Anon - Nazi Anon Goes to a Jewish School

Aug 23rd, 2015
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  1. >Zeit, um ein neues Leben in einer neuen Schule zu starten!
  2. >wait...
  3. >you're supposed to be American
  4. >...
  5. >time to start a new life in a new school!
  6. >away from the jewish propaganda that was your home country
  7. >you will fight the good fight someday...
  8. >that matters not, for this school will house you until that day comes
  9. >what an interesting name for a school
  10. >"Canterlot High School."
  11. >oh well, must be a nice, white American name or something
  12. >the neighborhood seemed clean and untainted by those damn jews
  13. >surely this school would be the same
  14. >as you walk in through the front doors, you are greeted with a rather plain, normal looking school
  15. >seriously, there's nothing out of the ordinary
  16. >except for that woman over there...
  17. >red and yellow hair, skinny, seems to be very healthy
  18. >she's not facing you for some reason
  19. >might as well greet the first person you've seen here
  20. "Hallo, mein- *cough* I mean, hello, my name is Anonymous. Who are you?"
  21. >she begins to turn around to show her face and...
  22. >Oh mein Gott
  23. >a big nose...
  24. >the way her hands are cupping each other...
  25. >no... it can't be
  26. >"Oh, hi! you must be the new kid."
  27. >normal American accent...
  28. >crisis averted
  29. >maybe it was only a coincidence
  30. >"My name is Sunset Shimmer. I'll be showing you around the school today!"
  31. "Good. Please, lead the way."
  32. >as you being to walk, you hear the sound of a bell ringing
  33. >"Oy vey, classes have already started."
  34. >oy vey
  35. >urge to kill rising
  36. >you must confirm your suspicions...
  37. >you take an American penny you've found and throw it on the floor
  38. >"*gasp* Money!"
  39. >she swiftly picked it up...
  40. >...
  41. >you pull out your trusty Mauser C96
  42. "Tod auf euch!"
  43. >you fire as many round as you can into the jewish scum
  44. "Seig heil! Seig heil!"
  45. >you were later charged for murder and thrown in prison, even though you're not even over eighteen years old
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