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  1. <color="blue">Rules</color>
  2. 1. Play as your Role.
  3. 2. As a sentient understanding SCP you are allowed to make Deals if it benefits yourself.
  4. 3. You are allowed to hide if you are an D-Class or Scientist even though it makes the round longer.
  5. 4. You are allowed to negotiate with Chaos, MTF, or SCPs as Scientist or D-Class if it benefits yourself.
  6. 4. If you are AFK you can and will be kicked and maybe banned up to one day you are playing not alone.
  8. <color="red">You must follow the instructions of the Admins / Moderators</color>
  10. <color="yellow">Adresses
  11. Website:
  12. TS3:
  13. </color>
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