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Jul 28th, 2014
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  1. Woah now! It is not right to just up and grab someone like that! Sir! Please, don’t sit on me, I don't want your bits rubbing everywhere I don't even know where you've been! Please have some decorum! Also ma'am I insist that you let me go this instant! I am not some book for you to open up and search through at your leasure! Are you even listening to me?
  3. Why is everyone naked, what is going on here? This is one of those tgchan days isn't it? You, the yellow one, please stop touching there it is very inappropriate. Please, how can I get you three to listen to me? Is there some reason you are doing this? Why is everyone so obsessed with me? Is this a sex thing? Is that the reason everyone’s naked right now? Also how is it that all of you need glasses? Do I just attract near sighted people?
  5. Ma’am please your foot is getting dangerously close to my dictionary if you get what I’m trying to say to you. Look you all could have just tried asking! Maybe I’d say yes. But no you just went straight for the grabbing! No “Oh here’s my library card Wordblood, can I take a look?” Then I’d be like “but I am not a Library”, then you would follow that up saying to me, “Then why is it I’m checking you out?”
  7. And then we’d all get a nice laugh, You would buy me dinner, and maybe we’d hit it off. However, it’s kind of late for that now, I think! Kind of hard to just put you all roughly handling me like this in the past! AND WOULD YOU PLEASE NOT TOUCH ME THERE. SIR YOU ARE REALLY GETTING TOO
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