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  1. # Why do you want to join LSPD ?
  2. #### I would like to join the LSPD for many reasons here are some,
  3. Fun, I have seen how LEOs act on this particular server and the seem like they are really enjoying there time on the server as a LEO. That's what I look for in all the City's I join when looking to become a LEO. I want a genuinely fun and good time.
  5. Help, I really would love to help out the community and as I know having more LEOs in a server only means better roleplay for CIVS and police officers.
  7. Roleplay, Everyday is different as a Law Enforcement Officer and there will always be something different in every call you respond to. I believe that  is AMAZING. I will never be bored of my role or job, I will always have fun and have amazing roleplay scenes.
  9. I love being a Law Enforcement Officer, I have over 1,500 Hours on FiveM and most of that time is me being a Law Enforcement Officer, I really enjoy helping people and making peoples roleplay experience the best it can be. I believe by joined the LSPD I will have the best Roleplay I could ever have.
  11. That is why I would like to join the LSPD.
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