Extra BftP Skills

Feb 22nd, 2019
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  1. Stacy
  2. Acid Blood [Damage/0/0-1]
  3. When you take damage, you may make a Ranged Attack 3 against a target in range.
  4. "While the creatures you fight now won’t be driven away by your burning blood, it’s still an unpleasant surprise for those who strike you."
  6. Thanatos
  7. Parry [Damage/1/0]
  8. Defend 1. Afterward you may make make a Melee Attack 1 at a target within range.
  9. "Your skill allows you to catch an opponent’s blow and deliver a follow up of your own."
  11. Baroque
  12. Pursue [Rapid/0/Self]
  13. Effect Move 1. This is usable when an enemy moves from your zone.
  14. "You refuse to let the enemy escape. Chase them down."
  16. Requiem
  17. Marksman [Auto/0/Self]
  18. When making a ranged or blast attack at range 2 or greater, you may choose where the attack lands if the result of the check is 7 or higher. Maneuvers that directly alter hit location struck overrides this skill.
  19. "Some may call you a coward for staying back, but the extra room lets you land your shots exactly where you need them."
  21. Thrill of the Kill [Auto/None/Self]
  22. Effect When you annihilate a legion or horror, or destroy all parts in a savant’s hit location at range 0, regenerate one basic part. This can only be triggered once per count.
  23. "The glory of combat invigorates you. It may be savage, but it keeps you going."
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