turn5 god

Jun 3rd, 2018
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  1. >>46816
  4. --God event--
  5. The mortals ask for more and more, they take and take, but what did they ever give?
  6. It is time for them to show loyalty in more than but prayer, it is time for them to prove themselves to you, in a grand game of life and death.
  8. *A grand tournament.
  9. The next event for the nations will be a grand tournament, testing their abilities in both mind and strength. Fluff the tournament and the competition they are having (taming dragons, solving deadly riddles, etc... make up anything)
  10. >Nations can pay 10,000 gold to join the tournament and send a hero to participate.
  11. >You decide the amount of "Danger" the tournament has, from 5-20. Each point of danger grants 100 points of progress to each of the participating nations. If the heroes score less than the "Danger" amount, they die.
  12. > The hero who scored the highest will win the tournament and take all the gold from the other participants. The tournament will not exist unless at least 2 nations agree to take part.
  15. -- Prayers --
  18. [Blessings of wealth] Wishful prayers.The Watchkeepers wish to be blessed with the wealth to worship you...
  19. They will gain additional +1 wealth from temples if you grant that wish.
  20. You gain +5 power from answering this prayer (+3 faith, +2 roll, +0 wishful)
  22. [Smite heretics] Wishful prayer. The Savages wish to crash the heretics to the dust they came from.
  23. If you grant them this wish, they will gain +5 to attack rolls against heretics
  24. You gain +5 power from granting this prayer (+4 faith, +1 roll)
  27. [Natural Pruning] Desperate prayer.
  28. Lumber mills will no longer destroy forests for the eastern druidic nation
  29. (You gain 0 power if you fulfill this (-5 desperate, +5 faith, +0 roll)
  31. [Humbling Heretics]
  32. Desperate prayer.
  33. The druids of the west wish to humble the heretics. When they attack a heretic nation and win, that nation is prevented from casting dark spells that turn(Doesn't apply if they already casted a spell).
  34. You will gain +4 power from granting this prayer (+7 faith, +2 roll, -5 desperate)
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