A Wock's Day At The Mall (Jabberwock)

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  1. A Wock's Day At The Mall
  3. You're walking to the MGC Mega Mall with your Big Sister Jabberwock. It's a cold winter yet you still wanted to go with her, her expression is pure happiness as she hums next to you walking down the street, her pace is a little shorter than yours. Such a tall big Dragon has to let her little brother keep up afterall. She has her large claw around your shoulder, making sure it rests lightly as not to put too much of her weight on you and her right tentacle resting around your side. You feel so loved and protected in her warm, soft embrace that you get a little fuzzy inside. You decided to go out with her today just because of how happy she was when she came into your room and started squealing about the clothes in her catalog, she just kept talking to you and showing you the cute things she wanted to buy. That kind of happiness is what made you come along, nothing makes you happier than seeing your big sister gleeful. And anyway, you've got quite a bit of cash saved up from that Sunday job, wouldn't hurt to buy something nice for yourself or maybe for her.
  5. You look up at up at your big sister as you continue walking closer to the mall, just a block away now. She's roughly 6'4 but you never asked her, that would be too rude. She's wearing a woolly diamond chequered sweater with a thick collar, the sweater is coloured similar to herself with pink and purple. She has two holes in the back to allow her wings through and a zipper going underneath the wing holes to allow her to get it on. You were never much of a fashion guy, but you knew that sweater looked really cute on her. Ever since she got it for Christmas and gave you a big hug in it after opening your present for her, it’s been one of your favourites. As for her tentacles, they're covered with a tube of wool coloured purple aswell to keep her tentacles warm. You look down and notice her purple skirt aswell with her black tights. Not thinking too much of them, but you always wanted to ask how she got these clothes over her large claws and Dragon features. You wouldn't dare watch as she was getting dressed, but the question hindered in your mind sometimes.
  7. "You ok little brother?" You hear as you look up from looking at her skirt, she's got a warm smile on her face and the cold gave her rosy cheeks, "Yeah, just admiring your clothes" You answered honestly, you knew she'd understand and not take it as weird. She giggled for a brief moment and looked forward, "See, I knew you wanted to come clothes shopping with me, you're so interested after all and I could really use your opinion." The Mega Mall now in sight, it was a very large and long building, it seemed way bigger than you remembered it was as a kid. Still in your big sister's embrace, you walk through the car park towards the entrance, from the looks of the car park, it was fairly packed inside. About three quarters of the car park was full, but it was the weekend after all.
  9. You approached the entrance to the Mega Mall, breaking free from your Big Sister so you could pass through the revolving door, your Big Sister taking the slightly larger door so she could fit herself through. After exiting the revolving doors you see infront of you the interior to the Mega Mall, it's huge with 2 floors. The middle is slightly larger with windows in the opposite side to the entrance. The mall then splits into the left and right part, both parts were incredible long and lined with shops on each side. There's a fountain in the centre of the mall right infront of you. It's quite busy as you see a fair amount of people and monster girls around the fountain, inside of shops and outside of restaurants. Your Big Sister puts her claw on your shoulder and resumes her position of holding you close with her tentacle. Although this time it feels a bit weird doing this in such a public and open place. You feared that people will think that you're a couple, and even, heaven forbid, someone you know sees you and your Big Sister being so close. Although these thoughts quickly fade in your mind as she begins to walk with you and says "The Mall looks lovely doesn't it?" You reply with a simple "Mmhm". "Come on bro, let's go to my favourite clothes store, I sure hope it's not full of people. Then I'll never be able to get those things in the catalog items I've been wanting" your sister says in an almost worried tone. In an attempt to reassure her you wrap your arm around her side, touching her waist, you didn't really care if it looked awkward, your Big Sister needed comfort and you were there for her. You could tell she noticed by the sudden tensing of her figure as she felt your hand, but she didn't do anything, you thought she liked it in a way.
  11. She guided you around the corner of the left wing to the mall, you see an escalator in the middle that was carrying people to the first floor. It must've have been up there since she was walking towards the escalators, "Just up those and there's the store to the left, after I'm done I'd like to go get ice cream and I'm paying. Maybe after that I'll go get a massage" she says in a giddily excited mood almost like a school girl. Hearing her offer to pay for ice cream you protest with "Oh no no, it's ok I've got the money to buy my ow-" she interrupts you with "Nope. My little brother deserves ice cream for coming out with me and for just being my little brother. I've got to look out for you y'know?". You sighed knowing that you don't like having things gifted to you and that you wouldn't win against Big Sister. Standing at the escalator, your big sister offered for you to step on first, giving her a polite smile as you pass. You heard your Big Sister step on behind you, and now you could feel her arms go over your shoulders then lock them around you from behind and says "Is this ok bro?" It felt so nice and heavenly to have that comfy sweater around you and to have your Big Sister giving you warm hugs, but these thoughts were soon replaced with worry: are people looking? Will they see you? You tried to squirm a little, trying to wriggle out of her embrace. She notices your struggle and lets go, and as you turn around, you saw your Big Sister looking down and away in embarrassment, her cheeks rosy. You wanted to say something to her, even just a word of reassurance, but your social awkwardness got the better of you, and you turned back around.
  13. Reaching the top of the escalator, you look to your left to see a clothing store with quite a few Monster Girls inside. From the corner of your eye, you see your Big Sister rush inside and disappear into the sea of clothes. Begrudgingly, you follow, shaking your head and smiling at her enthusiasm. Entering the store you notice it's quite a nice store with a relaxed vibe and air conditioning, no wonder your Big Sister loves it so much.. Trying to find your Big Sister, you get on your tip toes and try to look over the clothing racks for large purple horns and pink hair that stick out if the crowd. You begin to walk towards her, zigzagging through the aisles and slowly realising it's quite a big store. But then it hit you like a truck, how could've you been such a fool to not have realised this before you even came in? It's a woman's clothing store! And you're the only guy in there. You turn around to see a whole aisle of just women's lingerie. Monster girls all around you were looking at in your direction. Causing you to panic as the social stigma kicking in. You didn't want to look like some pervert so you hurry towards your Big Sister, passing more monster girls staring at you. You reach your Big Sister and see her looking behind other tank tops, she appears to be looking for a bigger size at the back, 'it would make sense' you think to yourself 'she's a big girl'. She sees you rush up to her and turns her face towards you, "Oh, little bro, did you get lost? You don't need to hold my hand now do yo-" you interrupt her in a frantic and worried manner, saying "You didn't tell me this was a women's clothing store! I look like a weirdo on my own!". She smiles and says "It's ok, you're with big sister and nobody will think you're weird when you're with me. And besides, we kinda look like a couple" as she snickers at the last remark. These words hit you hard for some reason, you just couldn't help yourself but to think she's doing this on purpose and doesn't actually care how this makes you look. The more you thought about it the deeper it sank, you think about how maybe she doesn't care about you.
  15. Your thoughts are interrupted again when you hear your Big Sister let out a relieving "Ah!" as she grabs a large tanktop from the back of the rack. She pulls it infront of herself and looks at you, "Do you think this looks good on me little bro?" The tank top was white and plain, it made you wonder why this one was so special. "I know it's just a tank top, but they never had one in my size before, so I've never been able to actually wear one. Looks nice doesn't it?" You nod at her reply and say "looks lovely and comfy, would make for a good thing to wear in the summer or at night". She lowers the tank top and says "that's exactly what I was thinking little bro! I'm glad you think it's lovely." She threw the tank top over her arm and continued through the shop and you followed closely behind to make sure you weren't caught in that situation again. Your Big Sister stops at a bottoms aisle where she sees a pair of jean shorts. Knowing she'll have to dig at the back to find the right pair she looks at you and asks "Could you hold this for a second? I just wanna see if they've finally got those Jean Shorts in my size." without saying a response she hands you the tanktop and you hold it by the hanger in your hand. After getting her claws at the back she pulls out a pair of jean shorts in her size "this should complete the outfit, I know it's simple but these are the first time I'll get to wear this."
  17. Time almost flies past as you follow her around the shop picking up different clothing items that seem to just pile up in your hands, from jackets to t shirts to even more sweaters. You're just glad she didn't pick up any panties or bras she would make you hold. Finally she decides it's time to try some of them on, you follow her to the changing rooms and spot an empty seat outside of them. You sit yourself down and put the pile of clothes next to you as you hear your Big Sister say "Ok I'm going to try some of these on, I won't be long, I promise." you simply nod your head in exhaustion as she takes the tank top and jean shorts in with her. You could hear her huffing while she was in there but could only assume it's because she's trying to squeeze her dragon parts into the outfit, now you think about it, it's quite cute to imagine.
  19. Suddenly the curtain swings open and your Big Sister is standing there in Jean Shorts and a Tanktop. You've never seen her in such a beautiful outfit, it shows off a lot of her curves and body. Her Claws and feet Claws in a much better view than they've ever been, the tanktop bringing out her brown skin, and the brown skin bringing out the tanktop, the outfit clashed with her overall look but somehow it made it look really good. "Well? What do you think? Does it look good?" taking a gulp you reply "Y-Yeah it looks amazing. You should get that." she brings her claws together and a smile comes to her face, nothing makes you happier than her happiness. She takes a pair of tights, a skirt and a t shirt next in with her. You could have sworn it's been a few hours of this but it's worth it for the every so often she comes out in a new outfit, like getting a high every time she comes out. She looks amazing in anything and you wonder how she has such a great and fashionable taste.
  21. You're at the checkout with two bags in your hands, your Big Sister is carrying four bags within her tentacles' mouths. Sometimes you wonder how she can afford all this, then again, she's a smart girl. You exit the shop with your Big Sister and walk over to a bench by the balcony. You drop your stuff and sit down, your Big Sister then sits next to you, "You know bro, I'm very happy you thought all those clothes looked good on me, clothes shopping was fun wasn't it?" You look up at her warm face and say "Yeah it was nice, all those clothes looked lovely and quite frankly I'm jealous they look so good on you". Her face turns to a crimson red at that comment, she was obviously embarrassed by that but it seemed she also like it. She turns away to hide her face and then turns back a few seconds later, "I'll be right back, just going to get some ice cream, and don't worry, I know your favourite flavour." You see your Big Sister walk off to the ice cream shop down the side of the mall, her tail swishing happily side to side as she walks.
  23. You're left alone, sitting on a bench with bags of clothes sitting around you, you think to yourself how good  it was you decided to come with her today, you'll always cherish the smile she had in her face when you called her outfits cute. And you love spending time with her, although she can be a bit embarrassing at some times. You hope that when you get home, she'll put on one of the sweaters she bought and she'll give you cuddles, you love when she does that. You giggle a little at the time you remembered her getting drunk and holding you in her lap while she cuddled you, you couldn't escape because of her strength but you really felt loved by your Big Sister. You have a special relationship with her that is like no other else. You look up to see your Big Sister walking over to you, her appearance being so unique it's like a shiny amethyst in the rock.
  25. She's holding two cups of ice cream in each claw, both have scoops of ice cream in them, one appears to be a white ice cream and the other a reddish coloured ice cream. You knew vanilla was your favourite so you assumed that one was for you. "Here you go, bro. This one is for you" she hands you the cup with the vanilla ice cream in it while looking down at you on the bench. Taking the cold treat in your hands, your Big sister comes and sits next to you. "Did you get strawberry, sis?" You look to your side to see her nodding while taking a small spoonful into her mouth. You see her take another spoonful of her ice cream and feed it to her left tentacle, then taking another and feeding it to the right. Your Big Sister turns to you and says with a happy expression on her face "Want some? It's soooo good!". Just because of the smile she's pulling and how blissful she looks, you say "Sure, sis". Without getting to eat yours first, your Big Sister takes another spoonful of her strawberry ice cream and holds it up to your mouth while she giggles, "Open wide." you thought she must've been joking, feeding you? In public? Someone will surely see.
  27. But without hesitation, you opened your mouth to your Big Sisters soft commands, putting the plastic spoon and ice cream in, closing your lips she pulled back in the spoon, the ice cream was lovely, it was ice cold and the strawberry flavour was light without too much kick. You see out of the corner of your eye, a girl snickering and staring at you with a phone camera pointing at you, looking over in her direction you notice the haughty blonde haired human girl from your class. The same one who used to pick on you a few years back. She must've saw your Big Sister feeding you, time almost slowed down for a second, you knew she filmed it and you knew she'd show everyone. Your Big Sister must've not noticed as she says "Here little brother, have another bit." She takes another scoop and lifts it up. The Girl still holding up her camera now pointing at it to show you she's filming it, you feel anger and vexed at the sight. But you decided to vent it on your Big Sister, standing up before she puts the spoon in your mouth with another smile on her face while closing her eyes. You raise your voice at her when you say "Stop embarrassing me in public!". Some people turn their heads when you raise your voice at her, she looks up at you and you can see the shock on her face, you can see beads of tears form at her eyes while she is still frozen. You put down your vanilla ice cream and leave it on the bench with all the clothes bags. You storm off not looking back at your stunned and emotional distraught Big Sister. A tear rolling from your eye aswell but you quickly wipe it away with the back of your hand.
  29. Your heart is pounding and you're shaking, you can't stop yourself because of the mix of anger, sadness and guilt. You wanted to go back and apologise to her with all your heart, but you couldn't after what you did to her. You continue to walk around the mall trying your best to calm yourself down, turns out breathing through your nose and out through the mouth really works. While walking into the right wing of the Mega Mall, you notice something to your right. A Video Games store with that one fighting game on offer you always wanted to buy, they have it reduced by 40% and now you can afford it with your saved up money. Walking closer to the window you see the shop next to it, this shop also had a special offer in the window, a basket full of Dragon Care Products reduced by 30%. The basket really caught your eye as there were products in it that were quite expensive and very good, so you focused your attention to that instead of the game you already knew about. The basket had a ribbon on the handle and was almost overflowing with products, a sign beside it read "Treat your special Dragon". You reach into your pocket to find your wallet, taking it out and looking at the notes you have inside, you could afford it but you couldn't buy the game you wanted to buy if you purchased the basket. Glancing at the game from your wallet, you consider it for a moment but you knew you had to say sorry and that your Big Sister would really appreciate the basket, she may even let you help her with some of the lotion and oils.
  31. Closing your wallet and putting it in your pocket, you entered the store. Grabbing a basket from behind the special display and realising how big the basket is, you have to hold it with both hands. You carried it to the check out and payed in cash, your wallet now empty but you didn't care. Your heart was so full of happiness knowing you're going to surprise your Big Sister with an apology like this, all you could imagine was her face when she sees it. You left the store with the basket in your hand, the store clerk was nice enough to put a plastic wrap over the items and a cover over the whole thing when you told her it was a surprise.
  33. You made your way towards the left wing, hoping and praying you'd see your Big Sister still there. It felt painful to imagine how she must be feeling and how sad she must feel all alone like that. But you steadied on, walking at a faster pace than normal with the covered basket in your hand. You kind of felt like it was your quest in a way, to please the mighty dragon. Now entering the left wing you could see the escalator and the shop you were in with your Big Sister, and sure enough, sitting down on the bench by the escalator you saw large purple wings, pink hair and beautiful big horns. The sight of her made your heart flutter a little and you hurried off to her. You got closer and closer to her, you soon were able to see her sitting alone, surrounded by bags of clothes while eating her ice cream. You approached her with the basket held behind your back but still quite visible due to the size. She looks up and sees you approach, "O-Oh little brother, I saved you y-your ice cream, if you want it" she says looking at you with red wet eyes, it appeared she had cried a bit since you left. Your ice cream now just a cup of melted vanilla ice cream, doesn't even look like she took a bite of yours.
  35. "What are you hiding bro?", now right up to her. "A surprise and an apology" a confused look is brought on her face. You take the covered basket and put it down beside the bench, she looks to her side at the basket as you take the cover off, "I uh, saw it in a shop, it's a load of Dragon Care Products that are supposedly expensive and nice, I guess this is an apology for what I said. Please forgive me sis". Her eyes sparkled at the basket and her face lit up with excitement and happiness. She jumps up from the bench and grabs you with full force, shoving you into her embrace so unexpectedly. Her tentacles wrap around you and so do her wings, she was crying out "Oh I love it! I forgive you and love you with all my heart little brother! I'm so sorry for what I did and I'm so happy you thought of me and got this!". You knew people would be looking, but you didn't care this time, your Big Sister was happy, that's all you cared about while in her beautiful and lovely smelling hug.
  37. You are walking towards the exit of the mall with your Big Sister, holding a bunch of clothes bags and you holding some bags with the basket. Your Big Sister was holding you like she did when you entered, then you hear her say "You know little bro, I'm going to need some help using these products when I get back. You up for that?"
  39. Your Big Sister left the Mall that day a very happy Jabberwock.
  40. - [ ]
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