and leaps from you, as if burned by the sun itself
  32. >She stares at you, wide eyed in horror, hands clutching at her chest, paling if doing so any further were even possible
  33. >"S-Sorry, sir, I-I'm so sorry!"
  34. >Violence wracks at her, and she heaves suddenly, vomiting her blood meal onto the pavement. She looks at it for a moment, and looks at you, and sprints down the alley further into the darkness.
  35. >It takes a few minutes for you to master yourself, a few minutes in which you sit and stare at the wasted meal before you.
  36. >Slowly, impossibly slowly, you stand up, using the wall as a support, and stagger home like a drunkard.
  37. >You stomp to a stop, just before your door, and rest your forehead against the thing, in what was supposed to be a measured action, but turns into more of a headbut. Fumbling for your keys, you stare down at the lock, and feel for the right one.
  38. >You slide it in and almost fall inside.
  39. >The last thing you remember before crashing for two days straight was calling your boss for a week off. You drunkenly slurr to him about an Oni attack,
  40. >"Oof. You need that week. Get some rest, anon. See you next week."
  42. >Same time, same alley.
  43. >You have no idea what possessed you to return. Anger flits through your mind, It's because of her you slept for two days and woke with an appetite strong enough to eat a centaur. But ultimately, that wasn't it.
  44. >Something else.
  45. >Concern?
  47. >You muster yourself for whatever lay ahead, and take a step down into the darkness, hoping that the same place at the same time means the same people.
  48. >Fate or something larger smiled down, because you spot a familiar silhouette up the other end of the alley, the path branching off midway to the right, in a sort of 'T' intersection.
  49. >Her silhouette is up the other end of the alley, framed by the light of the setting sun
  50. >She's leaning up against the wall, curled up on herself, shivering, watching the people pass
  51. >Your approach goes unnoticed by her, and you watch as she reaches out for some one who has stopped, before halting herself at the last moment, as if scared to reach out for some one else
  52. >Maybe that's your fault
  53. >You watch her sigh, and turn around, only to freeze as her eyes meet yours, recognition flaring.
  54. >You go to say something, but she's already past you in a blur. You spin on the spot to catch her heading down the corner in the alleyway, running incredibly fast for some one of her condition.
  55. >You give chase, not the wisest moment of your life.
  56. >Unfortunately, in her panic, she ran down a dead end, and you block the exit just as she reaches the wall.
  57. >She spins, back to the wall, her expression one you'll never ever forget
  58. >Pure, abject helplessness
  59. >Her legs loose their strength and she slides down the wall, curling up, whimpering
  60. >"I'm sorry I didn't mean it, I-I just lost controll and I...I.. I'm sorry! Pleasedonthurtmepleasedonthurtmepleasedonthurtme"
  61. >Her chant fades to heart-wrenching sobs as you draw closer
  62. >She flinches with every step and your face twists into a sad, pitying smile
  63. >You kneel down to her eye level, and put a hand on hers, "Hey," You call to her softly, "I'm not here to hurt you."
  64. >She lifts her head just slightly, tears streaming down, making her face messy. "Really?"
  65. >Slowly, you reach into your pocket, and pull out a tissue, "Really."
  67. >Looking back, there were bruises along her arms, small cuts and scrapes all over her, when you first met. The amount of those seem to have doubled.
  68. >Again, moving slowly, you bring the tissue to her face, and begin to wipe away at her tears. She tenses and backs up, but makes no move to actually stop you.
  69. >"I really am sorry, I'm just so hungry a-andicouldn'thelpmyselfandi-"
  70. >"Hey." You cut her off, her running sentences clearly only serving to work her up even more than she already is, "It's all right. But... you threw it all up, right? You must still be hungry. Have you had anything since?"
  71. >Her lower lip wobbles, and she shakes her head, "I-I kept a little down, but none since then, no... are you..?"
  72. >"Suggesting you drink some more? Yeah."
  73. >"But... why?"
  74. >You sit still for a moment. Why are you doing this, exactly?
  75. >"Finishing what I started I guess. You threw it all up last time, so it didn't really count, right?" Her face falls, "I'm not blaming you. But this time, we do it my way."
  76. >"Y-your way?"
  77. >You take a seat before the homeless vampire, and take her hands in yours. She blushes slightly, and averts her eyes. You lean forward slightly. "Like this. Go ahead."
  78. >She goes to move closer, but your knees are already touching hers, so sh e leans forward instead, trying to reach for your throat, "This is a little awkward..."
  79. >"I know, just bare with it" Her lips touch your throat, and her teeth sink in. The same sensation as before takes you, and the girl's hands holding yours grip hard, squeezing your own. You squeeze back, and wait until you feel she's had enough. Slowly, you pull yourself away, and predictably, she follows, not wanting her meal to escape.
  80. >Still, like this, she's sitting, isn't holding onto you, and you need only lean back far enough for her fangs to draw back out of her neck.
  81. >Still she hovers before you, eyes closed and fluttering, almost like she were expecting a kiss. Awareness returns, and she opens her eyes
  83. >"Still hungry?"
  84. >She nods, her eyes flick to your neck once, reluctance in their gaze
  85. >"But, do you feel like throwing up?"
  86. >"...No."
  87. >You watch as bit by bit, unaware of it herself, her body language relaxes towards to. You can't help but smile faintly.
  88. >"W-what?"
  89. >"Ah, it's nothing. Well, I'm going to head off, but I'll come back tomorrow, the day after and the day after, alright? You can have more then."
  90. >...
  91. >"All right."
  92. >She isn't meeting your eyes directly, and something tells you she doesn't believe a word you're saying.
  93. >Well, all you can do is prove her wrong.
  95. >You return every day at the same time for two weeks. At the end of the first few days she says little, but slowly she begins to open up, talk about herself. Who she was. How she lost it all.
  96. >You spoke about yourself a little, what you do for a living. You noticed after the first week, she was looking much healthier. Still just as dirty as always, but she seemed to glow with a reclaimed inner beauty. Lips full and a lush pink, hips wide and soft, belly tight, but still a little on the slim side. Breasts larger, rounder than before, and most impressively, her ass and thighs filled back out, which makes some of the feeding sessions all that much more pleasurable for you.
  97. >Each time she feeds more and more, getting healthier and healthier, until by the end of it, you're back to where you started, ass on the floor, back to the wall, her in your lap.
  99. >"You know... I haven't thanked you, have I?" She holds your face in her hands, and you find yourself distractedly aware of her bust, now pushing at the tight dress that once hung off her
  100. >An issue helped in no way by her pressing them up against you, a simple seduction, but an effective one.
  101. >"I don't have anything, but my body. You can... use it, if you like"
  102. >You smile, words at complete odds with your lower body, "That's not necessary. Just finishing what I started."
  104. >If she feels your growing hardness, she makes no comment, instead wiggling her hips to get a little more comfortable and sinking further into your lap.
  105. >Each day she drank more, the less starved she became, the more you let her control the situation
  106. >Now, back to the first day, you feel no apprehension as she holds you close, and sinks her fangs in, feeding from you. You expected something like needle marks to make you look like a junkie, but so far all her bites healed over perfectly the next day.
  107. >As she settles in, and begins drinking from you, you become rock hard, hard enough for your straining bulge to brush up against her unclothed privates. Her hips shake and thrust forward the tiniest bit and she moans into her bite, but you put your hands firmly on her hips and hold her in place, laughing softly as you feel your head begin to go light.
  108. >A giggle rises up in her, too, and she withdraws from your throat, leaving herself sated and yourself not on the verge of passing out. She'd come a long way.
  109. >When you pull away, you see that she'd blushing shyly, something you;d seen before, but you see something you'd never seen grace her face before.
  110. >She's smiling. At you.
  111. >Your heart flutters just the slightest bit, and you feel your cheeks glow red.
  112. >"U-uh, say all this time and we haven't so much as exchanged names. I'm anon."
  113. >"I'm Miriam." She begins to get off you, and you pick yourself up, being offered a hand when the world swims for a moment.
  114. >"Well Miriam, I'll see you tomorrow, then."
  115. >She smiles a little mysteriously
  116. >"Tomorrow."
  118. >You head home after doing some shopping, a small house, which would be unbearably small if it didn't have a second floor. As it stands its a bit much for one person, all alone, but what can you do.
  119. >It would be nice having something like a roommate though. Some one lie Miriam. You sigh, and dump the bags on your kitchen counter, and begin unpacking. You're just food.
  121. >Sure the company is nice, but there's no way she would want to move in with you. And you feel like if you asked or even hinted, you'd scare her off for good, confirming you were just using her. Sure, she offered her body to you, but you feel like you only stood to lose something if you took that offer.
  122. >Sighing, you strip off and head into your shower, on the second floor next to your bedroom, dumping the day's clothes in the washing basket.
  123. >Naked, you head to your balcony window, and throw open the curtains. Unfortunately, in the time it took to do the shopping, the sun had set fully, but the view was still splendid, and more importantly, there was a beautiful night breeze rolling in, so you opened the glass door and left only the wire mesh.
  124. >Satisfied, you head into the bathroom, an take your shower, the steam rolling out to be caught in the breeze and taken away.
  125. >You lather yourself, then scrub, then run shampoo through your hair, and finally, condition it. Feeling about as fresh as you ever will, you turn the taps off, and towel down, heading out to toss that in the washing basket too.
  126. >You aim, shoot, and score, feeling pleased with yourself as you stand completely naked before your balcony window.
  127. >You notice a shape out of the corner of your eye, and spin seeing none other than Miriam just on the other side of the wire mesh, her eyes completely drawn to your nethers.
  128. >You go red, cover your shame, and begin to shout, embarrasment lending volume to your voice, "W-what are you doing here?! H-how do you know where I live? H-How did you get up there?!"
  129. >She looks just about as stunned as you are, and snaps to attention, posture straight as an arrow,
  130. >"Y-Yes! Um, sorry, I-I just... wow. N-no, I mean, I was just wondering s-sinceyouweresoniceandall, if you'd let me, w-well, If you'dlet meuseyourshowerjustabit...." It's been a while since she'd run her words together like that.
  132. >The two of you just stare at each other, and her eyes begin to drift downwards
  133. >You sigh
  134. >"U-Um..." She taps on the wire with a finger, "May I come in? Please?"
  135. >You laugh, "How do you feel about running water?"
  136. >She returns it, "Showers are good."
  137. >You head over and undo the lock, and slide the door open for her but she hesitates to enter,
  138. >"L-look, I'm really sorry, I kinda stalked you." She looks down at her feet and plays with her hands, "I didn't mean anything bad or anything, it's just, the streets are so cold, and everything I own is just so...filthy. If you want me to leave, I'll go. I mean, you've given me so much blood already..."
  139. >You reach forward and grab her hand, pulling her in. She stumbles a little, and you have to catch her
  140. >She gasps softly, surprise across her face before it turns to happiness
  141. >An inch or two taller than you, she only has to lean forward to give you a kiss on the lips. It takes you back completely.
  142. >A heavy moment of silence passes, no tongue, just the faint rise of your chest as you hold the homeless vampire to you.
  143. >"Thank you."
  144. >"It's alright. Sleep here tonight if you want. The shower is there, I'll uh, I'll be downstairs I guess."
  145. >You turn to leave when she catches your wrist, stopping you
  146. >Avoiding eye contact, another request.
  147. >"Please... stay with me." You frown, not understanding,
  148. >"I'm not going anywhere."
  149. >She continues, quieter, "Um... please come in with me."
  150. >"Oh.."
  151. >She begins to strip, taking her socks off first, and you take them, tossing them in the basket. She's very shy and slow about the whole thing, taking her time in bringing her dress up and over her head, almost strip teasing.
  153. >Even though she's filled out much more healthily, her skin is still dirty and stained. Soon it rises beyond anything you'd seen of her before and a nervous, almost virginal excitement rises within you, like seeing your girlfriend naked for the first time. There's no sign of her ribs any more, her belly still slim, but not to the point where it just sort of drapes over her hip bones and rib cage. There's still some definition though, framing the dip to her nethers, and the light rise of her mons, her pubic hair growing in a cute little heart pattern. Monsters. You long since stopped questioning some of the shit you'd seen.
  154. >The dress catches on her breasts, lifting them up, pushing 'till the dress can't hold them and longer, and her breasts bounce free, perky and tipped with light pink nipples in perfect contrast with her pale moonlit skin. Then the dress is over her head, her long hair falling back in place. She hands the dress to you and stands in front of you sort of awkwardly, though she makes no move to cover herself up before you.
  155. >You toss the dress in the basket, and look over her once more, swallowing around a dry mouth, your own arousal becoming evident.
  156. >Miriam's eyes are drawn to it, and she smiles demurely, and walks off into the shower, expecting you to follow after, the bounce of her full, round and almost bubbly butt luring you after her
  157. >She fiddles with the taps for a moment, rewarding herself with a blast of frigid water from the shower head, making her jump and gasp, falling back into you
  158. >"Careful. Here is usually a good place." You spin the hot tap three times, the cold once, and a nice, steaming stream begins to flow
  160. >Miriam stands under it, back to you, soaking her hair, and collects it, pushing it all over a shoulder. She spots your soap, and hands it to you, leaning her back against your chest, "...Please." You swallow again, and nod, forgetting she can't see you. You take the soap from her hand and squirt a blob of it into yours, putting the bottle on a cut-in shelf to the side
  161. >You rub it between your hands for a bit, then bring your hands to her hips, rubbing in small circles, soaking the soap into her skin. She grabs your wrists, and you nibble on your inner lip as she draws them higher to her breasts, moaning softly as your hands move on their own, massaging the soap into them, lifting and squeezing, pinching and rolling her nipples.
  162. >She pushes her hips back into you, and traps your already-herd cock between her ass cheeks, doing little circles with her hips, rubbing you off. You pull her close to you, and focus on her breasts a little longer before reaching back for more soap and moving up to her collar bones and neck
  163. >She abandons herself completely, an infinitely far cry to merely two weeks ago, when any sudden movement would have made her flinch in anticipation. Your hands wrap around her slim, shapely throat, and you massage the soap into her there too, moving down to the shoulders and then the arms. You dedicate a long time and likely a large chunk of your hot water to running your fingers down her slender limbs, wiping away all the dirt, cleaning the little cuts.
  164. Your fingers wrap around her wrist and then flow down to her fingers, your hand joining hers.
  165. >She moves under the stream, washing the soap off her, and on impulse you lean in and kiss her neck, softly teething her throat, then biting with a touch more pressure.
  167. >"Ahhhhn~" She lets out a low moan, and leans back, twisting her head to kiss you, deeper this time. Blindly, you reach behind her for the soap with one hand, the other on her hip, holding it as it grinds back against the length of your shaft, and you thumb the little pump, spilling more soap into your hand, which you use to massage into her belly.
  168. >Whilst not specifically bought for soap-play, none the less, the soap was a non irritant. Knowing this after you finish kneading the liquid into her belly, your fingers move lower.
  169. >Again, Miriam's hand takes yours, and she guides you down. You brush your fingers through the cute heart just above her folds, and yes she guides you lower, till your fingers rub against her clit, and you spread your fingers, catching a fold either side and spreading her.
  170. >Your other hand goes back up to her breast, and all pretenses of cleaning aside, the vamp shifts her hips until the head of your cock pokes through the gap between her soft thighs. She makes a soft wet slapping as she rolls her hips back and forth, one hand reaching back around for her fingers to thread through your hair and hold you into the kiss, the other down between her legs, caressing the head of your cock when it peeks through her almost picture-perfect thighs, one of your own hands rolling her breast around, the other under her hand between her legs, buried knuckle deep in her soft, wet pussy.
  171. >The slapping of her ass against your hips grows louder and quicker as her thigh-job brings you closer, your fingers work her deeper. The pressure you use to play with her breast nearly turns to mauling, and she forces her tongue into your mouth, utterly dominating the kiss as she jerks you off between her legs, fingers dancing along the sensitive glans
  172. >It quickens to a crescendo, and all too soon you cum, staining her hand a hot white, as her own flesh quivers in the pleasure you wrought.
  174. >She pulls her lips away, a trail of spit linking for the briefest moment before splitting.
  175. >"I felt you, you know, today. Poking me. Why did you say no to my offer if I excite you this much?" To emphasize she holds up her hand, sticky in your cum, thick strands linking all five fingers and a thick glob of it on her palm. You watch, too horny to think straight, as she licks it all up.
  176. >"I just... Didn't want to come across like I was in it for something."
  177. >She smiles sadly, "You're sweet. If only I'd met you all that time ago. Maybe a lot of pain could have been prevented."
  178. >You frown, "That's a bit too heavy. Lets leave that for later. I still need to finish washing you."
  179. >She giggles, "Sorry." You drop to your knees, with more of the soap in hand, her ass right in your face, and knead her flesh, rubbing the soap in there, too, quickly growing hard again. You grope her cheeks and take large handfuls, lifting playing and caressing, before moving down to the back of her thighs, stroking and massaging there too, all the way down to her calves and ankles.
  180. >Then you pump more soap, and spin her around, working on her front this time, her inner thighs and down, coming back up again to lavish attention on her folds.
  181. >"Still think that place is dirty, do you?"
  182. >You grin up at her, her visage an imposing one, kneeling under her, her bust obscuring half her face, "I might need to clean with something else." Without waiting for a response you lean forwards, and give her clit a kiss. In response, she moans and lifts one of her now-clean legs over your shoulder, and draws you in, hands on your head, holding you in place.
  183. >You eat her out, tongue exploring between her folds, and into her canal, stroking the walls as expertly as you can manage, an effort that doesn't go unappreciated. She runs her fingers through your hair soothingly, massaging your scalp, as you dig your tongue deeper into her, scouting ahead knowing from which angles to attack her at.
  185. >You flick her clit around with your tongue, suck and kiss at it, and before long, her leg holds you almost painfully tight as she grinds your face into her cunt and cums all over you.
  186. >She pulls you to your feet, and stands you under the water, washing it off, then lay a kiss on your lips, before her fingers and lips trace lower,
  187. >"My turn~"
  188. >She finally comes to her knees, much like you did for her, and your raging erection comes to her face. She nuzzles up to the base of it, and it towers over her head. Giggling, ecstatic, she licks up the under side before her tongue comes to the very tip of the glans, then she pops the whole head of your shaft into her mouth, arms hugging your hips close, swallowing more of your length the deeper she goes.
  189. >Its your turn to play with her hair and guide her head down further for a deeper facefucking. As her soft throat envelops you, it's hard not to cum instantly when she looks up at you, throat full of cock, lips to the base.
  190. >She begins to bob her head back and forth, aided by your hands as you pull her head on and off your cock to a rhythm only the two of you can hear
  191. >She hugs you tighter, and sucks harder, tightening her throat just like a pussy, and working at it with her tongue best she can, it's amazing how little teeth there is.
  192. >As if reading your mind, she grins around your dick mischievously, and there;s a prick at the base of your dick, the added sensation making your cock bounce up and tense, filling her throat further with thick cock.
  193. >she settles into a pace pushing herself off your cock to the tip and pulling herself back on. All you can do is hold on, especially as your climax approaches swiftly.
  194. >You force your cock down her throat one last time and cum right into her belly, filling her with more of the warm, life-bearing seed. You watch her throat work as she swallows, the contractions a heavenly hell on your over-sensitive cock after cumming twice.
  196. >Finally, her lips come to the tip of your cock, and she comes free with a happy little pop, licking her lips, "Mmm, almost as good as your blood. Maybe even better... I think I'm addicted already." There's a twinkle of mischief in her eyes, but you also see a modicum of truth there. She really would be happy to taste you and only you for the rest of her unlife.
  197. >You help her up, "If you keep doing that, I'm in danger of addiction too. Alright then, last is hair."
  198. >The mop doesn't look to greasy wet, but it sure feels it. You reach for the shampoo and dump a whole load of it into your hand, then her hair. She stands with her head tipped back, hair long enough to reach the base of her spine. You start at the top though, digging your fingers in and scratching and massaging at her scalp, practically feeling the grime of homelesness wash away down the drain.
  199. >Once her head is a white soapy mess of fluff, you move down the length of her hair, making sure to lather it all up evenly and thoroughly so that the accumulated grease simply melts away. You turn the hot water up just a touch.
  200. >Once her hair has turned from black to a bubbly white, you put her under the stream and spend a few minutes washing it all out, before running shampoo through it once more
  201. >Her hair now soft and clean, you realize it's tangled as fuck.
  202. >You run conditioner through it and reach for a comb, spending the next half hour coaxing knots out with the aid of the conditioner from the bottom out.
  203. >Miriam sighs, utterly satisfied and content as you towel her down and then yourself.
  204. >"I haven't felt this clean in sooo long!" She wanders out into your bedroom and basks in the breeze, stretching her now clean limbs. She turns and throws herself at you, face a big dumb smile, despite the forming tears, "Thank you so so much! I don't know what I could ever do to repay you!" She buries her face into your shoulder and squeezes you tight in what is almost a bear-hug.
  206. >It's now or never.
  207. >"I know how you could repay me."
  208. >"Anything!"
  209. >She pulls her head back from your shoulder to look into your eyes, "Live with me. As... well, as my girlfriend"
  210. >She blinks once, face frozen, unreacting. You sigh, and turn away. Knew it.
  211. >Arms encircle you from behind, and her naked body presses up against yours, her lips at your ear,
  212. >"Is that all? I would love nothing more than to be yours."
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