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  1. "✡Look✡
  3. Username| @J15UNG5PLU5H13
  4. Name| Melanie Lee
  5. Other name| Lee Taeyeon
  6. Nicknames| Mel, Tae, Yeonnie, TY
  7. Birthday| 22 September, 1997
  8. Birthplace| Osaka, Japan
  9. Hometown| Vancouver, Canada
  10. Nationality| Korean/American
  11. Ethnicity| Korean/American
  13. ✡ Teenager ✡
  15. Personality|
  16. - Kind; She's has a kind Mother personality. She is really caring towards everyone and will help in whatever way she can. She always puts others before herself and loves the feeling you receive from doing something good for someone else.
  17. - Cheesy; She's a cheesy person who has always had a soft spot for cute romance. She squeals easily and is always daydreaming her own love story whenever she is bored. She's your typical cringey mom too!
  18. - Crackhead; She's a total crackhead, even in public. She has really bad dad jokes up her sleeves and the weird things she does are just so entertaining. She finds many things funny and can really brighten up anyone's day.
  19. - Paranoid; She's a little bit sensitive and insecure. She is always wondering if someone hates her, if she's doing something wrong, if She had hurt someone in any way. She's also constantly paranoid about others safety and her studies.
  20. - Protective; She's very protective of her friends. Whenever one is hurt by someone else, she will not hesitate to deal with that person. She won't have much mercy against you if you mess with her children!
  21. - Poetic; She's somewhat poetic and is wise with her words. She loves to fiddle with languages and create lyrics, poems and stories for fun. She looks at the world from an interesting perspective which some people may find hard to understand. She loves using analogies and stories to explain herself clearer.
  22. Background| She was born in Osaka while her parents were on holiday there. She grew up with her little Brother, who was a year younger, in Vancouver. Since their parents were busy workers, they mostly only had each other. She took care of her little Brother through their entire childhood and did almost everything together. They both discovered a love for music as they grew up. They liked to make up their own lyrics for fun and have weird dance battles. They were a lively pair. In school, she was known as a studious, sweet, friendly and helpful person. Everyone loved her and could trust her. She was a crackhead in school. She was happy to be in the school choir and the class president. She had a lot of friends in Vancouver and was upset when she learned that her family were moving to Seoul for her father's job when she was 16. She left all her friends behind and had to start over.
  24. ✡ Never Ever ✡
  27. - Cereal
  28. - Plushies
  29. - Aesthetics
  30. - Fashion
  31. - Helping Others
  33. Dislikes|
  34. - Mean People
  35. - Bitter Food
  36. - Cockroaches
  37. - Negativity
  38. - Thunder
  40. Hobbies|
  41. - Listening to Music
  42. - Shopping
  43. - Singing
  44. - Taking Pictures
  45. - Eating
  47. Habits|
  48. - Biting her lip.
  49. - Dolphin Laugh.
  50. - Singing to herself to calm herself down.
  52. Trivia|
  53. - She has Vasovagal Syncope, a condition where her blood pressure drops due to anxiety, fatigue or stress and if she doesn't sit down and to rest and drink water in time, she passes out.
  54. - She is obsessed with Japan and always loves visiting because it's her birthplace, she loves seeing cherry blossoms, she loves the food and many other reasons.
  55. - She has 41 Plushies and can't sleep without them. Even with 41 already, she can't help but want to buy more.
  56. - She has a pet Calico called Yoko and a pet Yorkie called Yeoyo.
  57. - She is fluent in Korean and English. She wishes to learn Japanese.
  59. ✡Hard Carry✡
  61. Slot| Around You
  62. Backup slot| Reserved
  63. Face Claim| Jennie (Blackpink)
  64. Backup face Claim| Jinsoul (Loona)
  66. ✡Just Right✡
  68. Love Interest| Jacob Bae
  69. Love Interest personality| He is a really sweet and cheerful boy. He's really caring towards other people and he's also quite a crackhead who loves his cereal.
  70. How you and your LI meet| They were at a convenience store when they met at the cereal section. It was the last box of their Favourite cereal and they both wanted it. They even had a game of rock-paper-scissors over it and after the laugh, he let her buy it but discovering that they went to the same school, she gave him half the box in a plastic container 😂. They became good friends after that, and soon she realised that she had found her soulmate.
  72. ✡New Era✡
  74. How would your character react to someone else's death?| She'd be very shocked and sad that someone had died, especially if it was someone close to her. The thought of death had always haunted her and it would make her feel extremely depressed, so if someone died she'd be scarred for more than 2 weeks.
  76. Please pick a color | Brown
  78. How confident are you that you'll find your soulmate?| The chances of finding my soulmate aren't on either sides so I can't say I'm completely confident! >.<
  80. ✡ Lullaby✡
  82. Requested scenes| I can't think of any! Sorry!! >.<
  83. Anything I missed?| NIL
  84. Message to me| Thank you so much for giving me a chance to participate in this applyfic! Im really sorry if it's late or Low-quality and I hope this applyfiction is successful!!
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