Saurian teacher foot massage

Apr 19th, 2017
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  2. >Your grades have been slipping a bit
  3. >It's not your best subject, but you do know it enough to pass, it's just you've missed too many assignments due to "unexcused absences"
  4. >It's not your fault your maybe/maybe not gf finds you so delicious
  5. >And technically, you were there, just y'know, not in a position to hear things
  6. >But you still need to pass, so one morning you come in a bit before class to ask the teacher if you can do some extra credit
  7. >"You know I said at the start of the semester I don't normally do that" she says causing your spirit to fall for a moment, "But... you have actually shown a good grasp of the subject, when you're not.... otherwise preoccupied" she ends with a playful smirk and a glance towards your gf's(?) desk
  8. >"I shouldn't let you, " she begins, bringing you around behind her desk as she sits down, "But perhaps you can do something to convince me to let you retake missed assignments?" she asks, pulling her chair out just enough for you to slip under her desk
  9. >You're stunned for a moment at her brazen request
  10. >It's not an unappealing prospect, you'd be lying if you said you didn't often fantasize about her MILFy figure
  11. >It's just, unlike quite a few saurian teachers, you've never even heard rumors of her going after her human students
  12. >A bit apprehensive about your good fortune, you climb under the desk
  13. >Instead of pulling in like you expected, she stretches her legs out, bringing you face to face with her huge feet
  14. >Wiggling her toes in front of you she asks "My heels are murder on my feet, mind giving me a massage while you're down there?"
  15. >You try to hide your disappointment, doesn't help then you realize other than her stockings, she's wearing nothing beneath her skirt
  16. >Nonetheless you start, picking a foot gently providing pressure on the ball, working your way down her soles, rubbing and kneading all the way down the arch and the heel before moving on to the next
  17. >From the happy hum she gives off, it seems you're doing a good job
  18. >Good enough that she gives a little jump when she notices the first of your classmates walk in
  19. >Glancing at the clock she realizes she's lost track of time and class is about to start
  20. >Leaning down as if she's looking for something in a desk drawer she whispers a quick apology and tells you with a wink that you're going to have to find some other way to convince her
  21. >The bell rings and the other students filter in as she pulls her chair in and you find yourself trapped, the wood of the desk on three sides and your teacher's thighs blocking the fourth
  22. >The lesson starts, seems the plan of the day is a lecture
  23. >Heeding her advice you start with a row of kisses up her inner thigh, causing her to let out a shudder as you work your way closer and closer to her honeypot
  24. >Eventually you reach your destination, giving it a light kiss you dip your tongue in
  25. >You start to pick up the pace only to have her reach under the desk, gently grab you by the hair and pull you away
  26. >She gives you a light pat on the head then pulls your face back between her thighs
  27. >After the second time you you realize she doesn't want you to go too fast
  28. >....She probably doesn't want you to cause any interruptions
  29. >Lesson learned you keep at it, taking it slow this time, her breath still hitches occasionally causing a slight interruption, but she doesn't miss a beat and keeps up with the lecture, giving you a light squeeze between her thighs to slow down
  30. >Eventual you find the perfect pace, spending the rest of the class period leisurely lapping at her cunt
  31. >After nearly an hour the bell rings once more and the class heads out to lunch
  32. >You get a confused look from your gf in the next class as she asks you where you were
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