Dadonequus Discord Part 173

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  1. >Holy crap, Twilight actually stood down. You could probably thank Celestia for that. If Twilight had come without talking to her first, Thre could have possibly been a fight.
  2. >You look up at Starlight, unfortunately, she wasn't doing so hot. She was still staring where Twilight was standing.
  3. "Starlight? you ok?"
  4. >You give her a little shake.
  5. >She snaps out of her trance like state. She herself didn't realize it. But that took a lot out of her, mentally. She felt a little nervous, just dumping Twilight's possible friendship. And yet, she knew she also didn't want it. She was debating with herself if she made the right choice or not.
  6. >"Oh..."
  7. >Starlight looks at you with a unsure look, she was nervous. "I'm ok, just...calming down. I can't believe she'd still try something like that."
  8. >She doesn't say that in a way that sounded sure, it was more in a way in which she was awaiting your opinion.
  9. "Yeah well, don't worry about. You made the right decision."
  10. >"Yeah...You're right. If she really wanted to be my friend, she should have tried a letter first." Starlight gave a nod, as if to assure herself.
  11. "Eh, I guess."
  12. >You look at the train, you realized you would have to go back on it with Twilight. Well, you could use your map. But you don't wanna leave Lyra hanging.
  13. "Looks like I gotta go. It was good seeing you Starlight"
  14. >"it was good seeing you too Anon, I'll send you a letter about the town's decision when I show them some of my blueprints. exactly will I get it to you?" Starlight had no idea how to ggo about sending you a letter through subspace.
  15. "Ummm...just...err...send it to my Aunt Fluttershy, she'll hold on to it for me"
  17. >Yeah, hopefully that'd work. You weren't too sure if that was even a good idea. But Fluttershy shouldn't mind if you tell her. You'd also have to explain everything that went on too. She was no doubt worried that it took you so long to get back. Poor thing.
  18. >You give a hug and a wave to Starlight, and go onto the train. You see the conductor waiting, the moment he gets sight of you he heads off. But...ugh, something you were hoping not to see was within your view.
  19. >Lyra was trying to give Twilight a pep talk.
  20. >Dammit Lyra...
  21. >As you walked over to them, you could hear Lyra trying to explain to Twilight that you meant well, you were just going off unupdated information. That you didn't mean to be so harsh and that you were just being protective. And that the important thing was that Starlight was ok and happy and good. Twilight was explaining there was actually something more to it, something about you. but you step into their line of sight as you drew near.
  22. >However, you didn't feel too bad for Twilight. You felt as if she should have not come altogether. You sit opposite of Twilight and Lyra, and just greet Lyra.
  23. "Hey Lyra, so...whatcha...doin??"
  24. >Lyra however doesn't answer to that, she just looks at you with a determined yet forlorn look. She wanted things to be alright. "Anon, you're not really that mad at Princess Twilight right? Twilight told me you forgave her, but you still seem super mad at her. What's up?"
  25. "I did forgive her, It didn't mean I actually have to like her. I tried, I really did. But..."
  26. >You look towards Twilight
  27. "You're still really suspicious of everything"
  28. >Twilight looks up at you, she looks totally bummed out.
  30. >"Anon, I'm really sorry. But you had to have been there to see why I was suspicious. She had the entire town in her control, and she attacked us and took our cutie marks. She wouldn't listen to reason. But for all of that, I didn't come straight here. I know I was wrong for wanting to investigate so thoroughly, but still. How can you be angry at me for just wanting to be friends with her?"
  31. >You raise an eyebrow at her
  32. "Are you serious? You shouldn't have come here at all. Celestia or no, Starlight is MY friend, and you should have taken my word for it."
  33. >"Anon...." Lyra gave you soft sad eyes "Why are you being so mean? You do know it's also her duty as a princess to check up on her anyway right? She is a princess after all, she has to worry about all the ponies who might be in trouble. Don't you think it's a good thing that she at least came to try to make friends with Starlight?"
  34. >You nearly grumble. That didn't matter. She had no business bothering someone who didn't want to see her.
  35. "Not really, I already told Twilight that she wasn't wanted....and she still came. Do you think just because Celestia gave you some advice that you'd be wanted?"
  36. >"Anon...." Lyra didn't understand your attitude at all. "Why are you being so mean?"
  37. >Dammit Lyra.
  38. >You did your best to explain your side to her.
  39. "Because I fixed the problem, Starlight is ok, the town is fine, and she didn't want to see Twilight. That's why you went with me, remember? Why do you suddenly have a problem with this?"
  40. >Lyra looked down, now feeling a ashamed of herself. "I didn't know it was like this....I don't know why you have to be like this at all. Did you know Twilight forgave and became your father's friend even after he committed treason? If Twilight didn't do what she did, you wouldn't be here. So can't you forgive Twilight for everything. and try to be friends?"
  42. >Actually, that was....kind of a good point. Or almost good. marred by the fact that Discord still treats Twilight like crap. But then again, if not for Twilight. You'd not be here at all, that was an absolute fact.
  43. > shouldn't falter though. You felt like you had to make sure Twilight would leave Starlight alone.
  44. "I don't know..."
  45. >Twilight looked up at you, she seemed a little nervous about what she had to say. "Actually.......about that. Princess Celestia did have something else to say."
  46. "What?...what do you mean?"
  47. >Twilight took a breath. She was awaiting how'd you react to this, and would then react accordingly. "She asks you if you could stay at my castle for a week. Of course we'd have to ask your father to allow you to do that. That's fine. She wants us to learn and bond with each other. I know that sounds weird, trust me, I thought it was weird too considering how you...well..acted, but, it is Princess Celestia we're talking about. She always knows what's right"
  49. >.....fucking...shit....
  50. >Twilight was one thing. But you actually liked Celestia. Why in the blue blazes would she ask you this? She knows you have secrets. And bonding with a suspicious horse like Twilight would be nothing but trouble. Whyyyyyy?
  51. "You're telling me Princess Celestia herself asked if I could stay with you for a week? Really?"
  52. >Twilight nodded "Yeah, that's what she asked. She said you didn't have to if you didn't want to. But, she'd really like it if you did" Twilight had uncertainty in her voice. as if she felt Celestia making that kind of request wasn't a good idea, but she wasn't going to doubt her. And therefore would do her best to make this happen.
  53. "What about school?"
  54. >"Royal pardon, she feels you're smart enough to miss a week. And our bonding will be put towards your grade. If you and your father agree of course."
  55. >Twilight let's out a nervous laugh
  56. "You could look at it this way, if we learn to get along, then it'd be an easy grade to put on your record, right?"
  57. >.....dammit Celestia...You couldn't even get the words "No" or "Nope" in your mouth. You liked Celestia. You liked the way she treated you. She was motherly and kind, while mischievous and fun. Saying no would cause you trouble, not to mention cause guilt of disappointing her.
  58. >Then there was Lyra, who you were hurting every moment by the way you were acting. She helped you get this far, then you were shitting on her beliefs and care by being an asshole. You were already on the train, and Twilight was being passive. There was no need to continue. Not unless you wanted to seem like an asshole.
  59. >But goddammit, a whole week?
  60. "If my dad says yes, fine."
  61. >You then look to Lyra, and sigh.
  62. "And...I'm sorry Lyra. I guess I'm being real high strung about all this. But you at least understand my point of view, right?"
  63. >Lyra shook her head "No....but, you're still my friend. I'm still your friend right?"
  65. >...dammit Lyra....just...
  66. >You give up emotionally, you don't smile, you don't frown, you just...give up.
  67. "You're still my friend."
  68. >Lyra could see your defeated look, and gives you a hug to try to cheer you up. "Anon, I'm not against you, ok? I just don't want anypony to be hurt. Your friend is fine, and you finished what you came here to do. You should be happy about that. Now you can focus on trying bonding with Princess Twilight. I mean, how bad can it possibly be?"
  69. >Something about being hugged by someone who actually cares about you always did your heart good. Even in the darkest of times.
  70. >You give her a hug back, and consider her words. You knew she wans't against you. You knew she wasn't against Twilight. She just....cared.
  71. >You sigh
  72. "You're right, Lyra. I'll talk to my dad myself, see if i can convince him to let me stay awhile. You know, in case he says no. But I don't see what we could learn from each other. I really don't"
  73. >"Well, it never hurt anypony to try. And I bet the both of you will be really surprised by how much you can learn from eachother. Like I do with Bonbon, everyday I learn something new. So I bet by the end of the week; you both will be such great friends"
  74. >That's sure is a lot of optimism Lyra had. But you could tell that even Twilight was unsure. But unlike you, Twilight really did want to give it her best shot.
  75. >The rest of the trip on the train was mostly a silent one. Mostly you and Lyra talking about what did go on in the trip, which of course caught Twilight's attention. Not to hurt or upset Lyra, you let Twilight in on the going ons of the visit.
  76. >When you all reach Ponyville. The sun was already getting ready to set. You big Lyra a farewell and gave her a hug. You let her know everything would be fine. Of course, she still felt the need to tell you a few "encouraging" words through her own naivete, such as everything won't be as bad as you think and that you and Twilight will definitely be pretty good friends.
  78. >With that, Lyra got off the train and went on her way. Mentioning she'd go see Bonbon to let her know she was ok. This just left you and Twilight.
  79. >You both stepped out of the train, and looked at eachother.
  80. >"Anon, can I ask you a teeny tiny question?"
  81. >For Lyra and Celestia's sake. you'd be as friendly as possible with her until she herself did something that pissed you off.
  82. "What is it?"
  83. >"Well, I was just wondering what your opinion on friendship is."
  84. "You want to know that now? We just got off the train"
  85. >"I know, but. I feel it's important to ask this question so I can get a better understanding of how your opinion differs from mine. That way I can adequately prepare myself for the week."
  86. >wut?
  87. "Are you serious? You have to make preparations?"
  88. >Twilight nods "I do, Anon. You really are like no colt I've ever seen. In more ways than one. You have views and opinions that are different from any other pony I've ever met. And I don't think it's because of your father either. Princess Celestia wants us to bond for a reason, thats why I want to ask you this question before I walk you back to Fluttershy's"
  89. "I guess it's not too far off from yours. The only real difference is that I don't want to make friends with everypony. I don't even want to try. I like the friends I have and anypony looking to be my friend is fine as long as they are good and nice and all that. It's just I'm not gonna go out of my way to make friends with just some random pony."
  90. >"Well, I can understand that....but just for reasons, why is that?"
  91. "Because I don't want to have a friend pool so large that I can't handle it. The only pony I've ever seen who could handle it is Pinkie Pie. It's amazing really. But it's not for me. Does that answer your question?"
  93. >"It does...soo um...ready to go?"
  94. >You shake your head
  95. "No, I can walk myself back to my aunt's. I'd like to be alone to think about all this, that's not a problem, is it?"
  96. >"No no" Twilight says nervously "I just thought you'd like some company, so we could talk a little more."
  97. "Look, no disrespect or anything. But I need to talk to her by myself, and I have some other things to do right after. Don't you have others things to do too?"
  98. >"I uhm, maybe?" Twilight realized she may be pressing too hard, she already got you to agree to it. She just had to hope Discord did as well "No, you're right" Twilight smiles, a false smile anyway "I better go see what Spike's doing. Well, erm....see you soon then. I'm sure we'll have the best of times. Just.." Twilight's smile lessened "be open to some ideas ok? I really am sorry Anon, about trying to seal you, and everything I may have done to make things worse. But, let's keep an open mind alright? We both might find things really surprising if we do"
  99. >She apologized again. Ugh....fine. For Celestia's sake, you would keep an open mind. You never got to spend a whole lot of time with Twilight. Hopefully, maybe, goddamn wishing this won't turn out bad.
  100. "It's fine Twilight, and yeah...maybe. Anyway..."
  101. >You start walking away, but you don't even look back at her when you say
  102. "Seeya later"
  104. >She replies, but she doesn't follow. Good. Damn, Twilight really was annoying. You couldn't put your hoof on it, but she just wasn't a pony you could see yourself being friends with. She's always doing something shitty, and yet she gets forgiven. And when she's not doing something shitty, she's just being either cold or dumb about it. But maybe you were just thinking too much on her negative qualities. She at least cares when she remembers, and tries the best she can. And really, Equestria could have been doomed by any of the mane 6, whether it be Pinkie and the Tantabus or Rarity and that cursed book thing. were getting that naggy feeling that maybe she really deserved a better chance.
  105. >Damn you Celestia....
  106. >It was already getting pretty late. And after Fluttershy, you wanted to rush back to Diamond Tiara's home. You wanted to see what was going on with her and her mother. You hoped you weren't too late for that.
  107. >After some time walking, you reach Fluttershy's cottage. your mind filled with growing doubt about Twilight. Egh...she really did forgive Discord after that whole shit with Tirek......and as heavy as being sealed in Tartarus is, Discord nearly doomed the entire world to a fate worse than that. And you yourself was forgiving of Chrysalis, an actual evil force in this world.....fuck...
  108. >You sigh as these thoughts riddle your head, you look over to the family statues by the cottage.
  109. >Yep......good ole Discord,Fluttershy, and you...posed as if you were one family unit. When really most of it was a ruse. But it was a ruse with heart put into it.
  110. >You knock on the door
  111. >"H-hello? Who is it" You hear from the other side, the sweet soft voice of Fluttershy.
  112. "it's me Aunt Fluttershy, I'm back"
  113. >The door immediatly flies open as Fluttershy zips at you and hovers up. hugging you tightly
  114. >She was in tears "Anon! Oh Anon! you're ok! Why didn't you come back?! Where did you go?!"
  116. >Fuck...she really didn't expect you to go so far out of the town.
  117. "I, went to see Starlight,"
  118. >"I...oh" Fluttershy sniffed, "B-b-but, I didn't expect you to go that far....d-didn't you catch up with Twilight?"
  119. >You shook your head "No, I thought she was flying towards the town, so I took the train. Turns out she was heading towards Celestia's instead. Aunt Fluttershy..."
  120. >You give her a hug
  121. "I didn't mean to worry you, I was just trying to help a friend"
  122. >Fluttershy cuddles onto you tight while hovering in mid air "A-anon, I know you meant well. But don't you think it was irresponsible to go on the train by yourself? You could have come back for me. I would have joined you, you know that right?"
  123. >You probably did...
  124. "I know, but. I thought I had very little time. But another friend came and helped me instead."
  125. >Fluttershy looked directly into your eyes, a motherly look of concern behind her tears "Anon...two foals isn't much better being out on their own. Do you know the kind of trouble your friends have gotten into when they go out alone? There was this one time where they encountered a cockatrice, and Applejack told me about this time about her sister taking it upon herself to make a delivery. It's not safe."
  126. "Oh, well actually it was a Mare who helped me. Do you know Lyra?"
  127. >"Lyra? oh, erm..a little. She seems nice....she helped you? Really?" Fluttershy was confused, it seemed awfully weird for an adult to agree to something like that just out of the blue.
  129. >You nod
  130. "Yeah, she just got off the train and saw that I was in trouble. We got to the town, everything got sorted out. And now everything is sorta ok."
  131. >"Sorta ok?" Fluttershy hovers downward and gently puts you down before landing. "what do you mean by sorta?"
  132. "Well....Twilight did eventually show up. And, I...I don't really want to talk about that part. All I want to say is that her and Starlight didn't become friends. And now, on Princess Celestia's request, she wants me to stay with Twilight for a week."
  133. >"mmnnnnn...." Fluttershy wanted more details on what happened, but...the fact that Celestia was involved seemed more intriguing to her. But...then there was the fact you didn't seem comfortable talking about it, yet it involved her friend Twilight. "....Anon...why don't you want to tell me exactly what happened?"
  134. "I just.....don't want to. I don't want this to become a bigger thing than it has to be. Please?"
  135. >"Anon, I can just ask Twilight. You know that right? This involves her as much as it does you. And I'm your aunt, I need to know these things"
  136. >mnnnnnnnn
  137. " Aunt Fluttershy....nnnn"
  138. >She gave you those eyes, big soft and sad eyes as her bottom lip quivered.
  139. >Dammit...
  140. "Well, ernmm...Things were fine for awhile. Me and Starlight and Lyra, we got along well, I even managed to teach Starlight a few friendship lessons of my own. But when Twilight came by, there was a disagreement. Starlight didn't want to be her friend and I backed her up. Lyra...didn't fully agree with know how ponies usually are. They don't like conflict...not that I d-do or anything. It's just. well...that's how that visit ended. Then Twilight told me Princess Celestia would like me to stay with her for a week. Her as in Twilight I mean. So...I agreed, because I'm not gonna deny a request from Princess Celestia. I just need dad's permission. And that's pretty much the whole story"
  142. >Fluttershy didn't say anything at first. She was busy processing that information. Of course, if you told her your exact words on the matter. she might have found it wrong. And you didn't need that right now.
  143. >"I'm not going to question Princess Celestia's motives. If anypony knows what's right, it'd be her. I just find it very weird that all of this happened. I actually thought that if you all talked things out, maybe things would have been fine. And then there's the fact Princess Celestia wants you and Twilight to stay together for a week. It's all so strange. Anon, is there any other secrets you haven't told me? Because....this seems like this might involve more than what I know already. You know you can tell me the truth, I won't judge."
  144. >Fluttershy gave you a reassuring smile as the last of her tears dropped. She was just glad you were ok, but still worried about all this.
  145. >Dammit.....
  146. >You hesitated, surely something would come in to break this conversation.
  147. >"Anon?"
  148. >But nothing did...
  149. ".....Well, other than a few secrets my dad has. Nothing really."
  150. >You gave her a
  151. >"Ok, I believe you" Fluttershy smiled, she felt relieved "Just as long as you're ok. And, thank you for being honest with me. You're such a good little colt." Fluttershy gave you a peck on the cheek "I know in the end, you'll do the right thing. And I know that once you spent time with Twilight that things won't be that bad. Though....."
  152. >Fluttershy suddenly felt a dreadful thought. "....Anon, let me ask you something. Twilight, isn't upset at you about anything, is she?"
  153. >She was upset, but not in the way she seemed to be suggestiong.
  154. "No, why?"
  156. >Fluttershy had a fear that Twilight MIGHT try something out of the ordinary if she was actually upset at you. Even if not in the same tier as banishment, she knew how Twilight could get when she tries to get something done or confront something she deems a problem. And She felt she couldn't let something like that happen on you. But she ALSO didn't want to worry you. So many complicated and conflicting feelings. "Oh...nothing, I just wanted to know." Fluttershy then looked at you, she knew as well that there still has to be some sort of conflict between you and Twilight. "Anon, I want you to act your very best when staying with Twilight....but, if Twilight DOES try something you don't like. Let me know ok? I'll try my best to talk it out with the both of you."
  157. >That actually might be for the best, but Fluttershy is also a pushover. ugh, it was better than nothing. You thought you could act your best. It shouldn't be that hard to survive the week. If Discord allows it anyway.
  158. "Don't worry Aunt Fluttershy, I can do this. I promise I'll be on my best behavior"
  159. >"I know you will, so, do you want to stay for dinner? Or do you have to go back home? I don't mind if you do have to go back home, I'm just glad you're safe."
  160. >Actually....there was one other thing you wanted to hoped she was still there too.
  161. "Actually, there's something else I want to check out. You don't mind if I go somewhere else do you?"
  162. >"Well long as your father doesn't mind you wandering around. ergh..." Fluttershy thought she knew the answer, and she didn't like it "He does, doesn't he?"
  163. >You nod
  164. "Yeah, he trusts me enough for me to go out on my own."
  165. >"Right...he would...ok" Fluttershy felt like she should have a talk to Discord about that, but for now, his word would go over hers. As much as she didn't like it. "You just be careful...ok Anon?"
  166. "I will, trust me Aunt Fluttershy, I'll be fine...I promise"
  168. >Fluttershy pulls you in for one more hug "I know you'll be careful..." She just didn't trust others to be so caring.
  169. >After that, with another hug and a goodbye, you headed towards Diamond Tiara's. Fuck, you really wanted to catch Spoiled before she had to leave. You had this hunch she'd still have to go back to the business sooner or later.
  170. >It never fully left your mind of what you did, how could it? You still had to rub it in Twilight's face. But as you rushed over to DT's, you wondered if that was even a good idea to do anymore. For Discord, it's another thing to laud over the purple princess. For you? eh.....but it did make him happy.
  171. >It was also starting to get kind of late. You hoped you didn't pull yourself into a sleep over.
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