Careful What You Wish For

Feb 10th, 2013
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  1. There was this guy named Bob who had a little girl named Jen who really really wanted a pony for her birthday so Bob went out and bought her a pony and named her Fluttershy because that was Jen's favorite character from the show but unfortunately Jen got bored of Fluttershy because she said she wished she wasn't so brown so Bob got out the hair dye and dyed Fluttershy's coat yellow and her mane and tail pink but Jen still wasn't happy because Fluttershy couldn't talk to her like in the show so Bob was very unhappy about that but didn't know what to do until the witch doctor came into town so he went up to him with Fluttershy and asked him if he could make Fluttershy talk so that his daughter would be happy and the witch doctor said 'yes' to his request and Bob asked him how much it would cost but the witch doctor simply smiled and said that they could work out an arrangement later and asked Bob to sign a contract so he did because he loved his daughter so much and then the witch doctor snapped his fingers and Bob transformed into a pony with a yellow coat and a pink mane and tail and his voice was changed to that of Fluttershy from the show and the witch doctor looked down at him and smiled and said 'for payment I'll take the horse' and so he went off on his marry way with Bob's old horse and leaving Bob stuck as Fluttershy forever but that was okay because it made his daughter very happy and that's all he really wanted all along and they loved each other to death.
  3. The End
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