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  1. A man at a bar is talking to the bartender. He says "I bet you $100 I could piss into that cup from here and. not spill a single drop. Bartender takes the bet. Man then walks to a group of men behind him, talking to them briefly. He then returns to the bartender and unzips his pants. He starts pissing everywhere. On the bartender, on the bar, on the floor. Not a drop in the cup. The bartender starts laughing hysterically. He just won $100 after all. But the man starts laughing too. The bartender asks "What are you laughing about? You just lost $100 dollars!", and the man says "Yeah, but I bet each of those guys back there $100 each that I'd piss on you, your floor, and your bar, and not only would you not be angry, you'd be happy!"
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