Xenos Hunters Session 9

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  1. Session Start: Mon May 16 22:18:42 2011
  2. Session Ident: #XenosHunters
  3. 03[22:18] * Now talking in #XenosHunters
  4. 03[22:18] * Topic is 'Omniel, Arkias, Sinbad, Bellerophon, Cadmus, Lictor, Genestealers, Patriclus, Doop'
  5. 03[22:18] * Set by antoine on Mon May 02 20:58:56
  6. 03[22:19] * Marklon_Wahlberg is now known as Bellerophon
  7. [22:22] <~antoine> You stand on the battlements with your brothers, the throaty grumble of Sinbad's bike nearby as it sits next to your razorback decks out in the black and silver of the deathwatch. Patriclus has returned with the men you requested and marches down the road with 600 men at his back as well as a few others with something around their necks. Looking away from him you can see the mighty tide of...
  8. [22:22] <~antoine> ...Tyranids advancing, it won't be long now until the basilisks start opening up. The navy has been running sorties all week in an attempt to thin their ranks, it doesn't seem to have changed the odds much.
  9. [22:24] <~antoine> The call to arms rings out across the defense line and men ready themselves, engines roar into life and the nervous energy that has built up over the past week flows out of the men defending Lensburg.
  10. [22:27] <~antoine> Patriclus comes to a halt behind you, giving a flourish and a salute, "At the ready my lords, 56th Cadian Shock Troops, as well as both the 32nd and 33rd Scintillian Guard have provided us with companies to support our line."
  11. 10[22:27] * Sinbad salutes Patriculs with his chainsword silently
  12. [22:29] <Cadmus> The time has come to show these xenos scum the magnitude of the mistake that they have made in daring to attack this world. Let's move into position everyone." Cadmus says for the foot of the rear ramp of the Razorback with a nod to Patriculs.
  13. [22:29] <~antoine> He points to the 10 men to the side with demo-collars, "And these scum are from the 13th Penal Legion, even mix of faithful and psychos but they will do their duty."
  14. 10[22:29] * Bellerophon watches the horde approaching from the holoscreens inside the Razorback's gunner position
  15. 10[22:30] * Sinbad nods to Patriclus
  16. [22:30] <Sinbad> "Ride with me, Patriclus.  Command from the saddle, and get mobility enough to see your men."
  17. 10[22:30] * Omniel does a last-minute check of the Razorback's systems, testing the various functions one by one in anticipation of the fighting to come.
  18. [22:31] <~antoine> Patriclus turns and shouts the men present, "Take positions in the trenches and along the walls." before turning to Sinbad "As you wish my Lord."
  19. [22:31] <~antoine> shouts at*
  20. [22:32] <Sinbad> "Hang on.  Direct me where you wish to see the line at the battle's being, so as that we may deal the best pain to our enemies!"
  21. 10[22:35] * Cadmus takes a seat in the razorback and says ++Let's head out once your checks are finished Omniel.++
  22. [22:35] <~antoine> Patriclus points to the ground ahead, "this is the least defensible position on the line, that's why we were given it, uneven terrain giving the enemy several defilade positions, a weaker bunker complex, it will be hard to defend but we are His chosen."
  23. 10[22:36] * Sinbad nods, and drives the big along-side the line to match with Patriclus command area
  24. 01[22:36] <Omniel> ++The Machine Spirit is ready. It will carry us through the day.++
  25. 10[22:37] * Omniel fires up the engines and rolls out behind Sinbad.
  26. [22:37] <~antoine> The motley assortment of different companies march out to their positions under the direction of their junior officers and the steely gaze of Patriclus.
  27. 10[22:37] * Bellerophon pushes a series of buttons inside the Razorback, causing the hatch above him to open and his chair to raise up to his heavy bolter on the pintle mount. He makes sure the weapon is loaded and the motion predictor's machine spirits are pleased.
  28. [22:40] <~antoine> The two loudspeakers attached to the front quarters of the razorback begin playing mighty battle hymns.
  29. [22:42] <~antoine> The mighty crump and boom of the basilisks begin as they open up the barrage on the rapidly advancing enemy forces.
  30. 10[22:43] * Sinbad faces the onslaught behind the line's cover and readies his heavy bolter
  31. 01[22:43] <Omniel> ++They are nearly upon us, Brothers. Be ready.++
  32. 10[22:44] * Bellerophon racks his heavy bolter ominously
  33. [22:44] <Sinbad> "BISMAL-MALIK!  IN THE NAME OF THE EMPEROR!"
  34. [22:44] <Cadmus> "Lion and Emperor, guide my hand to strike true and slaughter our enemies." Cadmus says to himself.
  35. [22:47] <~antoine> plumes of smoke and dirt rise in the distance as the agile sea of green and yellow descends upon you, the men check their lasgun sights and slam home new power packs. Patriclus shouts out to the men as he rides with Sinbad along your lines "What is the terror of death?" They respond "That we die our work incomplete.", he continues "What is the joy of life? They respond with "To die knowing...
  36. [22:47] <~antoine> ...our task is done." before roaring their defiance at the xenos menace.
  37. [22:51] <~antoine> The long range heavy weapons begin opening up, missile launchers, lascannons, autocannons, a dizzy array of weapons fire reaches out to the enemy.
  38. [22:54] <~antoine> They hit the pre-placed machines Cadmus and the Inquisitors servants had set up and gaunts fall, trip and tumble as their legs give way. The gaps in the machines coverage become further chokepoints that the guard pour their weapons fire into, the slowed gaunts get up attempting to right themselves and follow their brethren.
  39. [22:55] <~antoine> Out of this a tide of creatures rush towards your lines with man jumping into the air, flapping leathery wings to bear themselves aloft.
  40. [22:56] <~antoine> many*
  41. 10[22:56] * Bellerophon scans the horizon, zooming in on the horde, trying to identify larger, key targets to be eleminated via lascannon
  42. [22:56] <Cadmus> ++Incoming flyers!++ Cadmus announces across the local vox.
  43. [22:58] <~antoine> Those flying bear strange looking bio-weapons that spit razor fanged beetles while those on the ground wield their talons and claws.
  44. 03[23:01] * antoine changes topic to 'Me, Cadmus, Omniel, Pat, Bell, gargoyles, hormagaunts, imperial guard'
  45. 03[23:01] * antoine changes topic to 'Sinbad, Cadmus, Omniel, Pat, Bell, gargoyles, hormagaunts, imperial guard'
  46. [23:02] <Sinbad> ++Brother-Leader Cadmus!  Target priority, where?  I want to lay waste to them!++
  47. [23:03] <Cadmus> ++Eliminate the flyers with me, Sinbad. Bell and Omniel, lay waste to the ground forces.++
  48. 10[23:07] * Sinbad readies his heavy bolter, and lets loose his Metal-Storm rounds
  49. [23:08] <Sinbad> ++INTO THE STORM!++
  50. [23:10] <~antoine> Sinbad's fire sends a small chunk of the swarm flying towards you to their deaths, crushed under the clawed feet of the hormagaunts.
  51. 10[23:11] * Cadmus takes aim at the center of the flying xenos horde and lets rip with a deafening torrent of bolter rounds.
  52. [23:12] <~antoine> More explosive rounds rip the spindly swarm to pieces, their decrepit corpses falling to the ground.
  53. 10[23:17] * Omniel brings the Lascannons into line, sending a pair of shots towards the massed horde of gaunts.
  54. [23:18] <~antoine> the two shots atomize a gaunt each but the horde is undiminished in strength or size.
  55. [23:20] <~antoine> Patriclus snaps two shots with his plasma gun from the back of the bike, taking down more of the gaunt horde but doing no real damage.
  56. [23:23] <~antoine> Bellerophon sends a stream of bolter rounds into the hormagaunts, he actually seems to be making a dent in their numbers.
  57. [23:26] <~antoine> Flapping their wings the gargoyles manage to keep pace with the lithe gaunts, closing at a incredible rate, eating up the distance in no time. They are now a mere 40m away.
  58. [23:28] <~antoine> Patiruclus bellows at his men to aim at the fliers and they snap their lasguns up, letting loose a fusillade of fire.
  59. [23:35] <~antoine> the massed lasgun fire drops a more than half of the remaining fliers leaving less than a third of those who leaped into the sky originaly.
  60. [23:36] <Sinbad> "One last push against at least your ilk!  Burn in metal storm!"
  61. 10[23:36] * Sinbad lets loose another Metal Storm volley against the Gargoyles
  62. [23:39] <~antoine> Sinbad's rounds continue to thin their ranks.
  63. 10[23:39] * Cadmus fires another burst at the Gargoyles at well.
  64. [23:42] <~antoine> The swarm above is looking quite pitiful now, only a handful remain after Cadmus' fire.
  65. 10[23:46] * Omniel grimly thumbs the triggers once more, feeling the pressure now as the endless horde of gaunts seems to be closing in.
  66. [23:50] <~antoine> Patriclus fire a scything blast of plasma at the gargoyles, taking down another 4.
  67. 10[23:55] * Bellerophon starts painting an area for his Basilisk to rain shells on, as he sprays down the gaunt horde with his HB
  68. Session Time: Tue May 17 00:00:00 2011
  69. [00:01] <~antoine> The sky looks and feels like it has just fallen, a mere 40 meters away the barrage falls sending dirt showering over the defending forces as the gaunts are terribly punished by the rain of shells falling around them, sending chitinous limbs and sprays of ichor wildly into the air, only half of their number remain. Of the original gaunt forces, only a third remain.
  70. [00:04] <~antoine> from the few remaining fliers a pelting of razor-fanged borer beetles hits the Imperial guard lines, the defenses and their flak armour protect them from the worst of it.
  71. [00:08] <~antoine> The gaunts leap forwards, diving into the imperial guard ranks and butchering those in the front most trenches, their talons rising and falling in bloody arcs while making a mockery of the flak armor the poor men wear.
  72. 03[00:08] * antoine changes topic to 'Sinbad, Cadmus, Omniel, Pat, Bell, gargoyles, hormagaunts, large, imperial guard'
  73. [00:09] <~antoine> Erupting from the ground beneath the churned up dirt where the gaunts leaped from three large Tyranids rush the imperial guard lines.
  74. [00:10] <Cadmus> ++Large xenos sighted. Omniel, focus on them.++
  75. 01[00:10] <Omniel> ++Acknowledged. Acquiring targets.++
  76. [00:10] <Sinbad> ++Emperor damn them all.++
  77. [00:13] <~antoine> The larger Tyranids, with poweful hind legs and huge Scything Talons cut down your men like a hot knife through butter.
  78. [00:17] <~antoine> Patriclus shouts out to the men in the trenches "Hold Fast!" One young trooper shouts back "They're killing us!" to which Patriclus responds with, "So kill them back!"
  79. [00:18] <Sinbad> "I like your logic, Patriclus."
  80. [00:18] <~antoine> The roar of men erupts once more and the men in the trenches affix bayonets and charge
  81. [00:20] <~antoine> The men manage to make a determined if modest showing but there are still almost 50 gaunts still at the trenches.
  82. [00:25] <Sinbad> "Patriclus, send the Penal Legionnaires in!"
  83. 10[00:25] * Sinbad unloads more of his heavy bolter's bolts into the Gargoyles
  84. [00:25] <~antoine> Sinbad's bolter rounds smash the remaining gargoyles to the ground. The nearby skies are clear for now but the tracer fire of hydras still criss cross the sky as the battle for the city rages on.
  85. 02[00:26] * Bellerophon (MarkyMark@TheFunkyBunch.rap) Quit (Ping timeout)
  86. 10[00:35] * Cadmus trains his weapon on the larger xenos and fires off a spray of shells at them.
  87. [00:36] <~antoine> two of the three larger creatures go down hard as Cadmus perforates them from head to toe.
  88. 03[00:37] * Bellerophon ( has joined #XenosHunters
  89. 10[00:39] * Omniel zeroes the twin-linked lascannons in on the last one, piercing it with twin beams of righteous laserfire.
  90. [00:40] <~antoine> Omniels lascannon shots make the third over-sized organism cease to exist, its atoms' bonds removed and no trace is left except for the high energy scorched earth where it once stood.
  91. [00:40] <Cadmus> ++Excellent shooting Omniel.++
  92. [00:41] <Sinbad> ++Brilliant!++
  93. 01[00:41] <Omniel> ++Your own marskmanship is to be commended, Brother.++
  94. [00:41] <~antoine> Patriclus lines up some more gaunts and slays them with another plasma gun blast.
  95. 10[00:42] * Bellerophon turns his heavy bolter onto the gaunts in the trenches, firing bolter shells like an apothecary removing a tumor
  96. [00:45] <~antoine> The devastator's precise shots manage clear the lip of the trench of a group of Tyranids, giving the men time to recover for the next attack.
  97. [00:46] <~antoine> Suddenly a huge ball of fire erupts to the north, not 200m away. The defense line there has just gone up, the screams of the men who were not instantly immolated carried by the winds to your ears.
  98. 10[00:46] * Bellerophon swivels his gun and trains his autosenses towards the fireball
  99. [00:47] <Sinbad> "No!  The Xenos have caused some sort of holocaust?!"
  100. [00:48] <Cadmus> ++Damn, we need to go shore up that section.++
  101. [00:49] <~antoine> The men in the trenches continue to lose men but the tide has turned as their numbers favor them heavily against the gaunts, only a single trench line is infested now with 20 or so gaunts.
  102. [00:50] <Sinbad> ++Brother-Leader?  What shall I do?  Shall I go check on the explosion?++
  103. [00:51] <Cadmus> ++Yes, we'll finish things here and join you shortly.++
  104. [00:51] <Sinbad> ++Throne grant you grace!++
  105. 10[00:52] * Sinbad loops the bike around to the Razorback, and drops off Patriclus, then driving off full-speed towards the explosion
  106. [00:53] <Sinbad> ++I will relay the situation as soon as I can!++
  107. 10[01:01] * Cadmus fires another burst at the guants attaking the gaurd.
  108. [01:01] <~antoine> Cadmus' fire tears through the Tyranids, unfortunately some of your own men are hit, in particular one Cadian Shock trooper charged out of the trench and caught a tray bolt before it continued into the gaunt he was thrusting his bayonet at before the bolt detonates in the creatures thorax.
  109. [01:01] <~antoine> stray*
  110. 10[01:02] * Cadmus cringes and resolves to make penance for the friendly fire.
  111. [01:04] <Sinbad> ++Brothers...the...the line has broken!  The xenos are rallying to take advantage of the explosion and hole!++
  112. [01:05] <Cadmus> ++We're on our way!++
  113. 10[01:05] * Omniel swivels the cannons around once more, sending another volley into the dwindling horde of gaunts.
  114. [01:05] <~antoine> Omniel's lascannon makes short work of the remaining xenos, the machine spirit purrs as the capacitors fully discharge after each shot.
  115. [01:07] <Cadmus> ++Omniel, let's go back up Sinbad immediatetly.++
  116. [01:08] <Bellerophon> ++To the explosion, brothers.  We must contain the push.++
  117. 01[01:08] <Omniel> ++Understood. Moving out.++
  118. 10[01:09] * Omniel floors it, zooming off towards Sinbad's position at maximum haste.
  119. 10[01:10] * Bellerophon refills his heavy bolter's ammo bin during the lull
  120. [01:13] <~antoine> You soon arrive to see Sinbad rallying a small force of 100 men, survivors, many with burns from the blast or cuts from shrapnel. They all have hooded, glazed over looks in their eyes.
  121. [01:14] <Sinbad> ++Brothers, the xenos horde gathers!++
  122. [01:14] <~antoine> A chunk of the defense line is gone, replaced by a raging inferno. You spot the horde through the flames forming up to take advantage of this opening.
  123. [01:14] <~antoine> The fires are beginning to subside as the fuel quickly burns off.
  124. 10[01:16] * Bellerophon removes his helmet and secures it in the Razorback, revealing his manlyman space mehreen face. He addresses the guardsmen.
  125. [01:17] <Bellerophon> "Guardsmen!  I bear a simple message.  We will fight and they will die!"
  126. [01:17] <Sinbad> "Simple and clean!"
  127. [01:18] <Cadmus> ++Brothers, let's do what we can to prepare before the next attack comes.++
  128. 10[01:19] * Bellerophon dials in his Basilisk fire using a combination of armor-vox and Razorback auspex systems
  129. 10[01:21] * Bellerophon drops the hammer
  130. [01:22] <~antoine> The breach is 20 meters wide and begins and ends with cracked and broken battlements. The ground nearby is covered in chunks of rockcrete from the defense line.
  131. [01:23] <Cadmus> ++Can you do anything about the battlements, Omniel?++
  132. [01:23] <Sinbad> ++Are there any /left/, Brother?++
  133. [01:23] <Bellerophon> ++Having them funnel in will only make killing them easier.++
  134. [01:24] <~antoine> In the distance a barrage of shells rain down on the horde forming up like a wave before it crashes against rocks, the unguided shells land perfectly amongst the enemy.
  135. [01:25] <Cadmus> ++Good point. Perhaps move up so that the xenos must approach our guns directly?++
  136. [01:25] <~antoine> While damaged, the horde rushes onwards, as if the barrage falling was the trigger to set off their wild advance.
  137. 01[01:25] <Omniel> ++Moving in.++
  138. 10[01:26] * Omniel fearlessly guides the Razorback in closer, stopping a good 30 meters from the actual breach to give them some breathing room.
  139. 10[01:27] * Bellerophon replaces his helmet now that his words of inspiration are over.
  140. [01:27] <Bellerophon> ++This will do.++
  141. [01:27] <~antoine> ++Kill-Team, I just received word there is a massive force preparing to assault a breach near you position.++ The familiar voice of Oeris floats from your helmets.
  142. [01:28] <Sinbad> ++A little bit late, Brother-Captain. Or do you mean yet /another/ force?++
  143. [01:29] <Cadmus> ++We are aware Captain, and have moved to defend the position.++
  144. [01:29] <Bellerophon> ++Is there anything you can tell us about the explosion?++
  145. [01:29] <Bellerophon> ++It was not, how to say.  Of our doing.++
  146. [01:30] <~antoine> ++I have only the briefest intel from the local commanders, they said it was a sudden explosion, no enemy ordnance involved. I am only aware of a single enemy grouping but it is large, the local imperial guard commanders in your area inform me that they doubt that they will be able to hold the line. Prove them wrong++
  147. [01:31] <Cadmus> ++We shall do just that Captain.++
  148. [01:37] <Bellerophon> ++The Emperor protects.  The Kill-Team destroys.++
  149. [01:40] <~antoine> A sea of tyranids approach, it looks like over a thousand have formed for this attack with larger creatures mixed in with them.
  150. [01:40] <~antoine> The kill-team and it's 100 men against what seems uncountable xenos, a tale from the pages of history unfolding before you.
  151. [01:41] <Cadmus> 1d10+12
  152. [01:41] <Cadmus> (woops)
  153. 03[01:44] * antoine changes topic to 'Sinbad, Cadmus, Omniel, Bell, gaunts, imperial guard, bio-tanks'
  154. [01:47] <~antoine> the sea of creatures soon enter weapons range, nearby friendly forces attempt to co-ordinate some extra firepower to assist but it does little. the endless swarm is punctuated by two massive lumbering monsters, one with a pair of ridiculously large talons and the other wielding a tank cannon size bio-weapon.
  155. [01:48] <Cadmus> ++Everyone target the huge xenos. They are the greatest threat.++
  156. 10[01:49] * Sinbad opens fire into the carnifexes
  157. [01:49] <Bellerophon> ++Focus fire on those large beasts.  The horde will fall with them.++
  158. [01:57] <~antoine> Sinbad's spray of fire for the most part bounces off harmlessly, although not so for the creatures it bounces off into. one bolt per bio-tank manages to get through the thick hide. Soon after the nearby smaller creatures in close proximity to them go berserk, attacking each other and the huge monstrosities which just batter them aside and continue their advance.
  159. [01:59] <~antoine> the second spray of shots has no effect upon the mighty beasts.
  160. 10[02:06] * Cadmus opens up on the enromous creature with a huge burst of rounds.
  161. [02:06] <~antoine> The beasts are momentarily rocked back on their haunches as the fusillade from the kill team continues, finding cracks in their armor by sheer volume of the firepower being thrown at them.
  162. 10[02:09] * Cadmus immediatetly fires off another burst, the muzzle of his bolter glowing cherry-red
  163. [02:11] <~antoine> The bio-tanks are punished once more while their nearby minions are overloaded by the sudden infiltration of Cadmus' genetically designed payload wreaking havoc on the control systems of the horde's leaders.
  164. 10[02:12] * Omniel lets the targeting reticules float across the closer bio-tank before blasting away, determined to see it fall.
  165. [02:15] <~antoine> Omniel's shot smashes into the bio-tank carrying the huge cannon, the blast washes hot energy over the beast and a rumble is heard in response, you swear you can see it's beady eyes focused upon your targeting reticule.
  166. 10[02:16] * Omniel narrows his eyes right back and thumbs the triggers once more. "Fall, curse you, fall."
  167. [02:18] <~antoine> The creature staggers under the assault but holds its ground
  168. [02:19] <~antoine> The gaunts not fighting themselves rush forward, closing the gap to a mere 90 meters while lasgun volleys commence firing.
  169. 10[02:20] * Bellerophon flicks his safety from "S" to "Death, with such eager anticipation he nearly sheers the thing off. There hasn't been a horde like this since the final battles of the campaign to cleanse Thrax.
  170. 10[02:21] * Bellerophon smiles underneath his helmet as he destroys the monster one bolt shell at a time
  171. 10[02:23] * Bellerophon lovingly sends rounds downrange, trying to direct them towards the beast's head
  172. [02:30] <~antoine> Bellerophon's massed bolter fire sends a almost endless stream of hot lead into the weakened beast, tearing off limbs one by one, pushing it to it's knees before finally detonating a bolt inside it's cranium. The huge bio-mass falls forwards, squashing several of its smaller xenos brethren.
  173. 10[02:31] * Cadmus laughs heartily as the beast dies.
  174. [02:32] <Sinbad> ++Still it's brother abomination left.++
  175. [02:32] <~antoine> the guardsmen's lasgun fire is like a drop in the ocean and every xenos brought down is replaced by two more. The second beast charges forward, gaining ground with it's massive strides.
  176. 02[02:34] * Cadmus ( Quit (Quit: )
  177. 14[02:34] * Sinbad ( has left #XenosHunters
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