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Jul 17th, 2019
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  2. 🍉MelonWolf🍉Today at 2:57 PM
  3. for some reason the server is hella laggy, it never use to be this way :/
  4. ZapharaToday at 2:59 PM
  5. Yes it did :x how many people are online?
  6. 🍉MelonWolf🍉Today at 2:59 PM
  7. 7
  8. ZapharaToday at 2:59 PM
  9. so i need to decrease render distance again i see
  10. 🍉MelonWolf🍉Today at 2:59 PM
  11. also i can say it never was this, the server comes to a hault at times.
  12. ZapharaToday at 2:59 PM
  13. I keep trying to go back to stock settings
  14. 🍉MelonWolf🍉Today at 3:00 PM
  15. i set up a tick checker and it froze several times in only a few mins.
  16. ZapharaToday at 3:00 PM
  17. But i can only do so much with 1.13+
  18. 🍉MelonWolf🍉Today at 3:00 PM
  19. the tick checker doesnt cause lag its only a small clock
  20. ZapharaToday at 3:00 PM
  21. yes i know
  22. Im saying that 1.13 and 1.14 are unoptimized POS's
  23. 🍉MelonWolf🍉Today at 3:00 PM
  24. are both worlds on 1.13 or is one 1.14
  25. ZapharaToday at 3:01 PM
  26. And even with the render distance at 4, if we have 10+ players it goes to like 15 or less tps
  27. 🍉MelonWolf🍉Today at 3:01 PM
  28. how much ran does the server ham?
  29. ZapharaToday at 3:01 PM
  30. serenity is technically 1.13 still, and tranquility is 1.14 (though the whole server is 1.14.3)
  31. 🍉MelonWolf🍉Today at 3:01 PM
  32. have*
  33. ZapharaToday at 3:01 PM
  34. 10gb
  35. 🍉MelonWolf🍉Today at 3:01 PM
  36. somthing not right then :/
  37. it could end up being the HDD that its on
  38. may i ask whan the last restart was?
  39. ZapharaToday at 3:02 PM
  40. Melon listen, i know youre trying to help, but trust me when I say, that the reason youve never seen the server this bogged down is because you dont run servers, and previously yall could barely keep 3 players online, not to mention 15-20 like we have seen recently
  41. restarts happen twice per day, 1am and 1pm
  42. so 2hrs ago
  43. Again, 1.14 is an unstable, unoptimized Piece of Shit :3 and ive been doing my damndest to keep it as playable as possible
  44. Ive had hundreds upon hundreds of complaints
  45. And im still working on keeping it playable as possible
  46. 🍉MelonWolf🍉Today at 3:05 PM
  47. Well i built the thing but i dont think it has a place on the server at this point.
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