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  1. @Delph#0655 Delp. You blocked me, mentally tortured me for 4 weeks, and made me feel horrible for the last few weeks. This is the last message that you will see from me, hopefully EVER.
  2. I want you to know that i am NOT YOUR FRIEND and that i NEVER want to see you around me ever again, you've lost me as a friend, and you've lost every ounce of respect that i had for you. You probably dont care though, because you blocked me for the last 4 weeks anyways. You could have contacted me any time. I never ever EVER want to see you or interact with you as a friend EVER, i am NOT your friend at ALL and you are an EVIL PERSON, for doing everything horrible you've done to me, and you should feel DISGUSTED with yourself for everything you did. I'm ***very*** disappointed in you as a person. Don't ever fucking do this to anybody ever again! It is NOT okay!!!!!All you do is hurt everyone around you with your INCREDIBLY LOW self esteem!
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