Spud vs Alastor

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  1. [13:40] Alastor G. Vishkar says, "Hello there."
  2. [13:40] Shai Oshura says, "Oh, hello Leoda."
  3. [13:40] Aaliyah Ixis says, "Hello."
  4. [13:40] Leoda says, "Hi Airgenald."
  5. [13:40] Leoda says, "Hi Shai."
  6. [13:40] Sir Airgenald Spudnicus Ixis asks, "Can I help you?"
  7. [13:40] Alastor G. Vishkar says, "I have to ask."
  8. [13:40] Alastor G. Vishkar asks, "What are you four doing here?"
  9. [13:40] Aaliyah Ixis whispers: Is this good or bad.
  10. [13:40] Sir Airgenald Spudnicus Ixis whispers: Very bad.
  11. [13:40] Alastor G. Vishkar asks, "Alas-- Who's Ashera's son?"
  12. [13:40] Sir Airgenald raises his hand.
  13. (Sir Airgenald Spudnicus Ixis)
  14. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  16. [13:41] Alastor G. Vishkar exclaims, "Good!"
  17. [13:41] Leoda says, "That would be this man here, Sir Airgenald Spudnicus Ixis."
  18. [13:41] Alastor G. Vishkar asks, "How's the neck bruise I gave her going?"
  19. [13:41] Aaliyah Ixis says, "I'm guessing you know our mother...."
  20. [13:41] Shai Oshura asks, "Neck bruises? You two been sparring?"
  21. [13:41] Sir Airgenald Spudnicus Ixis says, "It was tended to."
  22. [13:41] Aaliyah Ixis says, "They're best of friends Shai."
  23. [13:41] Shai Oshura says, "Oh."
  24. [13:41] Shai Oshura says, "Hi."
  25. [13:41] Sir Airgenald Spudnicus Ixis says, "You must be Alastor then, the only man to harm my mother in that manner."
  26. [13:41] Shai Oshura asks, "...?"
  27. [13:41] Aaliyah Ixis whispers: He's the or a leader of Dawn.
  28. [13:42] Aaliyah Ixis whispers: I was being sarcasti...
  29. [13:42] Alastor G. Vishkar says, "Ah! Yes. She's..."
  30. [13:42] Shai frowns heavily...
  31. (Shai Oshura)
  32. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  34. [13:42] Shai Oshura asks, "Leoda, is he a friend of yours?"
  35. [13:42] Alastor G. Vishkar says, "Well, if you were Dawn's children I'd hold back my tongue, but since you aren't."
  36. [13:42] Leoda whispers something.
  37. [13:42] Alastor G. Vishkar says, "And no, she isn't."
  38. [13:43] Alastor G. Vishkar says, "I am a man of many useful tricks, and it just happens that..."
  39. [13:43] Leoda says, "Was going to gather Adamantite."
  40. [13:43] Sir Airgenald Spudnicus Ixis whispers: This is looking worse by the minute.
  41. [13:43] Aaliyah Ixis whispers: Can we take three of them?
  42. [13:43] Alastor G. Vishkar exclaims, "I have a vast network of ways to get people to do things I ask them to do!"
  43. [13:43] Shai Oshura says, "Hrm."
  44. [13:43] Sir Airgenald Spudnicus Ixis whispers: I could not take Leoda alone, judging by the ages of the other two, they are stronger.
  45. [13:44] Alastor G. Vishkar says, "Unfortunately, Leoda here was on the receiving end of that."
  46. [13:44] Alastor G. Vishkar says, "So, I'll give you a single offer."
  47. [13:44] Leoda looked down at the ground.
  48. (Leoda)
  49. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  51. [13:44] Aaliyah grinds her teeth.
  52. (Aaliyah Ixis)
  53. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  55. [13:44] Shuz-tah says, "Hello brats"
  56. [13:44] Alastor G. Vishkar says, "Since you're four, you can all work up to each giving me a single limb so we can amount to a total person- Or close to it."
  57. [13:44] Aaliyah Ixis says, ".."
  58. [13:44] Shai Oshura says, "..."
  59. [13:44] Alastor G. Vishkar says, "Or you can just leave one of yours in my hands! I'll take care of them adequately."
  60. [13:44] Sir Airgenald Spudnicus Ixis says, "We do not negotiate with necromancers."
  61. [13:44] Alastor G. Vishkar exclaims, "Good!"
  62. [13:44] Alastor G. Vishkar says, "I'm no necromancer."
  63. [13:44] Virion whispers: I say we beat the shit out of them.
  64. [13:44] Shai Oshura whispers: Agreed. And quickl.
  65. [13:44] Alastor just... Smiles slightly. It seemed like he wasn't lying!
  66. (Alastor G. Vishkar)
  67. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  69. [13:48] Sir Airgenald Spudnicus Ixis whispers: Two of us will target Leoda, another two Shuz and then we all focus alastor
  70. [13:49] Aaliyah Ixis whispers: So Leoda and Shuz go down first?
  71. [13:50] Shai Oshura whispers: If Leoda knows meta magic she will be a challange for me.
  72. [13:50] Sir Airgenald Spudnicus Ixis whispers: (Shai and I are our heavy hitters here, Aaliyah will cover me against Leoda and you two take shuz
  73. [13:51] Shai Oshura whispers: If one of us escapes this...
  74. [13:51] Shai Oshura whispers: Tell Koume of Leoda...
  75. [13:53] A click of his own tongue. Alastor stared at the group, and a single click came from the inside of his mouth, allowing it to stand slightly agape as his purple irises still stared at the group. A single step was taken forwards and he shrugged some.
  77. "So, I hope you'll forgive me for the blackmailing in my part about Leoda- But my offer stands. There is, however, a catch." He said, before pointing at Airgenald. He snapped his fingers and still stared at that one, more than any other.
  79. "You are carrying two shields. While I must say that stupid must be in your bloodline; Your mother was at least honorable to accept an honor duel."
  81. "So, instead of extending the same offer to your group, I'll extend it to only you. A duel, between you and me! In which no fate but your own will be decided." He said, a sly smirk spreading through his face.
  83. "Or any of you! Come on, a one-on-one! I want to PUNCH a Krausite!"
  84. (Alastor G. Vishkar)
  85. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  87. [13:53] Aaliyah Ixis whispers: [Me and airgie on leoda, virion on shuz, shai on alastor
  88. [13:54] Shai Oshura whispers: Don't do it...
  89. [13:54] Shai Oshura whispers: If he beat Ashera he'll defeat any one of us...
  90. [13:54] Aaliyah Ixis whispers: No. Airgie no.
  91. [13:54] Aaliyah Ixis whispers: You can't beat Mom or Dad.
  92. [13:54] Virion whispers: We fight together.
  93. [13:54] Shai Oshura whispers: Agreed.
  94. [13:55] Aaliyah Ixis whispers: If we go down, we go down together.
  95. [13:56] At the mention of her name Leoda looked up at the group with a sorrowfilled expression. One that matched someone who had been forced to do things against their will. As the holy energy around her flickered and faded away, she remained bound in the air, wordless.
  96. (Leoda)
  97. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  99. [13:57] Before her stood the reason she loathed coming into these caves. The filth of Dawns leadership scurries around it like rats do to trash, feasting on valuable morsoles of flesh. Shais hows disgust beneath the hood, her gaze ever present towards Alastor. Then - It flickers onto Leoda.
  101. "I care not for blackmail. Leoda if you aid him against us it will be inexcusable. You will be hunted if you step into our lands again." Shai pauses though. "But remain out of it, or aid us - We'll see you safely away from this sub-human." She'd never used the word before.
  103. But everything about an Oscuri seemed so... beneath humanity.
  104. (Shai Oshura)
  105. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  107. [13:59] He stretch a cocky smirk on his face. The man was gonna enjoy this. They had passed him in the caves. Thinking he was just a nobody. Oh boy no not this man. Nobody gonna be walking over him.
  109. "Awww look they throwing threats. Adorable. Little bitch got a tongue on her as well."
  111. The smile grew bigger.
  113. "Man I been waiting for a moment like this. Im getting excited just thinking about it."
  114. (Shuz-tah)
  115. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  117. [14:00] Her mouth hung agape, quivering from the concoction of the frozen north and Alastor's presence... She couldn't believe it - the odds of actually meeting one of Dawn's strongest fighters. Her hands curled up into fists...
  119. "Since when do Azrealites know ANYTHING about honour!"
  121. Her voice cracked, shaken as the words were vomited out of her mouth. The fear that the girl was showing was undeniable - yet Shai made a point. Perhaps they can reach to Leoda…
  123. "Leoda - this is your chance to break the chains that bind you to him! If you help us defeat him, his forceful act on you will cease to exist!"
  125. She shook, the staff on her back was drawn. The cursed race of humans - Oscuri. How disgusting they were, from looks to ideals. Who would even guarantee that after he defeated Airgie in his fight that he wouldn't just turn on them...
  126. (Aaliyah Ixis)
  127. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  129. [14:02] This had definitely turned into a difficult situation for the group. He had just gotten out of a fight and didn't have much time to heal his injuries but it seemed that they were about to be thrown in a bout once more, well at least he was once again.
  131. He'd raise his sword towards the man, ready to move on what they agreed on. He didn't plan on letting anyone fight alone, especially if nobody here could beat this man alone.. He had allies now to, this was clearly not going to be a fight anyone fought alone.
  133. "None of us fight alone here, we all fight him or we all run. Though I say we fight and give him what for. Taking people against their will. Pitiful."
  135. He really had nothing to say about the man, it was disgusting to even take someone to do ones bidding, or so he assumed and then on top of that he was using them as a bargaining chip. It wasn't something good. He was not the best of people, but he wouldn't stoop to these sorts of levels.
  136. (Virion)
  137. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  139. [14:07] The caramel Ookami would scowl, listening to the Leader of Dawn's putrid words. There was no doubt in his mind defeat would be inevitable, but what could potentially be his life for his three friends? It was an incredibly tempting offer. He had sworn to protect, and he would do whatever it cost him to ensure the safety of others.
  141. He mulled it over, a low growl escaping his bared fangs as he glared at Alastor, his faze drifting to Leoda and then to the tan man. His allies whispering in his ears as he clenched his shields tighter.
  143. His friends had spoken, and a decision was reached. "I refuse your duel, Alastor. We fight and stand by one another. I fully accept the outcome that will come after this, but I am coming for your head." Snarling, his amber hues would move to Leoda.
  145. "Leoda, whatever he is blackmailing you for, it will be forgiven. If you want to befriends, then I will be happy to fight by your side, but not so long as you sympathize with this filth. Join us, and take your new steps towards a better life." His words were coarse, his expression stoic if not somewhat spiteful, but it would all falter for a moment as he expressed genuine emotion.
  147. "Please."
  148. (Sir Airgenald Spudnicus Ixis)
  149. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  151. [14:08] Alastor G. Vishkar says, "... Bold of you to assume she has a choice."
  152. [14:08] At the words of each of them Leoda began to shake her head, her hands instantly hit the bottom of her shirt and began fidgeting, she quickly brought up the memories of someone leaving her, how much it hurt to have them one day, and the next them be gone. It quickly brought tears to her eyes and caused her breathing to change.
  154. "I.." she began, faltering over her words.
  156. "If.. if he doesn't come back alive.. they kill him... I can't let him die.."
  158. As the tears began to fall down her cheeks a large Arcanium spell sword was quickly pulled out of the space beneath her jacket.
  160. Her words became fearful as she shouted at the group.
  162. "I can't.. I can't let you hurt Alastor.. Do what he says please... I can't let anything happen to Ulrich.. I lovehim." There seemed to be no hesitation at all when she spoke the name.
  164. A crash of lightning shot through the caverns and quickly surrounded her in a golden light.
  165. (Leoda)
  166. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  168. [14:09] Leoda was doing everything she could to further bring credit to what Alastor had said, utilizing the memory of her abandonment, as well as her a name that was only familiar to her. Weather her words were true though wouldn't be clear to anyone who didn't know her very well.
  169. (Leoda)
  170. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  172. [14:23] Shai pulls out her sunlight mythril blade, baring it before the monsters before her. An image of the sun is etched into the hilt, graced by the divine light of her righteous Aura. Shai spits in front of her, the saliva freezing on contact with the frosty floor.
  174. "Monster." Her gaze stabs needles into Alastor, only to shift onto Leoda thereafter. "I guess you've made your choice. Keep out of our lands, Ally of Dawn." Into the ground she stabs her blade. Earth slams up from the frost-covered ground, clearing the way for the battle to commence.
  176. "Do your worst, Azraelites."
  178. (Shai Oshura)
  179. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  181. [14:27] The man would look at her when she said Azraelites. Shuz was gonna correct her as he didn't praise Azrael. Just because most their edge lords came from there. He was a proud Valmasian man. But he had standards. Though he would disrespect the mighty one.
  183. "Can we please shut them up."
  185. He was tired of talk more action. The man could finally let his power be known. And it was gonna be great.
  186. (Shuz-tah)
  187. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  189. [14:27] Leoda looked at Shai and the others.
  191. "P-please forgive me. If he didn't have Ulrich I would help you. If I don't do what is asked.. I lose him.. He's all I've got.."
  193. Her Arcanium blade was held out in front of her as she prepared to fight. They should have done what was asked of them, Leoda very rarely held back in a fight, even when it looked like it hurt her to have to fight.
  194. (Leoda)
  195. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  197. [14:28] A sweat began to dribble down her forehead as the situation grew more dire... They were actually all about to start fighting - this wasn't good... She bit down on her bottom lip as the holy aura that cloaked her body intensified, one that used previously only as a source of light became a source of protection...
  199. Embers of holy flame licked at the snow, yet not melting it, instead, with each wisp of holy flame that touched the ground, the snow became transparent and glossy... It reflected the light and resembled that of glass.
  201. "All we can do Is hope that we stand a chance against those three... That is all we can do in this situation - our damned best..."
  203. She clutched onto her staff... She wished she could do more.
  204. (Aaliyah Ixis)
  205. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  207. [14:28] The defender of angels would clash his shields together, the echo of nyeshk on nyesh shaking the very walls of the cavern as he set a righteous gaze on their foes.
  209. The holy light that emanated from the ookami began to warp and take shape. This was no fantasy, no drill with a fake necromancer. This was the real deal, and the Shield stood beside his sword, his sister, and Virion, someone he wish he had known better but he was a member of the black roses, and that was enough for Airgenald to want to defend him.
  211. He could not wave, he would not falter, he could not afford to. The light started to solidify into thick fur that would defend him against the dark magics that dawn possessed, his shields bolstered in a thick barrier. More layers. More Layers. He'd think to himself as the light began to grow.
  213. I must protect them.
  215. Feral blood coursing through his veins as his fangs grew and he snarled, he would push beyond the limits of his body before charging forward with a savage howl.
  216. (Sir Airgenald Spudnicus Ixis)
  217. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  219. [14:29] A terrible thing. They decided to stand against him, and unfortunately, against the whole of this small group that was there. Whatever the cause was, Alastor was less than pleased to find them in this position. "You're..."
  221. He stopped for a moment, one hand moving towards the sword in his back. He quickly unsheathed it, the noise of Arcanium more than obvious from it. His Rieka quickly expanded, taking care of the nearby ambience; It seemed that the Oscuri was less than willing to let this kind of thing fall short.
  223. "Absurdly STUPID."
  225. "I gave you a way out." He continued, the rapier hitting against the ground. "GO AHEAD, THEN, KRAUSITES!" He yelled, voice booming through the caves, Rieka continuing to expand as he stared at the group.
  227. "TRY YOUR BEST AT KILLING AN OSCURI ON YOUR OWN GROUP, IF YOU CAN'T DO IT ON YOUR OWN." It seemed that his Rieka was only growing stronger; It flickered with holy energy, even.
  229. Azrael's righteousness coursed through him, giving him the strength to continue. "YOU FAILED ONCE, YOU WILL FAIL AGAIN."
  231. He decided he was going to be the first one to throw hands, after all. A dart of holy lightning pushed him forward. "THERE WILL BE NO REMORSE, SCUM."
  232. (Alastor G. Vishkar)
  233. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  235. [14:44] The man would fight with his comrades. In beautiful glory. He would give his all. Watching the beautiful blood magic destroy his foes. He would hold his heart at how graceful the oscuri and the gravity user were in combat.
  237. A tear stream down his face as he would send people flying with his water blast.
  239. "Do not worry pesants. You truly are blessed by Shuz-tah!" Raising his arms like a bird prepared to fly
  241. SMACK
  243. He would be sent to a wall by a mask man. Getting up grumbling he would snarl. "How dare you lay your dirty hands on. me you damn puppet of the jiangs. Whatever the case!"
  245. He would see they won. "Sir Alastor and Lady Leona I shall be going. Hope to be rewarded tatatahhhhhh."
  247. The man would say disappearing out the caves.
  248. (Shuz-tah)
  249. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  251. [14:56] It seems that the group didn't stand that much of a chance. The Oscuri's energy slowly took over the cave; One by one, they were punctured by the Oscuri's fast blade, leaving a not-so-lasting mark of Rieka on each one of them, the punches and pummels making it clear.
  253. Obviously, Airgenald was focused on the fight; He had personal beef with the mother. Perhaps no wounds that would last for too long once they had been properly cared, but it was obvious that it was a bit deeper than the ones he'd have suffered in normal combat.
  255. Out of luck, perhaps; In trying to defend Aalyiah, he managed to find himself greatly in harm's way. And if not for the fact that the Oscuri chose to ignore him just enough for him to regain his footing in an endless berserk after each one of the others, he might have had himself knocked out there!
  257. Which was the case; Luckily, for all of them. Each one of them was left with a small parting gift from the Oscuri, rieka lining out the scars that were left behind each one of them. And soon enough, the group from Dawn found themselves surrounded, slowly getting bound by the repeated magics.
  259. It didn't matter.
  261. His rieka boomed further at the brief glance towards the surroundings. His own energy of a blessed one EXPANDED more. It aimed to claw at each one of them, pulling them closer; And slowly turning whatever mana came in contact with it into Rieka itself.
  263. It was infectious, and aimed to do nothing but hurt. It was obvious that if he was able to continue his endless assault, there would be little hypothesis for them to live through. It was only through the very Ixis he came here to hunt that he found opposition.
  265. Someone who locked him down in single combat to put in harm's way, allowing the rest of the group to flee; While he took the brunt of the wounds, soon enough being able to flee himself due to a small distraction in Alastor's fighting style.
  266. (Alastor G. Vishkar)
  267. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  269. [14:58] As the groups began to clash Leoda didn't seem to stray far from Alastor, she was keeping a very close eye on him, anyone who directly attacked him would have been the focus of her magic. If anything, it seemed like she was desperately trying to protect him. If a spell came flying at him, Leoda did what she could to get in the way of it. Anyone who dared threaten Alastor was quickly forced away, either by powerful lightning crashing into them, by illusions shifting their vision around and disorienting them, or gravity itself ripping them away. It was either that or they found themselves quickly eating snow.
  271. "Stop! Please! Stop trying to hurt him!" she shouted at various times throughout the match, trying to get people to stop attacking Alastor, her voice sounding fearful and desperate, at least the best that she could.
  273. Airgenald was easily the most battle ready of the squad and she knew he posed the greatest threat to Alastor, he unfortunately had to bear the greatest portion of her skills.
  275. When Leoda wasn't attacking she was found chasing Alastor's tail chanting incomprehensible words and causing holy energy to form around the man to help his body recover from any of the minor wounds that may have licked at his heels.
  277. In the end, Alastor and Leoda had been able to overwhelm the group.
  279. "Please.. Airgenald.. Shai.. forgive me.. I need him alive.." she said giving a brief glance over to Alastor. Afterwards, she remained silent, a look of worry clear on her face within the dim lightning of the cave as she followed Alastor along. She had seen Airgenald clinging to Alastor and her mouth fell open.. she had never considered protecting Alastor in such a fashion.. clinging to a threat in order to keep someone else safe..
  280. (Leoda)
  281. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  283. [15:04] This was a lost cause - yet not only were they fighting in an area which was way too small, they were also fighting an enemy that was out of their league. Alastor moved quickly - too quickly for her average mage eye to catch up to...
  285. Yet whenever she felt him or any of his comrades lay a foot on the glass flooring she created, spikes of sharp crystal quickly shot upwards... This was difficult, way too difficult. Yet as each one of them fell one by one - Aaliyah found an opportunity.
  287. Bleeding and desperate she clawed to the ground, mana infusing into the cold surface...
  289. "Mirror magic - Persona reflection!"
  291. The last of her mana began to seep into the ground, as more and more fractures of crystal shot from the ground in tall pillar like shapes. She was creating a maze of sorts, one in which only her allies could navigate - while Alastor and his allies saw a completely different image.
  293. Each crystal showed one of them, a labyrinth of reflections in which nobody knew how to get out - and this...
  295. This was her opportunity to leave. As each of her allies attempted to escape, tunnels and passage ways would open up...
  297. "Get out... NOW!"
  298. (Aaliyah Ixis)
  299. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  301. [15:06] It wasn't enough. "Airgenald!" They were all falling. "Aaliyah!" She couldn't do enough. The girl tries to withstand the attacks, she does her best to summon her absolute defence. But it wasn't enough to keep the attacks at bay. The Reike peeled through her outer shield, ripping it away with the might of Azrael.
  303. The corrupt and malignant mana eats away at that which empowers life, that encourages it to flourish. Alastor destroys Shai's resolve in so few hits, beating her backwards and into a corner with the others. "Y..." Frantically, her gaze shifts beneath the hood.
  305. Leoda continued to plead. It wasn't enough to justify this.
  307. Even if it hurt her pride, they needed to escape. They were moments away from losing everything - From dying at the hands of one of the leaders of Dawn. One of the men who pledged his oath to the Lich king that destroyed her life. "no..." She pulls herself up as Airgenald distracts the Oscuri.
  309. "I said NO!" Blade in hand, Shai flings it behind her back and swings it forward. It impacts against the Earth, rippling a mighty shockwave that seems to curve around friendly feet. Her foes weren't so lucky. It shifts the ground beneath them, threatening to topple their attempts to stand afloat.
  311. Leoda herself would feel the shockwave within the air. It was heavily charged.
  313. Forward, the girl sprints, following the others and leaving with the Ookami in tow. For a moment, very briefly, she stares across at Leoda. Almost seemingly intent on ramming through her. But the woman is spared as much as Shai high tails it an inch from her.
  315. A look of hatred betraying her wrath.
  318. (Shai Oshura)
  319. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  321. [15:06] All four of them weren't really much of a match, though the one he had targeted met a good few blows from him, being knocked to the walls of the cave after being hindered by his dark winds, possibly making it hard to breathe for the fellow on the receiving end.
  323. The man was, quite weak in terms of their opponents, but they didn't stand much chance against the other to. Not in this small of a space. Leoda's magic gave their enemies quite the advantage. It was rather frustrating, but a loss in the end was a loss.
  325. "Hah, puppet of the Iangs. What a joker."
  327. He deep down, didn't much care for the people of Huangzhou. He was only there really for his own benefit. Using them to get stronger and build himself up. He'd have to do such even more now. He doubted he would be allowed back in Dawn after attacking Alastor.
  329. "Let's get out of here and get our wounds tended to. Before we miss our chance."
  331. The cuts and such did hurt quite a bit and did have traces of the Oscuri's energy leftover on them. It was a weird feel, having something that isn't his magic present on him at all times. That coupled with the burns from his last opponents Shadowflame magic didn't do him any justice.
  332. (Virion)
  333. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  335. [15:13] The Necromancer Lord and Protector of Angels had set their sights on one another in an age old fight of light versus dark. The ringing of sword against shield echoing through the muddled cacophony of spells being slung.
  337. Airgenald was fast, despite the heft of his shields being made of Nyeshk, but even with the assistance of his own gravity magic, he was suppressed by the superior might of Leoda's as she sought to defend her captor.
  339. The Ookami would continue to march forward relentlessly, refusing to give in to the overwhelming might of Dawn's Lord and the Illusionist. The few strikes he did land were mighty, but not enough to fell his enemy. No, the greatest contribution Airgenald brought was his divine will to defend his friends and family, the solid light that formed around him would jut out into a pack of four wolves. They were imperfect, getting cut through Alastor's sword as he struck at Spud's allies, however, it was enough to prevent lasting injuries.
  341. No, this fight would not be theirs to win, not today. In a single moment of reprieve, Airgenald would howl out as he charged the enemy leader in a last ditch attempt to escape.
  343. Both shields would open wide to reveal the Ookami behind them before slamming tightly around Alastor, holding him in place as he was cut into deeply with the Oscuri's green rieka.
  345. "RUN." He shouted through grit teeth as he tried to weather the pain from the foul magic that worked it's way into his bloodstream.
  347. "I will make you pay for your crimes, Alastor, one day, when we take Dawn and free it from Azrael's clutches." He'd snarl before the shields wrapped around to the swordsman's front, shoving him back before sprinting off with the speed Ookami were known for.
  348. (Sir Airgenald Spudnicus Ixis)
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