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  1. As a playstyle, Paleos shift between control and unga bunga(provided you run an amulet). There are a few key points to remember here:
  3. - Bacon Saver and Sphere Kuriboh mean nothing to you.
  4. Normal Kuriboh stops damage(As does Kiteroid), but sphere specifically puts them into defense and you are immune to monster abilities(Even your own). Send a taunt if they try.  This is important to remember in some matchups!  Generally, no monster effects that interact with a paleo tend to work when it comes to preventing them from doing something. Likewise, if you use something like Necro Guard on your own Paleo, it also doesn't work. Dakini can make you remove a paleo from the field as a small warning, but yanno Cyber Angels are like sighting a Unicorn.
  6. - Poke with one paleo at a time to feel out battle traps
  7. Chain to things like widespread(but never wall of disrupt/drowning), and use your own traps as a bootleg special summon method to push for game once you know it's safe. Never have more than one paleo out when poking, unless blue eyes/metaphys, if you can help it to avoid the lava golem/battle traps. You run into wall of disrupt and you lose with more than one paleo out. Due to how chain orders work, chaining a paleo to wall of disrupt will just nerf the new paleo/old paleo more. If you summon in defense it just makes the other paleo weaker and you can just do it later! Drowning can let you summon in defense but honestly? If you have a chainable trap pop it and push with a second Paleo!  The one Paleo are a time is merely when you feel issues. If you can safely push for game get it over as quickly as you can, but generally I like to out then in succession. Note that a smart player will wait until you have three/lethal...
  9. - Use good habits against good players.
  10. Mind games, where you place your traps, and in what order you do so are key here. It's a rough deck to play in this meta but very rewarding. Can switch from control, to stall, to otk very fast. I had a shiranui game where I won JUST because jar of greed on right and battle trap in the middle. They cyclone'd the right, being a memelord like that, and I smacked them. Later, whent hey activated their non targetting Squiresaga, went for middle. Which was another jar of greed! They then attacked into a drowning for an insta scoop. Switch up placement, try and set battletraps(initially) to the far left, and realize an enemy worth their salt will pick up your intial set positions as a "habit." Use good habits against good players.
  12. - Over extending is lethal.
  13. Amulet of ambition is a means to have a "safe" attack mid game/without a proper "closer" but cyclone can ruin this. Hallucigenia is a safety net but normally attacking into things early is how you lose. Wait for your moment to strike! More on this in matchups, but 90% of games i've lost have been due to my own impatience. Arguably the greatest hurdle for this deck.
  15. - In case of a field wipe, chain all your traps for chip damage! What have you to lose?
  16. Try to always have a paleo in the gave to chain out vs a fieldwipe. Blackrose/quintet? Usually can't harm you if you floor your field with enough paleos to survive the OTK1! If you can recover, and you should be able to, the game can continue. I've survived two of each, fairly easily, and still managed to stage a comback. This is why you watch your resources carefully.
  18. - Be Savvy with your toggle.
  19. Your toggle is your friend. You want self chain to ON and toggle tactics based on the situation. Use the enemy's experience against them!
  20. 1. If you want to hide a battle trap, set something like jar of greed and leave it on. They will, at best, assume something that can activate at any time and risk a swing
  21. 2. Leave your toggle set to OFF until they summon a second monster, then switch to ON. They will assume your new card is a treacherous and auto go after it.
  22. 3. Keep your toggle off to bluff battle traps. They will over-extend/black rose/etc... to go for the OTK and you can safely bad aim/jar/paleo/etc...
  24. - Non targetting says you MUST chain to the activation of the effect
  25.  You can't during the selection of the cards!
  27. - Don't deck out!
  28. While a slow, controlled, playstyle is often good you need to keep an eye on your cards. Sometimes you just can't handle explosive plays, or your enemy is playing stall. In this case you can discard Amulet of Ambition from your hand to recycle it and win a stall match! It will constantly recycle itself as long as you have 7 cards in your hand when the turn ends. At the very least, this will force your opponent to engage.
  31. - Chain Blocking can be lethal.
  32. A paleo chains to a trap to summon itself, but say your enemy chains Invoker's 1000 attack buff to your trap? Your chain has been blocked. You need to activate another trap ASAP to avid that OTK.
  34. - Missing the timing and when a card specifies "when"
  35.  When a card says "when" in it's text it has to resolve on the spot. If it resolves at Link 2, or higher, the effect misses it's timing and becomes moot. For example, if "Warm Worm" activates in grave you can Bad Aim "Yubel, Terror Incarnate". Normally this would result in floating into "Yubel, the Ultimate Nightmare" but since you made it miss the timing the game will notify "Missed the Timing!" and nothing will happen. This is a powerful tool, so READ the enemy cards! Note this can happen to YOUR Amulet as well.
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