Anon - Fireworks embers

Jul 30th, 2014
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  1. >Sneaky sneaky
  2. >you tip toe on your hooves behind a few buildings with your saddlebag
  3. >One of the mirrors reflects your form, striking red mane and fluff on a white mothpony body
  4. >you almost knock a bucket over, but thankfully noticed it before it was too late
  5. >You are Ember, and you have a few pranks to pull
  6. >You got your hooves on some rare pyrotechnic items and you quickly put together a few small fireworks
  7. >which you are going to use to give some mothponies you know a surprise
  8. >You snicker to yourself as you imagine the looks on their faces
  9. >you round a corner and see your first target
  10. >It’s Meisa, sitting by herself on a garden hair, sipping on some tea
  11. >And she’s also your first victim
  12. >You dig out one of your homemade fireworks and light it up before tossing it under her chair without making a sound
  13. >the fuse burns and you watch in anticipation at what happens next
  14. >The bomb starts howling and whizzing while pulsating light, but not too strong so you won’t get enchanted by it and get caught
  15. >Meisa herself lets out a very unladylike shriek as she jumps up at least ten feet into the air, sending tea everywhere
  16. >you stifle your snicker behind your hoof as you slink away as Meisa scans the area while trying to calm her messy mane down with her hoof
  17. >After you are safe distance away you prance forward happily
  18. >not at the prank, but more on the fact that your little firework experiment was a success
  19. >Hoof after hoof with your head held high
  20. “Hiya Ember!”
  21. >And then it’s your turn to squeak in surprise
  22. >Next to your now flutters Squeak, looking at you happily
  23. >”Squeak! You almost gave me a heart attack!”
  24. >Squeak just shrugs and then lands next to you as you get up and dust yourself off a bit
  25. “What are those?”
  26. >You glance at Squeak and follow her hoof towards...
  27. >You quickly snatch your bag and scoop up the fallen fireworks back into it
  29. >”Nothing!”
  30. >Squeak studies one on her hoof with a raised eyebrow, like she was trying to solve a rubrics cube in record time
  31. >When did she pick one up?
  32. >You quickly snatch it form her and put it in your saddlebag
  33. >”If you excuse me, I need to go now”
  34. >You turn around and start to calmly walk away
  35. >...and Squeak follows you...
  36. >so you step forward with your hoofs with more force on your stomps
  37. >and Squeak does not take the hint
  38. >It’s no that you dislike her, on the contrary, but you need to be alone so you an try your new invention out more
  39. >Squeak’s not exactly the sneaky type
  40. >You turn around
  41. >”Squeak, I’m kind of...”
  42. >But you stop as you notice Squeak playing around with your flint striker
  43. “This is a fun toy”
  44. >You hold out your hoof
  45. >”It’s not a toy, and I would really need it”
  46. >Squeak looks at you and then at your hoof, and then extends hers to give you the device
  47. >and the just as she’s handing it to you she drops it
  48. >time seems to slow down as you look at the flint fall and hit your hoof, making it give out a big spark
  49. >and the spark flies, straight into your half open saddlebag
  50. >You stare at it open eyed as the familiar howling starts
  51. >”AAAH!”
  52. >You start to panic and struggle to get the now crackling and flashing saddlebag off of you as Squeak just stares wide eyed at it with her mouth hanging open as you struggle
  53. >Just as you pull the saddlebag off and prepare to throw it it suddenly explodes on your face
  54. >You squeak and jump back as you feel the familiar feeling of warmth on your face before the some assaults your lungs
  55. “Wow...”
  56. >You cough a few times before opening your eyes
  57. >Squeak is looking at you in wonder
  58. “That was so pretty... So many colors”
  59. >Squeak smiles and you wipe some of the gunpowder form your face while grunting
  60. >Back to the drawing board it is then
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