Fallout: Beyond Equestria 188: Black Rose (Part 6)

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  1. [2016-07-20 13:50:18] <Little_Gloom> 3Previously...
  2. [2016-07-20 13:50:43] <Little_Gloom> 3The military pegasus introduces himself, "Major Fog Bank.  I am in charge of groundside operations at base camp.  I share command down here with Major Tripwire, who is in command of off-site field operations, particularly in regards to scouting and reconnaissance.
  3. [2016-07-20 13:50:49] <Little_Gloom> 3"Unfortunately, Major Tripwire is unavailable."  He looks over to Doctor Sonica.  "Doctor Sonica is in charge of the Citizen Science Initiative.  If the information you have is in regards to the phenomenon that drew us here, then she is the one with whom you should share that intelligence."
  4. [2016-07-20 13:51:00] <Little_Gloom> 3"Otherwise," he says sternly, "She should go back about her work."  Doctor Sonica huffs in protest.
  5. [2016-07-20 13:51:02] <Little_Gloom> 3...
  6. [2016-07-20 13:52:02] <Little_Gloom> 3Shatara perks a bit. "The skipper wants to see us?..." He blinks a bit, eyes widening. "We get to go on the giant sky crusier of doom!?"
  7. [2016-07-20 13:52:29] <Little_Gloom> 3CopyCat quickly shares a look with Golden_Dream when Star Dust drops in with her message. The look includes a mental message: [Do you have the Crux with you?]
  8. [2016-07-20 13:52:51] <Little_Gloom> 3Bookwright "Do we get free peanuts?"  CopyCat quickly adds, supportingly, "Snacks are very important."
  9. [2016-07-20 13:53:03] <Little_Gloom> 3Star Dust looks unsure. "I'm sure they will have... something..." she offers.  "Nopony wants to declare war on an empty stomach."
  10. [2016-07-20 13:53:11] <Little_Gloom> 3Golden_Dream  smirks and removes the recollector. [Eeeyup.]
  11. [2016-07-20 13:53:21] <Little_Gloom> 3CopyCat confirms with her friends, [Then we have a trump card if things go sour. We will be far from helpless, even on their vessel. Bookwright or Noble Heart can teleport away with Get_Lost to a safe distance, if we do end up needing to use the Crux.]
  12. [2016-07-20 13:53:48] <Little_Gloom> 3Bookwright gives Star Dust a look that shows he was speaking only in jest.  CopyCat nods along with Star Dust. "Well, quite," then she stops nodding all of a sudden. "D-declare war? Oh my..."
  13. [2016-07-20 13:53:55] <Little_Gloom> 3Golden_Dream  gives Star Dust a strange look. "Oh, yeah. No, you're right. Can't decide to fuckin' fight to the last pony without a rocket and sunchoke soup with some tempura-fried burdock on the side."
  14. [2016-07-20 13:54:00] <Little_Gloom> 3Golden_Dream  grumbles and takes off her breastplate. "Where's th' kitchen? I needs t' school ya'll on how t' proper cook you some stuff."
  15. [2016-07-20 13:54:05] <Little_Gloom> 3Star Dust seems to take Golden_Dream at her word.  "Th-that does sound good."
  16. [2016-07-20 13:54:07] <Little_Gloom> 3...
  17. [2016-07-20 13:54:23] <Little_Gloom> 3"Welcome aboard my ship.  My name Captain Fianchetto.  I am pleased to meet you."  The Captain motions with a wing.  "Do come in.  You already know Major Tripwire and Lieutenant Luft.  And you spoke with Major Fog Bank earlier."
  18. [2016-07-20 13:54:25] <Little_Gloom> 3...
  19. [2016-07-20 13:54:52] <Little_Gloom> 3The Captain unfurls a map across the table and lays out a few markers, indicating a wide area of space between the Aerie and the peaks of the Dragonlands.  "This zone is where we need to get to.  It should all be within a day's travel, and anywhere within it will put is in range of the communications net."  
  20. [2016-07-20 13:55:10] <Little_Gloom> 3She looks to the group.  "So, within that range, where do you need to go?  Give me a heading."
  21. [2016-07-20 13:55:18] <Little_Gloom> 3Bookwright says, "Well, we have roughly two hundred non-combatants that we would like to get off our ship, and they all happen to be baby dragons. Are there any, er, enclaves in the Dragonlands that we can deposit the hatchlings at?"
  22. [2016-07-20 13:55:29] <Little_Gloom> 3Mitzi glances at Hunter perched on her shoulder, wondering if that would be better for him. She was kind of attached, but technically speaking he wasn't really hers, or her kind.
  23. [2016-07-20 13:55:34] <Little_Gloom> 3The Captain chuckles at the pun.  "If they are baby dragons, maybe you should find a dragon to give them too?"
  24. [2016-07-20 13:55:58] <Little_Gloom> 3Major Fog Bank notes, "I'm certain you do not wish to leave them with the Enclave.  Although Doctor Sonica would adore the opportunity."  Mitzi growls loudly at the mention of that name
  25. [2016-07-20 13:56:05] <Little_Gloom> 3Golden_Dream  very quickly replies with, "Well, tough for her." She nods. "Thanks fer' bein' understanding. Lemme show you where it's at..." She pops on her pipbuck and shows them her travel time.
  26. [2016-07-20 13:56:07] <Little_Gloom> 3...
  27. [2016-07-20 13:56:29] <Little_Gloom> 3Fallout: Beyond Equestria, Session One Hundred and Eighty-Eight: Black Rose (Part 6)
  28. [2016-07-20 13:56:35] <Little_Gloom> 3--- Session Begins ---
  29. [2016-07-20 13:59:29] <Little_Gloom> 3A day later...
  30. [2016-07-20 14:01:17] <Little_Gloom> 3The New Cumulus hangs in the sky, a black bird of prey, less than half an hour's flight (by /Shadowbolt/ ) from the craggy, hostile mountain peaks that mark the beginning of the Dragonlands.
  31. [2016-07-20 14:03:14] <Little_Gloom> 3As the Crimson's Caravaners prepare to care for the horde of baby dragons they saved from Vault LIV, the Enclave Loyalist Remnants are busy re-establishing communications with the Thunderhead hidden in an ice valley at the top of the world.
  32. [2016-07-20 14:06:30] * Noble_Heart stood upon the deck of the Shadowbolt, watching the New Cumulus with some consternation. "We wish this was not necessary. Though at least their leaders, this time, seem dedicated to the idea of saving Equestria, not merely annihilating it for their own gain."
  33. [2016-07-20 14:17:16] * CopyCat nods slowly, her long mane fluttering in the breeze. "What remains of the Enclave must have different desires to when they were at the height of their power. Surely, for their own survival, they cannot remain isolated from the rest of ponykind forever. Yet they cling to what they have more fiercely than the pegasi who have already come down from the clouds. Perhaps they seek an opportunity to right some of
  34. [2016-07-20 14:17:16] * CopyCat the wrongs previously committed, and thus be allowed to rejoin the regrowing Equestria as they are."
  35. [2016-07-20 14:18:12] <Little_Gloom> 13Pink-E bobs.  "It sounds like their generals are going with a stance of 'We can't allow the Eee El Arr to be used without consequence'.  And I am totally not listening in on their military channel.  Spying is rude.  Pinkie Pie would never spy."
  36. [2016-07-20 14:18:44] <Little_Gloom> 13"Also, what is the Black Rose?" Pink-E asks, seemingly apropos of nothing.
  37. [2016-07-20 14:19:59] * Golden_Dream vigoriously cooks. She cooks like her life depends on it. She tries to terrify the other chefs into realizing that for today, this is /her/ kitchen. She runs this shit. "Alright!" You shit for brains. "I hope ya'll enjoyed th' Rocket and Sunchoke soup! Main course, this here buckwheat risotto!"
  38. [2016-07-20 14:20:43] * Bookwright searches his records and finds no mention of a "black rose".
  39. [2016-07-20 14:23:03] * Bookwright "Also, that initialism... The 'Ee Ell Arr'? 'Equestrian Light Reconnaissance'? 'Enclave Luftwaffe Raptor'? Hmmm..."
  40. [2016-07-20 14:23:30] * Golden_Dream starts passing out the dishes. She has this weirdly rebellious look in her eyes. Like she's showing her plumage in a display of dominance. Except it's food. "Please enjoy it. In /exactly/ seven minutes, your dessert, a wildberry zabaione will be served. Please enjoy the risotto."
  41. [2016-07-20 14:24:24] * CopyCat tries, "Electric Lettuce... Rinser?" she tilts her head. "We'll have to keep washing vegetables by hoof."
  42. [2016-07-20 14:25:08] * Golden_Dream glares back into the kitchen. She wants this to be the most enviable experience of these fucking winged assholes' life. She wants this to be the most terrifying experience of the kitchen crew's life. She thinks she's doing a good job.
  43. [2016-07-20 14:25:12] * Bookwright tastes what is possibly the most delicious food he's ever had. He makes an effort not to scarf.
  44. [2016-07-20 14:26:06] * Mitzi eats it as well. She normally didn't care for pony food, but Golden Dream provided enough flavor to more than make up for the reduced substance.
  45. [2016-07-20 14:26:31] * Noble_Heart taps her chin thoughtfully. She seemed about ready to give a possible answer, only to have her train of thought derailed by the sudden appearance of deliciousness.
  46. [2016-07-20 14:28:17] * Golden_Dream smiles. At some point, one of the chefs tried to get away with /burning her fucking mushrooms/. She was assured that her screams of rage were heard from some recon crews half a mile out. She found this satisfactory.
  47. [2016-07-20 14:29:45] <Little_Gloom> 3The pegasi seem to take Golden_Dream's mannerisms in stride.  Which is easy when it is the price for such amazing fare.
  48. [2016-07-20 14:36:56] <Golden_Dream> Exactly seven minutes later, her pudding starts flowing from the doors. "Fillies and Gentlecolts, this here ends your guest cookin' session led by yours truly. If you enjoyed it, please swing by m' place of business out in Froggy Bottom." She knew they wouldn't. That would make them deserters.
  49. [2016-07-20 14:38:33] * CopyCat devours her plate, finding it so tasty that she can't help herself from broadcasting the ecstasy of the meal to all her friends (especially Golden_Dream) as the food intoxicates her tongue with pleasure. Her open and, frankly, lewd euphoria seems to /double/ as she digs into the pudding.
  50. [2016-07-20 14:39:48] * Noble_Heart contemplated the names quietly as something seemed to be bothering her. Before she looked towards Pink-E with some concern. "What context were they talking about this Black Rose?" She ruffled her feathers, clearly uncomfortable at a thought.
  51. [2016-07-20 14:40:00] * Golden_Dream removes the bandana from her mane. "Right, now that this /fuckin'/ thing got did. Seems Copycat is... Enjoyin' it." Why were her back legs all of a sudden wobbly? "What's new, crew?"
  52. [2016-07-20 14:40:03] * Mitzi perhaps surprisingly, comes close to matching CopyCat's level of enjoyment. Her extremely sensative senses of taste and smell magnified the effects
  53. [2016-07-20 14:44:28] <Little_Gloom> 13Pink-E beeps.  "The Generals have ordered the New Cumulus to report on the effects of the 'black rose' before they can determine an appropriate course of action."
  54. [2016-07-20 14:46:12] * CopyCat 's fork hits her (licked clean) plate with a clang and she sighs with satisfaction, her cheeks more than a little flushed. "Oh my... that... that was wonderful, Goldie!"
  55. [2016-07-20 14:47:02] * Noble_Heart snorts and scowls at that, glaring downwards into her pudding. "We see... That means the New Cumulus will be traveling towards Roam. Or at least sending scouting parties in that direction." She seemed concerned about that prospect, to say the least.
  56. [2016-07-20 14:47:43] * Bookwright "That presumes that the 'black rose' lies in that direction. Whatever it is. Do you know what it is?"
  57. [2016-07-20 14:50:30] * CopyCat smiles, looking at the Enclave officers who had been invited to 'enjoy' Golden_Dream's cooking and who were sitting at their own table. She notes their universal expressions of shock, rapture, and in one case soundless weeping over the realization that they were never going to eat anything so delicious again in all their lives... unless they went to Froggy Bottom.
  58. [2016-07-20 14:50:53] * CopyCat turns her attention back to her friends at their table.
  59. [2016-07-20 14:50:58] * Noble_Heart looks towards Bookwright and contemplates how to answer that. "Do you remember how We have said there are some things better forgotten? The Black Rose was a megaspell, of a spell We are fairly certain you know of, though perhaps not experienced personally. It was meant to be used to stop hearts in the event of needing medical aid. But without a means to re-start them..."
  60. [2016-07-20 14:50:59] * Noble_Heart She trailed off, looking back down towards her pudding. "The spell was a threat, aimed at Roam. Meant to stop the beating heart of an empire. The lands around the city are scarred black by its passing, and even the air clutches at your chest in an effort to strangle your life away." She shook her head uncomfortably at the thought.
  61. [2016-07-20 14:52:33] * Bookwright "And given what we know of the lingering effects of megaspells, well... I shudder to think of what we'll find there."
  62. [2016-07-20 14:53:31] * Noble_Heart looks up towards Bookwright. "We have been to Roam. The city is alive, thriving, full of zebras and changelings pretending to be zebras. But We have also flown through the air around Roam. We do not know what defenses were used to save the city, but there is no doubt. The Black Rose -was- fired, and it -did- leave scars."
  63. [2016-07-20 14:54:06] <Little_Gloom> 3The pegasi devour their meals with expressions of amazement and satisfaction... and a tinge of sorrow that they will not eat this way again.
  64. [2016-07-20 14:54:57] * Mitzi also licks her plate clean. Although she wasn't using utencils in the first place
  65. [2016-07-20 14:55:21] * Bookwright shivers. "Well, it's a good thing I finished eating because that little gem would certainly have ruined my appetite."
  66. [2016-07-20 14:55:30] * Mitzi smiles at Golden_Dream appreciatively, though at the angle she's facing she probably shows the Enclave Pegasi far too many teeth
  67. [2016-07-20 14:57:05] * Golden_Dream folds her forelegs. "Yer' damn right it was." She soaks in that tinge. She swims in a fantasy where they will wake up tomorrow, and nothing their chefs make will compare, and their lives will be a little worse for having been this happy. "So," She mumbles, shaking off the daydream.
  68. [2016-07-20 14:57:19] <Golden_Dream> "We got a course set?"
  69. [2016-07-20 14:58:17] * Bookwright looks out into the distance. "It seems we do. We follow the roads, because in the zebra lands... All roads lean to Roam."
  70. [2016-07-20 14:58:24] * Noble_Heart looks towards Golden_Dream, "Our course is as it has always been: To Roam. To rescue a friend. And topple an empire."
  71. [2016-07-20 14:59:00] * Golden_Dream crooks an eyebrow. "Rrrright, but we ain't dragging a bunch of fuckin' infants through that, right?"
  72. [2016-07-20 15:00:23] * CopyCat 's ears perk up and she looks eagerly at Bookwright as he mentions losing of his appetite. Her ears return to normal when she realises he'd said so /after/ having said he'd finished his meal already.
  73. [2016-07-20 15:04:05] * Bookwright grins like a loon. "Of course we've got a course set, it was set whilst we were eating the main course, prepared by our coarse chef. To Roam we go, in due course!"
  74. [2016-07-20 15:05:06] * Mitzi tilts her head at Bookwright, her ears going lopsides
  75. [2016-07-20 15:05:27] * Bookwright "Er... Don't sprain your brain Mitzi. It's just stupid wordplay."
  76. [2016-07-20 15:05:46] * Mitzi blinks. "How du yu play wit wurds?"
  77. [2016-07-20 15:06:09] * Noble_Heart sighs quietly. "No, we definitely should not. That shall be the first order of business. Finding somewhere to put all these baby dragons. Then onward towards Roam."
  78. [2016-07-20 15:06:36] * Bookwright nods. "That's why I said 'in due course' of course."
  79. [2016-07-20 15:07:25] * CopyCat nods at Bookwright. "Of course!"
  80. [2016-07-20 15:08:22] * Bookwright grins happily. "Do I hear a chorus of agreement? First dragon daycare, then Roam?"
  81. [2016-07-20 15:10:10] * Mitzi nods to Bookwright.
  82. [2016-07-20 15:10:20] <Mitzi> Hunter bobs his head too.
  83. [2016-07-20 15:10:32] <Little_Gloom> 13Pink-E choruses agreement because the little spritebot cannot help but join in anything festive.
  84. [2016-07-20 15:11:25] * Golden_Dream nods. "Good plan. I like this plan. I might keep a couple, though. Ah was thinkin', things get lonely out there in th' Bog. And I figure I'd make a good foster mom, right?"
  85. [2016-07-20 15:11:50] * Bookwright raises an eyebrow. "For... a baby dragon?"
  86. [2016-07-20 15:12:36] <Little_Gloom> 3Hunter begins licking Mitzi's fingers where some taste of Golden_Dream's cooking still lingers.
  87. [2016-07-20 15:12:46] * Noble_Heart chuckles. "Well, they'd certainly keep anyone not welcome out of the bog..." She smirks a little. "Especially considering what We are certain they would learn from Golden Dream."
  88. [2016-07-20 15:13:52] * Bookwright scowls in thought. "You mean like... alcoholism and belligerence?"
  89. [2016-07-20 15:15:00] * Golden_Dream just widens her eyes to the point where they almost seem like they're bulging out of her head and tilts her head to Bookwright.
  90. [2016-07-20 15:15:19] * Mitzi chuckles, but takes great care to keep Hunter from licking her claws. She didn't want him losing his tongue.
  91. [2016-07-20 15:15:27] * Bookwright scurries away. "See!? Just like this!"
  92. [2016-07-20 15:15:41] * Noble_Heart chuckles slightly. "We were thinking the willingness to stand up to one's enemies, even when they are larger and likely more dangerous, and a capacity for self-reliance which borders on the surreal."
  93. [2016-07-20 15:16:17] * Bookwright "And how to cook the meanest damn meal this side of the Great War, I suppose."
  94. [2016-07-20 15:17:17] * Bookwright shakes his head. "If cooking is battle, then Golden Dream is the daughter of the son of zoo."
  95. [2016-07-20 15:21:51] * Golden_Dream hops up and pecks Noble on the cheek. "Thank y', Noble. That means a lot t' me."
  96. [2016-07-20 15:30:34] * Get_Lost had dessert, was very quiet but enjoyed it. didn't really comment on anything, probably lost is nome thoughts of hers. go figure
  97. [2016-07-20 15:31:10] * Golden_Dream smirks. "Well, alright then. Let's start headed that way. We bringing that one with us?"
  98. [2016-07-20 15:31:17] * Noble_Heart smiles to Golden_Dream, "We only say it because We believe it to be true."
  99. [2016-07-20 15:46:13] * Golden_Dream sticks her tongue out a little at Bookie. "Right then. Let's away. To th' Shadowbolt. I'll bring th' grunt 'fore we leave. Maybe she'll be useful." She steps off to find Star Dust in the crowd to usher her to the rest of the party.
  100. [2016-07-20 15:48:07] * Get_Lost mumbles some sort of old lullaby by herself, the visor flashes every few seconds, doesn't seem to pay attention. for sure, she hasn't contributed in any way to the decision making process
  101. [2016-07-20 15:51:10] * Mitzi looks around the Pegasi at in the mess hall for Wind Weaver
  102. [2016-07-20 15:55:12] * Get_Lost gets up and takes a look around "meh... stupid tetris... sooo... are we going?"
  103. [2016-07-20 16:04:10] * Bookwright wonders if Get_Lost has vector or raster graphics.
  104. [2016-07-20 16:04:41] * Golden_Dream points at Get. "We're headed fer' the border! Anyone that's supposed to come with is comin' with now!" She shouted. Screw it, this way's quicker. She starts heading to the Shadowbolt. "Ya'll coming?"
  105. [2016-07-20 16:04:54] <Little_Gloom> 3(( Reference pic: ))
  106. [2016-07-20 16:05:48] * CopyCat quickly leaves the tables behind and trots after Golden_Dream.
  107. [2016-07-20 16:06:18] * Noble_Heart stands up and follows after Golden Dream. "We should hope that not all the Enclave would attempt to follow. We do not think the Shadowbolt has room."
  108. [2016-07-20 16:07:12] * Golden_Dream mutters, "Only one o' them is supposed t' come with anyways. Rest of 'em can sit and rot as much as I care."
  109. [2016-07-20 16:11:58] * Get_Lost follows golden "okay, let's go"
  110. [2016-07-20 16:16:44] * Get_Lost "what if the dragons don't accept the cubs? i mean: reptilians have really bad habits in the not-my-DNA-pool department"
  111. [2016-07-20 16:17:22] * Golden_Dream adds, "Then we'll beat 'em down until one of them does."
  112. [2016-07-20 16:17:29] <Get_Lost> also, if the mother was somehow infamous and/or hated in their society, they don't have a good headstart
  113. [2016-07-20 16:17:32] <Get_Lost> ""
  114. [2016-07-20 16:17:49] * Get_Lost stops for a moment, thinking "makes sense"
  115. [2016-07-20 16:17:58] <Little_Gloom> 3Star Dust follows hesitantly.  These Equestrians are her responsibility according to the Captain.  But she isn't sure that extends to when they are off the ship.  But then, asking the Captain for clarification might look bad, or make her upset... oh, it was too stressful to consider.
  116. [2016-07-20 16:29:23] * Get_Lost is not sure if this is going under desertion or abduction...
  117. [2016-07-20 16:31:00] * Get_Lost merging the two terms it makes absertion, or deduction... things start making sens now, so she asks "have you paid the taxes?"
  118. [2016-07-20 16:31:19] * Golden_Dream notes she's looking worried. She then swats her lower back leg. "Come on. Yer' the big tough military grunt with th' power armor and th' actual trainin'. We're just popping by th' Dragon border t' find an orphanage." She sort of lied.
  119. [2016-07-20 16:31:49] <Golden_Dream> (swats her lower back leg with her tail*)
  120. [2016-07-20 16:34:17] * Mitzi falls back to lumber alongside Star Dust. "Ur friends eez friends wit yu, yes?"
  121. [2016-07-20 16:35:16] * Bookwright "Relax, Star Dust. Just ask for liaison duty. Then it will be /your job/ to stick with us."
  122. [2016-07-20 16:38:29] <Little_Gloom> 3Star Dust frowns.  Then nods.  Then thinks, "Please give me a moment.  I want t-to tell Major Tripwire where I'm going.  Just so I told somebody higher rank."
  123. [2016-07-20 16:41:31] * Noble_Heart nods her head. "We shall delay as long as is reasonable."
  124. [2016-07-20 16:43:17] * Golden_Dream sighs. "FINE. Jeez." She rubs the back of her neck. "Make it quick."
  125. [2016-07-20 16:46:35] * Mitzi looks to Star_Dust, "Eez dis Major Ponee yur Alpha?"
  126. [2016-07-20 16:46:54] <Little_Gloom> 3Star Dust dashes off in a blur.  She is back, panting, less than a minute and a half later, panting.  Her expression suggests Major Tripwire is still figuring out where to put the spaces between words in the blur of what she told him.
  127. [2016-07-20 16:47:06] * Mitzi blinks in surprise
  128. [2016-07-20 16:47:30] * Shatara chuckles a little.
  129. [2016-07-20 16:48:25] * Noble_Heart smiles. "Your speed is impressive. We would have thought it would take longer to traverse such a large ship."
  130. [2016-07-20 16:49:28] <Little_Gloom> 3Star Dust frets with a pant.  "I-I didn't take too long, did I?"
  131. [2016-07-20 16:49:51] * Mitzi scratches her head.
  132. [2016-07-20 16:51:51] * Golden_Dream blinks. No, no, don't lose face. "Sure y' didn't. Come on, we're leavin'."
  133. [2016-07-20 16:54:46] * Bookwright "Right. Our course is set."
  134. [2016-07-20 16:56:45] * CopyCat chuckles and gives Star Dust a smile before nodding to Golden_Dream. "Right. Let's go find a home for all those dragonlings."
  135. [2016-07-20 17:01:36] * Golden_Dream jauntily heads to the Shadowbolt before trying to whip Star Dust up something cold to drink. The durned filly knew how to punch someone right in the maternal instinct.
  136. [2016-07-20 17:04:28] <Little_Gloom> 3"You know," Star Dust comments as she falls in alongside Bookwright, "It's pretty cool to see baby dragons like this."
  137. [2016-07-20 17:06:13] * Bookwright "The coolness is in inverse proportion to the duration of time you spend in proximity to them. Two hundred little critters that can eat anything they can fit their mouths around is a pretty exciting, to say the least."
  138. [2016-07-20 17:08:28] * Get_Lost while getting on the ship, starts checking for frequencies
  139. [2016-07-20 17:10:05] <Little_Gloom> 3Star Dust wows.  "Two hundred?"  Then she asks, "How many do you think will survive to adulthood?  It can't be that many.  Dragons don't really have big populations."
  140. [2016-07-20 17:12:18] * Mitzi blinks at Star_Dust, frowning and giving Hunter a concerned look
  141. [2016-07-20 17:16:00] * Bookwright grimaces. "The circumstances of their birth are /extremely/ unusual. Um, and very, /very/ creepy. Er, you are familiar with balefire eggs?"
  142. [2016-07-20 17:16:39] * Golden_Dream exhales gravely. "Please don't do this t' me, Star Dust. I'm plannin' on takin' home all I can t' a good home while supportin' them through a real danger here. A couple already died. I don't... I don't want any more t'."
  143. [2016-07-20 17:20:36] <Little_Gloom> 3Star Dust thinks.  "I know about them.  But I've never used that kind of ordinance.  It's too heavy for a scout like me."
  144. [2016-07-20 17:21:35] * Golden_Dream heaves out a sigh. "Well, okay. You know what a megaspell is?"
  145. [2016-07-20 17:25:26] <Little_Gloom> 3"Of course."
  146. [2016-07-20 17:26:05] * Bookwright "Balefire eggs are dragon eggs, enchanted with death magic. We, er, met their mother... and killed her with a life megaspell. Which had the side effect of imbuing all the stockpiled balefire eggs nearby with life and causing them to hatch."
  147. [2016-07-20 17:26:35] <Little_Gloom> 3Hunter gives Mitzi a querying look back.  Then climbs on her head and gives a little roar.  Hunter has conquered Mount Mitzi and is King of the Hellhound.
  148. [2016-07-20 17:26:59] <Little_Gloom> 3"That's.... that's *awful*!"
  149. [2016-07-20 17:27:15] * Bookwright closes his eyes and visibly shudders. "Yes. It is."
  150. [2016-07-20 17:28:01] <Little_Gloom> 3Star Dust looks appalled.  "The dragon lore I learned didn't say anything about them being like that!  I was taught that dragons are great and noble adversaries."
  151. [2016-07-20 17:28:13] * Mitzi smiles up at the infant
  152. [2016-07-20 17:28:53] * Bookwright "The mother of balefire was a decidedly disturbing exception to that rule, yes."
  153. [2016-07-20 17:29:37] <Little_Gloom> 3Star Dust shivvers.  "Well... there are always bad ones in the best batch."
  154. [2016-07-20 17:30:24] * Noble_Heart frowns and ruffles her feathers. "She was willing to do horrible things, not even for good intentions. Merely for power, it would seem."
  155. [2016-07-20 17:30:31] * Bookwright "So you see, we want to take great care to ensure the safety of the single largest generation of dragons in history. I expect great things of this 'baby boom'."
  156. [2016-07-20 17:31:10] <Little_Gloom> 3Star Dust cringes.  "Is 'boom' the best word?  You know... with the bombs and stuff?"
  157. [2016-07-20 17:31:57] * Shatara can't help but snrk.
  158. [2016-07-20 17:36:07] * Bookwright smiles. "The cure for blackness of mood is levity. The source of the weapons has been extinguished, and these babies are truly without precedent. We could find no trace of a father anywhere, so all the eggs almost certainly infertile before being enchanted. It could be partheogenesis, but... It's life magic. I have no doubt that these dragons will be different from their predecessors,...
  159. [2016-07-20 17:36:08] * Bookwright ...altered in some way by the megaspell. Only time will tell."
  160. [2016-07-20 17:39:57] <Little_Gloom> 3Star Dust contemplates that.  "Life Dragons?"
  161. [2016-07-20 17:40:04] <Little_Gloom> 3--- End of Session ---
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