Moviebuff Mindflayer Shorts (Greentext)

Jun 20th, 2015
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  1. Thank you Anon who complied the last two stories. Made it a lot easier.
  3. <The Start>
  5. I want to go to the movies with a mindflayer
  7. <--------->
  9. >Take her to the movies
  10. >When she really likes a scene she memorizes the line's and rewrite's portions of your mind that night so you two can engage in some really good roleplay.
  11. >She always put you back to normal when she's done and thanks you for being such a good sport.
  12. >She pouts whenever she accidentally finds spoilers in you're thoughts.
  14. <Matrix Stuff>
  16. >Can you feel it Mr. Nonymous? Closing in on you? Oh I can, I really should thank you after all. It was, after all, it was your life that taught me the purpose of all life. The purpose of life is to love.
  17. >And you.....I overload your puny...HUMAN mind with my love until it's all you can think about.
  19. <---------->
  21. >You and her watch the final Matrix movie.
  22. >It's bad but she loves the Mr. Smith clones and, after a quick brain search, finds out that you do too.
  23. >When you walk into the bedroom that night you find her on the bed in a suit and wearing black sunglasses...
  24. >And another her.
  25. >And another.
  26. >And another.
  27. >It seems that she grabbed a doppelganger potion and a suit for some very special role-play that night.
  28. >"Mr. Nonymous.." they all say at once, a stern look on their faces "Surprised to see us?"
  29. >End up redoing all the Smith/Neo fight scenes as sex scenes with her.
  31. <Star Wars>
  32. >Watch the Star Wars movies with her (The original trilogy first) and keep her out of your head for a couple days so she doesn't get spoiled.
  33. >She absolutely looses her shit at the reveal in the Empire strikes back, mind blown from it.
  34. >That night when you go into the bedroom you find her with a toy red lightsaber and a Darth Vader costume that's been adjusted to hug her curves.
  35. >"There is no escape. Don't make me rape you," she tells you, her costume making it sound as if she's got a modulator like Vader.
  36. >" Anon, you do not yet realize your importance. You have only begun to discover your power. Join me, and I will complete your training. With our combined strength, we can end this destructive conflict and bring order to the galaxy. " she tells you, each line memorized
  37. >"I'll never join you!" you shout, a smile on your face in excitement
  38. > "If you only knew the power of the Dark Side." she continues, not breaking character "Obi-Wan never told you what happened to your mother."
  39. >This is it, the climactic reveal.
  40. > "He told me enough! He told me you killed her!" you shout as she walks closer, each foot step perfectly placed.
  41. >"No. I am your Mother" she responds, still staying in character
  42. >The script diverts at this point, your mindflayer undoing your paints and taking you on the bed as she keeps in character.
  43. >She even put on some makeup to look pale and has a few fake scars for when the helmet comes off midway through.
  44. >As the two of you cuddle afterwards, you almost wonder whether you should let her see the prequels.
  46. <------->
  48. >The start of the prequel trilogy is rocky, Jar Jar singlehandedly making your mindflayer waifu almost wipe the whole movie from her mind.
  49. >You were only able to talk her down by saying that then she'd just watch it again and repeat the process.
  50. >Begrudging acceptance comes although it takes a few more minutes to talk her down from wiping the movie from your mind.
  51. >That night when you walked into the room you found her just sitting in the bed wearing her lingerie.
  52. >You almost feel a little disappointed and she can sense it.
  53. >"Whats wrong Anon?" she asks as you get undressed, "You look disappointed."
  54. >"Well...I expected you to maybe...dress up?" you say as you fight with your jean zipper, trying not to sound spoiled "You know, like someone from the movie."
  55. >She almost burst out laughing right then and there.
  56. >"What? Did you expect me to be Padme or Qui-gon?" she says, a smile on her face as she fights back the giggles "I did have some plans for some master/apprentice stuff but that...THING just ruins it for me...unless."
  57. >Her grin turns downright devilish and your heart sinks.
  58. >"Doo yousa wants to be witha me?" she says in that damned voice, it's mere prescense almost killing your boner. "Wantsa some sexings witha Jar Jar?"
  59. >"Please stop," you say, giving her your sternest look "I don't need this."
  60. >"Awww don't be like that Anonny! Jar Jar just wantsa to be having a goody good time."
  62. >"Youa commin in Anonny?" she asks as she pulls you to the bed against your will, hands wrapped around you and tentacles binding you tight. "Jar Jar's gonna be mondo saddy ifin you don't wanna go!"
  63. >You screamed the whole time. It was only her promise that she'd wipe the session from your mind that stopped you from jumping out the window.
  64. >"Please tell me he doesn't show up in the other movies," she said after cleansing your mind, "I don't think I'll be able to take it if he is."
  65. >"Don't worry, he shows up less and less in the later two," you tell her, wondering where the last half hour went "although there's other issues."
  66. >"Like what?" she asks, a look of genuine confusion on her face.
  67. >You say trashy romance and leave it at that.
  69. <Alien>
  71. >"Honey?" You call into the dark and lonely house, searching for your mindflayer wife "You there?"
  72. >There's no response but the crashing of thunder and the pounding rain. The two of you had been watching Alien as it stormed outside, mindflayer clinging to you and squeaking with every death.
  73. >I may have been a bit much for her because as soon as the power went out after a particularly large 'boom' of thunder, she ran off.
  74. >"Come on, its just thunder!" you called again, slowly working your way up the stairs "Nothing to be afraid o-"
  75. >There was a hissing, growling noise in the dark as you reached the halfway part.
  76. >"What the...is the power back?" you murmured to yourself, walking back down towards the living room.
  77. >It wasn't, the TV still blank and the lights still off.
  78. >Again you heard the hissing, spinning around and catching a glimpse of shiny black...something...moving past the door way.
  79. >"This isn't funny!" you called again to your mindflayer, heart hammering as you looked out "seriously, where are you?"
  80. >Again, silence.
  81. >There was a thump upstairs that was almost hidden by the storm.
  82. >'So that's how she was going to play it is she?' you thought as you walked up towards the bedroom, pulling out a small flashlight and lighting the way. 'Well, guess I'll just need to surprise her."
  83. >Slowly you stalked your way up towards the room, doing your best to ignore the occasionally growl and thump followed you.
  84. >When you reached the bedroom, you paused before bursting inside with a "HAH!" trying to catch the mindflayer off guard.
  85. >Instead you were just greeted by an empty room, a flash of lightning illuminating it.
  86. >"What the hell?" you wondered, shining your flashlight around the room to find her. "Where'd she go?"
  87. >Drip
  88. >A wet drop of liquid fell atop your head, quickly followed by another.
  89. >Oh no....
  90. >Slowly you looked up, heart nearly bursting from your chest as that hissing, growl sounded again, much louder than any other time you'd heard it.
  91. >Hanging above you was the mindflayer, a terrifying smile on her face as she looked down at you, drooling in excitement.
  92. >She'd stripped herself down to her undergarments (black lace) and had put on a headpiece of black plastic much like the alien's from the movie, although you don't know how she'd made it so quickly.
  93. >You're only response was a shout of fear before she pounced on you with a predatory shriek.
  94. >She rode you hard that night, mixing the shrieks and hisses as she ground your pelvis to dust.
  95. >You made sure to get some payback when the power came back on though.
  96. >Despite how much she loved to roleplay as one, the black carapaced alien's terrified her.
  97. >As the movie reached it climax, the mindflayer was shaking and clinging to you, whining whenever the queen and her brood took the stage.
  98. >She'd been so distracted that she never noticed you slipping her panties down or releasing your member.
  99. >Needless to say, she'd missed the last quarter of the movie due to your sneak attack and had to re-watch
  102. <Friday the 13th>
  103. >Break out Friday the Thirteenth to watch with mindflayer waifu.
  104. >It absolutely TERRIFIES her, the unstoppable, unflappable Jason Voorhees frightening her so much that she spends the whole day clinging to you, along with part of the next.
  105. >Explaining to the Tanuki head of IT why your waifu was trembling and hugging you was pretty awkward.
  106. >As soon as she finally calmed down enough to let go of you, a mischievous idea popped into your head.
  107. >A pair of torn jeans, a black shirt T-shirt, a ripped leather jacked, and an old goalie mask you borrowed from a friend of yours were all you needed.
  108. >It was late at night and you'd told her you'd gone out on a grocery run, something about poptarts when, in reality, you just drove down the block and changed.
  109. >Without a sound you walked back home and snuck in the house, letting the door shut loudly.
  110. >"Oh Anon," she said as she walked over to you, a confused look on her face "back alre-"
  111. >She froze at the sight of you, her eyes going as wide as dinner plates.
  112. >She screamed so loud that you thought she'd shatter the windows.
  113. >Fear caused her to forget the fact that she could overpower you and just rewrite your brain, instead the mindflayer ran away as fast as she could while you slowly stomped after her, one arm outstretched.
  114. >She was shrieking and stumbling over herself as she fled, tentacles wrapping up in each other as she dragged herself upstairs.
  115. >You let her get a little distance, letting her think she'd escaped before following her upstairs, each foot loudly thumping on the steps so she could hear you coming.
  116. >Thump.....Thump....THUMP....
  117. >You could here her panicked whispers of "No no no no no no" as you drew closer towards her, opening the bedroom door with a creak.
  118. >She was hiding under the bed, or at least trying as half of her was hanging out from under it.
  119. >Man, she was just making all the rookie mistakes. If this was an actual horror movie she'd be dead by now.
  120. >Whatever, after the "Alien" incident you were up for a little pay back.
  121. >You stepped into the room with another thump, walking towards the side she'd be facing, stomping as loudly as you could.
  122. >Stomp...stomp...Stomp
  123. >Soon you loomed over her hindquarters, her weepy "Please go, please go, please go, please go" only intensifying.
  124. >It was time.
  125. >Your hands roughly grabbed her by the waist as she let out a scream of pure terror, tentacles flailing about in fear as you pulled her from under the bed.
  126. >She was hysterical as you hauled her up and pinned her to the bed, looming over her while she struggled.
  127. >And then, a snorted laugh slipped loose and shattering your cover.
  128. >"W-what?" she asked as her brain processed the noise, a noise that she remembered quite clearly.
  129. >Fear turned to confusion which soon turned to a furious pout as her eyes met yours, a spark of realization flickering through them.
  130. >Oh boy...
  131. >You tried to pull away but her tentacles finally remember their strength as they locked around your limbs, turning the tables as she kept you in place now.
  132. >"Anon...What are you doing?" She said in a town that was half amusement and half fury, a forced, tight smile on her face.
  133. >OH BOY!
  134. >"That was pretty mean Anon." she growled as one hand flipped off the mask to reveal your face, a few tentacles working at your jean zipper. "You're going to make up for it right?"
  135. >"N-now de-"
  136. >You couldn't even finish as she interrupted you with a nearly feral "RIGHT!?"
  137. >There was no choice but to let her work all that fear and adrenaline out on your body until you shook from fatigue and were clung tight in her grasping limbs, a pout on her face as she called you a dummy and meanie.
  138. >As you panted, you briefly wondered if you should show her "Nightmare on Elm Street."
  139. >The original, not the remake with the monster girl.
  140. >Maybe later, your pelvis hurts too much
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