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  1. :'''Makara''': I finally thought I could trust you, Melissa.. and then you go and save Brooke? Now.. she's hiding here? She killed so many people. You should have just let me kill her in the first place and you let her get away!
  3. :'''Melissa''': God, you're fucking insufferable.. let me remind you you did the same god damn thing! Are we gonna talk about the countless you killed in New York, and we just shrugged it off. Everything she did was minor compared to your genocide. She deserves safety as much as you. She's trying to become a good person. You went down the same path, and now you're good.
  5. ''Makara slams his staff down, looking down at Brooke, who is crouched up on the ground. He reaches for her neck, lifting her up. She struggles to breathe, grabbing fruitlessly at Makara's fists.''
  7. :'''Makara''': Maybe that was a mistake..
  9. ''Makara sighs, throwing Brooke over the kitchen counter. She rolls across the counter, falling off onto the floor, groaning.''
  11. :'''Makara''': Keep placing your hopes in the wrong people, Melissa. See how far that gets you once you have a knife in your back.
  13. :'''Melissa''': I sure did place it in the wrong person. I never should have trusted you, Four.
  15. ''Makara winces at the name, quickly clenching his fists before letting go and staring at Melissa, his staff still embedded in the wood floor''
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