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  1. Dear TRI fans,
  3. I'd like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank all of you for staying alongside TRI during the introduction of the Turing Phone.
  5. The making of this groundbreaking device has consumed considerable time, sweat and patience. In addition, perseverance from the entire TRI team.
  7. Over the course of this long journey we’ve endured both your support and criticism. We’ve gained more supporters yet we’ve lost some too.
  9. Turing Phone isn’t just another phone. It is a groundbreaking device which is made and forged from a very special type of alloy consisting of Zirconium, Aluminum, Copper, Nickel and Titanium. To accommodate such material the Turing Phone has been through 26 iterations of structural changes since its first announcement back in April 2015. It is also the main reason why the phone's shipment date has been delayed over and over again because TRI Alloy217 is the first of its kind and it was nearly impossible to be crafted according to our strict structural phone design guidelines.
  11. As you may already know, TRI has chosen to use Sailfish OS 2.0, an operating system that has been through a decade of development started from the Nokia Maemo/Mer to Meego and now as Jolla Sailfish OS.
  13. The Sailfish OS does not have a Home Button like iOS or Android. This eliminates a potential hardware failure as well as providing more viewable real estate for the display screen.
  15. The Sailfish OS is more optimized compared to other mobile OS types used in the market. This optimization results in a faster system response without having to use the latest, fastest components in the market.
  17. The Sailfish OS is a gesture-oriented OS rather than a task-oriented OS resulting in a much better user experience. It is customizable so you can personalize your user experience with content and actions that matter most to you.
  19. The Sailfish OS supports Android apps. All Android apps will be running in the Alien Dalvik environment thus the Android app will be sandboxed and isolated from the rest of the Sailfish OS where it will not be able to modify any system/critical files.
  21. See the Turing Phone running Sailfish OS 2.0
  24. The first batch of Turing Phone(s) will be shipped as Evaluation Unit(s)" as we wish to upgrade you to the Snapdragon 820 Edition (free of charge) before the end of 2016. Turing Phone shipments will start on July 12th and continue until all units have been shipped. After your package has been dispatched we will send you an email with full tracking details for your reference.
  26. We value your feedback, so kindly email us your comments & suggestions once you have your Turing Phone. Note: This free upgrade offer is valid only for those who have pre-ordered the Turing Phone in 2015.
  28. Some of you have already decided to purchase other phones and hence asked for a refund. We have a "no questions asked" unconditional refund policy prior to shipment.
  30. If you still wish to be issued a refund please contact our Customer Support at Normally, refunds are processed within 24 hours but please expect 10-15 working days for the money to appear in your account.
  32. Please bear with us while we continue to grow into a sizable company to tackle some of the most difficult and pressing tech challenges of our time.
  34. Thank you very much for staying with us. We truly appreciate it.
  36. Sincerely,
  38. Syl Chao
  39. CEO | TRI
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